🔥⭐Tezos рискует упасть ниже рекордного уровня, XTZ подорожала на 250% с июля

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on the links under this video. The latest price boom at
Markt Tezos (XTZ) is full of exhaustion as the classic
bearish pattern is starting. This model,
dubbed the "ascending and expanding wedge", develops
when the price fluctuates between two ascending but divergent
trend lines. According to its creator
Thomas Bulkowski, these wedges talk less about exhaustion
purchasing power and more about the ambitions of the seller to
take control; that is, buyers typically
lose dominance every time the price hits
top trend line.

XTZ price increase of 250% from
July 2021 low of $ 2.08 led to the formation of the rising
wedge. On Monday cryptocurrency
tested its top trendline structure
as resistance (around $ 7.5)
to see the extended upward move from the previous
record high at $ 8.76. But the price was adjusted,
strong sentiment confirmed sellers near resistance
wedge. Now he risks stepping up
his correction towards the lower trendline wedge
(about $ 5), based on similar rollbacks,
seen as of July 2021. In general, for models
with an uptrend wedge price should in the end
the result is breaking below the bottom trendlines Structure
and reach the lowest point , around 2.38
dollars in the case of Tezos.

On the central charts
it is noted that almost 80% departures from the rising
wedge are bears. Meanwhile, the price drops to a
bearish target six times out of ten..

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