📱 Приложение Tether для настройки роутера TP-LINK 🌐 с телефона в 2021 🖥️

Hello everyone! In this video I will show you how you can configure WI-FI routers from TP-link using a smartphone and a special programs. Not very convenient to use on a mobile device the standard web interface of the router menu, the letters are there very small and have to constantly increase and reduce the image. TP-LINK took care of its users and released a good app for smartphones and tablets TP-LINK Tether, which simplifies this process. With this program you can view information and connection settings, manage your Wi-Fi router, and also make your own settings. The app is available for the two most popular platforms these are iOS and Android.

IOS from the seventh version and above, Android since version 4.0, I will show it using Android 8.1 as an example. Further in the video, we will look at the basic features of TP-LINK. Tether, and I'll also show you how you can quickly change the main router settings using this program. The application supports almost all popular models routers of this manufacturer. I will show using the TP-LINK Archer C20 as an example. So, we download the application from the AppStore or PlayMarketa, depending on from a mobile device, and install it, links for applications you will find in the description under the video.

How to connect to a router In order for the program saw your router you will need to connect to it via Wi-Fi. If you have been using your router for a long time, then most likely you are already connected to it. And if you want to set up a new, standard name and the password for connection can be found at the bottom of the router on the sticker. When you start the app for the first time, you will see a short description its capabilities. Scroll down and click Start. If you are connected to a network you will see the name of the router its MAC address is also indicated.

To get to the main router control screen enter the name and password of the administrator, by default they are admin and admin, if you have already changed them, indicate yours. Home screen The home screen is split into several parts "Control Panel" where you will see information about your wi-fi in real time and guest networks. By clicking on the router icon, you will see its name, model, firmware version and hardware version of hardware. Clients The Clients tab contains all devices connected to this network, connection type and their IP addresses. By clicking on one of the connected devices, you can find out also the MAC address, and also block it. This can be useful if your network someone else has connected. Here you can change the name of the client and select him another icon.

And now a little anecdote – Did you hear Petrovich quit? – Where did he go? – To the gay club. Salary says more, but [ __ ] less. Tools Go to the next tab "Tools", as you can see there are more options in comparison with the previous two. "Wireless mode" contains the minimum settings Wi-Fi networks. It allows you to enable, disable wireless network, change name, security and password. The guest network will also be displayed if it is activated on the device. "Connecting to the Internet" is one of the most important sections, which is mainly used when setting up the router for the first time or change provider. If the provider does not support automatic distribution addresses or uses a PPTP connection, here you can set the connection parameters of your provider. Select the type of connection and enter its parameters, provide username and password, IP address, etc. "Parental Control" allows you to customize the list controlled devices, specify allowed websites and the schedule of access to them.

"Network Diagnostics" allows you to check the connection to the router and to the Internet. "Guest network" allows you to configure open access to the Internet by strangers with password protection or without. With the section "Share Wi-Fi" I think everything is clear, here you can see the network password or get QR code to access it. Well, in the last paragraph "System" you can change administrator account credentials, specify a new username and password. And also restart the router and reset the settings by default. In conclusion, you can download that TP-LINK Tether application includes a small set of functions, but has all the necessary basic settings for the router. Has a simple interface that won't get confused in many parameters, unlike the standard the admin menu in the browser.

This application is suitable for quickly setting up your router, for more detailed customization for advanced users you still have to use the web interface. In order to enter the web interface from a smartphone, it is enough connect to the network via Wi-Fi, specify the address of the router and enter the administrator login and password. For more details on how to set up a router, you can see in our other video, the link will be in the description.

And that's all! I hope this video was useful to you. Put your likes, subscribe to our channel. Ask your questions in the comments. Thanks for watching. While..

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