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Hello everyone and how are you? I am Alex and in this video we are going to analyze the current situation from time to time and we will see if our strength or weakness with respect
to Syria and bitcoin so we started well I have pointed out the three pairs that we are going to
analyze in A separate follow-up list because in the list of writings that I have that it is so
long because I am not going to be looking for you, okay so we have them here first we are going to start with
bet against the normal usb and it comes from this area of minimums very very deep that has been left
so far behind where, well, from March 2020 we started an upward movement to
break these weekly charts, which is why the leb marks the trend situation quite well,
so we see here this resistance zone of one touch and two touches basically but that marks a
channel up and down we see a first break with a lot of force pullback then pullback is worth
then we are at this point where last week Well, you know that we had the big
envelopes or envelopes in the beginning, it is worth they all started with large envelopes, stream
Tuesday or so, already on Tuesday and even on Wednesday as confirmation, the price of many
writings stopped being an envelope a weekly chart to start To form a kind of
low test, you have it in the example of dump, for example, it is a tremendous low test or trx, in short,
there are spots, instead, in bed and another group like x rpt etc.

Etc. they stayed in an
envelope yes that is true which is not the typical envelope that closes in the minimum area
but is still a bearish envelope of the previous fight, so see and that group described
ways that repels that I have commented and others but hey stayed in the part of weakness is worth
many kryptos started as bad or worse than seeing and ended much better separating and forming two
arms of strength and weakness then go away you are in a situation n that comes from an impulse to
a correction a new impulse another correction but what happens that normally if we count waves
or if we count movements in this it would be a wave number one this would be a wave number 2 this
would be a wave number 3 it is a wave number after from 4 they come to 5 but sometimes 4 is
in the form of a pattern of sometimes this means that it may be aby that a new bearish arm is missing
and then later follow the upward movement then taking that into account
beth is now found In that area of the pool market support that we have talked so much about that
acts as a dynamic resistance support zone, we are just leaning on those levels, look at
how the moving average expands and despite trying to break down, we are holding it
quite well, let's see the chart.

daily, which is what we can see because here, apart
from what we see in the weekly, a resistance support zone is marked, as you can see, it is not that The
best level in the world, on the contrary, is a rather mediocre level because because the touches
here are not too clear and here there are two touches, therefore it is a support zone of two touches, what
happens as you see the dilation of the fateful candle on September 7 but a posteriori what
it is doing is a huge consolidation at these levels and also above yesterday we
closed just below the same as we did this point here and yesterday we closed below again
but today we are back to holding Above to see within being consolidating there are quite negative things,
one mainly and that is that what it costs us as you see a single candle fall, it takes
two to recover, we fall one and this candle will not recover our team, something last
minute remains seven hours could happen to a news some tweet whatever it is to boost the mind to the
fifth in general so that something very strange does not happen this candle will not be able to
Eating the previous candle, therefore, we will show weakness again to fall, it costs us one
to go up and recover, it costs us two, you understand then being very quickly the
temporality is lower and before moving on to the comparison with Syrian and against bitcoin which You are going
to draw quite interesting conclusions, we are going to see the four-hour period, we have
here the area a little more marked than normal instead of one candle, what would be one of the daily
are four or five or six candles, rather six candles of four hours is worth six times four 24 because
that then we see more of the zones we see them much clearer here a touch of two touches three touches
these levels here but the positive point is that we are staying above this
level of short support at short-term maximum we are trying again now to go for a
new increasing maximum to see we have macd divergence and at this point from here which is very and
positive we are rejecting this point here again which is quite positive and we are
therefore on the way, no negative issues apart from what we have commented on a daily chart without emotion and
capable of touching the four-hour moving average which many crypto ways not only They have touched me
but they have already broken from there comes the weakness that I mentioned at the beginning we have areas from here
we see it important resistance is also every time the maximums are decreasing here we have one
here we have another we will see the next one and then this is a continuation pattern or this
is an impulse a correction and a continuation or to see if this is drawn this is thus a
continuation pattern impulse correction continuation in the shape of a triangle the triangle can also
be of it can end up being a reversal and we can end up seeing here a reversal that
turns it around especially if it is lengthened by analyzing the technical parameters of a triangle is what e
two thirds, that is, when two thirds of the triangle pass, that is, the length that
would be hypothetical of the triangle is calculated and after two thirds the continuation has to be made effective because they
are the technical parameters that are carried but the longer the triangle lengthens
Imagine two-thirds does not matter for this level, here you have had time to play one more time and fall but
imagine that it lengthens, it tries to fall, it was up something such as that triangle lengthens
as it fills up because in the end if we launch the line to infinity and we launch it to
infinity there is a point that is this here where there is no longer a triangle and the triangle is broken
because the longer it lengthens, the more likely it is to be a reversal, then it is something that
As of today we cannot mark but we have clearly marked the pros and cons of
the current movement, then if we go directly to incidió and bitc oin first virtual
that is the first we are going to start to see interesting things the first in the bet chart against
bitcoin a pretty cool pattern was being fulfilled which is impulse correction impulse higher
correction higher impulse higher correction higher and the last analysis We must have done it,
we left it in this new impulse so we comment here if you look at the previous
impulses, let's look at them the impulse is direct for me there is no correction almost here there is a bit of
accumulation but the impulse is direct here there is no accumulation and the momentum has already started so if
we follow the same pattern that the momentum would happen it would be direct and it would reach even higher than this
we can extend it we could for example [__] a previous bullish arm this right here and
put it here you see we are going to put it Here well we could have seen something like this once arriving beth
against bitcoin improving it a total of we are going to calculate from below all of 140 percent of
course, this was by following a bit what had happened previously in the chart from time to time against the
usual, in the end to make operations in a na through technical analysis what you
trust is the patterns that are repeated and this It is a pattern that was repeating itself, what happens that
we have seen a clear double top, here we see it in the weekly chart, we already see it and now we will go
to the daily chart and we will see it better, which already begins, shows that they are not only weak
in itself that we have in the usb dvd graphic but it is also showing a lot of weakness against
bitcoin and vito and it is not precisely that it is one of the strongest crypts in the yard right now,
much less worth it then we give here this double top pattern which already invalid all
this movement here and we confirm at least now in the medium term that this is an impulse this
is a pullback and there is a continuation we have made a weekly double top which is a
very bearish pattern and more with this candle that good we have tried to complete it more but hey it has been a
little more up but it is still as you see in the lower half the close is still
in the lower half of the candle therefore instead now Even with partition we are in a
situation of weakness and if we look at the pattern that I am telling you here we see this area redraw the
flysheet I would like to see if there is a macd divergence and there is even a macd divergence and you can already see it, look at
the mcb and the apron has not done a double top has made a decreasing minimum you see it make big
you see the mcb and then they are things you do not see things right now I bet against bitcoin bet in general
I see it in a period of possible volatility in the sense of pullback of corrections to arm
for a new one for a new bullish arm but a period in which we can see some
suffering instead, hopefully I am wrong, hopefully it is not like that, the ideal would also be for it to come accompanied by a
written market correction in general the ideal to see clearly not for the crypto market but
it is not the same to make a correction we will for the moment that you sdi make a contrary knowledge
but it is not the same to see what bet comes to do does the following impulse correction impulse
abcy then up and this wave number c to c in a movement where the market quito is
correcting that we do not see that the crypto market is more or less pulling and once it is dripping, it is worth
really I do not value too much a possibility in which bitcoin is going up and down
but really what technical analysis tells us is that there is weakness in seeing and especially in
seeing bitcoin, then yes we go directly to beth cons and sirius we see something quite similar
here we have the weekly chart We see a very clear resistance and support zone, we see the same
pattern of increasing highs, but you see that the whole movement always starts.

pre from
the same lower zone from this level of 0.0 0 018 starts all the time from here starts from
here and goes here goes down starts from here and goes here goes down run
from here and goes here goes to down therefore now we are within a movement
in which it is going down we see again a chart of weakness following patterns follows the
technical analysis where to see it would be touched we come from rejecting this resistance zone and we come
from a movement where one two and three Previous times the price has started from the bottom
therefore it would not be something super strange to see a projection of weakness of seeing against Syrian
or of 20 against bitcoin we would see that it would have to pass the betu st chart but hey and
continue to see weakness worth right now I hope I was wrong at all times, hopefully it would
mean very good news for bet holders for the ecosystem, etc.

Etc. but right now. Or
what you see in the graphs is that they have more weakness in the account and even more weakness
than bitcoin and casey is not worth it, so I hope you liked it and we will
analyze more regularly, go away, we will continue with a load no no worry lynn matic in short everything a little
and nothing if you liked it I hope so, give me like subscribe share it with friends
with family and see you next video goodbye

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