Hello everyone, this is Ai Admirer of Loon Musk Owner Musk is optimistic Individual stock currency should become the next One game one battle So it comes from rumors An article from the community The author is called Wanfa He said I can’t understand the skyrocket This is the need for a virtual currency Its founder can't Understand why The currency skyrocketed Marcus wrote that these two are a good one Bar Marcus wrote As the founder, he hopes Engaged in b and engaged in b This circle becomes a positive energy I said that I’ve done it, but I’m going to close the dod chole to say so In the U.S. retail capital Hope virtual currency Up to one dollar support Co-founder of Guobi Marcus is called Billy Marcus Open letter Incomprehensible to the skyrocketing price of Dogecoin Marcus revealed that he was early Sold in 2015 To all Dogecoin Did you buy a second-hand Honda Civic? Is that the founder puts himself bea I sold it clean.

After Marx’s open letter was issued Netizens found a controlling Dogecoin market supply 27% of anonymous addresses Presumably the address belongs to Tesla CEO Musk Musk turned out to be Dogecoin The main driving force behind the skyrocketing According to market watch news network reported on February 12 After many rounds of skyrocketing Dogecoin price has fallen Avoid as of Friday Must be crush 0. 06784 This is very auspicious dollars Follow 1:6 now. The exchange rate of 5 is about the same It's 5 cents worth of Dogecoin Around RMB 5 cents Less than 0, the peak on the 7th. 0871559 USD one Even if it fell Since the beginning of this year, Dogecoin’s The price has risen by a thousand points Of 100 1350% Equivalent to an increase of 13 times the market value It was as high as 10 billion US dollars at one time.

American retail investors think Dogecoin Will be the next game Can even rise to one dollar Facing the craze Dogecoin Co-founder Marcus Read in the retail base it publishes an open letter Current development of Dogecoin Trend indicates not understanding Many people at Ready don't understand The previous game station Game stop It’s the biggest push of the palm The scale of its market value is Wall Street Gambling wallstreetbat is a branch forum of ready So it’s a relative Don't talk about censorship Many people just have everything Previously I paid attention to the knowledge I care a lot Recommend Li Jianqiu has a well-known saying He said I doubt what for tremor What ready he goes to work Just this anonymous pure Anonymous forum above Speech is the real America Is it the United States or the West Political correctness Because ready has a lot of For example, for women's rights Unfriendly right Discrimination against surgical foot baths I said he was good at surgery, foot bath, joking, etc.

He said this might be true American Westerners are mainly white people, right? Their inner life Neymar just screwed Very real okay I read this letter specially Go and take a look at him Fangyuanmen original text, right? He is in [ __ ] now there 52k say 55 550,000 followers 50,000 people online, okay He spit out again and said I rely on it Brother, you are so awesome now Although there is a million member, right Just look at the million A point of 100 is 110 1.1 million users You guys are too awesome I was right then I don’t even have anyone on 10/1/10 There are no more than 100,000 people Let me introduce to you first I'm Billy Marcos Marco Si, what do you say about the founder? One of the founders Original of the founder He is not one of them The only founder, right As you may have heard it was indeed created a for service after for the Jackson Palmer He had such an idea Said let's do a whole lot of work So we smoked twice Start this plan It took a total of before and after It's all done in three hours This also includes what to do Do some text what to do Such cartoon graphics It's this kind of customized graphics, right Just customize the icon or something But it’s just what I said on Twitter before I am no longer a dog In this project In 2015, I turned upside down, right? Then he took all this Dogecoin is sold out He just doesn't need it, right Mainly to sell the money Changed a Honda Civic My job at Futaimu is still a software engineer, right? There is still a long back What is his original intention Introduce a lot of mess anyway Let's read the original news Said Dogecoin was created by the former IBM Engineer Marcus And Palmer, the software engineer from Adobe Jack Pan Founded in 2013 To mock the speculation fever in the cryptocurrency market Palma on Twitter Just kidding, I built word of mouth At that time, the popularity of the Internet I didn’t have that Actually it's upside down Invert the emoji to get Netizens encourage Palmer bought it calling domain name After seeing Palmer’s thoughts Always want to launch cryptocurrency Marx joins immediately Dogecoin becomes a reality The Dog Four Plan creates a kind of energy Virtual currency used by more people Instead of attracting speculators So the circulation needs to be large Dogecoin is currently issued The amount has been reached 128 billion U.S.

Dollars Higher than Bitcoin's online 21 million price after launch Cheap Dogecoin got included Respected by the ready platform Become a popular virtual currency for online rewards In the open letter, Marx stated the development direction of the Dogecoin circle in 2015 And what he expected When going in the opposite direction I have to withdraw the option to engage in currency This project means mine The purpose is to mock virtual currency Right with this cryptocurrency You said that there is hair in it and used $21 million, right? Does not benchmark any entity value You are speculating others, he thinks it is speculation, right? You want to hype me What did i put on i just now Get one upside down, right Is similar to what is similar to us Pandaren, we pandamen, right There are all kinds of emoticons Andy Lau what is it Anyway, whatever emoji you can think of Give you a virtual currency Said that at that time Marx had just The company laid off is IBM So he even sold the tape and emptied it All Dogecoins you own Because it just happened He needs money when he is out of work Bought a second-hand Honda Civic The current horse company is a Software engineer in education company Marx writes as the founder He wants Dogecoin and Dogecoin Circle becomes positive energy Not necessarily for charity Is interesting and valuable He actually thought it might still be a It’s better to engage in sub-cultural currency He listed the Dogecoins Good deeds that the circle has done For example, when a well was built in Kenya Fundraising for children with autism The right to provide services Autistic children are autistic children They generally need pets Based on autism research Pets are the best way to solve children with autism Because he doesn't like to communicate with Rou But give him cats and dogs, right? He will interact with him After you have more interaction You can get out of autism easily.

This is a treatment option. Funding two Jamaicans Bobsled runners participate Sochi Winter Olympics Sponsor the NASCAR Car Race NASCAR I haven't heard me, I went to search Did not see that there was What's so fresh It seems to be a kind of off-road vehicle race It’s just inside the track, okay And for the past Pull up seen in 7 years Over-shipped greedy ray well Exaggerated publicity and use of others Marx called himself a [ __ ] as a dog Mother is not angry but disappointed He pointed out that many people hope Dogecoin to one dollar Substantial error broadcasting Ibm and other entities that provide services to hundreds of millions of people Have you ever done b value this price? Say i can't understand Not to mention right this The answer to the question Dogecoin as of Friday Market value of 8.7 billion U.S.

Dollars For retail investors this year The game of holding group and pushing up Imitation of the First World War Movement Brought goods with celebrities such as Musk Let the price of Dogecoin skyrocket This thing Blockchain Lab The report released last month showed Musk tweeted Has a direct impact on cryptocurrency prices Report on last year Musk 6 mentions of encryption on Twitter Follow-up investigation of currency Found that tweets can trigger Skyrocketing volume 4 of them were currency Said to start at the end of January this year Musk has repeatedly tweeted I mentioned the wall in the post Also turned Dogecoin into People's cryptocurrency Except for Musk's rap superstar snoop dog There are also general phones cool to do Mark Kuban also wrote about dogs Crypt club craft It should be underground Tomb ok The website reported on the 13th that members of the cryptocurrency circle invented an anonymous address today The address has 36 billion U.S.

Dogecoins Equivalent to the Dogecoin market 27% of supply Worth about 2.5 billion U.S. dollars This address was hidden during the transaction Information ready users It's quite a discovery of Musk Birthday contains Among the hidden information are According to Musk’s Tweet time and anonymity Time judgment of address transaction This address may belong to Mark Means to say that the possible model essay Buy currency pairs at this address, right Including real-name address There are currently 20 addresses Dogecoin holdings account for Arrived at the market 50% of supply That is to say it is a big head There are a lot of big heads Such a currency, alright Some netizens have warned that once These big players started to sell Dogecoin Only retail investors suffer In fact, it is similar to the stock market The dealers inside, right They play retail, right He said he was afraid, okay, what do you say [ __ ] If it really is a healthy currency Theoretically there should be A large number of retail holders No one can do it Really say occupy For example, 10% percent More or less right But at present, this structure is not very healthy 27% right Because once the dealer makes Certain big moves Retail investors will definitely suffer You are not like Bitcoin currently Very decentralized No one said it could be awesome Hold a 10% bit The currency is nonsense Unless it's the founder Zhongmentong, right? He said he might use some But it’s hard to say More than 50% Remember to watch him in the American TV series Silicon Valley Made similar predictions inside They issue some of these Distributed computing Methods and some communities Who can control this community is More than 50% of computing power When his 50% computing power A single object Such as holding by our company or the like This thing is not Truly distributed Actually it still has a center As long as more than 51% of acid cracks You are essentially in control This distributed algorithm platform Probably a currency It can be some kind of system, etc.

So if, as he said, a dog Coins really say there are 20 Personally held 50% convention I think the risk is still quite high. Say what you like here on this news Welcome to like, favorite, subscribe Thank you all for a little bell.

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