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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! This is the boat and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It's called big quick dot CEO There's a link in the description and it's in the number-one comment on this video you go to their website You're gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money You want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Once you have that amount ready you let them know how you want to pay for it You can either do a cash deposit or money transfer through a major bank right here in the USA You pick what bank you want? And it's quite convenient to my house a big thing to note here is you only have three hours to get that cash money into The bank account that they send you once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin Notice that.

There is a two percent fee this morning when I send five hundred dollars. They charged me ten Dollars to send it, but that's not bad at all in crypto land so you click on next right there after it's confirmed And they'll send you an email And notice this is cash only you guys don't go online and try to transfer it into a person's account because it won't work you Need to go into a bank with cash money in the email that they send you they'll put their name They'll put a 12 digit account number. They'll put that holder state That's all you need and they will also confirm your Bitcoin address where the money will be sent Biggest thing to note here is that you will need to receive the upload link And send them the receipt of the transfer This is what that looks like all you do is you take a picture of? The deposit receipt after you send it you type in that little no refunds for a big quick on Bitcoin boom upload it into that email right there using that link and Congratulations, baby.

You are now a part of the money team. This is the vault with another breakthrough website for you guys I hope it helps, and I hope you will be profitable and prosperous in the market. Let's go like a boss You I know I know I know Gonna have to edit that one out Live from the USA helping you get paid every day It's the boasts of big coin the creased o of crypto is your boy beat cake and if you don't like me you must not Like money it's October 3rd market still in flux all coins suppress Bitcoin teetering right north of 4000 and it's a change in the tide coming I hope you got your life rap and you ready to swim cuz uh the tide is changing The money will be shifting and again as we've been doing we bought up primetime real estate at flea market prices if you followed 100 day challenge Hopefully you did as well if this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby You are now rocking with the best My name is became My friends know me as a crypto traitor And I am the bugs of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voices another day somebody profits as a result and today is no exception So what we're doing right now is we are taking a live look at the market.

You can see right there There can only be one Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash right and so I haven't done this comparison this analysis in a while But I can see you know just just in the charts themselves That a change is on the way now. I'm not saying Bitcoin is gonna go down. I'm not saying Bitcoin cash It's gotta break out but as we review these charts you will see that indeed They are leaning towards the end of this cycle and the beginning of another Similar to how lunar eclipses happen right so here we go without further ado We are going to jump over to Trading view comm if you don't follow me Maybe you should be be Kelly 1203 got about 1,500 followers now And I post charts you know every other day every couple days whenever I'm jumping on here and so one chart We're gonna look at now is a chart I did Earlier this week where I said wake up Dorothy Bitcoin is not going to 6200 and I still stand by those words if we press play you can see that we're Moving up a little bit on that red triangle We are going to have to break through that red line Which is that yellow line which is 4,800? And I don't think we got the momentum to do that but in turn we will still be graphing that chart Just to follow it a little bit you know kind of get a Second hand look on the market where we're at you know and and how it how it's looking up close and personal right? So we can go this is the one day chart.

I prefer to do the 343 minute chart if you have a free account on trading view you can look at the 4-hour chart Works pretty good with the fractals in the system you should also note that this method 720 177 231 is intellectual property owned exclusively for the rights of Brendan Kelly LLC if you are profit-seeking entity of financial producer Airy or any other Business you may not reproduce or replicate my method without my express written consent If you're just a person who's tired of being broke And you just want to make some money pay off your debt buy a new house pay for wedding go on Vacation by all means use it use it abundantly it works quite well So here we go You can see on this 343 We are still inside that red triangle the blue triangle would essentially be our breakdown zone, right Ultimately leading us down into this deeper blue square which was a huge Which was more or less set up a huge head and shoulders, let's jump back out to one day.

That's way that way I'm not like right on top of it right so That red triangle is is supposedly going to take us to 6200 with Elliot waves We we broke out at a money zone That's why we had that huge huge handle right there hit the top go to two three six and fell back down to the top of the money zone right so inside Literally inside the next week or so bitcoins gonna have to make a decision if it wants to break out or break down We're starting to get almost to the center point of that triangle. You know where something has to happen here We're gonna be leaning towards this side or leaning towards this side Once we break out of that six one eight essentially once we break back Under four thousand then we're much much more likely to go down to three thousand Then we are to go to five right.

That's just how to mechanics inside this chart work I'm not going to sweat it a lot of people out there are drawn Bitcoin charts every day. I'm not one of them I think it's a lot more money to be made on the all coins, which is why I'm doing 100 day trading challenge. We're actually Outpacing the growth of Bitcoin quite well, so I suggest you join us on that journey And that's it so Bitcoin is sitting sideways looking pretty weak up here still has not broke through that 4,800 has a major major major you know ceiling right there at that intersection right at 4400 that it's you know doesn't look like it's gonna cross through this time Which almost confirms that to be you know now you've got three times BAM Break down BAM third time down so you know this is just The market saying that Bitcoin we don't want to above $4,100 right because it happened three different times it broke down there it broke down there And now we're breaking down again third time a charm, so that's er Maybe very well be the last time we we come up to it We might do something like this where we get a candle to touch it before we break down the game, so there you go Let's check out Bitcoin Case and this is actually why I wanted to do this video Bitcoin is Bitcoin.

You know it's sitting sideways between 4,000 and 4500 not he made it either way, but on the alts There's always some money to be made So what we're going to look at right now As soon as out it's loads up My touch screen is frozen that's cool. So I actually posted this one in our Facebook group We'll get to that in a minute But I gave people a chance to guess it I said free pivots if you can guess what chart this is One person got it like in the first couple seconds say Bitcoin Kass.

He was right 300 M. We're gonna what we're gonna do now is Because this one still doesn't have a lot of data. If you look at the 343 minute chart We still you know we're just now getting into the white zone, right Before this point in time we didn't even have that information, but yet instead we don't have a complete cycle through the 231 So it's pretty difficult to use it as a reference point so for that I just turn it off right now right I know we're in quicksand. I know we're under That's really all that it. Helps me with in addition to that I can see that this moment in time You know was kind of like a swing point where? The white crossed the orange That's it. That's all I know from that white line, so it doesn't really help me because the chart is still very very new But given that information what I can see is that even in being a new? Chart we still have two distinct sections of this chart right, so let's move this vertical line over there and let's drop in a horizontal line Right there And all I'm doing here is breaking the chart up into two Distinct sections we can even color this thing white Right The white something line Cool so you can see that down here was one cycle so to speak right and up here Was a brand new one That's going to be important to notice as We move through the development of this chart because what happened down here Will be very important in indicating.

What is happening up here Everything is interconnected. That's how this energy flows. That's how these fractals worked That's how the universe works right everything is a cycle of Itself and everything that happened before it so Let's uh now We see that we're in this half a disciple what you notice right away Is that we're coming up on that floor right and even in doing that let's take a step back? Right let's turn the candles back on because we don't have that much information That's the only reason I'm using the candles and let's start to draw some trend lines from this data. See what we can do First one I see that we can get is we need a Break down line because it looks like this is like a downward. You know Breaking down over time so what is the relationship? We can get for a break down line or the first one and we can color this one like blue First one I see is from the top of that green to Top of that green right that's just a natural fitting line You know in the data type the Green type of green break down break down BAM What did it give us it gave us this exact moment in time? A little bit of junk right that lets us know that that's a solid trend line right Next we want to find our Breakout line how do we do that well we don't have much to go off of I can tell you that right now, but I Think we do have enough to be dangerous so with that being said We can do something to where we go Something like the bottom of the green to that right there That might work, but it really doesn't give us anything strong you know in between to tie into Right so we want to go like from the bottom to bottom of something right if we went here If we did bottom of green over here to say You see we still don't have enough to bottom of green right there that that really doesn't help us get anything on that side Right and we have to confirm it and the data itself before it.

You know becomes a good indicator of Future events it needs to be confirmed so What we can do now is jump on the candles and a lot of people forget about The extreme points, but in actuality This is actually one of the most important parts on this graph, right Because when we take a trendline from there the bottom of that candle Right there the bottom of that candle Look at what we get and we'll color this one yellow Yellow is heating up blue is cooling off Look at what we get now look at that check that out we bounced off of it here We broke down there, and we broke down there, so essentially the floor became the ceiling right and notice what happens when we drop a vertical line right there at the Intersection it's not perfect, but it almost pinpoints that exact moment where r-77 broke down at it was a macro shift and When you uh you know visualized those three together we can start to see the 3d axis that we Drew on a seven-minute chart about three months ago two months ago You know we can see that 3d axis so this in turn is actually a good set of trend lines to use to Visualize how this energy is coming together inside this chart, right? good So now what does that tell us? Well it tells us that if we take this one and We copy and paste there, and now we're looking to see what's happening in The future right we want to get as much information as possible about This part of chart so in order to do that we need To copy and paste our existing trendline, and we'll make it a dotted line just so you know It's easier to identify Copy and paste it and throw it up to Those extremes up there right Because we don't have a lot of data to pull from sometime And that's actually a confirmation because when you get two points You know that a line can confirm that more or less confirms that line right and now we see that that crosses right over there What what else can we do Well, we know that this trend line is good.

We know that that trend line is good So let's copy this vertical line Bring it down at that point right there copy that horizontal line or Vertical horizontal got mixed up bring it over Right there And now you're starting to see out his magic is gonna come together This is actually that one was fine this one was off Down down Damn So now We've essentially triangulated a moment in time That all of this energy ties into And this is why I like Bitcoin cash right now, and this is why Bitcoin cash here at a Zero nine three Bitcoin 0.093 this is going to be art by for our trading challenge, so if you're doing one hundred eight trading challenge with us We are buying Bitcoin cash at zero point zero nine three BTC on bitches right because as we can see this thing is basically running itself into the end of a cycle I Can't pull anything else you know from before discharge To agree to this extension right it's nothing else for me to anchor into I can't get another data point from Over here to say okay.

Well, maybe it's lower. Maybe it's higher. No it doesn't exist that is literally at the bottom the bottom that is literally the top of those weights right and We're in pointing this thing and bringing it down all the way to say that by october 7 Right, and it looks like we're one-off Maybe yeah, normally it happens at a 20 p.m.. So October 7th 8:00 p.m. That's prime time for Bitcoin cash something is gonna happen Right And I think with this energy if it was gonna break down It would have done it here and even if say it does break down It's not that bad because we bought it right here at 93 where can it go? It has pretty strong support Right there And another one Right there at the top of that green One way we can confirm.

This is simply by drawing a Fibonacci from the bottom of the green To the top of the green And you can see that right now at Bitcoin Cash's current price given this entire cycle breakdown break out Extreme green right green minimum green maximum. This is right at the two three six Fibonacci level which is Statistically your best chance to be profitable on One round consolidation me personally I prefer to get it right up here Because it's closer to the top It's easier to bounce up and sell it closer to the top before it breaks all the way down. This is just like a complete Reset button right and it's coming right down to that two three six So essentially what that means is this is our area to buy it, right? even if we want it to look at What's happening inside of those levels? We'd do something like that and We could say okay.

Well if we break down Below that where are we gonna catch it, and you can see right there point five halfway up that Fibonacci is 0.07 and the starting point is at 0.06 3 so we have some solid support up under this thing and We are at long-term Support within the cycle itself so therefore this chart is very very good Fundamentally for a bounce back for us to buy right now and be profitable as a result I'm gonna publish this idea on trade in view so make sure you follow me on there. I'll do it right now Long-term consolidation short-term Breakout pending up to 0.05 up to Bottom micro money's on a nice 2 point 3 X 6 By now profit later like up folks I Think that's cool So there you go you guys Bitcoin cash is solid.

I'm not gonna get into the macro influences of China You know the ICO of you know all McAfee and all these clowns you know Jamie Whatever whatever his name is Will's Fargo frogmen Titian. I'm not. I'm not gonna talk about that on this video but you should know Hold on Bam bam and we can throw it into I had one on here that I already did for Bitcoin calves. That was pretty good there it goes Cool so trade of you has that chart for free now you guys have the thorough analysis for free do Me a favor if this was valuable content to you right now. Just hit that thumbs up button what that does It's let it lets you to know this is valuable content for our computing for our community this Information will help people make money a lot of people out there doesn't make videos for entertainment you know Nothing against them, but I'm not a circus clown.

I'm a teacher right. That's why I teach people on this method I teach you how to be proper profitable and hopefully you're able to use that information for empowering yourselves financially Right so that's our number one goal here on this channel With that being said I wanted to jump out into our community First things first shout out to the man himself I was in Decatur, Georgia I'm sorry Decatur, Alabama a few days ago for my girlfriend's plate. Call it unchain moan you and about Within 30 seconds of me ending the video I was literally doing like you know the country check-in And Brian Brian uh messaged me in the chat and said I'm in Decatur, Alabama shout out from Decatur, Alabama I'm like I'm here right now I'm in this.

You know this double tree right across the bridge and so we ended up meeting up at a Starbucks This was one of the first times I met one of our community members like you know live on the road so that was really awesome He's a pastor at Fairview Baptist Church and Decatur. I've gotten you a coffee mug so thank you Been drinking out at all day um You know and it was really cool. It was amazing just to actually a Touch physically touch one of our community members and understand firsthand how you know this information is not only helping That helping his family help in it. You know it's clergy Not so much that you know quick dohui's you know? Trade and crypto with the tithes and offerings, but just in so much that he's taking the steps to empower himself because the stronger he is as a pastor is stronger the church will be as You know a a subset of that right a lot of times It's the individual that empowers the community but in so much that once we have enough empowered individuals in a community that community Itself is you know immaculate right? So thank you Brian for taking the time and you know? Speaking with me you know bringing me to mug the book is will I do it truly truly truly appreciate that He was the first guy I met on the road, and I'll always remember that we'd actually had been talking on Facebook through messages a little bit You know he even had sent me a link to his YouTube channel so by all means if you are New to our community.

This is one of our one of your fellow fellow Community members it's called Bitcoin Clergy he ain't posted a video in three weeks, but I think if we get him a few few hundred subscribers off this video He'll have a more motivation to continue You know growing his digital congregation right Bitcoin clergy on YouTube? I think that's a pretty cool name too, so shout out the branch shot up to Decatur, Georgia Decatur, Alabama Thank you for the hospitality again if you are in the chat right now We're coming back to you in 90 seconds you guys do me a favor shelter country out let the world know Where you checking in from right now? Oh I see send a much love to your brother.

Thank You Sivan I do appreciate it you got your video. I'm doing your video tomorrow morning, so just look out for that I just a lot of new people just getting started. I've told you there's some big things on the horizon man the energy That put it this way those those long term intersections They're starting to come together right now right and miss lightning striking on the horizon just imagine inside of that ripple check feel right? It's been quiet for about seven seven weeks. You know not seven weeks about seven days about Ken eleven days right but You can start to see it when you zoom in you scale that thing down and you see this those swinging Intersections, that's what's happening inside this crypto verse.

It's a lot of powerful people coming together behind the scenes to make some monumental transitions happen, and I'm just happy to be to be Included in someone else discussions so with that being said what I wanted to do is open it up to our Community we have the number one Bitcoin group in the world right we got 12,000 of my best friends that come together Seven days a week y'all and we make money. We don't pump and dump each other We don't give referral links that cloud mining sites you empower yourself You learn to read the charts you learn to invest you learn to profit that's it right, and so here we go my man shout-out to a Orsa, Arizona said Bitcoin cash as soon as I put that chart up shout out to him You can see it's really awesome you guys we uh we throw up. You know little supported oats.

You know somebody somebody posted Uh, I think that somebody was me But I thought it was funny say Benjamin Franklin out here looking like you bet not buy no Bitcoin with this too late You know I'm saying total total Big Ben. I can't do it no more I don't like their faces in my wallet, but I like crypto You know as a result right so this is a really really awesome Group you guys come on man the doors are always open completely free another Resource we have bulbs of Bitcoin You click on boss a Bitcoin town right now you go see three Packages available the first one is called the profit package guys This is a list of the movers the Shakers and the money makers in the market this thing is up No joke about two thousand percent in the past two weeks using the boss method It's a hundred million dollar coins guys top 20 top 30 coins and all you do You moved that money around the circle brain above orange Bye, and this thing is going through roof right number five is in the shadows right now number seven It's finally flatlining number ten is a sleeping giant Hopefully you guys are Accumulating that right now and number one as we know is the mover number one mover in the market when it when it went lightning Strike on there to hold market response, so keep your eye on it right next we got the dream team And this is actually my personal favorite right now It's the second and third generation coins right? These coins some of them nobody's even even heard about right number not a lot of people still don't know what it is Seven and six is like the Batman arch I'm Batman and Robin of the East right let's go lead them for the next ten years So you get on that right now? You know you will be well well well along your way when the rest of the world comes to embrace it So the the point of this chart the point of this Package was to allow you guys the opportunity a lot of times people think they need $10,000 you know a hundred thousand dollars to get started in Bitcoin.

No you don't it's all about profit It's all about a percentage of gain and so every coin on this list is intentionally designed To be less than one or two dollars which means back when I put this list out if you had a $20 bill you could buy every single coin on that list and right now you'd be up about six or seven hundred percent as a result So you don't need a lot of money to get a lot of Profit right Jake Cole said it best it started with a dollar and a dream So if you got a dollar and you got a dream Then you got a coin on that list and you will be well on your way to Outpace the growth of the market as a result the last thing we got is called the number one meeting I'm sorry to meet with the bottle 101 meeting deposit right it's $25 you pay that money right there And you get a link to my personal Calendar so say you wanted to do something you know Tuesday afternoon After the kids I don't think we got Tuesday today is Tuesday, so that wouldn't work So let's say Wednesday right this will open up my calendar to you So you said Wednesday evening you after the kids got home from school BAM click that button 6:00 p.m.

Got some face time with the boss right. Let's see what that looked like up close and personal big you go boom And this is one we just get down to it. Man. You know I had a Joke this week that went about three fo hours You know I went outside my girl was like what you been doing like I'm meeting you like the three hours. I said yeah You know so sometimes you just get caught up in it This is just this is how this is what I dedicate myself all the knowledge. I have what a little bit of knowledge I have I'm still learning I Put it on the table for you guys and a lot of information that I sharing these meetings aren't accessible on this YouTube channel That's for reason right the whole world gets this information for free But I reward those that choose to take an extra step of empowering themselves with some insight into How these charts actually work a lot of information? You know YouTube don't even want me saying So I don't write.

I want this information to reach the masses But if you take an extra check towards me I would take an expectation That happened a few times this week already right so we got being say guys. We are gonna jump back over to the chat To see who we got rocking out on the air wit the boats right now, so let's check it out. Let's do this We'll put up Our Chat and we'll show you guys the dream team results, this is a little graphic I put together since August first.

That's been what the dream team has done about eight hundred and twenty six percent It's pretty amazing you guys pretty amazing So let's do this chat box bring it back BAM So who we got right now rocking out live on the hell Can you guys see that? You can't see it, so what we'll do is do this You can see it, but it's like not lifetime so that doesn't help Put that down Put this up Here we go So let's see who we got right now Big Sheila popping it ups but a UK across the pond, what's up Cielo? Thank you for joining us today France is big in the building Catalonia Costa Rica. I Me and my girl was talking about Costa Rica last night We go have to plan a trip on out that like you know San London. It's big in a building Uh so cow it's big in a building right Big Ben holding it down for the Nittany Lion samurais army with the clergy In the building right now is a mundo print Zamunda right princess of London what's going on? I? Love from France.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that Western Canada was going on. What's up beet cake from the USA? That's me BAM appreciate it Lake Tahoe was good jerk, mud Belgium's two times South Africa's support salute, thank you big Sheila UK I see you two time Australia um who else we got what big Brian said keeping it cryptic and Cleveland shout out to the 206 shot town is in the building South France Lismore, Australia, South Carolina Austria, Illinois Rotterdam Lake Tahoe Ecuador Saudi Let's see let's see let's see the UK Toledo, Sactown, Lake Tahoe, Canada ATL one motor home ten going to Costa Rica Hey, the boss is having a retreat in Costa Rica next year.

I don't know when it's gonna be I'm just putting it out there 2018 crypto in Costa Rica right that's what we go plan out I Don't know how it's gonna happen. I'm just I'm just putting out there into the universe and there's no cut let's go Let's go do his thing and then snow come back and we go beyond Costa Rica like this That's gonna. Be pretty cool last thing. We got what's going on, Houston, Texas crypto king, babe BAM I appreciate you listen everybody everybody everybody.

Thank you so much for supporting this channel Thank you so much for being valued members of our community I look forward to do every single day. No joke sometimes it takes a long time to get get things set up I'm not perfect with the software, but as you can see we China we try to build it as we go right? One of the things I learned in business school. They said don't don't wait on having a perfect prototype Just throw something out there You know in the market to tell you what they value if they value You know what you got form you'll be able to make it better as time goes on so that's what I'm doing That's what we shows you with Bitcoin cash today. Oh and for the record. I forgot to say that is how you Chuck? Does it me, I gotta go I gotta go um Shout out the Bitcoin clergy.

Thank you again Shout out the Saban and understand them big things coming my brothers looking forward to it shout out to you guys Thank you again for you support hit that thumbs up it really helps a lot and getting our twelve thousand users Viewers being able to see this I think every video we do were taking one step closer toward financial freedom Thank you for joining us on that road With that being said it is that time of the day signing out them both yo boy BK No matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California a all the way back out do dirt month nay Good night.

Good morning And good day. I appreciate your time subscribe right now click that bill. I come on seven days a week do that for me When you share this video if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all please.

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