💥 ¿Aún puede Cardano ADA hacerte RICO?🤔 sigue siendo de las mejores criptomonedas para invertir 2021

Cardano is still the best cryptocurrency to invest it can still make you rich or a millionaire is the best star in the universe blood change cardano has reached this first row of cryptocurrencies thanks to its spectacular rise that leaves any revaluation that we have seen more than small in bitcoin it is called cardano and it has come to stay in today's video we are going to be analyzing this cryptocurrency of cardan in detail or stay until the end and do not miss this tremendous video hello how are you crypto entrepreneurs greets you your friend esteban cardenas welcome to a new video of crypto currencies and it is the first time that you are seeing me I invite you to subscribe and activate the bell they have the option all of them so youtube alerts you every time we upload a new video said and clarified this we begin card is not one of the main written coins that are worth seeing in this year 2021 or in what remains of it carda is not a decentralized blue chain platform a open source which is also one of the first peer-reviewed networks as cardano decentralized network becomes an amazing alternative to traditional banking that can help unbanked people to access financial services and execute payments this is vital because the number of people who do not have access to financial services around the world particularly in most developing countries is alarmingly high after all crypto currencies aim to provide an alternative to traditional payment systems away from the authorities and governments however cardano is not a regular fight the platform has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the efficacy and safety of the protocol furthermore cardan is not considered a third generation platform that has improved scalability compared to beat with a coin first generation that can potentially replace the leader in the development of smart contracts outside a second generation currency what makes cardan not unique is the fact that it uses a two-layer architecture the first layer the gimbal settlement layer or is used to execute transactions while the second layer the control layer is used for the execution of smart contracts another unique charging feature is not its proof-of-stake algorithm called Eurobonds note that the blockchain is divided into epochs made of slots and the reward is divided among the sponsors of input stakeholders in multi-party computing and slot leaders should note that charging does not have different use cases charging cannot be used not only as a payment method and voting tool on the gimbal platform or but also in different industries including agriculture education medical care and trade weeding not a good investment n many experts believe that cardano is a good investment compared to other cryptocurrencies due to its limited supply of 45 billion coins the scarcity of carda cannot lead to an increase in its value and demand over the years as is previously stated its improved proof-of-stake algorithm and its two-tier architecture are also unique features that attract investors from all over the world in fact many people choose to bet on da for profit data shows that users can earn 4.5 per cent in a single year betting or doing this quin de cardan or you can still cardan or make you rich or millionaire although no investment is risk-free and investing in cardan or generates a return of around 600 percent in the last two years either Whether you are a new cardan investor or just curious to know how to get the most out of your cardan investment or you can also become a her Branch of different online services without areas such as aires, culture, health and education is collaborating with different important institutions to improve interoperability and transparency, although the success of upload does not depend on its ability to fulfill its promises and provide high scalability as well as a effective platform for smart contracts many experts claim that it is worth keeping up to date since its price may increase in the near future also in the latest cardan or cargo news it does not add more than 650 thousand active addresses of this equipment and could soon reach the Salvador we see the current news load has not added more than 50 thousand active addresses of stay king in the last three weeks reaching a milestone with just over 650,000 participation addresses meanwhile the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world could soon arrive in Salvador after that its founder Charles Hopkinson will announce plans to travel to the nation cent Roamericana this really is just the beginning of what is coming for crypto currencies especially for gimbal or since the fifth best crypto currency in the world with one of the largest communities in the world the current charge price is not 1.26 cents dollar is in position number 5 of the best currencies crypto worldwide has its own blue chain has its own network has a market capitalization of 40.5 billion dollars has a trade volume in the last 24 hours of 2.9 billion dollars has a circulating amount of 32 billion coins and has a maximum amount of 45 billion coins in the last year it has grown a thousand 468 percent really impressive what this charging crypto currency is doing can not be bought almost in All Essenes this crypt currency is listed without any problem you can buy it if we go to a daily chart of cardan or against unemployment u st which is for the next few weeks vem os that the highest cargo price was not in the 2 dollars with 47 cents at the moment it is having a downtrend in the daily chart every time it rises to the moving average for me it is to continue falling at this time so that continue its upward trend must break with enough force to support and then and if we could expect an upward movement the best points to buy gimbal or at the moment it is in the dollar with 17 cents this if we see it by volume per session also in the 0 points 67 cents later if it goes down more it would be at 0.50 and 2 at 0.35 and approximately at 0 point 14 cents this for me is a great opportunity to continue accumulating the best crypto currencies including cardano many people in these moments are scared with the trend of bitcoin but I see it as a great opportunity to continue storing the best cryptocurrencies including cards if we go to a weekly chart of gimbal or against parkour sdt this is a slightly more important chart as it is a chart for approximately the next three to six months we see that the load trend does not remain fully bullish as long as it does not break the 55 period moving average quite strongly its trend is still totally bullish, the best price to buy gimbal or in the weekly chart is approximately 0.90 cents, previously he had made a video of cardan or where he taught how to buy how to properly store cardano and how to do this, who left you this video in this part so you can go and review it I would also like to know your opinion about cargo, not for me your comments and what you think about cryptocurrencies I hope this information has been of great value to you if you liked it give me a gift a tremendous like is free and it would help me a lot also remember to share this video so that more people know about this exciting m Undoing coins crypto finally if you have not subscribed to the channel subscribe and activate the bell no longer being your friend goodbye and server esteban cárdenas God bless you bye bye

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