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all welcome crypto market we have growing again then we have again most altcoin and green Hoe a day later again at the forefront and let’s take a look at bitcoin today for a few cryptocurrencies news statistics and try to predict where our market will go coming soon as far as flanks and bitcoin shorts we have here for the last 24 hours virtually nothing changes the market froze and everyone stays at their lightcoin positions in such the same situation plus or minus 2 percent etherium show the same results around zero and Lange and cardan shorts added a little about ten percent of traders think cardan a pair of lang wat by manner is also about zero zik bekes plus 23 percent long and but there is still three coins let's take a look here and then decided that these coins pair down more than 100 percent varieties added understand even interesting it became that we have it right now quickly look why same its going shorts in principle the structure here is very similar to vos talnye markets anything beyond the ordinary perhaps anyone knows anything about her you can look closely where she is after all will go ios also near zero and everyone's favorite ripple is also near zero that is inadequate in us only by iottie which more than 100 percent of the varieties took easycash .me turnover in long though the structure in them is almost identical locally as far as the fear we have both yesterday and today nothing has changed the market is going up a bit but people in euphoria don’t run in and look the same will we have to move on the same metric left as yesterday 22 on the rainbow schedule we are still on the move recommended to keep and not sell on liquidation we are also very low figures are almost the minimum values ​​for the last ten lire days who were interested where you can see this graph here is the site right on the screen right on the graph it is written go in and see if you are interested in the same as long and shorts on bitcoin exchanges for the last 24 hours on average also e is in the middle of 50 by 50 almost interesting to look at it the one that added to us is simply not an adequate number of varieties in this selection of systems you are not included bitfinex namely on that exchange there were indicators on an adult ball then on other exchanges too 50 on 50 let's still look then z and here these are knocked out Lange that is except battle of Knicks ftx also put on long on the language interesting gray scale updated their purchases and they are after the weekend and one day the sale of most easily inov again undertook to purchase lightcoin 220 in 24 hours and the increase goes in we constantly like they buy light horse link same which they bought yesterday a little merged but it's not essential only 13 now consider the news from major publishers the world’s first in our street journal heard of China’s repressive measures against bitcoins have lowered its value in the last week don't expect the pressure from Beijing to ease that you can read between the lines that will press that is hint to buy I will not be another which means it is possible that its either forbes promising flower lana mask promotes bitcoin growth this is in my opinion the last tweet from yesterday's video that the environmental friendliness of bitcoin can be increased if Miner switches to another renewable energy source forbes Ilona Musk tells why it supports dogecoin and instead of bitcoin well why here it is the reason in dogicoin is dogs and memes in others no answers Ilona Musk here she is the reason why many coin steep dogs and past here we have it mask bloomberg write and part of Bess does not plan to offer bitcoin or crypto services to wealthy customers reports reuters citing an interview with CEO Quinn is again such a relative negative against the background of that recently only everyone wanted to offer these services to invest in the crypt and here they are basically if them and did not ask just decided to say but if that we will not invest in it again negative in which between the lines m can be read do the opposite Ray Dalio says he would like own bitcoins than bonds ray dalio is an american billionaire financier given uncle still reset and positive Iran bans energy-intensive mining of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin after a rapid increase in consumption led to power outages in large cities here it is another country that is going to ban mining and again we have a negative which hints at updating the bottom and this person I think you all know a familiar face and wrinkle posted a tweet just a matter of time hashtag bitcoin hashtag bin bei and what else is left for them it is his job to promote the cryptocurrency privacy bitcoin and of course his bnb second from no flogging could not be expected and another news from cnn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell sharply in earlier this month after a body mask stated that tesla would stop blah blah blah hundred times already heard it but the mask may have slightly changed its mind about what they 10 mean what they are about say if you quickly flip through well here's the same tweet new mask that we watched yesterday as says mask changed his shoes recently said that my bitcoin is not environmentally friendly and now hints at that that no guys everything will be fine let's see if we have any news on the hundreds 1 on the first hundred is nothing new yet important and if we note all the categories then May 26 added news on stx but this is not important news that in principle may not be happy in terms of price fluctuations if anyone is interested in this site also many have asked then this coin market call as cup car market to only l at the end here it is so spell come see any time as the saying goes well and let's see what we have on the charts happening on bitcoin yesterday we drew weekend after which we expected another wave it happened and she finished us just like that resistance level almost who managed to get here think perfectly even if you close the profile now you can earn a good percentage and if you still hope that the schedule will go further then you can put somewhere to stop for nothing without you generally sleeping peacefully because the volumes are here never appear it suggests that most likely it was the fourth wave and we will go down soon time volumes here there is no divergence on the indicator obvious which means that so far that's all more like here's this blue scenario here's the area of ​​this blue scenario where we can still hook go down but you can go straight from here to update the bark also here structures while 3 wave this is the correctional structure you mean when you consider it so to speak that now more probably wave 1 and hike to the top or this wave 4 hike down is more likely to show chart that it is wave 4 and will hike down so far but regardless of that yesterday we managed catch 2 momentum as regards the zones here it is the zone of the fourth wave and if it was a wave A.B.

And now c but let's try to build a refined wave c zone in principle in principle even on this one the area still has to make a throw up that is another shot can be expected but I would be on it did not expect it will be very risky since the diver is already here we can and go down let's go let's see the movie here basically the same situation here he rollback here could be arranged and here he is again one impulse on which one could earn extra money is also now a more relevant damn scenario this one blue color as for the zones also here is the zone is 4 waves and if you take into account what was here Abe and part of c let's build for c by analogy with bitcoin but you can come here but we're already in zone of the fourth wave and the answer to the question that is now more likely down or up answer will be yes as the volumes fall the indicator falls structure while 3 wave this correction that we have pairs on couples plu oddly enough it looked better yesterday but now after from pictured yet one wave here that already formed divergence volumes even lower became here the same situation until the settlement area is marked as it is for wave c there would be motion we caught everything perfectly who has not come out of position can here trailing stop us try to catch where it all becomes while it is unknown I have access to rearrange slowly while the schedule shows us that it will go down as will actually be as will be seen further down and from the comments in us vulture was a popular comment for likes so we had a coyote collapse on old predictions and she we get something worked here we came here 5 wave completed the whole thing now delete and let's look more globally update again so to speak look update the idea of the graph that we have now is happening since here the indicator we still had was weak and did not exceed here these values ​​last and on structure we have completed all considered previously we can assume that there was a wave 1 now we and the adjustment iruem in wave 2 while I have it so it seems the global version of the global movement is that of the local diver here there is an increase in volumes here we had a wonderful weekend here here it all by the way looks no as a reversal there looks like a pulse on a smaller timeframe I will not paint but here it is a five-wave structure so far it looks like here like on the big wave 12345 and now since you got a decrease in volume and a decrease in the indicator it is quite possible to correct the wave 2.

If we will complete the upward movement at these levels then here it is the calculated zone for wave 2 and in general i think we can and extend wave 5 and this is most likely not completion because most often wave corrections come wave 3 minor order wave 4 correction from wave 3 wave 4 while that's how it stands consider and further already we will have development in momentum while here looks good if we completed correction of bumps those two given movements are very similar to momentum so high probability that we can update them but here if we do not update the bottom and here we do not update the calculation area for wave 3 hours I will mark it of course very on perspective but here the price for a wave 3 further is already impossible look but it's so so similar to the weekend that will be further look if you count here enters then naturally stop for the base it is already a classic stop here because if it breaks here someone is yours then we can further complicate the correction further fly down what else sol too of the comments also we have here the collapse of the novice 2 so the next zones marked was the year here and we are here just the same and came all of us here managed to sleep we have here fused let's let's see that it is now easier to remove everything than now to understand all this as far as we are concerned global chart also while good volumes are on weeks volumes are on days volume is also there but here it looks like we've completed all the same this big three and now we're in four four we have adjusted when measured here we are already here but we have four hours four hours on four hours here the same dual situation as on the bats from the air passed three waves down it means that the minimal correction is done it could end here dever no as on others there is a rebound also in three therefore here we can complicate even more for example 333 draw 335 can draw if we are here the whole thing now start to transform into five then it can already be considered a Western momentum on the rollback to take and up while it is not if let's look at the length of the hour but here is more known wife what we will go down the volumes no indicators while diver structure 3 wave let's mark the zone if after all there will be only three the waves of the zone poured over the mits it is here at these levels and coincides with the slider and completely it is likely that we may soon go down further to update the bark or in a small correction re-draw the top five but so far it all looks like a correction from the Far Eishim decline down I I say what I see on the graph it may well fly up from the crypt after all but from that that shows the graph it shows the structure of the correction so far here it is formed so note taught us was given from by donat we were asked to look with xp my recently watched and in basically everything we have within the forecast and here we have three waves up and that is without volumes and this means that here is the same dual situation that we if Doris five pulses can be counted on a hike upstairs if we do not draw here the momentum then it is an obvious correction after this let's go down but donatti had a postscript that I would like to see right on the chart im here big story let's take a look at its level on a monthly chart you don't have oil and americans this chart looked and see that there are a lot of inconsistencies first big the volumes correspond to the third wave but here on structure as if here this third wave that is we here kaki mi something pumps are engaged in unity that it is possible to apply from those analyzes these are the levels of support for the resistance principle just here we are repulsed here repulsed here now again we are at a given level of support which can fly up also parallel channel all worked well here beat here was invested and punch them and soon returned back to the channel now we are again off the border and that means that the prospect we have it hike to the upper limit of the channel and also a man asked me to watch his version well before and after the trend line built is basically the only correct thing he built according to Loev but here it was quite likely a false breakout of the trend had to be raised a little higher so basically everything is right from here we can go upstairs as far as any further prospects are concerned then here they are very good reflected from the lower limit and completely to the top we can reach a this we have about 100 50 percent as far as l local trades but in local and have already looked on the previous chart that here we have so far we can still walk down and turn close here there are games psp a good entry point if you trade on long term also donatti sounded a question or maybe the price is $ 42 of course maybe in this market there can be anything you want and discard it is impossible if you look at the previous chart by the way with the grain experts were on se why exactly I look at this chart when we open a postcard from market cup with xp market here with xp yu with d t traded over 60 percent of the total volume in the market so this chart is the best to watch to get the most adequate some volume indicator and then not the fact that they are not here draw but it is as close as possible to reality or can be here 42 if we will complete the correction here and go by the way we have decreased yet that is the zone we have has become lower so far here is seen such that here it is the zone for the third wave when everything will be normally without stretching n otom will adjust to four and zone 5 wave while talking about 42 without wild pump of a at some standard movement in the average means how to say in theory then 42 yet talk early the first goal is a preliminary peak around 5 6 dollars then it will already be possible to encroach on the third wave zone is a maximum of $ 10 on this all sign up today on the channel put likes write comments your opinion to all happily successful trade

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