🐕 🐕DOGECOIN vs SHIBA INU – ¿Mismo camino?

to all the organs that as they are I am aleix and in this video I am going to talk about if it goes and not the kryptonite of fashion let's talk about why it has risen a 2 thousand percent in five days I would say because you can go up 10 thousand percent revaluation and well we will compare it a little with dodge coin to see what points they have the same and what points have different ok so let's start well today's video will be enough calm quite calm I have here cool chivas paper is not that it says too much but hey we will comment four things that have not seemed interesting and then well he does not go out a little we will see how it develops but good to start if you go and not eat you know this breed of dog is the one use for memes the face of the dog and well then a couple of phrases that theoretically they make fun then like it's a meme and dodge is the meme coin was born to be a meme because it acquired as an image as a logo as the face of the dog then if he goes and has not done what same the dog is the same change a little drawing logically they will not put the same but the idea is the same apart from them defined or cataloged as the currency that comes to replace toys point a overcome the enzyme they go for the same down the same road then we will do a little because yes that is true that there is a specific point that is quite remarkable everything is also good peace to the law introduction good to the history of how they were founded the community to a super nice story yes Do you want to read it later then speak a little about decentralization etcetera etcetera we already know everything this but here they already start with interesting data by example they already have 120,000 holters this I'm going to say that there are already 120,000 people that are invested and with a mission of be able to extend that purchase they had this the day they took the wallpaper yesterday look on twitter and now they had 150,000 because I'm from 20 160 to 170 whatever then we are already seeing that there are people who are involved in crypto currency if we keep going down we see another car important that the sirius network has as we know the fish are higher but well it's still fine here yeah that it is true that it is necessary to comment that affects one already has 50 percent another important fact the total supply of chivas has it and candle therefore you already when you are buying the amount that is not buy about one hundred percent but he buys it about 50 percent because the other 50 already has it so well we keep going down and here we have the key point this is the point that stands out especially if we make a compared to 3 quinn that would be a little competition because well because if he goes there, what he does is collaborate with amazon with smile amazon or amazon smile in through purchases you you can allocate an amount to help an association which well goes in support of this breed of dog in order it explains the story here either It has four lines, you see then this would be the main point and the point where it strongly differs both ok here we see that they also have a swap them just like a issue like you have usual same what has pancake then good good We will see if the revaluation is the same and here to finish the last points which has three tokens, one is yes and no what we already know and then there are two more laws with forgiveness to laws dodge with killer the name of which already indicates the suit of that they go and then for these last two well they have less supply, they are worth secondary nothing a little straw here you we explain well an ecosystem of shiba inu or then you explains the ecosystem of ix and Finally Explain the devotee, then of course you you see this whitepaper that we have joined neither do I tell you neither there is too much but good it is summarized four points to take into account and you already you realize that here there is no is the gimbal or not is the chip there is no a strength behind for you to say [__] I invest money here I think this in the future will be very solid if a you get the white paper of a crypt mania and they explain this to you without knowing everything what is behind that is if it goes and not and others what is in said and others you think then go truñado not then for what then look why then since since it has left it has been revalued in total it has even reached 4500 per percent revaluation and in five days it has risen 12 thousand percent because first note that this coin is [__] currency did not come out yesterday yesterday you some of you would realize that they existed but what happened yesterday is that it started to be traded in pods previously I could operate in pool and next would say that it was and in more no but I think that the more known was the mix then what is there here well logically what there is It is the support of two guys if we go to two wayne made a video not too much ago about dodge coin I'll leave it up here so that you go to the analysis, see then Well the opinion I have I teach several important data but first let's talk for a moment here about the ground if you see it has been revalued almost a million by hundred from the minimum here to the maximum has reached 800 91,271 of star point revaluation here had the same potential as here from here and here the same project the same solidity is say no no progress nothing what pass on and well, it's gone, it's gone has been heating up and the people who logically here it did not enter here either from here neither because here neither enters what happens is that then you see that it goes up and go up and up and take a sweet thousand for cent this year and you say [__] not now I'm going to go in because I consider it to be late each one I no longer enter but of course then it appears from the nothing if it goes which It is a bit of a ship coin which uses the same then which has almost no project and which says that comes to replace two with what happens because people jump upside down so that's the main reason why which if it goes here we will see it has exploded so much touch coin at the end I already talked about her in previous video I personally follow thinking that it can reach 1 that later my opinion is that if it arrives not yet the mouth was if what is during the way but no one can tell you that it is useless absolutely for nothing that is not going to use never in the end i work in the investment banking and how do you I can recommend that you invest here logically because there is nothing behind yes if you you see that there is movement that the market up you can take advantage of the given moment in the end as a trader you you can take advantage of a situation has been such a context is what you should take advantage of situations that they repeat what you are going and of course this is still a little swollen then if you you want to take advantage of knowing what there is knowing the context knowing what there is behind or rather what is not there behind you can do it but of course you have to adapt things for example the position size for example risk management money management They are all topics that you have to have in mind you can take advantage of the situation but always keeping in then count that there are 100 people in the world or 100 wallets in the world that control 60-odd percent of dots coin is worth over there we do not know we don't have enough data therefore they are things that we do not know paints more or less the same at the end the value of something is the value that you want give people or you can have the best company in the world that if the people don't buy it, they don't buy that product do not buy that service does not have value then with this type of crypto measures happens the same goes is a market new at the end the new five are new we are starting we are pioneers we don't really know how it can focus on a currency habit that a priori has no value or has no project value yes it has logically then who dedication one hundred to one hundred percent time one hundred percent if the one hundred percent or one hundred percent bought one hundred percent you sell I would not trust too much in the end the extremes are not correct in investments it is not black or white there are many things that are unknown I do not know demonstration of can advance the future the world technology needs of people therefore do not you can put black or white to nothing so much if they tell you that two coin is the [__] as if they tell you that 28 and it is not a [__] you can't the case because surely or has implications emotional or secondary interests that it doesn't tell you, it makes me have a lot of money inside or have nothing or not at all He has no [__] idea, it is the same happens with if you want to take advantage of this because you missed the train of two and with i and you see it's all an opportunity to get on to the perfect one I invest a little of your capital always taking into account what what do you think about the same as if you don't like it and this is what same and you pass for perfect the same if In the end, the good thing about this is that each you can manage your money however you want he wins it then in the end the good ones decisions will be those that will mark that it is profitable that it is not profitable that you dedicate to it that you do not dedicate yourself to make money or go bankrupt mahler but nobody can condition or tell you how do you have to do it and how do you not have to do it, therefore, it is good for you to show some example of operation that you could have done operation that I have been commenting on affected live coin but well we'll leave it for another video you do not have to roll or too I hope you liked to share it with friends with family like it subscribe and see you nothing in the next video goodbye [Music]

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