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I welcome everyone, we will record a weekend vidos with a forecast, an overview of cryptocurrencies, the video will be small because, according to the forecast, everything is going well with us and the main idea that I would like to convey is not to remind you that do not forget about the stops, we start with bitcoins and bitcoin here we continue to be in the marked zone where a reversal can occur, there are still large volumes here there is no indicator has not exceeded the previous values, so we should be afraid that the abc wave has passed here and we can start drawing wave c it is worth squeezing the chapter if we go higher, the profit will be more if we go down, we will get stop and fix what already has the same forecast for bitcoin, or we develop an upward momentum, or here we are in such a twofold situation from where we can go down again to update but from where we go up again forecast the same victories code for ethereum now let's see everything on ethereum actually we are in the top five of the five so to speak here it is coming to an end came to the well, here we have volumes while they are falling and here it is also worth picking up with stops there will be stretching the difference will not be stretching we will go down with bitcoin also we will not lose the main part of our profit stops necessarily the forecast for the film is also relevant in this zone close to a reversal and movement to that the round figure of 3000 dollars, either we break through and fly upward with a whistle, or we get it in the form of resistance, it is dangerous to trade here, it is certainly not worth the cellar for a pair of fruit, and everything is going fine here, we have wave 123, it was roughly confirmed we got a diversion and a chick here we can still make one more cast upward, but this does not negate the fact that the movement is already weakening here, there is also a high probability of going for a correction about this one about a trader, while a striking zone here, about this one about a trader, we can still go for a correction in general, of course, in an amicable way for us completed on the movement here here at a level in the region of two dollars at the previous peak at least but 5 waves can be shortened and no one is obliged to lead the price there.The minimum target is fulfilled the zone has been poured out, it is likely that the chamber will be upward, it will probably fly even higher, but I say what can be seen on the chart to make a trading decision, this is up to you now you can see the weakness of the stop movement, it is also recommended to see what we got to dota at four o'clock so there are no markings, apparently the last time we were here and the forecast is God, the recommendation is that you need to wait for the output impulse and enter the output impulse on the rollback, enter the output impulse with the calculation of the upward output impulse we got here all this can be deleted at these levels you received an ambush impulse if you look at the clock for centuries, then the structure of the movement also confirms the impulsive nature of the movement 1234 develop the 5th wave indicator also lower the volumes are in principle at the level but do not exceed the calculated zone check the calculated zone of the third wave here but we did not get there, therefore it is likely that we are still developing the top three here the shadows were of course too large good of course here it was necessary to finish off perhaps here the construction is being completed only but it's okay correction in any case that after the fifth wave that after the third wave the correction is in any case correction the zone of the fifth wave we have here then there is a hit to dota there is still a small movement can be caught but weakness is also visible correction if we see it will not be some unexpected event also stops it would be desirable for the post because it got to dota this is the scenario it is expected that here we will correct everything down where we are correcting from let's see approximately Let's estimate if we push off to catch the wrong one and then the optimal zone will be right here in this one about the trader of the third wave it is quite normal if we go off here it is the zone where we can still go what will it be this will be a wave 1 2 3 4 5 but either wave a.b …

And then c at least two and thumbs up on the technique, we must give what we'll see, let's take a few more coins bit torrent here we noted a good move on the last forecast because I have a torrent portfolio here we got a day off here we went on a pullback a wonderful stop we have for based on the impulse that we now have, we have a correctional momentum now, and it is also expected to hike up at least here the previous peaks while the main scenario for me is just such an escape to the torrent forecast is also relevant after the impulses have gone stop is everything is fine, someone can even pull up to breakeven if somewhere here we even went down, then it's okay so we'll see and then next that we have 10 breakdowns to us and here also, according to the previous forecast, 123 went down here with us four and went down above the volume, the indicator down says about weakness let's look at the clock for the clock of the century we are missing 5 waves let's check if nothing has changed here if it was wave 1 and 3, then the calculation for a lot a little lower now it is a little lower here we have a calculated zone to beat the tarantula, and of course , ideally, of course, the previous peak would go, but here it is good of the mind of what bittorrent and that you are already talking to the atom space the forecast of pop space and there, in principle, everything goes the structure as planned, while everything is fine, the stops are pulling up the profit, we fix something I also wanted to see them, we never watched them in my opinion, even the nominative is not present what happens here for a month if you look at level 1 then we look for weeks, but here again there is no movement of volumes, but here what can be noted here they are the volumes in the lower part of the trade here it turns out that we were gaining a position now we went up but there was no unloading as such what can be concluded the conclusion can be made such that the unloading will be higher As for the structure, there was one thing here, which means that presumably wave 12 of the C grade, we are now in the four and at least we are awaiting let's get another five at four o'clock, but here you can take it for a shortened wave and a grater, so let's leave the end of the third wave here and mark the approximate correction zone in the fourth wave, bang-bang, so it is a correction zone that coincides with the resistance level from it, but we pushed off completely it is likely that we will not go below again, these are just assumptions based on what the graph gives us, that it shows what structure we have here, the volume is flat here on this chart on the volume in general, in my sense, we do not have a single wave so and do not want to confirm, but if we had a reversal, then it turns out that here we had a wave of 1 2 1 m2 now there will be triples 4 five and, by tradition, it is worth noting the calculated zone of wave 3 here we have it, we almost hooked it, so it is likely yes no Probably, the top should go for hours and centuries, let's check again, well, for now, at least by the indicator, but so far it even goes up, but if we take the wall is large with shadows here we are still some kind of movement, so if we take about here, after all, we expect a three beforehand then there will be a four with five further it will be seen globally, again, we must visit the previous peak that we have formed a resistance level here we can quite possibly still go for this coin and the last coin so we had a bit code bitcoin diamond now we have rivers just as you haven’t seen before that we have here he draws on been on cell is full also no or some new cue ball is being traded but what kind of SDT this is what it draws the resistance level got the volume an excellent structure looms well also we are now in the fourth wave after which we will most likely have 5 as for the completion here we can also assume that the movement, for example, has already finished, chooses the most negative the option that he is an example of the impulse we have already finished, it turns out that we are in the correction of the 4th wave, here is mine.

We hooked it on this zone, but here the graph is very twitchy, so there is no point in drawing too much here it turns out something like a western candle, of course, leaves much to be desired, but based on what we see now, here is the type of 0 to the reaction zone got a rebound from here and the closest zone where we, in principle, would have to go is the previous peaks that formed a resistance level, but at the data level, it would be nice if we went to this all subscribe to the channel do not forget about the stops write comments, put likes and turn on the bells this helps to promote the channel in youtube everyone likes it successful trade have a good rest on holidays and happily

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