🌴 2020 Cook Islands 🌴 Bounty 1 oz silver BU. Silver Stacking & Coin Collecting.

Hi ladies and gentlemen, I hope all is well this Sunday and the weekend is going smoothly. In this video, we'll take a quick look at the latest cool uncirculated Cook Island Bounty 1 Ounce Silver Coin. The Cook Island Awards series started in 2008, I guess, I'm not 100% sure about that, It is based on the famous story "Mutiny against the Ponte," which I really highlighted a little bit in my 2009 video on Pitcairn Island. In essence, the design I've seen is always the same: the portrayal of "The Bounty" sailing to the left, and the design is what varies often each year. One of the cool things about this coin is that, as of 2015, the coin was produced in .9999 fine silver (99.99%), which is the highest purity.

I paid € 21.90 for a 2020 1-ounce Bounty (May 2020), which equates to $ 24.75. That's the average you pay for the 2020 American Silver Eagle in most places (May 2020) after the decline. In my country at least this is the current selling price (May 2020). The Silver Eagle 2020 only has a pure .999 Silver Ratio, just like the Britannia 2020 you see here. As for Britain, it has also paid € 21.90 (May 2020). So you can buy more well known bullion coins like Silver Eagle or Britannia, Or Cook Island 2020 coin with the same price and higher purity. So buying the 2020 Cook Island coin is a choice based on flair, preference, hoarding strategy, and other factors. For me as a European collector / collector, I prefer European or Commonwealth bullion because it costs less than the American Silver Eagle. Since the 2020 Cook Island coin is currently costing the same Britannia 2020, which is cheaper compared to the 2020 Silver Eagle, It wasn't a difficult choice for me to bring one and check it out for review, And as I said: The design is almost the same but the price is nice, so why not? And of course, being a fan of ship design also contributed to the purchase of the 2020 Bounty 1oz.

This is about the video because for the rest it is just a regular coin with general specifications. If you liked the video, please click the Like button and consider subscribing if you haven't already. Take care of yourself and have a great new week in advance!.

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