Hello i am Ali So in today’s market, Still very, very not optimistic but I'm still full of Dogecoin A little bit more They show everyone this screenshot So today’s video is divided into three parts The first part is something I really want to say to you today But be sure to listen carefully it is good What about the second part Let's take a look at Goldman Sachs's judgment on the future of Bitcoin and Ether. So in the third part, let’s review the history of 2017. Then there are some empirical stories What about my third point I saw it from Weibo user Jiang Zhuoer Because I think this little story is very informative This meaning it is good I am Ali What if you opened my video for the first time I hope you can click to subscribe and turn on the little bell In this way, you won’t miss my next update video it is good So let’s enter the first part of today, what I especially want to tell you today is yes Then this market, we little friends, can’t change anything I also said yesterday that we need to wait for the implementation of the latest policy from the Chinese regulatory authorities.

That is, after the boots are on the ground Will there be a bottom Only then is this possible So many people always ask me if I can rise today Can it go up tomorrow? How is it I really don't know Then I told everyone early I can tell you a situation in the next few years For this situation of one to three years But this market in the coming day I can't predict I can't control it Then everyone knows that my position is not high It’s not even as much as many of the friends who watched our video hold more positions So if I can control the trend of this Dogecoin I will make Dogecoin to a dollar soon It's a pity that I can't do nothing Things that can't be done We have to recognize this reality Since you can't change Then just lie flat Then I gave the video lecture earlier I'm already lying flat Right I then I only have a small amount of funds to cover a little position This is also the guarantee Uh You lie flat and tell the truth Whatever they come and fall This is also the best one to protect yourself method So now I advise everyone to have a kind heart that does not hurt others So recently, domestic Dalian One of him broke his position because of the Bitcoin contract He drove his car and crashed into the pedestrian on the zebra crossing Because the scene is too bloody I won't put pictures here You can go online and search for this event by yourself What about this thing It can only explain this person's mentality Very fragile Too fragile Don't cherish other people's lives Didn't take this life seriously Actually, it's plain This is a [ __ ] Losing money is actually no big deal Right Then as long as your people are still So how can you not make a comeback Why make it difficult for others to hurt others' lives? So here i am Advise again All friends must cherish their lives Stay away from the contract If you make a contract You may lose everything in an instant So if you take out the goods Did you lose May just be time investment Anything must always remember these eight words Be aware of risks Cherish life So good to enter the second part of our show Goldman Sachs posted an article Said that this bitcoin will eventually lose her crown It’s replaced by Etheric imitation.

Then he explained many reasons Said that the potential of Ethereum is very, very large So Goldman Sachs said The Ethernet system supports smart contracts and provides developers with a way to create new applications Then most of the current decentralized finance is defi So his applications are all built on the Ethereum chain There are so many non-fungible coins NTF on this network It was also purchased using Ethernet So how does it compare to Bitcoin Ethereum has a larger transaction volume Then with the use of Ethereum defi and ntf, it is becoming more and more widespread Then Ether Fan will establish its own first-mover advantage in applying encryption technology.

So Goldman Sachs He also gave the reason for the recent market decline A judgment about himself they said Recently it is because the participation of this institutional investor has slowed down So how did they know They said the inflow of this cryptocurrency etf Capital in this market has decreased And tokens are emerging in endlessly This implies that the market is once again dominated by retail investors So this is a very important reason given by Goldman Sachs.

I believe that here is also a reminder to everyone So this is also in line with the serious imbalance of the long-short ratio I mentioned earlier. Then the retail-dominated market will definitely be harvested by institutions So we all must remember this in the future Once the long-short ratio is seriously out of balance, be sure to pay attention to risks So this is also the most important point I learned in this market So dead longs and dead shorts are wrong We should learn more from the market Fear the market Goldman Sachs still thinks This shift from institutional to retail is increasing the likelihood of a market crash Then the current high volatility in the market will continue Until cryptocurrencies have potential real economic uses independent of price Then this will usher in a new era of cryptocurrency So all in all Goldman Sachs is still optimistic about the future cryptocurrency market But this view he gave is undoubtedly more optimistic about the future use value of Ethereum Then it’s only reflected in real life Then the future of this coin will be even better Well, at this time, I always said that Dogecoin is coming into our lives.

It’s also one of the biggest reasons I’ve always been optimistic about Dogecoin But long-term optimism does not mean short-term market Everyone must pay attention to risk control So it seems we are entering the third part of this show According to Weibo blogger Jiang Zhuoer's information on the afternoon of September 15, 2017 In other words, 11 days after the big plunge on September 4, 2017 Then Afternoon of September 15 Beijing Internet Financial Risk Special Project Office of the Remediation Working Group Then he talked with the person in charge of various virtual currency platforms in Beijing. Then it is required that each trading platform should publish an announcement before 24 o'clock on the same day at the latest The final time to clearly stop all virtual currency transactions Stop new user registration immediately And formulate a risk-free cleanup and return plan The three major exchanges successively issued announcements in the afternoon and evening Then the market is in extreme panic at this time 20,000 yuan to 18,000 yuan What about the price here The unit is RMB Someone made a huge empty order Attempt to make a fortune after the bad news is confirmed I believe there must be people familiar with the exchange inside or close to supervision Then the exchange will issue an announcement next time Officially closed There is no place to trade How can the currency price be long Then this is one of their logic Then it must continue to fall Proper opportunity to make money Brainless Stud So what's the trend behind the back frame How much did it fall? He didn't fall This market is very unexpected 18,000 on the night of the 15th is the lowest price of Bitcoin Then a violent bull market started that night Increased from 18,000 to 130,000 in three months So I also mentioned in the video before After the plunge on September 4 Then it lasts until September 15th After this boot landed To December of that year Bitcoin has reached the highest point of 20,000 (U.S.) dollars So what does this story tell us What about this institution It's also time to go empty Because he is also a human behind this organization Are living people just like us So as long as it is a human Has a greedy nature In human nature This greed is hard to control If you can control your own humanity Plus more acquired learning ability and independent thinking ability Then I believe your life shouldn't be too bad So what do I mean by saying so much I want our audience Everyone can develop their own ability to think independently Ok Then recognize Personal opinion I mean anyone’s opinions are subjective Not necessarily the truth Just right Many of my friends have had a hard time in this round of market slump Including me, this is my position too Although not a lot But it's quite a lot Just saw so many Fuying before So now Fuying has changed very little So now is if we can learn something from these lessons What about after that When this happens We will no longer panic blindly or helplessly Or what kind of Just to say Some people even hurt others and hurt themselves This kind of thing won't happen So the last sentence Don't let this your investment affect your life too much If it really affects your life too much look at you And if you can’t manage this kind of influence Then I advise you Don't make this investment at all Because you are not suitable at all Uh I actually think every day Are summing up the lessons of each day So i would I will tell you all the results of my daily thinking in the video Then i think This may be one of the reasons why many friends like to watch my videos Then my biggest wish I just hope everyone Also learn to sum up this experience and lessons of my own In case of a resurgence it is good! Come on Let us make progress together Get rich together, peace!

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