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then talk has much larger potential than bitcoin from the security economy perspective that's the key thing is that [Music] here okay so let's start so as usual this is my portfolio so i only recommended bitcoin and all the articles which is there to see six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my professorship please check out my other video about my profile searching and here's my video link okay and then today's the matching category is here no change number one doubts also number two decent by cdn okay now as usual i'm gonna apply points so starting from the pinpoints products team execution power token economy and i have cycle and for each i set the five point zero point here so the total score is 30.30 and also if you want to deepen your understanding about how i'm going to analyze each point here please check out my other video about my auto point investment strategy and here's my video link okay and from the starts here's my score updates about dan tokens so january 20 i see the 25 points for dan tokens and six months later july 2021 i'm gonna set 26.0 point in total these red mark area i'm going to upload a squad here token economy about 10 tokens since they're going to release 222 roadmap so this area product and execution power also process related and i'm going to tell you the reason from here about those update area here okay then number one pay for analysis no change so first one is the easy market is rapidly growing this is one of the key points i want you to study here so esim is a new solution about smartphone space the adaptation of the ecm will reach in 225 is gonna hit around fifty percent and then is a one point prior to building data sharing economy with the east integration especially what they're gonna focus on is this one so big pain points for the international trial for local and international roaming price gap so currently once we're going to compare the price difference is actually 10 times when you travel from outside your country you have to pay 10 times higher price on your smartphone data package usage by using e-sim data package solution with their model you can eliminate those additional cost expense because you can access the local career price model on the data mobile package stuff it's pretty amazing stuff right then number two current internet infrastructure is controlled by tech giants so you know those fire control current internet infrastructure and what we want to achieve is we want a decentralized model current internet infrastructure is just a crime server model so by using blockchain technology then ecosystem also built a decentralized model here okay the next one product analysis so there's no updates about the overview about data applications it's pretty well designed us and ui apps for mobile data package solution stuff if you have not downloaded the application yet please download it and use it and you can see that you can see the potential about them project you know apple store android everything yeah then from here is the update of their roadmap they are building a dead net based on blockchain not only for the b2c applications about mobile data package you know data sharing economy but also they're going to focus on b2b market too about data sharing economy too and then for the next 2022 there is a great update for what they are planning to do and the first one is dead net launch then maintenance dead net one cross decentralized typical infrastructure part by eastern technology then to build this infrastructure they got released staking solutions so nominating validator nodes with the dense apps on then test net using then easing technology this approach just like a key fourier sticking by sierra talker okay then also there's that intel blockchain beautiful data exchange between dead net and other blockchain example is good partnership opportunity with theater and hero that's what i'm thinking about okay the next gallery then apps and marketplace launch then teams video collaboration including basic chat more on mobile apps so just like zoom it's great then add local breakout options to the mobile apps that's exactly their target of like an akamai for the blockchain technology then data sharing with the devices and the friends directly from the dead app this solution is already providing your existing mobile carrier so you might get software so finally then also support this area so it's much more competitive model compared with your career solutions okay the launch prototype of the dead easing up with the telephone number since 10 provides this feature so there is no big difference compared with terracotta polish anymore so from that perspective to me then project itself has much higher potential than a terrible project and then next one how do your research launch a prototype of the data terrible in a box hardware 4g or 5g hardware stuff with a radio power so wi-fi for administrations several barcode options dsl certain engine connections and blockchain node hardware is incompatible model so this model is just like a helium network but in my analysis then the partnership with the help will be the best way for them to scale up their solutions because then focus on mobile space and help focus on home internet space so this partnership is an art model to build a design price internet infrastructure by using browsing energy okay so here's the value composition analysis since we're going to get 222 roadmap stuff the finish of the competitor will be different compared with the past most of the process completed in this space is third point okay on this vertical pollution analysis only uniqueness of the third coil is here telephone number integrations but once the dent integrates this feature since dent has other unique features such as easy data marketplace or dpo staking or crushing transactions or video collaboration chat stuff they are overwhelmed over the telephone project that's what they're thinking about compared with the cylinder network you know these e-sim data mobile pocket stuff is competitive edge for the dents also they got a plan to provide you know these questions transactional stuff so from this perspective i think they should work with sierra and the same exam too about these wi-fi looter solutions you know hidden is much more advanced than so from that perspective that should work with hero then the other feature is you know these two functions since zoom is a centralization organization so once then build this video collaboration model the decentral model especially mobile space it's going to be huge killer solution for them too so that's the things we can learn from here okay number three team analysis about team no updates so still co-founding member is pretty active and other members such as ct or the bd guy also very specialized in the security also network area also the telecommunications space still so it's pretty good team initially they have plus 10 members many north europe and east asia so it looks like it's pretty small team so still from the dell perspective this is good okay and the number four execution power analysis so p2pc they know drop updates currently then satisfied number is 26 million is actually largest dap's downloading number in the blockchain space next to braverizer here compared with other players here like sierra hill their attraction level is also pretty good okay and the number five token economy analysis so this is the token economy design matrix which i made and a major matching category the dance is here that's a decentralized cdn and here's one critical update about the security economy here is this one i'm going to compare the science fiction supply with terrorcoin because both quantum same number of the token on the token economy then once we get a calculated distribution leisure then token already reached 95.6 while 10 point is point 54.8 percent simply say damn token economy needs a limited supply model just like a seattle tokens then think about the sierra huge success with the limited asset promoter this stats is amazing potential you know this year and next year so from this perspective again to me dental has much larger potential than 10 coin from the security economy perspective that's the key thing is that gradually it's important for then token too because brave raza is so seriously developing an effective downward too but thinking about you know death is seriously focused on more your professional small size team too so currently i don't see any serious issue for the dow model at this moment okay and number six have cycle analysis there is no big change about hype circle analysis so major mass in calories decentralized applications are the decent as well and the total score updates so again same side so the reason i update token economy from 2.5 to 3.5 here about their security economy once then token reach the dividend supply model from the investment perspective dental has huge potential so from this positive dental should not issue any additional token ever from here okay this is pretty important for them for their success of the project because once they're gonna get higher price on their project they can allocate this investment return to other other developments or marketing or product developer stuff so they should not issue any token ever on this project this is pretty critical for them okay then about product 4.5 so as i told you on the roadmap update stuff we can have huge expectations on their 2022 roadmap you know zoom collaborations dead net crushing transactions also you know their mobile application of this stuff it's huge potential then that roadmap itself is pretty challenging so once you can achieve that road amount i can score here 5.0 the same as executing power 4.52 i can update to 5.0 once they can achieve their roadmap on 222 okay so the total score is 26 point so my minimum investment quality is over 25 points so from this perspective i'm gonna recommend investment in that net token debt okay all right so there's no design so i'm gonna make this video for the official purpose so i'm not gonna guarantee you any kind of certain every investment outcome with this video or any other video that i made but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential of cryptocurrency space so i'm going to make a lot of things this video recruiter watching space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you

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