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then we have visa the master beauty of heavy network and here is user imagine next five to ten years what i'm thinking is like this one [Music] solid stuff so as usual this is my portfolio so i only argue my assets are bitcoin i only argue my assets bitcoin and all the oracle which is led to these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my please check out my other video about my whole search and here's my video link okay and today's matching calendar uni swap is here number four token 2 token text then as usual i'm going to apply the 6 points study for the pin points products team execution power total economy and a half cycle and for each i set the five point zero point here so the total score is thirty point three zero and also if you wanna deepen your understanding about my how i'm gonna analyze each point here please check out my other video about my altcoin investment strategy and here's my video link okay and at this time i'm gonna update the total score of the uni swap on october 2020 i said 28.0 point it's great score and in july 2021 i'm going to say 25.5 points so my minimum investment criteria is over 25 points so from that perspective still the uni swap is a great project to invest in now i'm going to change the squad in the red bug area hype cycle for this reason stuff this other revlon area here is a critical element i want you to tell the detail for the update itself okay so let's start with the paper analysis in the past i have two pain points on a dex project but for the uni swap they're gonna gain additional pretty big potential on their product so i nearly add number three pinpoints then about number one number two no change so about number one user wants to access the motherboard output investment with the sql account so great energy from the internet you know how many over million dollar market car project will be born in a blockchain including nfd we want to manage these investment opportunities with a single wide single deck with a massive liquidity it's a zero friction cost that's why we need the powerful decks okay and the number two pinpoint sentence exchange is hackable so you know they change the hackle because they're gonna manage all the fun with one system but dex system is pretty different each user can keep their assets inside their word application such as metamask they only share the liquidity by using synthetic asset so hakka perspective it's pretty tough to attack these words one by one so that is why we need the decks okay then new pain point quarters define is price reference for their quattro variations so once we can look at you know daily protocols such as other compound and also micro now they're gonna take the over quantization model for the reading business stuff in this case once you deposit your some free assets let's say ethereum talk or something you can rent some amount of the assets like stablecoin die or usd or something based on the quantitation variations but to achieve the fearless about you know these quantization evaluation stuff they need a price oracle true price about each crypto asset because once they get access to the different crypto exchange assets such as binance or coinbase or something a lot of users complained about it about unfairness that is why we need a true price but this market is dominated by chain link in the past but actually think about technology potential level unit swap phi speed model has much bigger potential than channeling these two key things already measured on my chaining analysis but finally beta leak confirmed that potential so uni swap uni should become the oracle token says bitter button great btec itself realized this opportunity for the written stuff i'm gonna tell you from here okay number two product analysis about overview no updates then product body conversion stuff you need to appear and there are major competitors in the express sushi swap cop and disappear i nearly have chaining and mp here to compete with sources of cloud files any swap these are the key item stuff multi-support or cross and swap but about competing with cherry and mp true price oracle is a new high potential process for uni swap before telling you about this true price robo stuff let's take a look at unison banjo 3d major updates consent rated request fast okay so this is such a great update because you know uni swap currently facing impermanent loss risk issue so in an informal risk one of the great advantage of the unit swap is old market maker this system run by liquidity provider liquidity provider they're going to provide any kind of liquidity in a crypto asset model which they're not going to plan to sell it they can make money by providing this liquidity on a uni swap but once you're going to join the cbpd pro you have to additionally take this information i'm not going to tell you the different reasons here because it's a little bit complicated to understand for you guys but this is a quotation for the you know you need to have white paper let's suppose ease diaper or something and if the ease flies against die 1.25 plus change you have to additionally take 0.60 loss relative to just holding the crypto assets if the price is 5 times you have to additionally take five point five percent ross relative to just holding its tokens and most importantly this risk doesn't exist both buru and a bear market trend brew market trend you might can accept the risk bia markets totally unacceptable that is why currently once we're gonna look at you know this project stable coin pair such as die usdp will be the lowest risk with a high profitability for the requiring money that's gonna happen right now then the reason coming from you know these environmental growth risk is a poor balanced price visual mechanism on the unis one this is a great invention of the unison so that is why we want to keep this one that is why we have to minimize the information for the solutions you need swap listen to these constant rated liquidity on the budget swing then to help you understand the detailed stuff let's suppose liquidity provides a and b then current is ucd price is three thousand dollars here liquidity provider set price back to join rigidity mining this is a concentrated liquidity solutions let's say 300 4000 okay then liquidity provides reset 2000 to 3000 if the east usd price moving around between 3000 to 40 thousand degree dta twice down constant rate rigidity is switch on instead liquidity provider b is switched off then if the price moving to 200 to 3000 degree a is switched off degree db switch on so as you can see in the past on a repeated mining on uni swap empowerment was risk is endless unlimited one but now you can control this risk but still you have to analyze about variety or price predictions about each crude asset that's free stuff work especially for the retail investor so from this perspective it will still tough for retail investors to manage empowerment gross risk directly rather asset management player such as young finance or budget convex finance those players can manage this risk that's the key point i want you to decide here so that is why this solution is a great opportunity for asset management player to grow up their tbl okay then from here about changing stuff so first one the decentralized oracle-based spice here why i see uni swap you know pool balance prices digital mechanism stuff has much more potential than chaining because of this rubble model because this oracle model is just like a cosmos model dpos model for the two plus discovery only electric oracle can join this validation model or both the model unit swap model they're going to set the true price over each crypto asset pair by poor balance oil which is more direct democracy model by retail investor about two price right so from this perspective uni swap will replace chaining business in next three to five years that's my additional inputs for you okay and the next one is you know payment system stuff as we know mp these days it's kind of getting property but to me uni swap has much more bigger potential mvp model is kind of a apparent model of the bitcoin lighting network so ice and bob can run transactions based on their asset deposit amp token deposit asset alice deposited seven amp tokens and above there was five empty tokens just like randy network 12 mp transaction in total is anytime available with any kind of crypto asset pair this is a uniqueness of the mp but this requires additional quantization assets here right but uni swap there is no need these quantization assets because they have a mmm old market maker system all market makers provide tons of liquidity on the market so they can apply this system just like this one to the payment network system too so what i'm thinking right now for the future of the uni swap is this one decentralized lead deal payment network now fiat currency issuers central bank and we have swift international payment network then we have visa the master bdl payment network and then here is user imagine next 5 to 10 years what i'm thinking is like this one qr code basis uni swap control any kind of crypto asset transaction including detailed payment then interval distributions then especially here the critical needs for the stable coin pair on the posterior moment so we're to use die by mega down then where are we going to use we can use variety options such as origin protocol or omi or in the retail margin on this ecosystem that is why this is my answer the descendants family network that is why i see the pretty big potential in unisoft 2 not only for the decks but for the payment on the decks on a d sentence model okay then to achieve that goal of course you need to have to take in there this major issue about scarity and transaction costs of course they have to develop the effective negative solutions crossing transactions multi-chain market is growing right now cc swap is so seriously focused on this area we have flow running slaughter variety of the markets growing right now because of the energy transition stuff so they have to also take care of it then about empowerment rosary can sweep it stuff i think you know aggregate a solution such as young finance will solve the problem okay then i'm gonna say team analysis so here's key member still i am he's pretty active this is great and then these new additional players nearly joined the mary ceo ex-managing director of global head of rd sustainability the flagship product at the blackrock and she is also serial tech entrepreneur ex-co-founder at the high watson and a cigarette mba and a doctor of law at harvard university pretty amazing background and my chief legal officer ex-general counsel at the protocol labs doctor of law at hawaii university especially these days for uni swap this legal expert background player is pretty important because they have to deal with regulations on device space and uni swap should take the initial video on this that is why i totally agree with this recruiting myself this is great okay and the past 10 member made in us still pretty small team this is also pretty good for the dow perspective okay then number four execution power analysis then centralization trim so train volume compressor sensor exchange decks these days we have a lot of competitors on a uni swap especially you know central exchange backup fire you know pancake on evidence here but still they are keeping the number option here this is great and the total tbl same things you need to stop still taking a leading position here too this is amazing then number five tokyo economy analysis so this is a token economy design matrix which i made and the matching color is dex then i update the uni swap network effects especially this area because this is the kind of device for the payment network stuff so once unit swap they're gonna achieve fully scalable liquidity growth here they can leverage this repeating progress to payment transaction growth like a visa card network that's what i'm gonna see about next huge potential for the chain link next to three to five years including you know true plus discovery run by chair link then our governor's though in the beginning a lot of you know lead investors criticized down model of the uni swap but these days the adult model is pretty and active it's pretty great okay and then number six high psychoanalysis so here's my updates in the past you know these are the major matching currently blockchain asset organizations reality solutions and decentral applications especially these days of course reality solutions it's pretty important because of their gas issue from the ethereum but additionally i'm getting added smart control oracle currently chaining is a number of players here uni swap will replace chain link that's what i'm thinking about yeah i didn't find out the total square updates so again the reason i updated a total score here hype cycle from 4.5 to 5.0 because we're gonna see the potential on the smart control oracle market opportunity dominated by chain channeling that's why but this topic is everything about the future things not the current things further stuff so that is why i don't change these squad here okay so i'm gonna say that 25.5 points so my minimum investment criteria is over 25 points so still i'm gonna recommend investment in uni swap token uni okay i still see the huge potential about unison project okay they were not only about high potential they're exposing but also there will be a decent place to price project like channeling also they can build the decent lines payment network which can replace visa and swift that is why it's huge potential okay all right so there's all this time so i'm gonna make this video for the official purpose so i'm not gonna get into any kind of certain level investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video properly helped you guys understand about high potential about crypto virtual space so i'm gonna make a lot to me disability critical process space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you

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