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but eventually cc swap made huge executions to catch up uni swap about liquidity stuff on their own efforts no more bombay mining so today is an investment review for the sushi swap token called sushi okay so let's start so as usual this is my portfolio strategy so i only argue my assets to the bitcoin and the older organ which is related to g6 categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my strategy please check out my other video about my portfolio strategy okay and then today's sushi's matching category here number four talking to token decks okay and as usual i'm going to apply the cisco another point so standing for the pain points products team execution power token economy and hype cycle and for each i set the five point zero points here so the total score is 30 point three zero okay and also if you want to deepen your understanding about the each and archive points especially how i'm going to pay attention to please check out my other video about my outgoing investment strategy okay now here's my school updates about city swap october 2020 my total score for the sushi was 9.5 points then january 2021 my total score is 26.0 and i'm going to update these you know red map area here i'm going to tell you the reasons from here okay then let's stop on the paper analysis and then there is no change and there is a two pin points about this project first one is this one user wants access to multiple arca investment with the single accounts because when you look at the current you know crypto space there is no exchange you can list every single crypto assets right when you look at the stock investment space kind of something happening here right so you cannot trade in any kind of stock in u.s or china or global economy stuff too but once we look at the entire internet industry for example there are multiple great companies in each countries so in a deck space we need a decentralized exchange platform with a massive liquidity on this blockchain space okay and the payment number two central exchange is hackable this is one of your quotation from the xerox protocol one of the major decks project and then the things i want to understand here is that this is the same transactions model central exchange model once you're gonna deposit the assets additional system they're going to manage these assets your assets with a single system one system which means this can be extremely motivated hacker to adapt this system why because once they can successfully attack the system they can get over millions or sometimes hundred meters of data with a single attack so it's quite beneficial for them but their system is pretty different you have your own wallets such as metamask or coinbase you can keep your assets in this world applications on your own then you can join this you know text network here so hacker if they want to attack this type of system they have to attack one by one that attacking cost for one wallet it's completely same as this level since there's exchange additionally hacker doesn't know anything about how much asset you're gonna own here this means it's gonna extremely demotivate this incentivize hacker to attack this fully decentralized exchange system here or landing system here okay any product analysis then as usual vertical professional analysis here's a couple updates especially here the reason is currently you know actual asset based you know deck system measure pleasure is unit swap and a sushi swap is kind of copy product or unit swap their system level is completely similar but here's a new player one inch most people think that you know one inch one of the decks project but actually they're the aggregator with this you know aggregated positioning they can leverage this area such as lower impermanent loss risk lower sleep page and closing trade because current you know sources of unit swap they can trade tokens only active on ethereum platform here that's why again in long term as a next step sushi swap uni swap have to seriously think about how they're going to solve disease pain points you know dex ecosystem in long term again and then number three team analysis there is no change city swap still led by ftx team that's what i'm thinking about okay and number four execution power analysis so this is one of the critical points when i update their score because the initial story of the sushi swap starting from bonfire mining from uni swap unit statistics will provide a better incentive mechanism than city swap and then they're going to take a lot of liquidity mining player from unison to system one of their primary motivation why they did it is this one because unit swap has a great dix project everybody knows about it but they never issued their own token until last year then uni swap got an investment for the venture capital venture capital perspective it's quite beneficial that units are possible on the token issue model because you know they can get more in a larger return but from the retail investment perspective or any other like an ecosystem contributor perspective it's completely nonsense so cc swap decided to attack unit swap that eventually nisswa decided to you know great incentive mechanism to the retail investor who are going to contribute the liquidity mining stuff on unit swap okay so from this perspective what i analyzed about associate swap is once uni decided to issue their own tokens on a downward here the critical role of the sushi will end soon but eventually cc swap made huge executions to catch up uni swap about liquidity stuff on their own efforts no more bombing mining then now unit swap is the still leading player about deck space but second player is sushi swap about 28 volume based one that is why i decided to change my evaluations for the sushi swap much more better way okay number five token common analysis there are token economy design matrix which i made and decks here and still the critical elements here is network effects then so sushi their network effect model is currently completely same as uni swap so they have to do something new here selling point this one crypto investor who are interested in even farming recruiting mining looks at cryptic assets into sushi and their primary interest of this you know liquidity mining stuff is here 0.25 percent trading fee as a revenue share model also 0.05 sushi for sushi holder sushi staking stuff okay then they're going to provide more liquidity then once get more liquidity which also provide you know more payouts like nft and our coin stuff so better customer experience is for a retail investor or trader we're going to think about you know make money on investment stuff so this is the primary you know gross medication liquidity progress staff too so this liquidity proof growth itself actually stimulates a lot of larger options opportunity with the central exchange because current major business model of the dex is you know arbitrage trading opportunity between central exchange stable coin pair because you know dex products have still empowerment lost risk issue that is why stable and compare like die usdt usdt stuff usdc staff is a major revenue opportunity for the trader so with this you know liquidity growth provide more larger arbitrage opportunities with the central exchange so more active trader come to dex system then more return to liquidity provider here so coming back to here okay this is their network effect there about governance down we'll be very critical soon because east 2.0 dao is functioning quite well and evolving right now and unit swap is also seriously developing their you know dial mechanisms too so sushi swap also have to catch up immediately okay and the hype cycle analysis so blockchain technology 2020 module life cycle model here and a matching category with dex is here blockchain asset tokenizations and at the timing they're going to release this map is actually last summer 2020 so you know matching category the timing is a little bit close to the end of the bubble here but now we already experienced the mini bubble end last year on the defined space so in my analysis this category itself is around here pretty close to you know real market applications and the next two to five year blockchain asset tokenizations including you know dex system or decent landing platform business stuff is a major investment themes and define space that's one thing here so huge potential so and in a software business space all the time and the winner takes all mechanism would it you know come to this market so we have to pick up the one one global winner and the cc swap has that potential okay then total score updates so this is my total score updates so october 2020 my total score is quite low here but since i told you that you know sushi started to so seriously about their own liquidity pool developments up by themselves and stopped doing the bipartisan mining stuff from uni swap about a product i think the four points are here but still compared with uni swap there is no technical advantage there on the c swap i'm not going to give it a 4.5 or 5.0 yet and about team level imanos is you're going to back by ftx team here so 4.0 okay the execution power this is one of my amazing point because they stopped bumping mining and they're gonna develop their own liquidity mining pool by themselves by their own efforts then they're gonna catch up the number two player in the deck space next to uni swap so i set the 4.5 point here okay and about token economy since you know their development model is a little bit behind from the uni swap so also they have to seriously think about you know differentiations to compete with uni swap and also in long term they have to take care of about you know important risk issue also three page issue two and a product size too so still under development so i said four points over here and about a hype cycle i set the 4.5 here because blockchain asset tokenization a deck space will be the one of the great gloss you know market on the blockchain space next to two to five years so it's pretty hot space right now here okay so my total score is 26 point my minimum criteria for the investment is over 25 points so from this perspective so i'm going to recommend investment in sushi okay so that is all this time so i'm going to make this video for the educational purpose so i cannot guarantee you any certain level of investment outcome with this video or any other video what i make on this channel okay but i made a lot more interesting video on the crypto blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe my channel bye you

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