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but still channing focus on new market dino nfd which also have a huge potential so 4.0 hello my name is so today's investment review for the chain link token code is link okay so let's start so this is my portfolio strategy so i only are getting my assets to the bitcoin and all the article increases related to these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my performance strategy please check out my other video about my performance strategy and then today's chain link is matching gallery is here number three decentralized landing and number four talking to the token decks chain link provide supporting tool or problem solutions for these d5 players okay then i'm going to apply six and upper points as usual so standing for the pain points products team execution power token economy and a hype cycle and for each i set the five point zero point here the total score is thirty point three zero and if you wanna deepen your understanding about how i'm going to analyze each point here please check out my other video about my our coin investment strategy okay and then here's squad update about chain link april 2020 my total score is 27.5 points on february 2021 i still keep the same score here 27.5 point but i changed my score on the pin points and token economy here and from here i'm gonna explain to you guys the reasons okay i never pinpoint analysis here are some updates they have mainly two pain points and the first one is this one dex needs price reference for their market maker so dex has no single unit price for each asset which makes market maker difficult to minimize their trading risk as a liquidity provider central's exchange they're going to apply order book system so they're going to aggregate all the payment order buying cities stuff with a single book and then matching each order but dex system never applies such approach because this order is more like a p2p based one this system they cannot control each plastic model but this system also provided liquidity in the market to accelerate the transaction to satisfy the user's interest for the buying setting stuff but since there is no different passing data inside the system market maker find a difficulty to how they're going to make money in this market maker system stuff so if someone provides true price on this ordering system itself it's quite helpful okay and then pinpoint number two quarters define is price reference for their collateral variations so once we're going to look at you know landing platforms such as mekado abe comp all the time you're going to apply kratom ratio from the landing business stuff so once you have an extra e or something on your wallet and you're going to arcade this is on a compound front phone and you can borrow some you know stable coin die or something but here's the limits how many diets you can borrow in this landing problem system stuff then they're gonna apply you know crosstalk ratio here like 150 or 200 or something based on the each asset volatility but how are they going to apply about asset variation for the each assets if they get access to the variety of exchange like compound access to the finance and aim access to coinbase it's totally unfair for those users who want to use this platform because over the time there is a price difference on each crypto exchange such as minus coinbase so if some player who really decented the product home provide two replies as a refinance flat stator it's also really helpful but here's a big issue on a defy space these days because that's defined like you need swap the compound need price feed from now on you know long term then why this kind of issue come up to the market because of uni swap because uni swap invented pretty unique plastic model with a more decentralized fashion model so as i explained to you this is an older book model they're going to aggregate all the telling the buying data here and matching each other but you need swap never take this approach on their dex transactions if you want to deeply understand about you know detailed stuff you have to have a technical understanding for this but simply say they're going to apply the pulling system for the appliance decision-making process for example in this case in a unit swap each asset has their own pool this one is the e-through and this one's dipole they're going to calculate the plural balance for these two price range pair how many yeast on this little platform and how many die on this platform so let's say in this case 10 sata is and a dipole one medium die so one e splice is hundred die in this place digital making mechanism we don't need the decent fights plot feed services then once this plastic digital mechanism is much more scalable one and other defined users such as combined apes also refer to these fascinator for channeling its huge sweats to survive in a market okay but chaining split smart modifier so currently they're focused on next new pioneer market it's dynamic nft good example is soccer game on the blockchain space so in this on-chain blockchain second game you're gonna apply the real player on a real football league like premium league or nba or something in this game of course user preferences they will apply the real data on the real cycle league model on each soccer player in this game these soccer players like achievement to traction stuff all the time dynamically changing right so chanting provide true data from off gender to on generator the user all the time can enjoy the real-time based soccer player called gaming stuff by using nft token this model is pretty unique on the blockchain space and it does exist nowhere in the current gaming space this is just one use case on a dynamic nft we can apply arc products or real estate or any other kind of an nft token market we can develop that any kind of unique use case of a data nft so from this perspective i have to literally downgrade the pain point level of the chain link but still i see the big potential on the damage nfd okay and the number two product analysis so as i told you the chaining services decentralized oracle-based splice feed so this example is east usd price aggregations so each decentralized oracle node provider each true price and then they're going to target the integrated and aggregated you know average price feed for ease here okay so then we're going to define these flights as a true price each price at the specific period of time so this architecture itself sounds like you know wikipedia right because if wikipedia is a correct intention model to aggregate and edit or the truth of the one factor something so similar model on the data price feed that's the channel you focus on okay then here's varicon profit analysis so their major competitor is banned protocol the first things we need to pay attention to is fast move advantage chain link is a fast player focus on this market simply say channeling is a pioneer okay then the other advantage these days they also have this dynamic nft about dynamic nfd chaining is also the pioneer that's why cell steel chaining is a leading player in this industry okay number three team analysis no change about these five key member co-founder member sergey steve still pretty active and a lot of great talents come to this ecosystem so this is a great team and then number four execution power analysis great progress chennix ecosystem as a favorite 2021 in total they have 414 partnership or anything like you know player on this ecosystem and especially defined space they're going to get over 141 player it's huge success and the number five token economy analysis so token economy design matrix which i made and the matching gallery of the channel link is here crosstalk define and dex so here's network effect on the chain link and update area is here starting point because we're going to nearly add dynamic nft market potential here so even chaining face the difficulty about defined market growth staff still they have a huge potential but the dynamic nft still i see the pretty good potential on the channel link and about dao it's very critical simply said because all the time they focus on trustless data to data that's why decentralized governance model is very critical okay and the number six hype cycle analysis so gartner hype circle analysis blockchain in two and twenty hydrogens and the major matching category of channeling is here smart contract oracle one of the big potential on the blockchain smart culture space it takes over five to ten years huge potential here okay and then channing is a leading player in this category okay and the total score updates so april 2021 my squad was 27.5 points and february 2021 same point 27.5 points but about pain points i downgraded from 5.0 to 4.0 because as i explained to you guys you know uni swap pricing mechanism model is a great inventions and a huge threat to the chair link that's why but still chaining focus on new market nft which also have a huge potential so 4.0 about a product same level 4.5 great technology about team level still same team member it's pretty active so 4.5 execution power still amazing 5.0 at the token economy i operate from 3.5 to 4.5 because even they're going to face the threats on a defined market growth but now they identify new market dynamic nft still they're going to focus on strength in their network model so i set the 4.5 here hive cycle decentralized smart control oco is a huge potential market still 5.0 so total squad is 25.5 points so my minimum investment criteria is over 25 points so from this perspective i'm going to still recommend investment in link token okay all right so there is all this time i'm going to make this video for the educational purpose so i cannot guarantee you any certain labor investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video is plugged in help you guys understand about the high potential about encryption works in space so i'm going to make a lot of anticipated crypto and blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe to the channel [Music] bye you

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