【ibisPaint】Pop Illustration

If subtitles overlap, please tap the maximize button. When drawing a rough, open the layer window, lower the layer opacity. Add a new layer on the rough. Draw a line drawings. I will add strength to the line drawings. I will turn off the "Visible" and add strength to the line drawings. I will add color. This time I will use pastel colors. I will paint the color while picking up the color of the rough drawn earlier with a quick eyedropper. Open the layer window and turn on the rough layer you just hidden. Set the layer opacity to 100% and move it to the top. Add a layer to paint the color under the line drawing layer. Pick the rough color with the quick eyedropper and hide the rough layer again. Open the tool selection window, select the bucket and tap the bucket setting button.

Turn off the "Easy Setting". Set the "Strength" to 0%. Let's divide characters and background by layers. I will add a gradation. Open the layers window and add a layer above the base color layer. Turn on "Clipping". Open the color window and make a color to use with the gradation. Open the brush window and select the "Airbrush (Normal)". Make a gradation with a thick brush. Once you can make a gradation, open the layer window and change "Blend Mode" to the "Color Burn". Lower the layer opacity. I will add shadows with the screen tone. Add a layer between the gradation and the base color layer and turn on the clipping. Open the layer window and select the "Screen Tone" from the blend mode. This time I used the "Dot L12".

Depending on the color, the density of the screen tone will be changed. I will familiarize the screen tone. Open the layer window and select the layer of the screen tone and convert it with "Rasterize" command from "…" button. Change the blending mode to the "Color Burn". Open the tool selection window and change the color of the screen tone with the "Change Drawing Color" filter. Lower the layer opacity. Using screen tones makes it easy to make patterns. What I am using now is "Vertical L12". I will familiarize the line drawings. Open the layer window and turn on "Alpha Lock" in the line drawing layer.

Put highlights for the finish. Complete! ご視聴ありがとうございました!
Thank you for your watching!.

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