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In the last issue we talked about 1994 Ollila, nokia's chief executive at the time, persuaded directors to sell the entire traditional business Focus Nokia on the communications industry This is quite a brave man to break his wrist Because before that Nokia is 129 years old And over the course of a hundred years The traditional business is the family's lifeline But the market ultimately proved Mr Aurella's vision Compared with 1993 Nokia's sales grew by 38% in 1994 Sales of mobile phones and communications cables account for 64% of the group's net profit That compares with 52 percent in 1993 In 1994, It was as if Nokia was on the verge of regaining its new empire At least my feet welcome to a Brief History of Chinese Cabbage cell phones For the nokia empire, go to the triple video thumb up collection The Nokia 2110, launched in 1994, eventually sold 20 million units a year In the same year The Family is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange It was the same year Novartis offered the straight-three system network and mobile phone to Beijing Telecom at the China International Telecommunication Equipment Technology Exhibition held in Beijing China's minister of Posts and Telecommunications at the time dialed The country's first bucket of gold 123 using Nojia 210 China has officially entered the era of digital mobile communications Then in 1995 Nokia is also deeply involved in the construction of China's mobile communications network This year, Nokia has built its first JI3M1800 base station in China And launched the Novo 210 in the Chinese market This is also the first Chinese market itch our mobile phone By this time nokia was less than three years away from overtaking MOTOROLA In 1996, Nokia has launched the 8110, which is specially tailored for China It was the first phone to support both simplified and traditional Chinese text messaging It is also the world's first pull-down slider mobile phone body It makes a curve like a banana So 810 is nicknamed the banana Machine 2810 Another nickname is how to get there Zifeng in the first Matrix in 1999 The main character, Jin Rong Reeves, received an 8110 by express Also released in the same year was the classic Nokia 9000 Although the front looks like a regular straight cell phone But hidden under the flip side is a large 4.5-inch monochrome screen and a classic five keyboard This phone is also the first Nokia support email fax Transceiver and other functions of smart PC mobile phone In the end, these two products made many companies fully open the international market Not only in China The Swedish Production bases were established in Britain It also made Nokia the world's second-largest handset maker after MOTOROLA Synchronize the timeline In this year MOTOROLA's first star went up But no.

2 has not satisfied nokia's century-old determination to turn from maker to creator In 1996, a number of hotels held the first Nokia Wireless Data Conference in a hotel near Frankfurt Airport It was the precursor to The Nokia World Congress To upgrade the level and size of the conference Nokia spent a fortune to invite 250 of the world's top industry players to participate Three years ago Samsung's Lee Kun-hee shouted that right here In addition to the wife Children's slogan that everything should be changed But at the meeting Nokia announced a set of industry standards with much fanfare Narrow-band socket standard NBS is a standard that lets mobile phones receive data such as emails and schedules over the Internet It also makes it easier for programmers to develop wireless applications for mobile devices This marks the first step in nokia's efforts to lead the industry Here Nokia comes out of the woods Only three years In 1997 Northrop Grumman delivered the first such project in China, the 1800 network, and built the nokia Mobile switching Center with the largest capacity at the time It can accommodate 150,000 users 1997 was an uneasy year On July 2 The Southeast Asian financial crisis is coming It turned into the Asian financial crisis This was true of MOTOROLA at the time Samsung and Ericsson have been hard hit But let Nokia achieve the curve overtaking car In 1997, the year With $30 billion in cash, Nokia also released the classic 6110, a Nokia phone that brought in the snake, at the end of the year This year, Beijing Nokia Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

Was also awarded as one of the top ten advanced foreign-invested enterprises by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment At this time It is less than a year since Nokia became the world's number one It's time for a change In 1998, Nokia formed Symbian with MOTOROLA Ericsson and Taft The goal is to develop smart operating systems for mobile phones It's a sign that we all understand that intelligence is the future But at the moment only Nokia is heading for a bright future This year, Mr. Norquist produced his first mobile phone Took the number one spot that had belonged to MOTOROLA MOTOROLA, however, is still basking in the glow of single-minded planning To celebrate getting number one in the world Novak decided to rename the original ringtone, which has been in use since the original 210, as the Nokia song This piece of music is taken from other waltzes by the musician Francisco Talega He eventually became a common memory for generations In the years that followed Nokia in Europe The United States Countries such as Finland have registered music trademarks In 2014, China supported the registration of voice trademarks Lane registered the music trademark in the first place A survey of voices in the United States shows that Rural areas also rank third in the most famous music trademark survey Second only to Intel lights such as lights such as lights and Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine sound But in China, Noah's bell is number one Nokia eventually sold 38.6 million phones in 1998 Accounting for 22 5% of the global market share Far ahead of MOTOROLA and Ericsson In 1999, Nokia decided to move into another division, CDMA At this time Qualcomm is already in the United States South Korea and other countries have deployed CDMA networks In the same year, the second Nokia Wireless Data conference was held in San Francisco Nokia and a number of companies announced joint development of WAP standard products and solutions It's the first step in the mobile web then Nokia has released the world's first mobile phone that doesn't work.

The Nokia 7110 His appearance marked the beginning of the era of mobile Internet But the 3210, released this year, is one of Nokia's best-selling phones Six hundred million units were sold during that period August 13 of this year Iridium Satellite has filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in New York MOTOROLA's bamboo tower began to crumble Nokia sold 76.3 million handsets That's double what it was in 1998 The millennium This should be Nokia's best year yet It's worth nearly $2 trillion Second only to McDonald's and Coca-Cola It became the most valuable company in Europe This year, Nokia also released the next-generation 3310 Sales volume reached 1 261 steps But he did not surpass his predecessors He still appears in various machine testing The Finnish ministry of Foreign Affairs has created the Finnish website to include the indestructible name of the phone in the blue Dragon when it first launched the new Finnish emoji He became a kind of childhood expression of the Finnish national emoji also released by the Nokia 9210 This is a smart phone with Symbian operating system Nokia is the successor to nine thousand Maybe it was the Tianzhu Nuo family two thousand years ago A fire at a Philips factory has been paid for Ericsson saw a disciple and SONY Those of us who build mobile phones should know that the fire shut down the factory for weeks The plant is the only source of Ericsson chips, not chips And Nokia brought in a multi-vendor strategy just a week before resuming production How important a multi-vendor strategy is In the end Ericsson's share of the handset market fell from 12% to 9% Nokia went from 7% to 30% Ericsson lifted SONY's hand It was also the year that the Internet bubble burst It was a big blow to MOTOROLA at the time MOTOROLA shares fell nearly 40 per cent A third of the job cuts were this year The official version of the INTERNATIONAL Telecommunication Union WCDMACDMA 2000 TD is identified as the three main wireless interface standards This marks the advent of the 3G era On December 11 China officially joined the WTO world Trade Organization He became the one hundred and forty-third member In 20011, The Novos decided to diversify A Nokia tablet, the M510, was developed There was WiFi and USB at the time The endurance of four hours is extremely advanced That's nine years before Apple launches the iPad But the response to Nokia's market research was that the M510 didn't sell The product never made it to market Better luck than luck A sudden blood sugar incident occurred the previous year Fran, then the chief designer of the Novo home He was cowardly enough to show a slide show of a design for a touch-screen phone with a single button Sounds familiar But the cause of blood sugar was exactly the same as 510 No one will buy that This is the result of market research That was seven years before the iPhone was released These incidents actually exposed some of the problems of the Noor family at that time Only make profitable products These will be one of the important reasons for the gradual decline of the Nou family altar The Nokia 7650 was launched in 2002 A couple of firsts Nokia's first symbian phone the first slide-out smartphone The first smartphone with a built-in camera It was also the first five-dimensional rocker The phone also brings the most familiar Nokia boot screen Big hands, little hands In fact, in this year Nokia also released the 891028848 with a titanium case Do not know where to replace the case of the 7210 to replace the grip mobile phone 5510 and the first game phone well well But it wasn't officially released until 2003 In 2013, the three G era came The 6650 is Nokia's first 3G phone Compatible with 2 G and 3 G standby 150 hours Also released in the same year was the Nokia 68009 with a full keyboard hidden under the sword creative But neither has caught on What started the wave The Nokia 1100 is an entry-level phone 100 only support phone The all-in-one silicone dust-proof keyboard for basic functions like text messaging makes the phone extremely durable Eventually, 250 million units were sold Won the world's first sales crown And then the infinite beyond This number is believed to be unprecedented There was no one behind We typed this year's word in engineering In 204, Nokia launched the distinctive 7610 Irregular shape and keyboard design are adopted This is a milestone for Nokia mobile phones It is also the only mobile phone that Nuojia has applied for a patent on its appearance But consider user acceptance Nokia followed with the 6610, which did exactly the same thing as the 7610 But the look is more traditional The appearance of the 7610 caused a stir in the mobile phone world at the time It also eclipsed the 6700 released by Childhood However, Maple leaf shape caused a lot of women at that time like Also released in the same year was the location of nokia's last game phone QD2005 years The Novos keep up the good work 315231556020 and other mobile phones were successively released But this year's classic is nokia N ninety zero Rotatable screen and camera design Make it look like a little bit more of a low This is the first Carl Zeiss lens certified mobile phone And the first Nokia N series mobile phone It was also the first Nokia phone equipped with fully automatic focus January 2006 became the focus of mobile phone functionality The Nokia 5300 is me for music I had one at the time The music buttons on both sides of the screen are very recognisable The rounded appearance and sliding cover made the 5300 a female favorite of the time Finally, the first Nokia N9 with a micro hard drive was released with 4 gigabytes of memory And it has GPS The function such as WiFi Optical zoom is also supported It also has a 3.2 megapixel Zeis lens on the N 93 At the time nokia was the biggest player in its home market Is the pronoun of quality and advanced As long as it's on a budget Basically, everyone's first choice to buy a mobile phone is a farm house What was the first Nokia phone you were exposed to as a child But falling prices failed to anticipate the undercurrent of the big-screen touchscreen era January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs officially launched the iPhone, which revolutionized the mobile phone industry This year, though, Lu released a new flip phone with a dual screen However, such mobile phones as the 1901 N-series mobile phone N8 in the shape of a straight board and the first generation Mobile phone N95 with two-way sliding cover could not cover up the light of the iPhone Even so Nokia failed to wake up to the iPhone November Google with 84 hardware manufacturers Software developers and telecom operators formed the Open Handset Alliance Working together to improve Android But there is no Nokia in the alliance In 2008, Nokia released a slide-out mobile phone with an all-metal body and a full-keyboard business phone with an all-metal body, and the Real Chinese consumers learned about touch mobile phone 15800M I had this phone The 5800 is also a response to the iPhone The first symbian phone with a large touchscreen December of the same year Nokia N 9000 series launched a unique slant sideslip nine level became one of the most personalized flagship phones at the time In 2009, SONY Ericsson L G MOTOROLA switched to Android But Nokia still won't give up That was the year Nokia completed its acquisition of Symbian Full control was achieved But more than a year later, the nokia N900 smartphone, the first Of its kind, was launched with the Fresymbian system then Nokia said it is working with Intel to develop common technologies for internal platforms But the results are known The phone's reputation is far behind that of android phones, which were released the same year Then Nokia should not be reluctant to launch based on the Symbian system 172397miniN 86 and other mobile phones Although sales are still booming in many regions But profits have been squeezed by the explosion of iphones and Android phones These Symbian smartphones are more like feature phones than ever before If you were still using a Nokia phone and didn't have an Android phone with a big touch screen The first impression is that you're still in remission Many companies shipped 4.3 billion units in 2009 It's down 78 percent from a year ago.

Ten percent of the market is still about 30 percent But there has also been a marked reversal One step wrong, another wrong Just like MOTOROLA Nokia also faces an irresistible decline The iPhone4 was released in 2010 In August, the first symbian 3 phones were released The Nokia N 8 has a 12 megapixel camera Xenon flash lamp and 1 83 1/inch power sensor The N 8 is still very popular when it comes to the market But a few months later it was the embarrassment of having to scrap the door And 383 is really hard to use With the Symbian system down the altar well Probably the last G-net February 11, 2011 Nokia teamed up with Microsoft And WindowsPhone as the main operating system for smartphones In October Nokia has released its first M Nokia mobile phone The Nokia 800 front has three no temperatures The case is highly identifiable The phone comes with a WP 7.5 version IE 9 is built in And support HTML five standards compared to other platforms advanced a lot In addition to the operating system The Arnos also use their own crossover technology It can reduce the reflection of LCD screen in sunlight For better reading This is probably the earliest sunscreen technology This year, Nokia also released the first and last phone with the Go system This is the first mobile phone to use 2.5 D glass The polycarbonate case also gives the phone its personality But Microsoft's magic operation made life worse for the Novo family In June 2012 Microsoft has released the new WindowsPhone 8 operating system WP 8 has a brand new kernel and interface Supports more than drink higher resolution Stronger performance But it's not compatible with WP 7.5 This means that users who previously bought the 800 on the road will not be able to get the upgrade to WP 8 It also needs to be adapted separately for developers Microsoft later released version 7.8 of Windows Phone But it's really just a scalpel version of Thunder P 7.5 Changing the interface to WP 8 looks immeasurable How much of a dent Microsoft has had in sales of road phones But since Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft in 2011 Nokia's share price has fallen by 83% Falling sales and share prices have forced Novartis to cut staff And shut down the factory.

From 2011 to 2012 More than 20, 000 jobs were cut The rate of layoffs is as high as 32% Five hundred processing plants ended up with just over three hundred It also greatly delayed the launch of nokia's new phone The W wholesale operating system, released in June, didn't release Windows Phone 8 until September Follow 820 and Mimi 2920 for a week The iPhone launch was explosive Because Nobleprice knows If it comes later than the iPhone There is no chance But the Novo family hasn't given up on innovation The 820 and 920 also feature the Knoquia Urban Kaleidoscope Just shoot the live street view screen through the camera You can display the name of the building and the hotel nearby Food and beverage, etc.

The 920 also supports ultra-sensitive touch technology Wearing any glove can operate the phone and wireless charging technology That's three years before Samsung and five years before the iPhone A good product must stand the test of the market In the end Chapter 80920 Nokia has a long-overdue hit But compared to the iPhone of the day I think the s-3 is still an order of magnitude worse than the road at Noel's The launch costs of subsequent new models began to strain Nokia It starts in September 2012 Samsung electronics is gradually buying up Nokia's 40 mobile phone stores in Russia Reuters reported in October Novo Is considering selling non-core assets The realization assets will include real estate such as headquarters buildings In December Nokia has found a buyer for Samsung's minority stake The company acquired Nokia's headquarters in Finland for 1.7 billion euros To make Nokia a permanent resident In January 2013 The Noels officially renounced symbian The Nokia 808 will be symbian's swan song again The 808 is the world's first mobile phone to use spray imaging technology 01, 02 1/inch 41,000,000 pixel CMOS with supersampling technology At that time it was safe to say that we met no enemy But the Symbian system became a drag on 808 Sales were dismal September 3, 2013 Microsoft announced a $7.2 billion deal to buy Nokia's handset manufacturing equipment and services I am a lumiere fashion brand with a 10-year non-exclusive patent license April 25, 2014 Nokia has announced the completion of its business of selling devices and services to Microsoft On October 22nd Microsoft has officially announced that it will change its Northrop Grumman mobile phone brand to McSastrumy, marking the end of the Nokia mobile phone brand The following October Nokia chief Executive Rajiv said on Thursday Nokia gave up its mobile phone business altogether At this point a wave of the empire cloud will appear on the screen Microsoft has not been able to run the rest of the road well From '14 to' 16 Eleven phones were released Total sales were less than 43 million units From the birth of the road brand in 2011 to the tearful withdrawal of the market in 2016, the total sales volume is only about 1:100 million It failed to surpass Nokia 33102016's multiple licensed products and foxconn's Enoch Home brand to launch phones Since Nokia is back in our sights But he is not the Nokia he was Dongguan as a mobile phone brief history series of the longest history of the brand Nokia is the same as MOTOROLA Once stood on the highest mountain in the world invincible fearless So why did Nokia fail He had too many reasons It's too complicated A big one is not willing to install for me or shortsighted Not keeping up with the trend Or because the technology is backward Be hanged by other manufacturer to seem to be to also seem to be not to beat connaught false Maybe it's security.

Went through near bankruptcy CU's suicide nearly led to a takeover by a rival Nokia is actually walking on eggshells The fact that touch phones and tablets were hidden in the 2000's and 2001's proves that Nokia saw a corner of the future early on But was blinded by the market research of the time It may not sell Probably not Then give up We don't want to take risks Now it seems to be a bit of an afterthought The volume of your House at that time could have been produced in small batches You don't have much to sell today to support this small team Is the future of leading the industry bad This side of the system is also the Cheese and rice dog system After several twists and turns of research and development but only issued a few generations Even only a generation of products quietly delisted It's too expensive to cultivate new ecosystems What if I don't succeed So why not android One big reason is that the Naud family was a champion at the time and joined Android It is equivalent to abandoning the existing complete Symbian ecology to join the platform dominated by others Nokia would lose its dominant position in the industry And lose the exclusive user experience In simple terms The brand premium is gone My cell phone is no longer valuable Let him say it now It felt like apple was dying You put him on Android What do you think he's gonna do And I have to use the same system as you scum I'm the boss.

That was probably the thinking at the time Let the family determined to do He thought it was right But Nokia failed to understand that what seemed right might just be the choice The right thing led Nokia to make one irreversible mistake after another When I look back I see the words of Nokia CEO Ollila at the time We didn't do anything wrong But somehow when we lose maybe we realize that Nobleprice hasn't found the right thing to keep them alive It's about doing the wrong thing and not looking back OK 100 Years of Success Nokia still has more than 10,000 words in the next two installments Thank you all for your triad and thumb up Thank you very much for this, first of all for this series It is true that we have to prepare for each issue for a long time That's a lot of information But? That's what a lot of people say He's a little too hungry He is too small If these BBBS are over fifty thousand We will continue to give you a brief history of mobile phones series Your triple thumb up is a very important support to us More people and the attention of the wonderful drama Our idea is through the WeChat public account Daily fresh information daily tasks Every day we chat with everyone here You're so smart I'll see you in the next video

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