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Hello my name is Miguel I hope you are very well and again I give you the welcome to this Crypto Sphere channel. In this video I bring the analysis of the Enjin Coin project and cryptocurrency in which in 2019, in just one month, it increased more than 900%; But first I want to highlight two things first that the opinions expressed in this video are my own, and in no case represent investment advice on my part, so before invest in any project or cryptocurrency you must make your own investigation and due diligence; And second if you are new to this channel and you like this type of content, please subscribe, if you have not done it yet, click the notification bell and leave a like the video.

So having said this let's go with it. Well what is the Enjin coin project is a cryptocurrency for goods virtual, created by Enjin. Enjin is the online gaming community platform largest with more than 250,000 gaming communities, 18.7 million registered players and the platform receives 60 million visits per month. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Singapore, currently has multiple products on the market such as the Enjin network, the Enjin Wallet, the which is available for IOS and android devices; They also have Enjin X, which is your block explorer, Effinity, that your next network of gaming channels to perform fairly scalable gaming transactions and finally the Enjin token, but to fully understand the crypto project currency we must first know the business and the existing engine company engine provides community management service platforms for developer players and others on this platform.

Enjin allows users to create websites, forums, shops and many other modules, including plugins for games. Before after they launched their ICO, Enjin's company already had 18 million registered users on its platform and supported 250,000 communities, therefore that the project itself was already generating millions of dollars in income per month, in virtual goods and sales in the community stores of Enjin. The most popular game on the Enjin platform with a lot of difference was Minecraft, which is a game with a huge community and I think that most people have heard of him, Many communities of Minecraft are hosted on the Enjin platform and the largest they have more than a million registered users. Now regarding your ecosystem of your currency or tap on your goal is to produce a platform in which members of the developer community and gamers can carry out transactions freely in digital goods and services that already are active on the platform or otherwise viewed by gamers on the platform can buy and own their own items in one or multiple games to be able to level up the character they are playing with and this is what ying has proposed make your first target market is a global community of players who have already spent money on the game and this is what most attracts gamers to the idea of be able to own your own in-game items through the app engine token details there is a supply of 1 billion tokens of engine with a little more than 760 million currently in circulation each token currently at the time of recording this video has a price of 0.15 cents and in terms of market capitalization engine coin is ranked number 59 and the main utility of the touch and this is the interesting thing is that when users create articles custom in game the corresponding value of the engine currency is removed from the ecosystem which reduces the supply of token circulation and this in itself increases the value of individual engine tokens by another aside those items that players have created within the game and that have paid with engine tokens inside the wallet can use or sell them to other players within the platform as if it were an online store but if they can't sell them they can burn those items and the platform reimburses them for the value of the items in touch this engine again this acts as a guarantee or endorsement of the tokens by engine in relation to its vision of 1 billion touches available engine 40 percent was sold during the pre-sale the other 40% was sold during the sale to the public and of the tokens remaining 10 percent that were not sold went to central development and towards advisers and the last 10 percent went to associations marketing strategies of the engine community the token is executed on the decision network for what a is a touch nrc 20 they raised 23 of the 25 million of its objective the sale to the public was from the 21 of August until the end of October 2017 each touch in had a price of 0 03 pennies and at the time of recording this video to date we can see that the return over more than 500% but as I explained to you Before, the purpose of the engine token is to offer creators a way to create kryptos for items or virtual items that already exist in the block change that benefits players on the one hand because it gives them the full ownership of all your items rather than just being available inside a game and are stored inside the engine wallet under your own private keys acting exactly like a valuable asset that they can then be exchanged with other users or players outside of the game and Players can purchase in-game items and even start subscriptions from inside the games and coins can also be created and custom collectibles well exchanges where you can buy engine coin colombet sirius unsheathe with greater volume you also have it available in the vitrex or beat and q coin touch but with much less volume not I mentioned the pete ham exchange because the pair traded in this exchange is the engine to touch with the korean pound now relative to the maxim gbagbo team is the co-founder and CEO of engine Maxim has 18 years of experience in creative direction in management projects and design who has also been part of this engine project for almost 10 years and another name is with text radomski who is the chief technology officer and the co-founder of engine he has supervised engine technical engineering for almost a decade as well performs best practices in security design and software testing and also leads the development, implementation and integration of the engine coin then the project advisors are anthony de orio who is the site and founder of the central jacques and is the co-founder of decision and the second is path line who is the previous producer and technical director of bauer ok now we will talk about the engine world which is the component that connects everything to each other the wallet supports the goods of each of their platforms and synchronizes with your decision direction here you can exchange coins and items outside of the game environment with any other user who has the engine wallet through this wallet you can request to send transactions through a request that the other party can approve or reject in addition to that you can also set rules and thresholds to automatically avoid transactions not currently desired wallet supports all variations of the rs-20 tokens also with the tokens rc 721 irc 1155 this type of token is refers to the standard applied to the creation of contract tokens smart on the sirius blockchain but also as you can see here you can store other crypto currencies such as bitcoin and light coin and also the team stated that it will continue to add support for other currencies as well in relation to the associations at the beginning of October 2018 partnered with ubisoft and created a blog game on allianz that is a collection game and block change companies committed to defending and democratizing the blockchain within the gaming industry and engine as well As we can see here, community nrg esport equestrian gamer associations have formed but Now the last announced partnership has been with Samsung on which they have there have been many rumors and if we see here the price chart of the engine coin we see that on the dates in which those articles were published with those rumors of the partnership with samsung the price of the token skyrocketed by more than a 500% the day after the confirmation of that was allegedly confirmed association the token rose by more than 600 percent just to this level of here and we can also see that in the span of a month from this point the token skyrocketed by more than 900 percent but in addition to that we have articles like this one that confirm that the association is real and also the director engine technology officer officially confirmed that the project has a partnership with South Korean giant Samsung seems to be not 100% clear the details of the association but how almost all the articles talk about this looks like samsung is going to integrate the engine coin wallet within its new feature of a block change wallet built into the devices of the samsung galaxy s 10 and if this association is completely true and official would be extremely important for the future of the project is an association that I see makes sense because engine has a wallet that supports all sirius fungible tokens under the standard of rc 20 and also with all the fungible load touches that are under the standard of the tokens crc 11 55 and 13 721 so it can be expected that samsung ended up using the engine wallet now I'll tell you about the pros that I see in this project the video game industry is a massive industry and I really believe that blockchain technology and video games are one of these use cases that come together perfectly and also crypto currencies that position the video game industry along with the block change technology are placed in a very privileged position for a possible global adoption there are many projects that claim to have a case of real use and a utility for your touch or for your project but I think this video game market will really benefit from chain technology of blocks engine is positioning itself as a leader in block chen games and there are definitely some notable use cases for the project like allow players to own their own virtual power items exchange them to be able to keep them out of the game inside the wallet of engine also being able to burn the tokens and get engine to back it up too It is remarkable the fact that jinja had a huge community before create this block change project so you already have a large audience prepared and ready to face the next stage of the project there is approximately more than 18 million registered users in engine and doing an analysis of the average players in this industry It is composed mainly of young people which makes it much more likely to adopt new technologies like this one offered by engine and then finally the recent rumors of this partnership with samsung if they are certain would be huge news for the engine project now on the cons mainly is the saturation of the market obviously the engine popularity has exploded this year especially because of that news of a possible association with Samsung which has influenced the huge pump o momentum in the token price as we see here but I repeat there is a lot competition out there and sometimes having such a large number of projects focused on the same thing is generally not good and on this blog-based video game platform market in it there are many options right now some examples are game credit coco blogs on expedition wax the central and mobile go to say a few and with this I want to tell you that if you are interested or interested in getting involved or investing in a project like this one of cryptographic games I suggest you do your own research because there are quite a few out there but my conclusion is that the video game market is quite large which generates billions annually so I believe that the technology of block change will help the evolution of this market especially for the conventional games and I think the project is fantastic have a base solid support is his wallet although personally I have not used it has good acceptance among all its users and seems to be quite good and the team is working to prevent gaming industry fraud and provide also a true property of virtual items for users so this collectibles concept is an interesting case of use for the touch on along with the fact that players can own their own articles in and out of games but nevertheless engine still has a lot to prove it needs to differentiate itself from the rest of the projects of video games that are already based on block change is still impossible predict how successful they will be but if the achievements they have already made and the team that make it up are an indicator, I would say that for me engine coin could have a bright future ahead good in addition to all this that I have talked about in this video and much more to mention and deepen about the characteristics of this project but it is much more technical and my The goal with these fundamental analysis videos is to keep it simple to all good we reached the end of this video which I hope you have contributed value for which I would like you to leave a like also subscribe to the channel and give the purchase of notifications, leave me your opinion about engine coin if you like these analysis videos up here you will see a playlist of the cryptons in which I have previously analyzed I thank you for viewing and see you or hear you in the next video bye

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