✅Mejores CRIPTOMONEDAS para el STAKING – Ingresos pasivos con MASTERNODES y PoS

Hi! How are you? I welcome you to this Crypto Sphere channel, my name is Miguel and in this intense video in which I hope you stay with me until the end we are going to talk about passive income with crypto currencies through the staking and Masternodes, in fact these are two of the best ways to do it in cryptocurrencies after mining but before continue I remind you that if you like this type of content please subscribe to the notification bell and leave a like the video so let's get started In this video we are going to see a list of the best cryptocurrencies to generate passive income and for this I am going to talk about these two methods that I mentioned What are the stay king of the prof steak and the master nuts but I'm going to explain to you what are the cryptocurrencies that I have chosen and that can generate a reasonable amount of returns on your investment or on your savings in comparison, for example, to the interest generated by a savings bank account traditional the first method is through a master 'notes or master node first masternaut basically you have to have a great stay with a large sum of cryptocurrencies and this allows you to enter a node and the node basically will help the network build the infrastructure and make it more resilient which you are going to configure according to the requirements of that network such as the specifications that the server needs and with this they will be able to use your server hardware and in return they will give you a reward in the coin subscription form look to give you a more professional definition of what a master is note here tells us that first we have to understand what it is a node says a node is a physical network on an electronic device active that is connected to a network and is capable of creating receive or transmit information through a communications channel but basically it is a computer network that communicates with other computers on the same network or another way of looking at it is that you are helping to build the infrastructure from the network and in return as I said you will receive compensation for your coins for doing it so this is a very lucrative way to earn crypto coins especially if you are an early adopter of these nodes though I do not know if it has been clear to you but another more practical example is how your savings in a bank account which you are going to take to put them on a fixed term where you cannot access that money for a certain period of time such as one year for example to obtain an interest on your capital and the master does not let's say it could look like something like that but you can see it here on this website that we have many different writers that you can enter with a master not for example we have days which is not a crypt coin purely of profiltek but allows holders to obtain dividends and the return they they give you it is interesting in a 6 43 percent but the detail It is that it takes a thousand coins to operate a node which supposes a investment of 115 thousand dollars at the time the recording of this video something which is quite expensive and generally not very accessible for a large majority as well We have another currency project like GDP and C's which is a fork of days.

at this moment they are offering an annual 13.39 which to create a node you need 10,000 coins, which represents an investment of 7,959 dollars and also another crypton was known that is brands which gives you a performance of 20 66 percent per year to have a node you need 100 thousand coins which are 1,416 dollars and a way to classify crypto ways to do a master 'notes is that the higher the value of the master note, the more stable it will be more stable to enter and exit that masternaut and it is also more likely that the currency has more decent trading volumes and that is why it is easier let's say get in and out of the coin when you need it but for Above all do your own research and make sure that the project you choose can have a good journey in the future because when you do a master we are not talking about investing in a large amount of cryptocurrencies and that's a lot of money I personally lean towards the projects I trust and what and what have a decent market capitalization Let's say if you take a crypto that is among the top 100 of the market cap you will probably feel more confident than if you choose a crypt coin from the that are above that top 100 now prof steak is another passive medium income generation and from an energy perspective if we compare it with the consensus algorithm of pro fork let's say that the stay itself which is more environmentally friendly but basically prof steak rewards the cryptocurrency holders for performing essential actions in the chain of blocks in exchange for tying different amounts of tokens within the network and These tokens contribute to the security of the blockchain by maintaining the let's say relatively decentralized ownership of all stakers on all holders but also encourages small holders to hold on to your currencies rather than say trading them or trading in an open market and we are going to look on this page which you have the link in the description of the video a panoramic review of which may be the best fifth profes take coins to make this one we indicate in this 2019 and you must bear in mind that it is impossible to decide which is the best coin to provide steak but we are going to analyze the requirements for the stay king and income expectations personally I like the passive income perspective in currencies in which I can set the wallet and that it generates money without me having to be looking at lending pay attention to the wallet because life itself keeps you pretty busy so I try not to make her busier still so in my case I prefer to place a coin of the teacher stay than the wallet and let it do work for me so there are two types of passive income coins in the market there are some in which you have to put the coins in the wallet and leave them there and you don't even have to log into the wallet for the stay king and they just pay you every so often on the other hand there are other coins that you have to keep in your wallet and that you have to leave open so you must have now dedicated to it as I said the wallet has to be open and has to be online 24/7 to be process the transactions and then pay you but as I said I am going to do is taking the coins that do not require me to have the computer turned on and the wallet open all the time so I don't have to be lending a lot of attention to the computer that sometimes shuts down do not restart themselves but well that depends on the profile or the availability of each person as well that we are going to see a lot of coins with which you can do is taking and generate a decent return on investment look at this website called peo is ready o deep state list here are many coins from profes stay that tells you in how much are they paying I must admit that I do not know many of these currencies some of these unknown currencies pay high percentages to attract the people to invest in them but they have a very high risk for me many of these coins don't even pay attention to them because they are garbage here I have pointed out the ones that I think are worth considering to do the steak and which are the most popular crypto ways, for example we have has described which pays you 30% a year and this is a digital currency autonomous open source code in which the coin stakeholders make the rules and decree uses a consensus protocol called deep tibet and that essentially means that you use both prof of work and profuse steak and mining of professions taken from click is very profitable but it is somewhat more complex to do the stay king you have to say it is required set up an official wallet with cr touches on it and keep a open and constant connection to the internet 24/7 so that we can say so that You can be called to vote at any time and to get rewards you will having to buy voting tickets this is a process that is a bit more complicated but the advantage is that cricket currently produces an excellent annual yield of 30 percent and all these coins that we see like for example condominium union with debian coin I have never heard about the most of them there are some currencies that are good and many of them I would say over 90% are garbage and the truth is that I choose coins that I think have a future because the protocol of the teacher stay that is interesting because they usually pay you in their own currencies but if we choose a currency bad you will end up losing money in the long term even if you are doing stay king and on this I am going to give you two of the various considerations that for me are key when it comes to even considering a crypto currency could be an investment option look towards coming to a website like this time this list of many cryptocurrencies that you do not know and that you want to know how viable are or may turn out to be a project to invest or maybe someone He has said look at this project that is interesting the first thing I look at is which one It is the daily transaction volume, look, I will take as for example the currency of debian coin we are going to go to the coin market cap and if the cryptocurrency does not have a minimum of $ 100,000 of daily transaction volume won't even bothered and the second sees the official community of that project either revenue telegram for example and see what is the atmosphere of the community how nice are those people in the community when it comes to responding to answers and if they respond adequately especially to those questions that highlight the failures of the technology project but here what you need detect is that it is not a toxic community because, for example, if the community is nice that tells you that the people who run the project are the ones that generally moderate those communities, they are also and I speak of this because it is surprising to see that you are are the communities of many projects out there that do not respond well to the questions of the project and that they are full of fans rather than investors or tech enthusiasts and in addition to this also investigate how communicative the developers of that project are how It is easy to get in touch with them and they answer the questions of the community etc.

That is important to me but there are many more factors for example I look for projects that do not offer a profitability of more than one 100 percent because those coins do not project longevity and sustainability in the time and if you look at these that I have in red for example the returns that They offer are ridiculous I think they have a lot of red flags 150% we see here others with a 900 percent something that seems very risky that really keeps me out of those projects and this is because the difficulty of the network to produce blocks in these crypto currencies are enough is quite low which in itself makes the network insecure already less difficulty of the network less is the liquidity of the cryptocurrency so If you invest in some of these projects, you may not be able to have your money immediately due to the lack of liquidity of that project so you are are the things that I take into account but hey let's continue the next crypto The currency that I have selected here that we are going to see is that of being born in Azkoitia is a crypto way that has been around for a while now and this is one of those that you have to leave the wallet open and connected to which it generates you as we see here 5% per year which is not bad at all in Azkoitia it is a fork of bitcoin open source among the first cryptocurrencies to adopt the model of profes take and it generates this decent return as I said of a 5 for hundred a year and also as I said you must bear in mind that the return 5 percent is assuming your wallet is online and available 24/7 365 days a year we also have a nerve which offers you a 10 for annual cent that is not bad at all to do the stay king the neville me you are going to have to download the official wallet wait for it to sync with the blogs in which it may take a while and transfer all your nerve tokens there then you have to encrypt the wallet from the configuration window and leave the wallet active and connected 24/7 in this way will make celestial who automatically after the next one in the list that I have selected is new which is one of my favorite projects and I'm not going to talk about because it already covers in a previous video in this one here how to do the stay king the new and you have the link to this video that appears up here on the screen but if I'm going to talk to you about stay king deontology, which is another of my projects favorites and in which I am personally doing the stay king look anthology was born under the blockchain as a child and is basically a ecosystem that aims to integrate all sectors between the government sector and is a network that combines distributed accounting combines distributed data collaboration distributed communities and protocols Distributed procedures is also considered a second-rate cryptocurrency generation that has the objective of eliminating the failures of the first generation of crypto currencies today which we know is the lack of scalability and just like mine there are two tokens wrapped in the blockchain of ontology the first is the nt token and the second is the ontological token ong and to do the stay kings you will need at least 500 touches to join since each stay is made in multiples of 500 and the stay kingdom tolói and I do it at through the o3 wallet which you can stay king both as a child as anthology to download and install this wallet you have the link in the description of the video the way to do it is quite simple although only I'm going to show you very quickly how to do the stay king by anthology look when you download and install and open the wallet you will navigate to the applications screen and select the application of this hector today and second when you open the stec and tolói app and will ask to connect is one of your accounts you are going to select the account with which you want to manage your stay kings and you give it to accept to start let's say the connection between the wallet or three 'and adapt it strict law and after connect you will be on this home screen where you will have your entire list of current inka stakes to start making the stay king you are going to click on create a new steak or you are going to press where it says to see all the nodes of consensus and there you will see the list of available nodes here you will see the list of the seven main nodes which are the ones represented with the 100% of the rewards and you will select the node with which you want do the stay kings then in this node details page you can see and manage your existing stakes or add new stakes if you want to add a new steak you have to click on this button where it says this rocket but in the event that you have a balance of less than 500 son tolói is this button will be deactivated afterwards you will see a window in which you can select the amount of onetti you move the control of this bar to adjust that amount of benitez with which you want to steak this control slider moves in intervals of 500 each represents a steak and then you click here on steak anthology and finally in the last step the o3 wallet will request your approval to sign and send the transaction of the steak requested by this adaptation and then you will review the details of the transaction and finally you are going to click approve if you want to continue and after this which can be a bit complicated but it is quite simple once you have completed these steps you are doing is taking the deontology the following crypto currency is nexus which offers a 48 percent yield and nexus is a crypt humanity which has a block change based overdraft system in which users cryptocurrencies can get instant dollar loans for example when you put your cryptocurrencies as heads and let's say it is an alternative for those who do not want to sell or ditch subscribers when they need immediate liquidity and to make the stay, which is very simple, you first have to open an account nexus then went through a quick process of caire gace and save all your tokens from links in that account and then, as officially communicated, the dividends will be paid once every six months and the date on which they perform the payment will be previously announced by the team in articles or in official notes within the community now returning to this page we will see which is the next crypto currency in the list we have GDP and x which is a crypto currency that means private and instant verified transaction and as I said before it is a fork of days that was created in 2016 and that as we saw before here in this page we can execute with it a masternaut which requires a investment of 10,000 picks which is the price of recording this video of almost 8 thousand dollars but on the other hand it also offers us the stay king for the which there is no minimum to start with but the peculiarity is that the wallet must also remain active and the annual return on investment estimated for indepabis steak is around 48 percent and this return is decent in my opinion for a project that is in the top in the top 100 and with a fairly decent volume of daily transactions and live in the official block explained how their reward distribution system works both for the master nous and for the stay king they said that about the stay king there is a random system that has been compared such as a lottery which the number of touches of kids that it has would be the equivalent of a number lottery and that design reward system has many processes Random built-in for security reasons so it makes the calculations of the reward may be a bit difficult for example the master does not requires 10,000 touches of picks and should generate a reward approximately every 12 days but this may vary depending on the number of currently active masternaut and for the steak and the general rules that for every 1000 picks although as explained they are a little bit more than that you can expect a reward deal once every 30 days but since the process is completely random you can spend 15 days without a reward and then get for example two rewards in one day the next project is point x which offers a return on investment pretty interesting 25 to 40 percent and it's a project based on a retail focused point of sale system thinks they are like cards or credit card readers in the supermarket and that the native touch the ndp xc pays monthly dividends to holders and to obtain stay king rewards you have to save your tokens anywhere rc 20 wallet and the most common are my fair world and the extension of the meta wallet more than chrome's brave browser and even firefox and the rewards are deposited in the wallet automatically when you do the hall touch mpx s in addition to x's too has an airdrop of ex tokens every month as long as it maintains as I said its coins in that wallet rc vente you will be able to obtain monthly tokens of salaries so you are going to get 2% a month which is very good and here you go a representation of the monthly percentage that you are going to obtain from that drop during this year 2019 and the following year 2020 the next project is quantum youtube another good very popular project which is easily traded here we says the return on investment is 1 percent although on this page tells us that it really generates 5.54 percent per year which is nothing wrong also I have read that a minimum amount of 160 youtube or quantum is required and that the payment of the reward occurs every 121 days I will not enter details of how the stay king is made the cult quantum smoke since the process is somewhat complex and requires the hiring of amazon web services cloud space services for the stay who can also be done through the configuration of a node the next crypto currency is red coin which is a crypto currency that claims be the internet tip currency this is a crypt currency that has no transaction fee and I think your insight in my opinion could one day become reality in addition to making the red coin hall is quite simple and sure I have seen provides a good return and this is the reason why generally red coin is a crypto that is included in the lists of the best cryptocurrencies of prof steak for the stay king and to make the steak and all you have to do is download from this network wallet concord wait to sync then add a few coins from red coin inheritance and after a few hours the wallet will start to be the stay king but the main drawbacks with red coin is that sometimes this wallet can take hours to fully sync with the block change and that You must also keep it open constantly connected to the internet by what you should take this into account but and you decide to do the steak in you are going to get a decent return with little effort as we have seen about 5% annual and I also read here on their website that they have a partnership with a crypto coin called linda coin to be able to make the stay king of young red too from the mobile wallet ok continuing with this list the next I have selected is stratus strati is it is a writing in age who is also in the top 100 but has one of the highest returns low among the currencies that I have investigated and that we are seeing according to the ejido generally regenerates 0 12 percent per month and 11 45 percent yearly the project itself has good liquidity and a large user base but as I said, the low performance does not leave it among the best for income passive and with this stratus cryptocurrency let's say we have concluded in this list of clips tos that in my opinion are interesting for the stay king now we are going to see another list where the best kryptos are selected in it for the stay king first we have trump who currently generates a 7 annual percent is a crypt currency with excellent liquidity is easy to buy sell and most large exchanges are traded for do the steak in control in one of the ways is to create a wallet in this tron scan point or heretic website has just come here where it says sainz and you are going to click on import world and from here you will be able to create the wallet and then you are going to transfer all your trx here and inside of this wallet and an option called trump power where you basically go to freeze the amount you want of your tokens here where it says freeze you will freeze those amounts of trx that you have and you basically do this to vote among the 27 super representatives in the network who are the ones who create the new blocks and that they share the rewards with the voters the next cryptocurrency is nurse which is a project that is also in the top 100 by market capitalization and that as we see here generates an interesting 18 15% per year and for the stay king you simply have to download the official wallet the wallet with a minimum of 2000 knowles and then choose a node to join the stay kings after continuing with this list we have already seen youtube we have aviv in which it is another project interesting and vicent is a project of two chains or coins as a child with a child They pay you in gas and with a token and they pay you in Victor so right now this Viewer coin has a circulating supply of more than 100 billion although it does not say it here but it says it on its website that there are many currencies but that this is the question every day victor's tokens are burned so now you know that when you have a coin with a circulating supply extremely high you know that coins tend to be extremely cheap right now visor worth as you see here 0 0 0 0 79 a penny of dollars but you can come here to this explorer of victor's vicini tokens and we can see the tokens that have been transferred to this day and the tokens that have been burned also to this day and the thing is that it is Every day touches of bits are burning and the more those touches are being used the more they burn and the reason for this is because the people who are running master knows the beach and they get paid the 30 percent of Victor's transactions and the other 70% of those tokens are They burn and the stay king process is very simple, you just have to download the wallet and you will automatically generate the stay king the viewer and there is also another way that I do not recommend and that you can investigate what are the exchanges is that they pay you per viewer automatically when you leave your bet tokens in them well following the list below crypto currency is wave project that is very interesting and from which I am going to bring a video in the future with an extensive analysis of the project and I think they have a great future ahead wave allows anyone to create their own own tokens on the platform just with a couple of clicks in a very easy way and they also have their own decentralized exchange that allows you to exchange any of the tokens you have created on the platform together with other currencies like bitcoin and sirius it uses a system called list of stay that allows the holders of these tokens to rent their websites to ensure the network and earn rewards for doing it and the great thing about this method is that you can store your weiss touches safely in your wallet then lease las and get rewarded for doing so you can lease or rent your websites to a stay king pool that will pay you rewards weekly or monthly and that then you will be able to exchange those rewards in your exchange decentralized by other websites or by other touches on your currencies but for generate passive income from your weiss what you have to do is download and configure this wallet remember to do it from its official website after this you have to deposit tokens inside the wallet if you do not have tokens you can within the same wallet buy those tokens with American dollars and after funding the wallet you will have to look for one list of all nodes that are available for stay king within Wave's wallet and you have in the description of this video a link where you can find the list of those nodes or the mining pools of wave then inside the wallet you have several options but you have one option which is represented with a leasing l and here what you are going to do is to enter the amount of wave tokens you have or what you want to use for the stay king or for the lease which is like a rental or a lease of your tokens and once you enter the amount you will paste here in a container you are going to paste the address of that mining pool or that node that has previously selected and um and finally what you have to click it's the list it's that simple all you have to do now is wait for it your rewards are sent to you every week but you should keep in mind that while You will not be able to transfer your wave tokens at reins or rented tokens out of the wallet so if you want to move them to sell them you have to cancel the contract lease you created there is also another way to generate passive income with ways and it is running your own node within the network but for this you need to have a minimum of 1000 weiss which is approximately two thousand six hundred dollars but for those who do not have a quantity of a thousand waves the leasing your tokens is a practical and quite good option to generate passive income here tells you what generates a 2.9 percent return but this website tells us that actually the return on investment is 4.59 percent per annum well the following project on the list is cardano another excellent project to do this who but which I am not going to talk much about since the functionality of this and who will still not be fully operational until the shelly update is not released but is estimated to be due expect a return on investment below 4% per year we also have the arch unit crypt which claims to link blockchains shoot through that smart bridge technology let's say which is a system that acts as a smart contract to execute block change with very different protocols like bitcoin and Syrians they also use a legacy profess teide system just like the isc in which let's say you don't make the steak straight because your arx touches for that steak go away to be used to vote in 51 delegates who will then share their block rewards with your voters and here the average arc reward is around 10% and some of those delegates offer percentages of personal rewards between 90 to 100 percent and a system detail arc's voting system is that it only allows a single wallet to vote for a delegate at the same time and this they do to avoid centralization or let's say the voting system is played for example if you as a voter have 10,000 arc tokens that represents 10,000 voting powers but you can only vote for a single delegate and if you wanted for example to vote for 2 you would have to divide those tokens between two wallets and each one will have only the half the power of the vote of the first wallet as I said this is to avoid that whales are the ones with large holdings of arc tokens say they vote on a list of elected delegates and corrupt potentially the blockchain now we will see the next cryptome n of The list we have seen of believe in him I have om and segó I will not speak either much of it since the stay king function is not yet available and how to do it is not very clear also there is also little clarity about the return on investment of the stay king that they have estimated as you see here at 16% annual the next crypto currency we have seen dashni and bick's we have the list which is a blogging application platform that seeks to make the blogging technology is more accessible to the masses and basically focus in user experience and developer support klisk is a project that uses the java script to allow users to developers lets say easily create blogging applications on the chain of blocks and even implement its own side chain linked to the network of the isc also its network operates under the legacy profess teide consensus model that is a system in which the network is secured by elected delegates democratically therefore when you steak the list tokens what you do is accumulate votes for those delegates who are the ones who receive the rewards initially and in the entire network only the 101 delegates main are the only ones who can forge blocks in the network and that means that they receive all the rewards of the stay king but as the delegates they obtain their votes from the electors, that is, from those who stage their coins to get votes and then vote for them once they forge the blocks the representative distributes the rewards among voters and because it is largely up to the delegate to determine the rewards for stay king the list may vary between 6.25 percent to even 100 percent of the earnings of the delegate but my recommendation here is that as a list cupper delegate state which can be somewhat complicated, it is recommended that use the desktop wallet called the live hub from this your site website you have the link in the description of this video and I recommend that you read the specifications and features of this wallet for you to learn and learn to use it before jumping the isc stay king but to sum it up quickly here you can see that there is a tab inside the isc wallet in which you have a list of all the delegates available to vote including yourself or yourself can register to become a delegate now technically there is no minimum number of listing tokens required to participate in the stay king but a vote costs four touches of the isc so I recommend that you have at least 200 or preferably 500 ics tokens to be able to get a decent performance and at this point in the recording of the video the list token that is at 1 88 cents is this other crypto currency in the list the ok cash I will not consider it even though It has a 60 percent annual return but I do not consider it because it has very low liquidity and the difficulty of the network is very low so for me it has many red flags later we have we have already seen the mnav coin extra tease red coin and we have if serious for the broadcast stay king there are also some uncertainties and also according to the words of vitalic will require a minimum of 32 and first for the stay king then there is another cryptocurrency that does not is on this list but that I think is interesting to mention because of the ease to generate passive income with it that crypto currency is cute in being this is a to the coin of an exchange they pay you with the trading commissions that they generate what gives you good passive income that you have to leave your coins in the exchange or something that for me is a bit risky because the exchanges are hacked with some frequency but this depends on each person of course specifically this exchange takes 50 percent of the transaction fees charged each day and distributes them to the q coin token holders but here the difficult part is calculating the yield average since the amount of fees charged varies from day to day and the bonuses are assigned according to the amounts of tokens you have from cv coin however On this page you will be able to calculate the estimated return on investment for the specific token amounts something to mention is that many of these tokens that we have seen are available here on balance and if not you have a balance account there is a link in the description of this video so you can definitely use it costs you nothing but me you help me support this channel so you can open an account with them and buy these coins if you are interested in buying them well we finish to see the diversity of united crypto options available for the stay king which is among one of the three best methods to generate income liabilities with cryptocurrencies many of the currencies we have seen offer fairly solid returns for relatively low investments although of course if you do the stay king other coins you will get a higher performance some of them too in a slightly more complicated process but sometimes the interesting return of investment can justify the effort we also saw that some of these hawks are going to require you to keep your wallet open and connected to the internet 24/7 and others will not require it so you must decide which one is the most adapts to your preferences it is also difficult to classify which is the best cryptocurrency to make the stay king since beyond the return of investment there are many factors to consider when you decide to block amounts of specific tokens in exchange for a reward but in the end you should choose a project in which you believe enough I also know that there are other cryptocurrencies to make stay king in addition to the ones we have not seen but not I can cover all of them but tell me which one or which do you think in your experience is worth considering among those that I have not covered well and this It's all for this video I hope it has added value to what I ask of you that you like the video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already Done tell me also that he removed the coin is the one you like the most for the stay king as I said personally I make this content and deontology and if jazz is this one who is the one you have chosen again I give you thank you for watching this video until the end and we listened in the next bye

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