✅La CRIPTOMONEDA de PRIVACIDAD #1 – Dash vs Zcash vs Monero

Hello and welcome to this new video, I hope you are well wherever you are, My name is Miguel and in this video we are going to talk about cryptocurrencies from privacy, which arose from the suggestion of some of you in the comments. Before continuing it was to make a special mention of Matías and Jaime, two new followers of my Patreon. Many thanks to both of you for supporting the channel because your support pushes this channel to continue bringing content Also if you are an investor and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, leave it on like this video and don't forget to subscribe and give the bell notifications so you don't miss the next videos.

In this video we are going to talk specifically Zcash, Monero and Dash which are considered large crypto- privacy coins and we all know that having a certain level of privacy is important to us because if there was no privacy, the government would I would follow right behind every step we take for this reason I bring this video for us to see or find out which is the best fifth privacy coin and perhaps which is the best from an investment point of view among these three What is this? What is this street? It is a crypt open source currency to launch in January 2016 whose decentralization is still debatable being well chaste was designed to provide a high level of safety and privacy just like monero and the platform emerged from the mushroom project coin which aims to improve anonymity for bitcoin users and is built using the core code base of bitcoin when using It is known that the system is very similar to bitcoin and the main difference is that users can choose to encrypt or protect their information and it is attacked now supports transparent and shielded addresses so you can choose whether you want to send a set to cash publicly or privately it is chaste claims to have created a new type of distributed ledger called layer zero knowledge security this is a ledger that can be stacked over existing blockchain for improved functionality thus supporting semi-transparent transactions that can be used in financial markets where transactions allow the disclosure of information on selectively, for example, they may disclose the necessary data such as the date and time of a transaction for public jones blogs but does not disclose critical details such as the identity of the parties performing the transactions and amounts involved seta kasten in a total supply of 21 million coins just like bitcoin and their goal was to create a high in fungible whose idea is to make coins harder to track confusing trackers and the hope is trackers don't can distinguish the coins and identify the owners iceta almost monero use a deep work algorithm to verify and process transactions but they have a different system of how they work monero for example mixes your transaction data with others while attack and remove traces of that data but probably the biggest difference between monero and seta cache is intrinsic privacy seta cards no it is a private currency by default as soon as a miner finds or extracts a block of mushroom cash the first thing to do is before you can spend the block reward which is the sec coin must be sent to the private z address Another main difference is that you are getting carsten in a 2 megabyte fixed block size with 25 block mining interval minutes which equates to a block size of 8 mb while bitcoin has a block interval of 10 minutes this means that it is cash can process eight times more transactions per second than bitcoin which is approximately 56 transactions per second and another noteworthy point is which is an advantage over monero is that the transaction fees are noticeably lower it is almost has a relatively cheaper price than monero and its current market capitalization is 407 million dollars and ranks 27th by market capitalization according to coi market cap now let's see what monero is on the other hand monero is a unique vision in the world of cryptocurrencies because it offers a private digital currency that is secure and untraceable this coin is accessible to everyone and is open source allowing everyone to become their own bank and each user is the only one who controls and is responsible for their own funds this Private kryptonite has been in existence since 2014 and aims to be the digital medium of exchange with untraceable payments and transactions linkable and resistant to block change analysis this is achieved thanks to the propofol algorithm called kryptonite developed by the krypton project out does not use so-called ring signatures and hidden directions which are characteristics that create barriers to who intend to identify and track monero users due to their consensus mechanism is considered very secure and contains the highest degree of privacy among all cryptocurrencies the platform itself is code-based open and fully decentralized does not offer a central place for attack on Unlike other popular currencies the currency funds are not associated with your public address so if you share your public address with someone will not know how much money you have also monero is completely fungible because it is private by default that is to say that each unit of monero cannot be is censored by merchants only changes because there are no addresses associated with these transactions another great feature of monero is that it does not have a block size limit which can be increased on demand due to its dynamic block size that theoretically if the bandwidth allows you to process more than 1000 transactions per second with a modern hardware when we talk about your equipment it turns out that in reality it is a community project whose development is the result of work of a great team of among the best engineers and researchers in around the world of cryptocurrencies there are 30 top developers in the project but more than 500 have contributed to the development in addition to this the community is strong and all stakeholders can participate in the chat or forum channels and when a person is interested or about to use monero does not need to create a new address for each user for each payment due to hidden addresses instead you give the person you send the money your payment air which is a hexadecimal string with 64 characters that the trader or trader generally creates at random which is really useful to facilitate and expedite your transactions at the time of the recording this video the current market capitalization of currency is around 1.6 billion dollars and ranks 10th as the crypt a more expensive and popular privacy age in coin market cap now we will talk about das which is an open source digital unit capita and decentralized that was originally called dark coin and that was first forked from the light code with and this in turn from the bitcoin code in January of 2014 and like monero and seta cards uses a proof of work but the level or degree of privacy of dash is questionable and this is because uses a modified version called with join to perform private transactions through a process of mixing transactions and for anonymity these transactions require an activity in the chain is say they need other users who also want to make a transaction private to mix those transactions and make them hidden therefore it could it takes a long time before a dash transaction is completely anonymize some people have previously documented that Mixing times last a few hours for small quantities and up to days For larger quantities about your given consumables you have the option of make transparent transactions on the one hand but you also have options which are called private send when an individual uses the option of private delivery the origin of the coins is unknown which means that when using this option the project is fungible because no history of Past transactions can affect the importance of currencies in the future the decentralization of days is debatable because these transactions private are signed by masternaut and although at the time of this video you has around 5000 new masters on the net Master's degrees are not normally seen as a central aspect of this project but because there are so many of them it would be considered that this is a fortress for the argument of centralization of its network and although a thousand coins are required for a master note that at today's price is 103 thousand dollars which is a lot money but it would not be a barrier for a large entity or institution or also for a government so they can get some and compromise the privacy of your transactions so as I mentioned before there are disadvantages about the privacy features of dash which has been the subject of certain skepticism because the currency mixing strategy in transactions of private shipments only depends on how much liquidity or how many users of the network and there are also complaints that the coin mixing process is very slow however the computer points to a different direction are trying to reach mass adoption and is a currency that is being accepted by some legitimate merchants in various countries you can even get a Visa card through an android application shake pay and also visa and mastercard through a krypton heras start-up based in singapore called t in x which already has thousands of the beat 'cards active in approximately 130 countries which means this crypto currency is closer to mainstream than you could think like you are castes also has a block size of 2 megabytes with a block interval of 25 minutes which means they can process the same number of transactions per second that is being cash and since age creators have a long-term goal to scale and enrich mass adoption plan to increase block size to 400 megabytes and more at the moment the retail price is slightly for on top of monero with a current market capitalization of around 927 million US dollars and is ranked 16th by market capitalization according to cohen market cap then the question is which is the best crypto currency for investment these alternative currencies monero se se casitas could be great investment opportunities but in my opinion it is likely that only one of them is widely used Unlike two others it may be about to hit the mainstream because it is integrating with debit card services and providers and mastercard is also being used and accepted in many merchants in countries where money is not working and is experiencing large increases in inflation rates but the question you tried to address in this video is about which is the best privacy crypto currency that is, which is the best das private coin is probably the least private kryptonite but it is also the most common is it is almost a popular currency but not necessarily hidden completely your tracks and there are also rumors or allegations that it is a currency that gives access to government agencies however the team of development behind this street is dedicated to bringing this coin towards the mainstream monero is one of the best privacy coins because offers true anonymity that is, if you want to keep your transactions in private and hiding their tracks monero is definitely the kryptonite for you however although it is a cryptocurrency accepted on various dark websites as the most popular wall street market it is not advisable to use monero for forbidden and illegal ends in end lines privacy is a race of cats and mice and I want to highlight the argument of the person responsible for main maintenance of the monero riccardo spanic who said that the privacy is not a fixed static privacy is a moving target is a constant battle / cryptographers and hackers because the absolute privacy does not exist although monero is recommended as the currency test will be number one for most people that can change in the future because developments like bimbo wind bold from pilgrim or signatures of his honor for bitcoin in the future may make monero becomes obsolete or that gaps may be discovered in the monero that compromises the privacy of its users in fact there are allegations of that Monero's privacy was broken from 2014 to 2017 where there is a list up to 62% of monero block sion transactions during that time in which the privacy encryption was broken and although the monero developers fixed that bug that is considered something quite significant for a crypt humanity that is considered the leader in the privacy cryptocurrency group and although users should acknowledge these concerns that is a thing of the past and now in the present based on underlying technology adoption and ease of use monero It is the best choice for people looking for a privacy coin in the present but I remind you that these three privacy coins are different with bullock chains technology mechanisms and other different characteristics differ from each other giving a unique privacy feature to their holders so we come to the end let me know which written currency you prefer as privacy and investment currency in the comment section keep in mind that this video is completely informative so it I recommend that you do not take it as financial advice 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