✅ Top 10 CryptoCurrency other than BITCOIN By Market Cap

Hi guys, as I said, and in today's video I want 
to share with you guys top 10 cryptocurrency by   market cap other than Bitcoin we all have seen 
how cryptocurrencies are becoming popular and   how Bitcoin has exploded in its price point. And 
today we'll examine some of the most important   digital currencies other than Bitcoin. The first 
Bitcoin alternative on our list. aetherium is   a decentralized software platform that enables 
smart contracts and decentralized applications   to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, 
control, or interference from a third party.   The goal behind aetherium is to create a 
decentralized suite of financial products   that anyone in the world can have free access 
to, regardless of nationality, ethnicity,   or faith.

This aspect makes the implication 
for those in some countries more compelling   as those without state infrastructure, and state 
identifications can get access to bank account,   loans, insurance, or a variety of other financial 
products. aetherium that was launched in 2015   is currently the second largest digital currency 
by market cap after Bitcoin as of January 2021.   ethers market cap is roughly 19% of Bitcoin 
size number two light coin launched in 2011,   was among the first cryptocurrency to follow 
the footsteps of Bitcoin, and has often been   referred to as silver to Bitcoin school. It 
was created by Charlie Lee and MIT graduate   and former Google engineer Litecoin is based on 
an open source global payment network that is   not controlled by any central authority, and 
uses script as a proof of work, which can be   decoded with the help of CPUs of consumer grade. 
Although Litecoin is like Bitcoin in many ways,   it has a faster block generation rate, and hence 
offers a faster transaction confirmation time.   Other than developers there are a growing number 
of merchants who accept Litecoin as of January   2021, Litecoin, had a market cap of $10.1 billion 
and a poor token value of 153 point $88, making   it the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world. 
Number three, Cardinal cardano is a cryptocurrency   that was created with a research based approach by 
engineers, mathematicians and cryptography expert.   The project was co founded by Charles Hoskinson, 
one of the five initial founding members of   aetherium after having some disagreements with the 
direction if you were stating he left and later   helped to create Caetano gadon, who has always 
been dubbed as a period killer, as blockchain   is said to be capable of more why it has beaten 
aetherium to the proof of stake consensus model,   it still has a long way to go in terms of 
decentralized financial applications.

As of   January 2021, Ghana has a market capitalization 
of $9.8 billion, and the one Ada trade   for zero point $31 number four polka.polka.is, a 
unique proof of stake cryptocurrency that is aimed   at delivering interoperability between other 
blockchains its protocol is designed to connect   permissioned and permissionless blockchains as 
well as Oracle's to allow systems to work together   under one roof. polka dot score confident is it's 
really a chain that allows interoperability of   varying networks. It also allows for para chains, 
or parallel blockchains with their own native   tokens for specific use cases. polka dot was 
created by Gavin wood, another member of the core   founders of aetherium project, who had differing 
opinions on the project's future. As of January   22, anyone polka dot has a market capitalization 
of $11.2 billion, and one dog treats for 12   point $54 number 50.

Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash 
holds an important place in the history of old   coins because it is one of the most earliest and 
successful hard forks of the original Bitcoin. In   the cryptocurrency world a fork takes place as the 
result of debates and arguments between developers   and miners. Due to the centralized nature of 
digital currencies. wholesale changes to the   good underlying the token or coin at hand must be 
made due to general consensus. The mechanism for   this process varies according to the particular 
cryptocurrency the Bitcoin network has a limit   on the size of blocks.

One megabyte Bitcoin 
cash increases block size from one megabyte   to eight megabyte with the idea being that larger 
blocks can hold more transactions within them and   therefore the transaction speed would be increased 
as obtained During 2021, Bitcoin cash had a market   cap of $8.9 billion and valuable token of 513 
point $45. Number six stellar. stellar is an open   blockchain network designed to provide enterprise 
solutions by connecting financial institutions   for the purpose of large transactions, you will 
transactions between banks and investment firms   that typically would take several days. A number 
of intermediaries and cost a good deal of money   can now be done nearly instantaneously with 
no intermediaries and costs little to nothing   for those making the transaction.

While stellar 
has positioned itself as an enterprise blockchain   for the institution transaction, it is still 
an open blockchain that can be used by anyone.   The system allows for cross border 
transactions between any currencies.   stellar was founded by Jed a founding member of 
Ripple Labs and developer of the ripple protocol.   He eventually left his role with ripple and went 
on to co found the stellar Development Foundation.   stellar lumens have a market capitalization of 
$6.1 billion and are valued at zero point $27   as of January 2021.

Number seven chain link chain 
link is a decentralized Racal network that bridges   the gap between smart contracts like the ones 
on aetherium and data outside of it blockchains   themselves do not have the ability to connect 
to outside applications in the trusted manner.   chain links decentralized Oracle's allow smart 
contracts to communicate with outside data so   that the contracts can be executed based 
on the data that aetherium itself cannot   connect to as of January 2021, chain links market 
capitalization is $8.6 billion and one link is   valued at 21 point $33 number eight finance coin. 
It is a utility cryptocurrency that operates as   a payment method for the fees associated with 
trading on finance exchange.

Those who use the   token as a means of payment for the exchange can 
trade at a discount by Nance coins. blockchain   is also the platform that finances decentralized 
exchange operates on and the exchange is one of   the most widely used exchanges in the world. 
As of January 2021. Buy Nance has a $6.8   billion market cap with one bnb having a value 
of 44 point $26 number nine people EUR USD,   it was one of the first and most popular of a 
group of so called stable coins that aim to pay   fair market value to a currency or other external 
reference point in order to reduce volatility.   Because most digital currencies even major ones 
like Bitcoin have experienced frequent periods of   dramatic volatility deter and other stable coins 
attempt to smooth out price fluctuations in order   to attract users who may otherwise be cautious 
in January of 2021.

Tito was the third largest   cryptocurrency by market cap, with a total market 
cap of $24.4 billion and Ico token value of $1.   Number 10. One arrow, one arrow is a secure 
private and untraceable currency. This open   source cryptocurrency was launched in April 
2014, and soon garnered great interest among   the cryptographic community and enthusiast. The 
development of this cryptocurrency is completely   donation based and community driven. It has been 
linked to criminal operations around the world   as of January 2021, Mineiro, has a market 
cap of $2.8 billion and a poor token value   of 158 point $37. So that's all for now and these 
are my top 10 currencies by market cap other than   Bitcoin that you definitely need to check out. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it   helpful.

Also, don't forget to check the link 
in the description box to get more information.   Thank you so much for watching, and I shall see 
you guys in my next one till then take care bye.

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