✅ ¿Cómo Comprar BINANCE Coin (BNB) en 2021? **mejor sitio** ✅

very good to all and welcome so new video for the channel in this occasion I come to present a guide to how to buy dancers coin bnb la balance coin of late 6 because it has very good fundamentals can grow We are going to see them very much below because I'm going to teach you how to buy it and also super important information to when considering the purchase of this crypto way so don't problems and let's go with the information that I have precisely for here and leave a good line and then what are we seeing is going to be Part by part I will not take long, I will summarize but this is important for invest with common sense then We are seeing that the twitter has 3 millions of followers this is a lot and also see that an exchange has so much fame they have such an audience that it means one thing and that thing is that it's good really people trust that in this game change for me it is the best of the world and I'm going to teach it to you continuation because this that I am saying is totally true but three million followers is a lot and there are many well-known companies that do not reach not even a million followers and pages has three million there is a lot people who are aware of 66 Interested in what he sent by publishing by example to the day that I am taking this video May 1 as they are announcing the Netflix platform that is, many things and you can also permeate coins Well, from stay king you have a lot of crypto coins a lot of liquidity and obviously for me the one with the best team medium it takes time but it is that other 66 they do not answer you directly or delay very much ok then what else do we have over here well what also wanted explain a little the context in the day today I'm recording this video Well we have bands coin with 620 dollars is in the top 3 and only a few months that may go up even diaz well is much further down but is that the growth it has had has been almost exponential we have gone from worth about 40 dollars approximately that we are always between 30 to 40 dollars to a total of 620 dollars this is a lot and you are already seeing how good because the next step is to unseat that second position they carry so long choose a holding out we are with about 100 million that is we are quite close but we have to multiply by three roughly a little 3 with 3 3 with 4 multiplying is far above no I'm saying but to start achieve what would be the capitalization exile market if I get it I think it would be a great level crossing psychological by and unseat a coin that carries so many years in the top number 2 and you see that the bnb it is already going up well be careful careful but also decide a care because he is also talking very well even though it obviously takes a long time time stagnant because right now the growth in recent days has been pretty good so we also have here a little explanation of baines coin is a crypto currency of the exchange of finance also the good thing is that they have a stable and corinne that would be I saw her this a stable with is a currency that represents a dollar because a view is neither up nor down is always worth the same then if we look at the graph right now then obviously you are seeing that this is a [__] past the growth it has had and above all Well for me bnb is like buying one paine action has obviously not come out in the stock market you cannot buy shares but if you can buy subscribed coins and more envelopes for the price would be almost like buy a share and also babies can be used to make this who to press coins and also to paying trading commissions is cool and the truth is that it is appreciated because many times we have cryptocurrencies that they don't have any kind of utility ibm as it is one of those that apart from represent a project as well has utility within its own platform but good growth is quite good and there is very good talk about baby and I wouldn't be surprised to see the fence to close to 700 800 in the short term so here we also have this It is what I wanted to show that it is not inventing myself but it was sought in market cap that values ​​the customer satisfaction of the users all over the world as they are seeing that they put a 9 with 7 of valuation in this success that is, it is a lot because the next would be with you see pro and has an 8 with 9 if we are seeing that in pages they have 9 with 7 is who is that who are at the left of nothing, no, no, it's not that I was making that by volume much more or Sea has ten times more than with you see practically has much more liquidity has more weekly visits has a lot thing from many markets many hundreds ways that is right now of this top 10 we have gate point that is exceeding the total amount of cryptocurrencies because here we have 358 and here we have 613 but also keep the score of average and trading volume this is what interests us and above all also that it has more than 43 thousand 344 95-96 types of different currency equity to be able to buy crypto ways and these are good advantages than others James don't have or at least you can lock a little more then when do you want to invest in bnp and buy crypto ways that you know that you are investing also in what would be then the finance ecosystem and is in the number one as an exchange score so let's also see a moment what would be the twitter of the ceo that It would be the cct I've always said that I do not know the exact name because I do the They are old and well, they are also followers this is important to see that a exchange owner has so many and so many followers and so much impact in social networks as it is something to have in mind one hundred percent and always is saying that they are not financial but that you buy in the falls that this is going to keep going up etcetera etcetera se spend the day pulling pulling pulling information then we also have by here something else to inform ko that would be the cob we are going to do the shopping because yes no, what works and this information if later taught us how to buy crypto way then we get you have the link down here in the balance description do not go in good steps that you say no to buy here n what is more cheap no no and the guarantees because it is the place of the crypto way you gonna buy then in the safest place to buy it then we have registered we have verified the account no that will be buying cryptocurrencies and let's go to give to credit and debit card We could do it with a bank deposit and transfers epa but you already have a video on the channel how to do it like this that if you want to take a look you can go around but hey here what we will have to do is give the amount of fiat money that we want to buy for example if I want to buy twenty euros then we would put twenty euros we would give here the option of currency and inside here we would have to give it's really not very complicated but I want it necessary to explain a little crypt currency context because it was going up so much that there was behind pages well let's do right now we give the purchase to pm and we would give to buy from nd does not have much much complication we do not have to buy dating we won't do anything just is to buy that right now he would tell us the amount we are buying would be 0 with 0 379 neves with a commission of 40 cents from a total expenditure of 20 euros this would be the purchase process we would confirm they would take us a notification and our mobile with sms surely at least to me and already we will confirm the purchase and we would already have that many babies in our spot account and good for finish let's see a little shape super super summarized how are the graphics if we go right now in steels to these here because it is what I'm interested this would be daily graph we see that the balance sheet growth has been very very exponential because we are seeing that on March 14 it was kobe time when all fell the car pulse bit four thousand dollars also over there for those dates because obviously we are with 6 with 35 if you bought in this fall you have made a growth of almost 110 thousand or 110 thousand is a lot a lot of money and well obviously right now in market situation is as follows We see how the price has enough strength is starting to tighten this is what i could could start Let's see if we mark here right now this trend line we see growth is quite quite bullish has suspended fixes keeps going up loss of connections continues to rise Got fixes and keeps going up I have no doubt that baby is going to be one of those cryptome in which it always goes to maintain an upward trend despite that can go into corrections a little more aggressive like this that we had to dates of February 21 or so all this was time for a fall because well important at least up to here then we correct we go up we correct a little more but at the same time we are seeing how the price has desire to continue climbing like this with the family well we will leave the video here as always in this matter that you know in which also whoever subscribes 'kings' and if you want me to make videos buying other crypto ways you put it in the comments but it is that pod coin no could be missing in the channel one of those crypts than me on a personal level more money more capital and invested and that I think that in the long term one hundred percent no it will let us down this is not advice investment but urges attentive all the information that in pod go getting a single and everything and even soon chao [Music]

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