How about friends, how are you, I hope you have
or are having an excellent day in today's video, we will be looking at a platform to
claim data and strong for free while we work the tap to our ptc
short links automatic rhythms lottery tasks etc. as we see to be easy to do earn money if you
treat us and fast withdrawals and Paul says I remove coins because we should only see it right
now all we have to do is click on the link that I will leave you
in the description of the video and once you have Well, it will take you to place your
email against the sme because of where a little tired although
once you have completed your data you will be able to enter
directly and automatically well in the captcha put your email password
and you enter as you see here I have 1,400,000 0 , 3 a pardon data is the throne then that
proceeds tells me that a comic is equivalent to 0.82 then I have out a million satoshi
This would have to multiply by 15 and that will give me entered the city to claim I
must pause and since I get one you do not have a break pause because I am going to leave it in
the description of the video so that I can assume that also once you you are here you will have to give
a deposit and it will take you to what you are looking for includes theater and it will paste it here and now we will give it to withdraw as we see I have two points 60 634
truth once I give it now we will see it tells me that I was paid to this amount of doses one million
232 then here it should be if I am not wrong 4 and so on I will actually update exactly if trump is correct while
we work now you will say how I have achieved that because easy chili I am going to this part of
options and here I will be claiming 250 a thousand doses every minute soon what should I do is fill the captcha
I go 6 and it is one is but little moment collection peace I will be back in a minute rent penalty hand
150 times a day this had to multiply with and 250 we are going to make the charge ave 150 x 250 and they would not be giving 37 million coins
only in these claims it is true they are 150 on the day 150 minutes practically so I think you
can say we are going to be the best let's follow the list of the racetrack as you see every minute I will be
receiving them amount I will go to my house word and see that I have 250,000 and now here in this car
Fawcett is a form of automatic mining that you see will give me stability inside in exchange for this
energy let's look here so we knew nothing energy This energy will cause this to be undermined and now
we are checking it to see how much it takes away from us and how much it increases while we are going to
see through links which is what is a little more delinquent to generate but see the payment is very good also
says that in total it will not be giving 17 million 905 thousand factors as they see 400 were simply
paid I am going to upgrade from this textron to an automatic and we see paid for 100 of energy
they gave me I am going to let you continue working on this amount of that position to see how much
we can withdraw at the end and at the end and continue more 17 7 0 in this amount I do not believe it I think it is a
bad calculation which is very bad but they would be receiving that if I'm not mistaken and
if your feet of energy are going to go to a zoo to see how it works,
let them see for one, we will be declaiming 1,200,000 doses and 300 of energy, which would result in 450 times three like 172 but
1,750,000 real coins To go transforming the sector if only with energy or only
with energy we have two and evil and we continue with the links because it is a
little loving and difficult so we are going to wait and swallow the universities,
which is how most of them close old then always remember to advance in your
links in this case it redirects me to others if not you another and effective giving it to and advance it
redirects me to this platform is loading and if I am wrong mccann wish the captch
But there is no captcha, so the platform or this window is fully loaded,
as you can see, this little window is being filled here and now I am going to wait a moment for
the captcha to be accepted to proceed while I will not give it to continue because I will have
to do The same procedure, not in this case, I think that it will not verify me,
so I am going to press a little on it.

These are the hazards of the trade a little bit and every other publicity they
have and apart from that I can never even carry out march for the loading platform it seems I'm going to
wait a moment but so you can see this fake car we no longer have anything we receive all
the energy time day with forms I'm going to change captchas solutions but
here I'm going to update and see nothing we already made a million is true true Now we only need
reception 3 the links that we are delaying I am not going to publish the video and give it something
for you to see and really check how much it is. Advertising what a lie now if I can continue after the end and again
a short link more demanded effectively in the same way you have to wait for the seconds
the secrets and the seconds do not begin I recommend that you click on it
hawk and it will go down automatically see that you and redirect us effectively
I am going to update you give me word and 800 effectively and thus we are going to do it quickly
we are going to go to these instances and here it says to make a youtube video public and you will win
exactly a throne this 100,000 doses is equivalent to a take as good as 80 so
if you make a video like this, cope tooling completes what the center will be giving,
then we also have ptc in this case there are none and achievements in which we will receive
bonuses for doing jobs like these, we also have the lottery that is every week
and It grows hours there are not many playing and I do not think there are current funds so many tickets
so let's also go to publish Quote but this is for another type of opportunity or occasion since
you can also advertise a recharging bed but we are going to see once again how
important retirement is so once again I have these 300 but I am not going to do them but I can
send All these data and if I am going to send them they were sent correctly I will update
and there they saw nothing while I was working so this platform is very good to
work on drones to leave in return so I hope they will serve you do not forget
to subscribe to the channel of being active over there since there are quite a few
playlists about this world of crypto mongelós a huge greeting do not forget
to register so that every time I upload a new video until another opportunity
take advantage of it a huge greeting and see you later

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