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alright alright what's going on everybody I want to make sure that the sound is good so if you can hear me right now do me a favor and let me know that we're good and then I will start this thing on up how's everybody doing today market leader bull market Bitcoin break inevitable transition blockchain fiscal policy involves so this is your first time coming in congratulations baby everyday I break this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception team and then I jump on over to boss of bitcoin.com where we do have our free crypto trading communities you can jump on over there right now first one is the Facebook group type it in on Facebook hashtag one Bitcoin doors are always open and then we also have my Paige on trading that you can click that link right there on the website type my name in BD Kelly 1203 and that will take you to the charts that I post I'm actually going to be posting this chart to that tradingview paid so in order to see it after the video just go to the website click that link and you will be good to go so very interesting when you look at lights for in the long-term story with the Garden Center emergency technology Litecoin is always early discussion he described it as being essentially it's cheaper it's faster supposedly more stable and more accessible because the price you know is a fraction of bitcoin's price for a faster Network one of the other things I think of you Bitcoin does the number 7 coin in the world right now top 10 coin Real Deal money yeah 84 million Litecoin or ever right abundant you know everything were equal this would be 1/4 the price of Bitcoin or opportunity with those expected price levels being to serve as future levels of comparison so more of a 2019 when this thing was released today there are hundreds if not thousands of Humanity if you are not familiar with that concept then just look up Mike Maloney's hidden secrets of money and in the later episodes he actually talks about what and you know in the benefits of you know this inevitable transition is essentially a thousand years from was back to East and that will be big-time predicated on blockchain technology as you go back and look up these are the top 10 top 20 top 30 coins you'll see the East is indeed involved in this infrastructure and so it goes back to say against the day the market cap is a little bit over three and a half billion so you can see that's almost six to one solid five to one on the risk-reward ratio if in labor was a Bitcoin had a relative price of about 20,000 today Bitcoin is roughly half of that so if all things were even like when was building north of nine to ten million and billion we are considerably under that the point Deepika 2017 run when they said Litecoin hit like 375 just got kicked in his chest down 85% you know over the span of that two years right that is just a drop in the bucket and predicted overwhelming $600 by 2030 will drop as low as 50 critical future growth of that entity 2017 Litecoin announced the launch of segwit before I even conceived Bitcoins I know he had minors you know that remind like going to David you know the Genesis block was started but at the same time it was like a free launch you know to where it was even Equity you can get it is going to be launched this day just turn your mind is on to the script and start Mining and so it's it's a proof of the entire time right September during the decline this is what I want to do to get it to what can determine the future price of Litecoin does it stand a chance in early a day early days it was kind of the leader of its own technology but today it's a lot of competitors you know it's not just weak currency on the blockchain network you know a bigger coin used for industry utilities chain link you notice is already integrated into a major what does likewise job now I'm pretty sure is out there debitcard.com the point-of-sale debit card it's not like the early days early days of 2015 2016 2017 where LTC was at the Forefront but nonetheless they're still a top 10 coin you know holding their own here at 60 until now this is price prediction 2020 Litecoin price will be around 46 in a bit higher and 20 21 up to 67 we're already at 60 bus today play considerably underestimated I think maybe the growth of Bitcoins as you always have to remember Bitcoin is intrinsically pair to every blockchain technology ever been forever so when bitcoin price went up you notice last bounce right here that intrinsically push up the price like when it will cuz you can't go you know with your network to network and that's where that change of equity comes from and that's why you should always measure your wealth in relative terms of overtime by definition you get more Dallas as well so all my chart are tarded to bitcoin right and that's what this chart will be but I do a quick one at the end to bring it back to life coin for you and I wanted to get another side of the story and this is kind of the betchart was or that that article with Mormon optimistic view this is more of a pessimist faster version of Bitcoins you know essentially described as silver to big coins gold Facebook correct that talks about a little bit with regards to the doesn't really hold up to what it's said to what it's supposed to be doing right play Bitcoin 2.0 driven by the success of Bitcoin like when reached $360 but then you know like many other companies that crashed basically lost you know 2.8 billion dollars actually lost much more but managed to remain at 6 play some top most capitalized 15 20% 3.6 truth I think you know the major Partners have come into almost Rebrand the landscape to make Litecoin and its emerging Technologies IED lightning network stand out on their own right just talked about the technical differences I don't really get it that once Network and that's one of the things that you know can either be very good or very bad for Litecoin right talks about Digital Silver YouTube the original post the same week as you convert 20th right maybe a week past and if we look at the charts December 20th right at the top but that that basically was the beginning of the next cycle this guy said lightning in the morning copy of Bitcoin on sale Erie with that because while it is a copy of guilt for different purposes so yes technically it is happy but you know it's built to do a different things like you know different card you got a Ford F150 and then you have a Honda Civic you know they were both built of for different purposes even though they're both parties revised its objectives downwards and the goal has now difficulty need a companion you know who's no longer even involved from Financial standpoint have revised its objections right and so what does that mean I think that could potentially point to this right here and this actually happened in 2018 at the end of the Litecoin conference they announced or presented a partnership whether it be official or unofficial these people actually came on the stage and gave away in an offer up a plaque in them officially advocating for this agenda 2030 sustainable development goals and this was covered by Bitcoin then he has a video in this Reddit I'll throw in the wing for you guys in chat and I'll actually I also share it on the common so you can go back and see it partners of light Hornet is a national league technology in foundation in the Lakeland Foundation so I'm one of the things that this guy talks about cuz when you type in you know Litecoin United Nations nothing really comes up but if you dig on YouTube you can start Define actually was at that conference and that's ultimately describing all of the you know sdg Earth ambassadors all of their you know part of this great initiative Ryan and of course they had their memorabilia which cleverly and conveniently represents Athena Phoenix weather Bitcoin around neck standing in a pile for a Fiat money on fire right so our players in the world right this is not you know 7-Eleven convenience store Mom and Pops around the corner down the street these are you know essentially the movers and shakers and money makers for the world you know and like Wayne is integrated in that discussion right whether or not many people know about it I don't think a lot of people do know about it which is exactly why I did this so that you can be more informed and make a better educated.

On future Alex and it has been you know for quite some time now even if you wait for the intersection with the 77 / 231 you know you would have got it at a pretty good price if you're just trading on the boss method you know straight by itself and congratulations you bought back in right eye jumping this is what I really wanted to show you guys you have different levels built into this chart the energy right here where we more or less fell off the cliff that's where we're going to go I'd literally as simple as that Bambam and that's what you got notice that you do get confirmation at this Capstone Energy right there so it shows you that these levels are basically built into the chart and this is where Litecoin I will continue to break out overtime a given a healthy Bitcoin market right I think we'll probably get above this line right here right and that's how I going to be on or before February 12th that's when you will see Litecoin finally break above .07 Wright Satoshi all the way out have a very very healthy march-april and then met you can look to see Litecoin up you got about six weeks in between the time that we break 7,000 and the time that we consolidate down from 90 to write an essay built into the charts like a lot of times you know you can literally just do you know some of sine wave and that will show you again the exact same area that this energy is peeking out so what day is that that's going to be June 7th so may or I'm sorry I think this is one of the biggest coin on the blockchain that does have some major partner some major players a little bit of drama behind it but that's what makes it worth buying you know buy the rumor sell the news and so it's like if nobody's talking about a certain NC a certain product that's probably when you want to be looking at it in like I had to dig 2018 or like going to continue to be one of the top blockchain technology in the world to live leaving that don't know you go people let's jump in the chance real quick oh I wanted to publish this let me publish this you know jump them in the chat right now I'm going to post this chart on the tradingview page for everybody MangaHere that's posted live on again if you want to see it in addition to that everybody I do have some products and packages available for you the most popular right now it's a profit package top 7 coins to swing trade every seven days and that is definitely one of the most profitable or more popular options if you have more than $5,000 in the market and you want to get detailed analysis free inside sometime track package everyday profitable and prosperous in the marketplace right so that's always an option.

Com for more information and let's see what our people are saying if you're in the chat right now you can also do me a favor and check out your country very very shortly hit right LTD still not private that's correct but I don't think it's joke to be private right it feel to basically supplement the infrastructure of the blockchain and offer a faster quicker publicly identifiable transaction are built to be private he has XD because that's not what like when is built to do oh I didn't know this like when foundation and nonprofit associated with like when has a choir 10% of Germany's leg bank opening door for crypto to become a part of mainstream banking I did not know that so let's look that up real quick 30% 30% by crypto companies that 10% specifically but like on that would be crazy that that could happen you know cuz if you look at who's involved behind the scenes like Polonius is owned by Goldman Sachs Circle this thing right here which is only with the United Nations those crazy is like all this stuff is happening right now American use every day yes it is especially after you know a lot of the turbulent issues they've had with their society I know that's being like went down like Venezuela you don't have access to a stable currency amidst the hyperinflation that was going on with their own money it was crazy I found a work of the digital currency group good stuff Bitcoin Litecoin use fundamentally different algorithms correct correct correct are you going well guess what they got them crypto ATMs right there next to it you know so if I can come for apples you leave with oranges so there you go if you see in this after 2 live stream make sure to shout your country out or your city in the chat or in the comments section let me see if I could have chosen people look some love that went and did that on the last video what's going on preciation shout you out you know I appreciate it there you go man behind the scenes you know you got people you know the biggest is to definitely trade with the boss method you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin like a boss email laptop and learn how to make them real deal money in the market you know Landon has an equity in and and get involved in any way to get invested for this next big swing cycle I think that the spring of 2020 I will be the people that are investing

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