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Well guys from BlogAuto I'm Fabiano Mazzeo and today we are going to talk about the new Audi e-tron S and the Audi S Sportback that use three electric
motors two of which operate on the rear
axle in addition to the 4-wheel electric drive vehicles are equipped with
the torque vector electric with story distribution that activates the new Audi e-tron S and the Sportback offer
maximum performance for eight seconds 370 kgwatts of e973 milton power tokyo meter that is about 100 kgfm torque 0 to 100km takes 4.1 seconds acceleration
finish 210 km per hourly the new S
models have two electric motors on the rear
axle and one on the axle front making the first mass-produced electric cars and high voltage
battery electric motors have a gross capacity of 95 kilowatt-hour energy in which 91 percent are usable with the same battery charge the Audi e-tron S the Sportback reach
ranges of up to 360 km of 365 km
respectively in the wltp of autonomy to improve efficiency only the rear electric motors are engaged while Audi e-tron and the another S Sportback are operating in normal steering electric four-wheeler
is now enhanced with electric torque
vectoring each one of the rear electric motors sends the traction
history directly to the respective wheel
through a single speed transmission
and there is no and this is the
mechanic the big battery j attention guarantees
a distribution balance of axle
loads and is installed in a low position
comparable to the of the three electric
motors this decreases the car’s center of
gravity the direction progressive proportion
whose proportion becomes more and
more direct as the steering movement
increases emphasizes the sporting character
the selection system Audi drive select
offers seven perfect steering for example
it accesses the adaptive air suspension and can vary a level up to 76mm im and the electric
models are equipped with 20-inch wheels
as standard and come with tires 285 mm wide wheels of 21 and 22 inches are
functional fixed calipers with six pistons
are installed in the front above the large brake discs the brake
calipers are painted patterned black and features the s logo upon request they can be orange and decorated
with logo and the brakes activated
and regulated through a compact module that controls pressure build-up
electronically the wire and reinforcement electrically and triggers the hydraulically brakes an electric drive of the shaft drives the piston displacement in a snap the brake pads are in contact of total
depression with the discs after only 150
milliseconds we will the cars can be equipped with matrix led headlights as
an option each light is divided into 1.3
million pixels and can be controlled
with great precision the interior of the Audi e-tron aerial Sportback electrically
adjustable sport seats are designed in dark colors and seriously the
leather and alcantara upholstery has a
gear selector lever feature west stamped in germany the Audi e-tron S base price start 93,800 euros for the S, Sportback starting
price is 96,050 euros and here if the S and tron ​​models should arrive in
2021 well that's it guys from BlogAuto
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