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Well guys from BlogAuto I'm Fabiano Mazzeo let's talk now about the electrical concepts
of the Audi Q4 they are identical twins but in terms of shape each has its own unmistakable characteristics while the Audi Q4 e-tron concept together with the Q4 Sportback e-tron that brand is now
presenting the second model of the product
line that will enter in production in
2021 as a sub coupe the dimensions of the
two Q4 models only practically identical
with the external length of 4 meters
of 61 height of 1.60 the Sportback is a centimeter longer and flatter
the versions that four are identical in terms of width 1.90 and wheelbase 2.77 m the two electric motors mobilize the 225 Kwatt power car of the Q4 e-tron concepts system and four Sportback e-tron the train strength comes with
ultrasound on all four wheels thanks to the
excellent attraction the two Q4 versions accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers
per hour in just 6.3 seconds as the maximum speed is restricted to 180 km per hour is a large battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt-hour occupies almost the entire space of the lower body
between the axles autonomy of more
than 450 km according to with wltp standard Audi technology q4 e-tron concept is provided by modular mb
electrification platform that will be integrated
in numerous electric vehicles
produced in the future by the
volkswagen group since the compact class
up to the medical class and superior the
Audi quattro Sportback e-tron concept offers a future vision about what the seventh series production electric
vehicle will look like introduced in 2021 harem of the two e-tron Q4 concepts still wisdom and the electron s way through Sportback e-tron Sportback and in addition to the e-tron gt and the silhouette
of the sport brás leans down at the
rear with a curve subtle the transmissions
from the ceiling line on the columns
of significantly sloping ends a
horizontal airfoil at the level of the
lower edge of the glass as a result
the future Audi quattro Sportback
looks much more long that the brother the Q4 e-tron concept the wide impacting light strip of light that
connects the two light at the rear
end of the Audi q4 has been
incorporated to reflect a element of the Audi q4 e-tron concept or bumper diffuser projector with its horizontal blades the logo lighted in the middle
is an element common to both versions
when contemplating the Q4 in front of the single frame front grille with
the brand's logo four rings identifies the Q4 Sportback e-tron as the Audi and it
takes no more than two looks to see
that this is an electric brand as the first production of electric traction the
new concept vehicle it also presents a closed structured surface within a almost vertical octagonal frame in place of a
traditional grid of radiator with its dimensions the Audi quattro Sportback e-tron concept too assume in an
excellent position in the compact class its
space qualifies the sub electric with a wheelbase 2.67 and puts it
in a class above as I don't have a
transmission tunnel restricting the internal space what four Sportback e-tron concept offers amplitude and comfort mainly in terms of legroom in the front and even more so in the rear well it's this guys I hope you enjoyed this video of the
new concept from Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron that that will be produced is well that left some doubt only ask that we answer
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