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Harmony One Update. Let's get it in. So, today guys, we're going to take a look at the Harmony one knows Specifically, the price movement of one currency. we We'll take a look at some of the things we hope for It will give you a very good idea and indicator of fear and greed It depicts what is happening here with Harmony. One. We'll start on Take a look at the fear component index, Dominance, stock flow model, and each course The only important one. If you found this video helpful, guys Useful, press this like button. both of us Appreciates it and of course if you are new to The channel and you If you want to stay updated on all of that, Technical analysis, new cryptocurrencies, and chart Hidden Gems and News, So Why Not Get Shared Via: Subscribe, you will stay updated with an absolute sense Everything we do is here.

It's free. Will remain liquid Science. So why not Chris? Anything else you would like to add Before we jump down and really get started everything? Harmony one? Yes, I would just say, no Forget about, you can delegate your Harmony tokens to our site Bitcoin in a single poll you can do this with a cheeky indicator Easy, and we got video tutorials one day Channel if you are not sure how to delegate and publish media Bitcoin and all sorts of different cool things. Fabulous , is not it? With that, let's move to the bottom Harmony one is here and see what happens with it price. Let's do it. Wonderful guys, this one Index of fear and greed. We'll touch on briefly. Once again, we are in great fear. At least that's according Generalized cipher space.

It's hard to believe a movement Then you are in a very frightening situation when everything is about Green for a little while but nonetheless, we've moved on from rating ten Yesterday until today's rating. Therefore, in terms of Well, and still points to the maximum Over and over, I just want my mom. This Generalized completely outdated cipher space, you know, emotions. So, for all cryptocurrencies, everything from Bitcoin To, I don't know, I do or safe in the moon, you know, Something useless. In the end, you end up with a Generalized index of the components of fear such that it is 22. This does not mean that harmony is a scary thing Like this, and hopefully, you know, if I'm actually going to add it Harmony one to their platform soon so we can take the Bitcoin dominates in some details of how Harmony is involved one actually in terms of fear and greed, and Good, etc.

That would be some great insight. And we hope they come soon. So, for the time being, we are living in it . This is a fear and a sign of twenty-two and again, this It increases a little. We'll have to see if this Crypto Bitcoin is on the increase whether we'll get to a A milder level of fear and greed generally cross Cipher space. The other thing that I want to talk about is Before we get into the Harmony One diagram which is, you know, Full here. This has actually arrived at And thirty-nine dominance began a plus. For those who do not know. Looking It basically shows us how Bitcoin relates to Bitcoin's dominance And crypto space from a market value point of view. So, if we take all the money inside, keep going Currently part of it. Well, it really happened . So, all the money cryptocurrency was Then it started increasing from here. This actually transforms It tells us that money leaves alternative currencies faster than He left Bitcoin and this could basically mean that Alt Coin Money goes into Bitcoin or the money also leaves the interface Exactly what we saw and what The money leaves alternate currencies faster than You quit Bitcoin, but you've clearly seen this thing, Going down from forty-six to forty-three at the present time as More money is now flowing back into altcoins that The last correction.

Now why is this important? Well, we take Take a look at history here for a second. Actually this It shows us what happened to the previous uptrend. We see Bitcoin dominance is rapidly declining towards. So In this year you just went or not. We've actually had this rapid decline Thirty nine. So it's not much different, as you'd expect Spread and then we start to see that increase now Last year or so recent uptrend actually rose About and before before the correction Down to where we are now around forty-three. So A percentage that the date repeats itself here because we have Exactly the same scenario. Two percentage point difference But we're bouncing back to the top. I expect this The thing you basically know is that Bitcoin is increasingly dominant Climbing towards the level before we have a slight pull To go back to approx, then shoot again to approx. Okay, so I expect we're going to be totally fickle and have us Then once we have the dominance of Bitcoin here in Bitcoin and this is where I really expect altcoins to be Go to Para and Bitcoin dominance all the way towards .

So, if we just draw that where we are right now, then I do We expect this movement to happen like this here as we call it on Up then we slide, and this is where the old season takes place, where Players kicks. So, right now, in terms of We are looking for the bitcoin dominance point of view, and this It is exactly what happened last time. This is what goes on The market was where money moved around the market. has not been They changed even though we have more cryptocurrencies. right Now , In percentage points and may be slightly variable in That we have lost two percentage points difference Here.

Ultimately, the concept remains the same. Bitcoin's dominance will decline and decline rapidly during the That climax. Now, this is also confirmed when we look at Stock flow model in a few videos. We have talked about Now but in the end what we got there in the current session. This The special drop that we have here is somewhere in between The decline we saw in the June-July scenario. So, if we can Bring this back to the top and we take a look, this is The scenario here, right? This is that June.

OK. Until July is up here. This is the drop that we've seen in our inventory to go up The flow model is here. OK. So the last correction is that Kind of a hybrid between what happened in and also What happened here in terms In correction in was steep then we also fired It went to an all-time high again there is a opposite The drop was not as you know a maximum like and then we might be To set all time highs where we are at We got to the drop. It is a little deeper than Not as deep as hence we will obviously continue End of the year to go ahead and choose this one Stop-flow model. So for now, we're sort of following Same style, slightly differently Corrections and peaks, right? So, in the end, we still do Look for this thing in the direction of this kind of The K level of Bitcoin and you'll notice that this really leads to be near the end of the year beginning of next year.

This Again, this correction is basically something we've seen Previously in both cycles. They are just different degrees Correction and how deep it is. So what does all of this do Means? Well, we're starting to take a look at what's really going on With the Harmony one, then we get a little bit of a picture on how to This kind of fades together. So we have it now Can we see the fifth Elliott wave move to the upside, right? This Reality back in and this was the March crash, right? So in March, this was the first wave that triggered the first wave is Harmony is completed by August 10th then If that pushed us into the second wave of the second wave, was that A correction to the downside and this actually went to the extreme Down to the lowest level you know has been achieved at the end Dec.

Well, actually, you know, it kind of gets along with With October when they are on the same path however they are We'll use December as a template here for that at the end December which was the end of the second wave from there on Nice move we enjoyed recently Wave three this was actually, you know, completed The twenty-second of March and from there we will see now In the fourth wave, it is clear that the fourth wave is the correction wave The same that we saw from the crests of wave one to wave, Two. We are at the highs of the third wave to the lows of the fourth wave.

Now, that's interesting because in the end it could be Low and I'll figure that out quickly. I'm just going So down there. So here's the possible low point in my mind Opinion. It could be the height of the first wave as the fourth wave falls Deeper correction to the worst case scenario and you can see how Here is how the peak of the first wave also aligns with some There is also one in the early stages of Harmony. Now, we have a patch that pulls those off Something down towards this level here which will be at .. We haven't seen anything sharp like it yet.

That we have seen as deep as. Harmonize one but So there might be some accumulated interesting things Stages of accumulation that have not yet come if it is reduced We are needed. Nobody will know this for sure until we get A little bit into this bounce that we're currently in An experience but once we are wavy three to four we both were on You know, when. or. or. Wherever he finally resolves, he will change The height of the fifth wave. Now, the fifth wave is Roughly the dollar level but that might change that Things very much. If it's too low, it might mean This is because the fifth wave actually continues and extends much higher than What we are currently referring to. So you should be Completely. We are in this cancel five Move to the upside and we're only in the wave as a correction. So what if we gathered all this information together? what is it we've got? Well we have a pretty scary market because it is Newly woven narration. we Bitcoin dominance is repeating itself on the basis of the last run of the bull.

We also have Bitcoin's dominance diminishing We turn back once more and know we'll get to By aggregation its culmination is when Bitcoins' dominance declines to. We often know, you know, that the inventory model to be flushed is another type To repeat itself a little deeper however The patch we saw twice earlier, and we clearly are You know we haven't reached the top of the bullish rally We did in previous years, so we know we are Part of the way through this bull run. So, when we start to take a look At the five waves here for Elliott's theory, then we are Knowing we're going very steep uphill and drive We are still in this ball. So, when you do That things together, all of these things together, that is The healthy correction or to be sharp and fully compatible with the new in Individuals but when you start to search and group together From all the information we have around us, we know this Once the fourth path is complete, we'll be in that paragraph The stage of ecstasy is where we induce these vertebral movements the upside.

So, what I'm going to do is just drop this one In our daily life and what I will do is I will go It shows you guys one of the most important things in my opinion It should be where we see potential harmony Short term. OK. So, for now, we can We also see we have some interesting animations here. We have reached these impressive highs after correcting down Here and then obviously the big correction that we got Recently. Now, it is only important to know There are two reasons. The first thing is that we will need Fibonacci retracement tool and we'll put this here To indicate where things are likely to return to.

Right Now , When we mark this high point here, we can We got our first initial correction, which is this correction Here, right? So we have this initial correction and then the first correction To point out if I get my yellow box is we Try to get in and out. This region, this region here. Well, that was The main area we were looking forward to trying to get into Basically after this correction from the 18th high At the bottom of the nineteenth, then we're back again, right? But this time, we hardly reached. In fact, it was Rejected so early we came back down and what we did Do guys? We've already gone to another low. Well done Is what happens. Well, you will find this area here. You've got what Dismissed from this yellow square area then goes ahead Another low so that it is a lower low. Now, what you can do You can take our Fibonacci. We can go ahead and put it down Previous high point that would fail but was basically it Decline this and then put the low value down here And please.

This then gives us another realm we want to be To pay attention to and the and again guys, We are in it now. I'll zoom in and make This is a little bigger. Well, we've come to the inside of that yellow Another square yesterday. Ok, and we are rejected by him today. We found support here in this recoil area, District .. now, right now, we're on Close to. And today we were as high as I think today like And as you, but ultimately we need to move forward and we need to Good to close above that yellow square in order not to set Little. Well in the end, we're into the kind of really critical things that have been said . Well, today we need to move forward with And we need to close above 12.

Well, الحصول على الإغلاق فوق <UNK>. <UNK> سيكون Something very crucial is here for you to be able to push the Harmony one On the upside and making some cool highs, you know, the future. Failure to do so means that we will lay down Another low and it's going to be a lower trough, so it's going to be somewhere Being here again and again, it could be a series of movements This way until we get this near position above, where you set و<UNK>، والحق بمجرد ان نحصل سبق أن <UNK> ونحصل على That candle closed above it. This will tell us that we are in Reality we'll finish the correction and we'll go to It now continues to return to the upside and enter a state A healthy correction but until that happens, expect To find a lot of these types of corrections for the downside. So Once again we pay attention to our place Now what does that mean.

We can also look at some of them These other techniques to find out exactly what is going on Fitting for Harmony. One like the red indicator at about On the daily chart and if we take a look at this on the hourly chart And we can see that we've been way too high here and on us And a correction to fifty-two. We can also see that during We are working hard on the price here. The sizes are actually The increase tells us that there is a great deal of fear of In the end, it is this feeling that changes the narratives to a large extent Feelings in this area. This is the area where it is important You will likely place your orders then wait To see what happens.

Would you buy it back if he got what? Above that yellow square or are you actually going to buy it and who When are you setting those new lows? Now, a lot of Traders will pay attention to these key areas It is important to keep in mind what is happening in The space. So for now, we have a relatively high RSI About, we have a feeling in the market Seems, you know, very afraid instead of knowing, They buy, sell, and these sizes are increased And then when we go up the price, the volume goes down, so It is not the correct way around to move the price to positive. So, with all of that being said, you guys have to be on What happens in this space. It is not exactly an aspect A very bullish scenario as we are in a rut Now though the price has risen very well Some green candles. These are the rejection areas that we are Get rejected then we never end up dropping again A little less like a ball trap.

So, you know, in the end, you have to be mindful of what's going on in Space is short term and again, it's clearly a part of Bigger plan, we know we can actually Bull market and I'll quickly ramp that up again, we are See our five waves, right. We know we're heading straight Trending towards the dollar level and possibly higher depending on How steep the patch goes. We know there is a lot more Fearing the market. We know the dominance of Bitcoin is Repeats itself. We know that the bullish trend has not yet reached its peak, that is We know that we are expecting a correct fifth wave Now, we're short term. There is a lot of pain. over there Potential new lows that you may actually have to occur etc.

Go ahead and see the fifth wave so you can see The height of the bullishness and to be able to see Bitcoin Come down to a level Clearly to see the indicator of fear and greed moving from maximum Afraid of being too greedy but Chris, is there anything else Only what you want to add to Harmony you know, . We can see that through the Harmony One stage you know Posted by II guess that Elon Musk is And we clearly state, as you know, that his tweets appear more Positive for the past few hours and other news outlets, you are Find out, the narration is now positive. So yeah, A feeling that I imagine will change and I think there will be Do a little Fomo in points in the coming days, For weeks, they might even be cool, if you found this video helpful informations. Go ahead and hit this like button we. We both really appreciate it and of course if it was You are new to the channel and want to stay And yet with all of these, you know, new cryptocurrencies, The hidden gems, technical analysis, and news, then, why And we will not really become subscribed by subscribing to the channel? So, you will always be informed of absolutely everything.

it's a free. You will stay well informed. So why not? lhave And I did and out of the way. We hope you have it And guys have a wonderful day, and we'll catch you all in the next one. Yes, we take care of her..

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