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These three altcoins are ready to explode. Let's go inside. So folks, today we're going to take a look at different things. We're going to take a look at the three altos looking , as we mentioned earlier, ready to explode to the top. We'll also look at some coins that are really interesting news in the Elon Musk area. and about what's going on with Bitcoin and what exactly is going on with this recent crash in the crypto market. We 'll look at things like the index of fear and greed and the dominance of bitcoin as well as those three coins. In more detail, you will find out exactly what is going on in this area, if you find the video useful and informative do go ahead and hit the one Button likes, we both really appreciate it. and which of course stay good if you are new to the channel and cryptocurrencies to stay up to date take gems with you. Then why not consider subscribing to Become a Subscriber? You will be kept up to date, absolutely everything that is free. You will stay well informed , so why not right? Chris something else? You'd like to know, add before we jump down to the desktop and start a what's going on here with Elon Musk, the bitcoin speculation and you know some of those stupid updates that are suggested as well.

Yes, I mean, you honestly want to like for me. I don't even want to talk about Elon Musk stuff, but you just can't avoid it right now. It's just yes. It's one of those who let us know what you want from Elon Musk and his market manipulation single that you want to buy. Hand is stopped. The ball cycle in my opinion. Yes. Okay, get cool in the first piece of Chris so bitcoin drops after Elon Musk fueled speculation that Tesla's dump of its stocks are right, and this piece is anything like this mainstream media, so CNN, basically a spoken word of how the crypto market has collapsed and this kind of good stuff now when it comes to fear usually comments that you are buying that kind of fear, that you are buying that kind of news one suggested.

There are two. So there is the fear advantage of being out there and the fear is in a market like this the fear. If you want to buy this fear, you sell it, you get the opportunity, exactly what is so many people that this is happening to you. Take advantage of these advantages to rig over the hidden new discounts on bitcoin ethers and many of those altcoins, and what you are seeing here is that Teslas are actually looking for the energy credit business to do what they want. Use bitcoin since i think that taking it out of marketing articles, they will say that bitcoin is really bad. So we're going to look for bitcoin from their portfolio and not hold any bitcoin. You couldn't use Bitcoin because it's for the environment. That's the narrative that is being sold, straight, right, and ultimately that allows them to go into that. The energy loan market are and are really getting into that space, right because Tesla ultimately makes more money selling energy loans than you actually know.

If cars so you can see exactly what's right here is a strategy for Tesla itself, and they are only using Bitcoin to manipulate their way to make more profit for Tesla in the outside of cryptocurrencies. So , it doesn't really matter what you know Elon Musk is actually doing or what Tesla is doing. There is only one unfortunate single thing is you manipulate the space and this is kind of what when you get this kind of big, you know that company is involved or involved. Institutions in the crypto room You need them there because they bring the money. but they manipulate things. So they become a couple of this situation. pretty much. Wouldn't you say im Chris? Oh yeah, just like I think Tesla is going to sell their bitcoin. I don't think they will but I think it depends on how we are best are they going to make more money selling their bitcoin and you do you know it? Get into the business that they clearly after they managed to get it right so that they can keep their bitcoin, but they also get the business they are looking for and I think it depends on both of how the events unfold.

But with that, they said, you know. If Tesla sells its Bitcoin, it will be held by another institution that buys it. So I guess yes this is a moment to know the fear of buying that you know, compared to some other things you know where you should maybe be a bit more afraid of what is about the regulatory side of the Things and we don't see anyone this. So to me, yeah, it's like telling myself who's insignificant to the actual bigger picture, but you know that I know people will hate me for being the one , that's not necessarily so because he clearly doesn't have his story here. because of course we have. Bitcoin is going on, so Elon Musk cracked the Bitcoin price and right there radically upgraded the Doge coin to undoubtedly beat Bitcoin and basically become the currency of the earth. Well this is an old wound – act right. So he suggests increasing the block size. Ultimately, and you know the transaction has all of these costs, goodies and safe, but that is something that is known to be debated.

Bitcoin is way back and that's why I got a fork of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash. Right, these things already exist and all that, all that this type of comment has actually done is know the old sore where you know you have bitcoin cash is far from bitcoin, to be precise. If the doge coin gets these upgrades, is this the earth's currency say? Absolutely not that's just yet another tale from someone who knows the story or he knows the story and he deliberately opening this wound between bitcoin and bitcoin cash. so really interesting to know from what angle. The fact is that there is a strategy at the end of the day.

It's kind of comments are not just out of the cuff comments they are not necessarily surgical comments in my opinion that are in such a way deliberately manipulating your coins, money or ultimately in the sale of certain things and ultimately the doge coin only yes is. It's doge coin right. We don't want to talk too much about it, but it's not exactly the best coin of the last month out there, and even if there have been those upgrades, it just still doesn't really work. To be the currency of the earth, let's face it. There are plenty of other better-positioned alt- doin things than doin it, as we always say on this channel, a seedy coin. So it's just like that, and obviously you know that co-creator came out and said he didn't. He didn't even consider it . He made a coin to Doge for 2 hours whether that is the one that was joke or not I don't know but at the end of the day you know it doesn't have nothing really to offer and when you buy Doge coins, yes i would really do it.

Seriously drawn to be useful but anything else you want to add, bitcoin money bitcoin friend Chris You who they are, by and large bad , like you don't like me about all of these trash and the The reason for this is II. Now just don't think people should give Elon Musk the time of day to be open with you between them. It's market manipulation. However, think you are looking at yourself and I just don't agree with any of them about that stuff and I think for someone. That is seeing tweeting in such prominent positions that Elon Musk knows you know with lots of accomplishments and you can't take that away from the guy. but with great power comes responsibility and I just think it's sad that we see people retweet these things because ultimately you're just exacerbating the problem so you don't see like me.

Now you understand why yeah me have a lot of hate, but it's a strong word. A lot of hatred towards you know that, kind of situation set and and and people who do this. I think it's wrong and I think people lose money because of it and I get it to be invested in its part and package, but , you know, people should lose money for not doing their research have. The project you already know is of no use or you know what to expect. but if it's so unexpected, yes. I just don't like one. Yes. absolutely. So let's go Some of the technical stuff of what's going on in this room so bare that me, Chris, and I will be back with you in a moment. OK. Right folks, here is the index to fear and greed.

I'm not sure if you can really see this in detail. Let me see if I can expand on what this is just a little. So you get a little bigger picture. Yes. So ultimately folks, when it really comes down to having the fear and greed index here, it's actually right on a twenty-seven right now, so extreme fear that came up at twenty last week yesterday was obviously right in the green. There's a lot of greed out there and it's been an extremely greedy month. apparently so ultimately you do. You know, when you find yourself in a bull cycle and you start looking at the fear and greed index in the fear section. That is the fear possibility that is not selling, that you do not want that in order to necessarily sell in a bull market when there is a huge amount of fear it has. So you have to be very careful about what is taking care of you and it is definitely not the high point of the cop run and I'll get into why that is in a moment and what several reasons why and it is pretty clear when you know when you are right what to look for.

but if you look at that too, there are ingredients in it. You can easily see that decks are actually correct. . There is a lot of fear in this room and you have two options. You can either join this fear or three options. Just choose not to participate in any way, clench diamond hands, or you know this fear is right. can go three ways, and we often say that through this fear and that's why you buy the fear that you can see how .

There is fear for sale by people who just don't do general what's going on, and you can buy the coins here at a discount, a heavy discount or a discount. You can only crouch down when you don't have any disposable income to actually participate in the purchase, the fear scenario or of course the opportunity to participate in this fear and not necessarily know exactly what was going on during a bull market and what was for sale now, which would be a bad decision. So what are we going to do . So the dominance of Bitcoin came again. OK. So it worked again with Bitcoin price, you think, okay. has it lost dominance? No, because the old man. Even though I lost the dominance of Bitcoin , it actually stayed the same at forty. Okay, a dominance of 40%, Bitcoin is offered.

What's interesting about that is obviously we know the story in which Bitcoin is right here all the way. So the last bull run has us first and foremost on a line of thirty-seven. We had started some recovery, and then we're right here again at the high point of the bull run. Okay, so see 32 dominance on the Bitcoin now. If we look at our current position well, we're not there. We're at 40%, we haven't even got back to the first level of thirty-seven and we haven't , even is the top of the last bull run, which was obviously thirty-two. Regarding Bitcoin's dominance, you know the market is not really looking or you know we are in the middle of the bull run, but we haven't peaked yet. This is just another area where we really only have a natural withdrawal. So no, this is a standard fix out there, although apparently it is fueled. external factors like Elon Musk still fears these are the ones you'd buy because you're just not there, the ballroom peak goes, and again, if you look at the old coin, total market cap, without Bitcoin, you can that has one Withdrawal and will adjust including that you second target price before it really goes towards the full expansion of all coins.

So we know we're not at the height of the cop run and you know the other things guys. It should be borne in mind that there is the selling of the news scenario, buy the fear that you will sell the news as the mainstream join. The media are asking you to buy bitcoin. You know im where to sell. OK. So you're obviously looking at what's going on here with the total market cap you're looking at and what's going on with the bitcoin dominance, and then you look at the mainstream media and what are they telling you what 's the current narrative out there right now? It's fear and basically you buy that fear in a bull market.

When the mainstream media tell you that Bitcoin is going to zero. everyone knows. You know who doesn't really know what's going on the first time you looked in this room there. That's it, fear it's for sale. You buy this fear, but when that does the mainstream media tell you that it is $ 500,000 and you should buy bitcoin. It takes to know the currency of the earth. That's the news that you're selling, okay, because ultimately that's why the everything else around you, all connoisseurs, hypothetically liquidated their bitcoin.

Is that the way it works in the past? and so i always have , but i also use the technicians as good. We say okay. Where is the dominance? Where is the coin market capitalization? When you pair all three of these things? Can be found along with the narrative in the mainstream media. What Bitcoin Dominance Looks Like, And What The Alt Coin Market Cap Looks Like Like You Know It Is Time To And Now Is The Time To Buy, Not Sell.

So on note. Let's take a close look at these three altcoins so the first one we'll look at is this one. This is the V chain to the US DT. The daily chart are. I'm sorry, timetable and Binance is the data source. here and this is really interesting because obviously a high point down here. Just below our current prices of 15.3% , we had a wick pull down there, but it didn't last very long.

It got into an oversold situation and it has rebounded. On this table there is going to be a huge amount of room for growth so things are going to look very good here, very good for VA, and it looks like we're likely to turn it on pretty heavily and regain some of the soil index that has been lost since yesterday. It's really interesting how this thing explodes all the way back up and I think it's going to be interesting to see. Out here you can for the moment. Ultimately, we're back way below all of those who average correct, so we have the fifty to 100 to 200 moving averages way above the current price of that.

So we know that it is average, we have low relative strength . We also have a low volume. This thing is ready to move back up and it is going to take advantage of all that space this RSI has on the support line. We just need this volume really comes in where I think we will use on these projects. In the end you know. We've been starting a very pro V chain in the last few months, since we started watching Channel just fine in October, even since we first got into VA, even before we launched YouTube.

This thing has such great potential after all. It's still been surprised. It's not a top ten cryptocurrency. It's pretty volatile things out there since it's had corrections, but as far as concerns, this thing is absolutely prepared and going well . So if we just zoom in here we can see what was happening in relation to ours. Old coin lately we can actually see ourselves firmly between the 382 and the 50% retracement zone, and we now also have that moving average of fifty , at which we are bouncing back from yesterday. We're in today to see if we can put an end to this. I think we will and that will be a good indicator to say that fifty moving average seems like a good location for us that we ricochet off of and that will be a good place. Then to be in favor of that really moving when it comes to VA and ultimately this daily index has so much room to grow if this thing gets real. Walking has so much room there is growth. it won't stop for a while so the V chain that would definitely be one of the things to look out for and see one of those projects where if our bags weren't packaging that we would buy by the time you know that the lightning discount is this fear that this blood has been put up for sale, that spilled, so this will ultimately be a really interesting project to watch the next that we want to look at, one that went really incredibly well yesterday, of course be a harmony right.

So a harmony of different thoughts and had an absolute blast one day but obviously having Bitcoin that was different. Oh, Elon Musk had yesterday to get opinions on how the crypto market should go. So ultimately see the yesterday you know. Candle has actually gone all the way to this area and then obviously made this instant withdrawal. Elon Musk has to talk about how Tesla could drop bitcoin and drop all that nonsense, all of this fun. So at the moment we've had an interesting day when it comes to harmony one. in both directions all the way up. Dramatic, but actually, which means that we've had this explosive pull all the way right here and we'd do some of that strength index for that and ultimately have Bitcoin going a bit because of Elon Musk actually helping somehow One Harmony is here out there a bit because it gets things done and corrected and means that there is now more room for growing than before.

So the correction was a pretty steep one and we obviously have to do wicks all the way back onto the 50% area for. The 786 but right now we have to see how that works out, we are going back to above our 15.3 support line, we are going to the correction 782 and have seen all this good stuff so I'm going to take a look at this. This one seems very interesting because this one has so much movement and it wants to explode, it keeps coming back and pulls it back from several different elements. It's mostly Bitcoin and it's kind of a chase with what seems to be causing this to get this fight right all the time, but I think it's one. Will actually start decoupage because it tries so hard to consistently continue that push out. I mean how often we made videos.

It is ready to go. that it's going to break out soon and that's because of all the technical things they tell us that it's going to happen soon. but then something happens in the macros, something else in the cryptosphere that means that this outbreak did not occur yesterday. it really moved on and then it had this retreat because of everything Eon Musk was doing so this is one to watch out for. I think there will eventually come a moment when people will be, I do this manipulation over and over and get used to it .

You will be used to these swings where you will see 50% rise, 30% retreat, then 50% rise and go. I think people will start seeing you then , which I just won't do. I will not take part. I'm just going to huddle it up and at some point I will know that you will get to a more stable environment and where I think you with Ada actually , that they are so complete. Space Where it went on, you know an absolute terror, it went and is pushed up and exploded. While most will other altcoins that have actually fallen. This is what I think will happen with Harmony One when the holders of Harmony get one . It seems pretty frustrated that Bitcoin continues to manipulate all the volatile factors of the old coins today and I think it won't be the only project that does this, but this one definitely seems to be what technically tells me it really, really full and irritated when everything is ready.

And then something happens that prevents such a harmony. I think it will be one of those projects that you have to be absolutely categorical about because this one will surprise a lot, folks. it has such a potential and then the last guys who are really worth paying attention to again, what do of course go on, Ada, right. Ada had a fantastic run and it will hit some interesting highs at $ 2.47 as well. So we had I originally said that it would actually go on and take out. our target here and there actually. Go back and test it again and now hold it as a backup. Ultimately, seeing thoughts that would have happened if it hadn't been, seeing everything that happened in the room as it happened. doesn't seem to disappoint. now. We expect a retreat here after we wanted it to actually be a good area for support. Now we haven't seen that, but we actually saw that there is a good support area down here, which I assumed is actually going to trigger $ 2 and $ 6 a .

it didn't turn out. it actually got that going, $ 2. This area here is the area we'd like to think we're paying attention to now. So this is our support line. We have seen this twice and obviously we can now have upper resistance at $ 2 thirty-three so what we want to know is we want to fight our way up here now. But when it comes to that and try to continue her career at Ada. you already have to watch out for some of these lower timestamps.

So , we can see that the moving average of 100, in fact, we have that you know that there seems to be a good area of support for the fifty moving average just hovering up here. Now we want to be observed. The moving average is that the resistance will be , not resistance, and we'll see how that plays out in the hours to come. Now. That relative strength index would be in a really good position here, fifty, such big amounts yet to grow up here, and what we're trying to get guys to do is an urge up above $ 2.33. So we and we actually want to go back down and are now testing this area there again.

I don't think it will go up that will set a new all-time high. At this point I think we're probably falling short, probably what they have to say, and then that's what we actually want to test this area out as support once it works out and we got that as support for a new all time high . The Ada is definitely, definitely something that will slow this level down. Obviously the volumes here have been decreasing every hour and that's only because we've been starting to see these fixes since we were doing this all in full swing and hopefully we'll go back to this and we're going to start getting some.

Feeling in the market that is causing changes that will help make the price of Ada seem right . So right now we have three altcoins, and really attractive in terms of their back up positions, staying up to date with movements one way or another, we have AV chain that is already starting to see this reversal, and it want to get incredibly low We can assume the specs had a fantastic day yesterday and it will be incredibly frustrated to be consistently withdrawn. Below, through macro events like Elon Musk tweeting and ultimately a good support area, I think that this a decoupage, one and bitcoin and also everything Elon Musk does in my opinion will trigger that decoupage of bitcoin and altcoins because ultimately, if Bitcoin is the one that institutions manipulate then I think a lot of people will start to understand what is going on here and actually not participate with Bitcoin and just focus on that.

On these altcoins, watch this room. So yes his is, I think Chris, these are the three altcoins that have pretty good potential for the future. You seem too ready and prepared and ready for this blast in which to make a positive impact, but what do you think about it all? Yes as i think. Basically, you know this must be the right one to buy. I think these projects are going to be phenomenally good, the reason I think they are going to be doing because they are doing some great things in here is space and you. One could even argue that the executives, particularly what the technical side of things are sectors in which they are in the next crypto room.

So yeah for me, you know we're extremely bullish on these projects. I think there will be people who spend their time mainly because they worry that they don't understand the manipulation that is going on in space and I think that's a sad thing. So you know that people want to see our videos. You know we had had to warm up many over the past few years. Few weeks you don't know that affects me or you know that it is orthodox for me, but you know that it shows the feeling. That's the fear that's outside. are there because they did not understand and ultimately drive direction. The people who will do the best will be the people who take the opportunity. Buy the dips when they cost average and let you know I think this is okay. to be a crush. This is the way people are making the most of their money and I want to reassure people and so when we do videos like this, if it's the right thing, it's good when we say you shouldn't be buying. We position ourselves. We try to reassure people in the right way, but you know, when the time comes and we believe that it is , sell to sell.

Expect the video to say it is sold urgently. You know the kind of things that everyone says is the clickbait. You know when you see this from us, that ain't no hope that being a clickbait is going to be right. You should listen to what we absolutely guys are saying right now. If you found this video useful and informative. Perhaps it even becomes entertaining at times to press that similar button that we are about to press. I really want to appreciate and of course if you are new to channeling.

You want to know about all the new cryptocurrencies, these hidden gems, technical analysis and news. Then why not become a subscriber by becoming a subscriber? You will be absolutely informed with everything we do here. It's free. You will be kept up to date. So why not with that, Saed said, and out of the way we have a fantastic day guys and we will catch up with you all. This work or operate. Yes, take care of yourself..

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