⚠️XRP Ripple: Before The END Of The Year, We Will Witness XRP’s ALL-TIME High Because Of THIS!⚠️

Over the last couple of weeks, the 
cryptocurrency market has been soaring   to new heights. We have seen a majority 
of these digital currencies soaring for   the higher record. Although it didn't quite hit 
its all-time high in this bull run, one of the   currencies that has stood out is Ripple XRP.
If you have been here with us since the start   of this year, you will agree with me the crypto 
market, in general, has been a tricky spot for   both Ripple and XRP. But the most impressive thing 
here is the resilience that both have shown, even   with the SEC lawsuit breathing down their neck.
Therefore, the only way XRP has maintained the   limelight is through the continued sophisticated 
protocols they've been launching to attract   more investors.

And we can say, so far, XRP is 
doing such a great job restoring the dominance   of vastly underrepresented blockchain. With 
that said, let's roll that intro and get into   all the juicy details of today's video.
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out of the way, let's get started, shall we?  To get us started in today's video, we have this 
tweet from @RippleXrpie that says, "BOOOOOOOOOM!   Bank Alfalah and Lulu exchange enhance 
cross-border payment experience to Pakistan   through the RippleNet platform.

#XRP. Initiative 
a major boost to Pakistan payments corridor!"  If we follow up on that on Gulfnews.com, we 
can see that in a significant boost to the   Pakistan payments protocol, Lulu exchange, the 
leading financial services provider in the UAE,   has now entered into a strategic partnership 
with Bank Alfalah, a leading bank in Pakistan.   This partnership has been put in 
place to accelerate and scale the   cross-border remittance payments from the UAE 
to Pakistan through the RippleNet platform.  The payment integration by Bank Alfalah 
with RippleNet and its launch with Lulu   International Exchange is the first of 
its kind for Pakistan, which is the 6th   largest remittance-receiving country in the 
world and will benefit the Pakistani diaspora   in the UAE (15 percent of its population) by 
bringing in greater transparency and speed to   cross-border transactions. As per their expansion 
plans, this FinTech initiative by Bank Alfalah   will serve as a pilot for group rollout with 
sister concerns of Lulu Exchange in Bahrain,   Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Brooks Entwistle, Managing Director of RippleNet   in APAC and MENA, said, "We're excited to 
partner with Bank Alfalah and long-standing   customer Lulu International Exchange to bring 
faster, cheaper, and more efficient cross-border   payments to Pakistan.

As one of the largest 
remittance markets, it is a critical partnership   to bring more financial access and inclusion 
to the region. We look forward to continuing   our partnership with Bank Alfalah and broadening 
our reach into new markets in the coming year."  Next, we have this exciting tweet 
from @XRPcryptowolf that says,   "XRP Ledger Labs successfully registered with 
the Netherlands Central Bank so XUMM Wallet   can launch XRP/fiat trading."
Following up on that on U.Today,   we can see that, With its wallet XUMM, the XRPL 
Labs team will turn a new page in the story of   the attempts of cryptocurrency services to 
ensure regulatory compliance. According to   the official statement shared by the team of 
XRP Ledger Labs, a development studio that   develops solutions for XRPL and XRP tokens, its 
legal entity ("The Integrators") is successfully   registered with the Dutch Central Bank.
As such, the core Dutch financial regulator   confirmed that XRPL Labs' activity is 
fully compliant with all regulations   in the sphere of crypto-to-fiat trading.

has become one of the first regulatory-compliant   noncustodial crypto services. With DNB approval, 
it is going to implement XRP/fiat conversion.  Seasoned developer Wietse Wind, founder of XRPL 
Labs, stresses the importance of this announcement   for both his product and the entire ecosystem of 
XRPL-centric instruments: "This regulatory status   is another positive next step in developing our 
product, the XUMM-app, and XUMM/XRPL ecosystem.   With this registration, we will soon be 
able to add fiat on-ramp & off-ramp to XUMM,   initially only for our Dutch users, but in time we 
want to roll out this functionality more widely.   XRPL Labs remains committed to developing the 
XUMM-app to make the functionalities on the   XRP ledger available for daily use."
Now, as we wind up on today's video,   we have yet another tweet from @RippleXrpie 
that says, "XRP will melt faces."  The Securities and Exchange Commission's 
case against Ripple is drawing to a close.   With XRP's largest public holder 
under investigation by the SEC,   institutional investors have not made big moves 
in the altcoin since December 2020.

However,   it is interesting to note that the 
number of active XRP wallet addresses   has increased by over 200% in the past three 
months. Retail traders are adopting XRP despite   recent delisting across several spot exchanges; 
this is bullish for XRP price in the long term.  The current market consensus is that Ripple 
is trending in a good direction. XRP's purpose   is to serve as an intermediate mechanism of 
exchange between two currencies or networks. Its   transactions are both cheaper and much faster than 
Bitcoin. The XRP bull run is underway, and it will   leave many who doubted in shock and disbelief.
I know most of you are already getting impatient,   but as the good ol' saying goes, good things take 
time. While the prices of XRP have surged in 2021,   we have not yet reached the heights from 
2017. We have seen many cryptos get to their   new all-time highs this year, for instance, 
Ethereum, a feat that XRP has not yet performed.   Many believe that in the remaining time before 
the end of the year, we could actually witness   XRP's all-time high. So, this is the time 
to hold on to that bag a little tighter as   we wait for the timing to be correct.

All in 
all, let’s take a look at the XRP chart first.  XRP isn't as clear as the last 2 but if a drop 
was to start from the levels BTC & ETH are at   this is where XRP should follow suit.
A retest of the smaller fibonacci's   78.6% retracement around $1.29 – 30 would 
be where I will take another sell position.  Any closes above $1.30 – $1.41 
we can likely see $1.70 again.  Anything above $1.70 we can easily and 
quickly see the ATH retested at $3.30  The Daily timeframe is the one to watch on XRP 
to see if we retest that 78.6% retracement.  Now we are looking at daily BTC chart. Since 
the CPI report earlier in the previous week,   Bitcoin has printed an outside bar 
which also established a FAILED high   or fake out pattern off of a projected resistance 
area where probability favored such a scenario.   This price action has also printed a bearish 
pin bar on the weekly chart. What does all   this mean for price in the coming week?
Watch the 62K level. IF Bitcoin takes it out,   it will confirm the weekly bearish pin bar 
and broad failed high formation.

This is not   to be confused with a trend reversal or "bear 
market" but it does point to a good possibility   of Bitcoin revisiting the 57K support.
The 57K support (small blue box) is a high   probability location for a bullish reversal 
to develop. This is where a potential swing   trade that offers attractive reward/risk can 
unfold. This requires price action confirmation   and defined risk before taking any action.
What I just described is an ideal scenario.   The market can do whatever it wants and we 
must always be open to infinite possibilities.   Which means it is also possible for price to 
maintain the 62K level, and establish a higher   low in which case a retest of the 67K becomes 
more likely.

As always trade safely guys!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. Tell 
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