hello gurus and welcome to another episode i hope 
you're having a beautiful day night wherever you   are in the world we're going to look at bitcoin 
predict where it's going to go we're going to   look at ethereum predict where it's going 
to go big congratulations if you followed   my videos earlier today on dogecoin we're up 
32 in one day if you went leverage long that   was massive gains which is beautiful i got the 
new apple watch today which i'm very proud about   and it's cool you can see the doge price point 
like the the the prices of kryptos just on your   it's awesome i highly recommend the apple 
watch beautiful beautiful watch let's jump   into the charts for bitcoin now everything you're 
going to see here you can learn to do with my 4   500 other students in the cryptocurrency 
master course down below hit the subscribe   button the bell the thumbs up button smash the 
thumbs up button and in my opinion bitcoin is   making a very big decision right now you 
could open actually pretty safe long just   to see what it actually does let's 
jump into the charts for bitcoin now and we're in this and right now doge up 35 
everyone huge gains if you followed my my tweets   and my buy orders this morning up 35 in one day 
which is beautiful crv up a lot one up ten percent   sold this um bit which i've been buying a 
lot of is up the buy bit token it's up a   lot b and b up 8.7 which is beautiful we're 
going to look at first bitcoin then ethereum   so bitcoin is making right now a huge um big 
decision we've been going up in this bull   flag in my opinion bitcoin is about to make a 
mega run this is the bull flag this is the flag   and the target is going to be this eighty thousand 
dollars we have a target for bitcoin of 80 to 81   000 on this run bitcoin is getting ready for one 
mega epic run in my opinion um the rsi and the   stochastic on the four hourly oversold heading up 
with volume so i'm i'm expecting a big breakout   right now and it's right on that decision 
if you zoom into the bull flag this one here   this is the flag it builds pressure bounces 
between this channeling and then it's trying   to break out right now here is the big moment 
if we can break out then we're going to 81 000   if we get rejected then again we're going to come 
back down to this 57 000 and i'm going to show you   where to open a trade on bitcoin later we've got 
also right at this point we have the most amount   of buying and selling on the vp vr we've got 35 
000 bitcoin being bought 34 000 bitcoin being sold   and 69 000 bitcoin of volume at this line so 
we're at a big decision point for bitcoin in   my opinion it's about to break it why the rsi 
and the stochastic are heading up very strongly   on the four hourly bitcoin is about to go to 
81 000 i will be opening along at this point   when we zoom in on hourly you can see the rsi and 
the stochastic overbought but turning to head up   more we're above the ema ribbons the ema ribbons 
are trying to turn right now the ema ribbons are   trying to turn and the vpvr the biggest amount of 
buying selling volume is at the 59 000 so we have   really big support at that point so it's a good 
risk to reward ratio trade i'm going to show you   how to open that trade in a minute but the target 
will be this 81 000 target for bitcoin up here   81 000 when it breaks out and it's gonna make 
this decision in the next few hours we're either   going to get rejected right here at this 61 232 
exactly like i predicted from my earlier video   either going to get rejected and come back down to 
the 59 000 bounce and then head up or we're gonna   break through here with a lot of force and go up 
to the 81 000 and that's what i think is about to   happen we're building a lot of pressure on the 
15 minutes it's you can see that the pressure   is building here the rsi and the stochastic 
on the 50.

It's going to happen intimately   everyone in my opinion bitcoin is about to break 
out on the rsi and the stochastic on the 15 minute   they turned up very strongly to head up we've 
got a lot of volume bitcoin is about to have   one massive breakout i'm going to make this video 
very quick and post it because this is very urgent   i'm going to show you how i would open the trade 
without much risk there's also a little bit of a   bull flag here on this descending wedge i'm going 
to draw that in as well and that gives us another   bullish kind of indicator bitcoin is in my opinion 
about to have a massive massive breakout here   if this plays out if it can break through this 
resistance this is going to be a huge breakout   for bitcoin that takes us to 81 000.

is very urgent this is the bull flag that's   forming on this time frame as well so bitcoin is 
really about to make some mega run even on the   50 on every single time frame the distance that 
we're going to break out will be this one here   and that's going to look at that it lines up with 
the 63 000 target bitcoin is imminently about to   break out everyone if it doesn't get rejected here 
it's going for a huge run um i'm going to show you   some of the trades that i've made earlier today 
this is some of my students trades from just today   this student got up seven 644 dollars in adam 11 
000 in bitcoin 656 dollars in ethereum and this   was his quote james's guidance helped me crushing 
some trades over october big congratulations to   crypto guy amazing gains this student of mine up 
three hundred and seventy thousand dollars around   three hundred and seventy thousand this student 
of mine mario who's one of my team members up   four hundred and twenty percent even my staff are 
making mega gains um you are awesome we'll all   appreciate sharing amazing insight in the crypto 
market i saw your post and went longer doge up 50   already which is beautiful 50 everyone people 
the best traders in the world get seven percent   a year we do thousands of percent per day on 
this group and in our discord i'm following   your trade since a couple of weeks and made 
more money under your wings especially crv   which is beautiful now this someone created this 
image which is nice how did james know i was gonna   tweet um i got the new apple watch today which is 
just freaking cool this this is just some comments   from my earlier video today um doge man i made 
eighteen thousand dollars brilliant thank you   your predictions make me to hold my dirt since 
you have been calling congratulations everyone   um i saw this post and went long under dirt up 50 
on already your dta is on paper point making us   rich which is beautiful this two this was in our 
discord channel i have a discord with 5 000 people   in there you can join make sure you watch through 
to the end because i'm going to show you exactly   how to open the trade on bitcoin [ __ ] yes oh i 
don't know if i can swear on youtube i transferred   gains from doge to ada and got even more of a pump 
i've never made so much effort money in my life   which is beautiful i was just giving some guidance 
to the people inside the chat room you're the best   on youtube thank you for this video these are just 
comments from just today also watching learning   gaining dollars dollars dollars i really like the 
discord all from today just some of the comments   and just mega gains from my students which is 
beautiful if you want to trade bitcoin if you want   to open the trade like i'm going to show you down 
in the description and pink if you click the join   button on your phone underneath this video on your 
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pink comment so this is how and i'll show you this   is the discord server we have there's more than 5 
000 members in there now um not 404 459 and more   than 500 online they're all talking and trading 
together which is beautiful this was my trades   one more than one week ago on crv at 2.80 that 
made a lot of gains for a lot of students now   i'm going to show you how i would open the long 
and these are the trades that i have right now   open on buybit i've got this trade from this 
morning on bnb up 3421.70 in one day this trade   from this morning on doj up 7 543 390 in one day 
this trade on dydx from this morning also 254.29   which is beautiful ethereum is still slightly 
in the negative but it is coming back strongly   only negative 550 at one point it was negative 
three thousand dollars if you guys remember   i also have a lot of spot positions on different 
exchanges on this big on this finance exchange   i've got eighty thousand dollars and i've got 
a lot of spot of b b radium engine token crv   um and this is how i'm going to go along how i 
would go long on bitcoin with little bit risk   very little risk and a lot of potential reward i 
would open along on bitcoin exactly where we're   sitting actually right now because if bitcoin it's 
either two things are going to happen we're going   to get rejected here and we're going to come back 
down and come back to 59 000 then bounce and head   up or we're gonna break out at this point and i'm 
leaning towards breaking out towards that 81 000   run so i can open a very short a very amazing 
trade here with very little risk because i can   make it if bitcoin doesn't break out here then my 
trade just closes with a very little loss i would   set my stop loss just below here i would take 
very little risk i would only reach 741 dollars   but my potential gain will be all the 
way up at this 81 000 target so my risk   to reward ratio is amazing let me put where 
i'm going to put the the target of this trade   it'll be 81 000 all the way up here so i've 
got a risk to reward ratio of 35 point oh sorry   25.73 risk to reward ratio 25.73 risk to award 
ratio i risk 741 dollars to make a potential   19 thousand dollars i raised 700 dollars to make 
19 000 on unleveraged if i use 10x leverage that's   190 000 if i use 100x leverage which i can because 
it's a very i've got a very tight stop loss   that would be 1.9 million dollar trade and 
that's what my target will be when i open   this long and i'm going to do it right after 
this video i'm going to go along on bitcoin here   um which is beautiful and everything you're 
seeing here you just i'm doing it all from   my phone i'm even recording these videos from my 
phone now i'm going to show you ethereum and i'm   going big congratulations i'm going to show you my 
targets for doge and congratulations again anyone   that brought doge this morning mega gains all 
around um so my targets this is my in my opinion   ethereum is also about to go on a mega run engine 
if you bought engine with me just a few days ago   engine look at that the trade is already in the 
positive the target for engine is 3.40 one of   my favorite alts big congratulations anyone that 
bought that i think we're buying it at a dollar   eighty we're already up a lot um and ethereum 
is getting ready for a huge run everyone look   at this on the on the hourly the the four hourly 
a w a giant w has formed and we're trying to break   the neckline right now but it's already bounced 
out of this symmetrical wedge that i talked about   bounced off and heading up with volume the rsi 
and the stochastic oversold heading up ethereum   is about to go on one epic run everyone pay 
attention the targets for ethereum are freaking   huge these are the targets i have for ethereum 
this giant symmetrical wedge this is the triangle   symmetrical wedge breeds pressure builds pressure 
explodes through the direction of the trend to the   base of the wedge my god this is a big i'm talking 
like a lot of energy so we're going this distance   here on ethereum everyone and that distance is 
going to take us on a huge epic run to the 678 seven 6700 and seventy eight dollars and i would 
open the same trade right now that i'm talking   about on on bitcoin i would open it with very 
little risk and huge potential reward the trade   i would open on ethereum which i already have 
open actually i've already got those trades   and there's multiple indicators that ethereum 
is about to go running i would open the trade   right now i would go long at this point because 
i see a big breakout is about to occur i will   put my stop loss just below this symmetrical 
wedge so i risk 400 and i risk nine percent   and my target for this trade is six thousand seven 
hundred and seventy eight so i risk nine percent   to make fifty eight percent a five point nine 
two ratio trade that means if i put a thousand   dollars i'll make six i risk a thousand dollars to 
make six uh six thousand dollars i risk a thousand   dollars to make it with a thousand dollars i risk 
a thousand dollars to make six thousand dollars   with ten thousand dollars i risk ten thousand 
dollars to make sixty thousand dollars and that's   without leverage so if i if i do 10x that'll 
be 600 000 of profits if i do 100x that would   be 6 million dollars of profit so there's 
the ethereum trade is very very potentially   a huge breakout trade that's about to occur and 
again on doge as well big congratulations up 36   percent today which is beautiful look at that 
candle and if you actually followed my live   trades i called it here i called doge right here 
i'm going to show you that i did it this morning   at 5 00 a.m before any before doge even started to 
run i made the call about doge i'll show you that   tweet that i tweeted and i posted in the chat 
room it was here um if this was in the morning   earlier this morning if you're holding 
doujin crying or soloing doge for sheba   you're making a mistake doge is going to mars then 
24 minutes later doj went up a hundred percent   and in my opinion doji is about to go on a mega 
epic run this is just beginning for dojo ron   these are the targets if you zoom out this is 
my targets for doge if you're selling your doge   here you're making a mistake these are this 
is just beginning this is my target for doge   78 cents everyone the first huge resistance 
that i'm predicting doge goes to is 78 cents   why we have a giant descending wedge here this 
triangle here builds pressure builds pressure and   it broke out already and it breaks through the 
direction of the trend to the base of the wedge   that gives us a 78 cent trade and again big 
congratulations to all of you my students are   making just millions of dollars today i made a 
bunch of millionaires again i've made hundreds   of millionaires join my students i'm already 
retired i'm doing this because i want financial   abundance for all you can all do this from your 
phone you can all do this from your phone everyone   if you've been if you're on the sidelines go 
back to my videos one and a half years ago   on this channel i was telling everyone to buy 
bitcoin at nine thousand dollars i was telling   everyone to buy ethereum at 400 on these videos 
you can just go back to the beginning of this   channel i was telling everyone about tesla 
at 200 at the beginning of this channel one   year ago i was telling everyone on february to 
buy a doge at 3 cents we are now at 33 cents congratulations to all of you thank you for 
watching make sure you use that by bit link   down below i want us all trading on by 
bit all as a team so we can become the   best trading group in the world i want to be 
ranked as the best trading group in the world   my that way i get fame i get millions of people 
into this and i want to do financial abundance   for all hit the subscribe button the bell the 
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up if i've helped you make money if you make   gains from me share this video with everyone 
you know and tell them to follow my channel   thank you for watching this is james from 
stocker and i'll see you all again tomorrow

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