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review analysis cryptocurrency forecast for the next negative day in the crypto market with coins, everything is fine with us, everything is stable, as they say, we fly down steadily by more than 20 percent in minus, the only coin we have here is wobbling is a common feast that gave a positive indicator as for the ball flanks stupidly bitcoin, but over the past 24 hours this indicator has practically not changed, plus minus 3 percent on litecoin, more than 13 percent dropped the lange mines dropped a little less than 6 half percent minus are in no hurry to fly into the ball, but they are also afraid to keep the lange and they drop it on ethereum. us plus 480 7 percent of the flanks of the ball you also have a large indicator but lag behind quite decent percentages, so only 150 percent of the varieties look like this on the graph, someone well decided to lang to eat ethereum, but at the same time someone decided to usher drown and the film will see which of this battle will be the winner, so to speak, but the lange becomes more groove ku also we have and the growth of both longs and varieties at the same time everyone decided to trade on the market and fly in both directions, it is natural to earn everything and they will be able to and some of them will unwind along rip la langue, but they do not touch the shorts in the last 24 hours.

Percent only yesterday I wondered why there is so little fear in the market and here you are again, extreme fear and the number 1 of the smallest only ten, this repeats the result of May 30, which is the greatest fear for the last at least a year, and if you look at a longer time period, then from March 14 we did not have such fear only on March 14, we had more fear on March 14 of the previous year 20 against this background 207 thousand traders received liquidation in just 24 hours most of them are natural anges you got four hundred and fifteen million dollars a loss recently stable with us eliminating some lange, it would be time to take away the artists of money against this background grayscale decided by founding to throw a coin into litecoin l 5 mono link Alcuin and troubles most of all coins of course they did not buy it well done atrovent and the rest did not drain not so much most of the coins they merged is still are a but here is the reason why the feast is the only one who shows a plus for the last 24 hours it is listing it on hold the doll coin this is the third largest exchange on which the cryptocurrency is presented brighter and it was this news that allowed it to save and even slightly increase its price, I will also remind you that on June 23 on ethereum and a hard fork of the test network will take place, this is all done within the framework of the fast hour for call London from main news this visa is working on the safe use of stale coins seemingly great news half a year ago on this news cryptors we would just take off that visa use with the god of the Ainu but no we are flying down a visa to develop ways to safely use stay balconies about this in an interview with prime agency said the head of the visa in Russia, Mikhail Bernard, according to him, today everything is big Before central banks are interested in the possibility of issuing digital currency of central banks, the burner noted that the payment system is already working on the issue of integrating stay balconies into the world economy, he did not give any details, but this article reminds that not so long ago it was said that you were the coins will be banned for settlements on the territory of Russia, but at the same time the visa office in Russia is involved and is working on the introduction of apple coins into its payment system today [__] there will be just a whole wagon in the news and the bitcoin attack is simply poured on us so that we drown in it what news do not take all the negative, for example, China forbade banks and payment systems to participate in bitcoin transactions again another ban from China directed towards cryptocurrencies and, according to the Chinese regulator, speculation in the digital asset market disrupts the normal order of the financial sector, creating risks of money laundering and capital outflow abroad in my account By the way, the ban on cryptocurrency will provoke an outflow of not only capital but also people abroad, in particular, the miner of the Central Bank of China demanded from banks and payment herbs to toughen cryptocurrency trading Shienbisi leading jim Kramer sold almost all bitcoins because of the policy of the People's Republic of China he did it after reading the news about the limitation of mining in China, he believes that measles has been killed, there are structural problems and he also believes that the fall will continue to continue among the reasons he mentioned concerns about the stay of the bulk and those for ransomware attacks demanding the ransom of cryptocurrency and the pursuit of China miners, but it is worth noting that he sold I have all the bitcoins and only a part also added that I need them another injection of negativity, and here's another negative eye not activity in the bitcoin networks, ether fell to annual minimums, the indicator of the number of active users in the bitcoin networks ethereum updated the minimum and after the May correction in the context of the distribution of coins there is the similarity of the current situation to the events of the seed In the twentieth year, the long-term holder is supposedly tracing it to accumulation, which was characteristic after the formation of a peak during the previous cycle of the bull market, this chart is marked with an asterisk, the supposed peaks and reversals, this was in the seventeenth year at the end of the seventeenth year, this was not so long ago with us and in their opinion, the situation is very similar and we will continue to reduce the Canadian regulator accused the babbit exchange of non-compliance with the securities law, they accused the cryptocurrency exchange in violation of local securities laws, allegedly babbit operates an unregistered platform and calls on Ontario residents to trade script- related assets in products that are securities and derivative financial instruments, and according to the law, this must be registered as an investment dealer baby-g ignored all the requirements and therefore they face at least a large fine, but El Salvador remembered everything seems to be good with them, but they have e the so-called opposition, which called the legalization of bitcoin an unconstitutional procedure and they even sued this case, the initiator of the trial was Jamie Guevara from the opposition parties such and such, according to him, the authorities did not develop a sufficient legal basis and therefore bitcoin cannot be called an official means of payment I don’t know how things are with the opposition in El Salvador, but I hope no one will poison him as a newcomer.

A resident of Yakutsk lost more than 200 thousand rubles in an attempt to invest in crypto currencies, too, a loud negative headline in every city, I think every day someone is cheating on someone Someone loses something, but today, when you need to drop the rate, even the news about a resident of he cut ska is discarded, as the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports, the woman passed the test to invest in instagram and then replenished her kiwi wallet for 12 thousand rubles and exchanged kroons for dollars kroons Yakutsk kroons this is russia then rent the whole room 7 a certain consultant under the direction of whose victim allegedly invested in the shares of the company Gazprom Rusnit and also the cryptocurrency, of course, she did not receive any money, and for some reason it was revealed in the title that the money was lost when trying to wash it in crypto currency or maybe when trying to invest 3 tons of bitcoin miners in Gazprom will be transported from china to the usa but this topic has been going on for a long time miners migrate to kazakhstan who is in the usa and everything is exported amid the repression of the chinese authorities against the crypto industry the logical logistics company in guangzhou announced the transportation of a large consignment of us bitcoin miners here they are boxes all packed everything will be taken out somewhere where they will not spread rot, I hope when all the miners are dumped from china and somewhere in Kazakhstan their usa will all recover and the market will start its next takeoff a certain peter berezin threw us bitcoin negatives again this fraud says he is the chief strategist of the consulting firm mr Berezin said that bitcoin is just a scam and in the future it will disappear Knows from the global financial market if you look at transactions using bitcoins, then most of them will be associated with all kinds of illegal activities, while the share of transactions carried out by legitimate businesses is very small, Lord Captain, it's obvious because they can't do business until it's all legalized, they can't do it cases in bitcoins years to the frame of any other crypt, in fact, the data suggests that the number of laws of legitimate transactions with bitcoin has decreased over the past three years, thanks, but remember, we note that the strategist did not provide the source of his data, it is clear that he just thinks so, but you need to make a loud headline bitcoin fraud just some berezin thinks so why they just think that we have on Twitter Ilona Mask one of his last answers was to the developer of the core dogecoin relatives wrote I heard that some people are skeptical about the code for reducing commissions, so I will conduct 2 study of it in a test set and dogecoin on Wednesday evening at 19:00 UK time, but that the mask replied that this is a very important improvement, naturally, the comments fell aces of the moon, and this is another reminder from dogecoin of them on Elon Musk's twitter lately, let's see what happens on the Bitcoin charts and a few more cryptocurrencies on bitcoin, no matter how hard I tried to come up with what could stop bitcoin and try to turn it around, but no triangles here want to form, we stupidly went with a large impulse to the marked area in which we placed a long time ago , we will update the barking, let's see what awaits us when we break through this level and go down if we do this what we have here presumably here we have a wave 1 2 3 four we addressed now this is all we are flying presumably in the top five if all this is so three we were here four we had here, then, therefore, the calculated zone of the fifth wave is here, if we do not turn around here on the first oh , so to speak, checkpoint p on the previous laurel it was the first level where we can all turn around if we don't turn around here we fly further, then, in principle, the calculated area is at a level of 20,000 this is the first face is a round figure of 20 thousand and as you remember this is the previous high which was formed back in 1718, the closest edge of the settlement zone is here at 20 thousand, which is from the trade, what should we expect now, in any case, killed, it’s useless to fly in, it just flies down no bounces nothing there is no divergence while there are very few prerequisites that it wants to unfold in this zone we will observe again, I think here some kind of stop is formed, return some kind of stop is formed and if we still do not turn around, then here it is the zone where we will fly 20,000 while we also have a forecast for bitcoin in a downward note, let's see what we have on ethereum and the film the same story, we have already come close to the settlement zone that we noted earlier, let's also build for ethereum if we don't deploy here even though there is a support level here, it is still possible to delete this zones and xy will still need to be recalculated if there is a reversal, this cluster of levels will be a zone where we can get a reversal in ethereum upper zone we have the upper edge of the zone is 1000 dollars per 1 ether if we here we get a reversal, then we fly here, of course, I would not want to fall so low, so to speak, all the same, one can hope that the reversal will happen at this level of support, and the film is also worth watching and the flooded calls are now pointless it will just be a random entry because here it is also clear divergence and some weekend volumes there is nothing outlook for ethereum here they are two levels where the formation of some attempts to reversal is expected, then after we have broken through here this resistance level , we have nothing at all here and we flew down a little bit lingered in the calculated zone not even in the calculated zone but in the zone of the previous layer and flew further down from before to a strong movement, it tells us that we need to change the collapse, but it is likely that our last impulse movement ended with a shortened 5 wave, here from here we already have a correctional decline that corrects all this impulse, so for now we remove the main head and we will observe what we have here there is a locally this movement here, it also looks like a drink and a wave of fku and let's mark the calculated zone, the calculated zone, we are here, the accumulation of these levels here, of course, there is a possible stop at 0 5 an excellent level to turn around there is a support level , but the calculated zone is just below in the region of 0 38 somewhere like this, for now, according to the film, the priority is also down for a further decrease, let's see what we have for the dominance of bitcoin after you received the long-awaited decrease in it, we have broken the channels up and flew further along the indicator, we also still have divergence and with the correction of this movement , here the return is there will be the most optimal zone where we can return here, the principle of building some waves is useless because here we have no action people here just displaying domination is more like background information, that is, bitcoin we are now stronger in comparison with lie to me or you we are flying more vigorously than bitcoin let's take a look at another coin from donat sent donate asked to see what is happening with the dash coin globally remind us there was a forecast here we have completed the impulse now we are in its correction the collection can continue up to 32 dollars this is where the beginning is just breaking through this layer will cancel this scenario for now, let's see how we played the previous forecast, presumably here louna 123 also we were in the four here as well as for many coins and now we are in the top five we have not reached there are 4 calculated zones but formed such a semblance of triangles abcd goes here and now rushed down there and here on the levels can be noted so yes a strong level we all flew the next one with us for about 35 dollars, let's see what we have from the calculated zone if it is an impulse wave what, in principle, now it is very similar, but the calculated error zones leave us, of course, it is not very fun It seems to me that there will not be such a principle, therefore, this is the line, this is the level of support, I thought it could be considered as the level where the dash can come so far, there are also no signs of a reversal here, while we fly down, I will breathe new positions to open, I certainly do not advise at all do not advise your money is up to you to decide how to trade where to close the figure purely about myself, I would not open here and what positions I will wait until the whole thing starts to show that it can already unfold and then it will be possible to fly, let me go higher, but more reliably on this today, all subscribe to channel like it, write your opinion in the comments to all successful trading and happily

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