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See Siacoin the cloud storage provider badly or just one of many providers otherwise we look at each other together with my analysis welcome to the crypt my name is andreas may we are looking together with us today the you account on should you have a wish cologne I should then analyze it from there under the video, leave a simple comment The more often the coin is called, the higher it is often on my list and the more Of course, it comes faster then we start with the analysis the key facts at siacoin are a token that is checked for consensus bern generates the market cap currently stands at 5 138.5 million us dollars With a circulating supply of almost 34 billion cia kunz, this is the best lead is not fixed and the current price is $ 0.01 5 88 the goals and visions of cia are just a little bit happy two sentences summarized so that you know you are doing it and that Sia wants an uncontrolled, independent cloud system whose files are only the The original owner can procure and decentralized alternative to dropbox or google drive Sia is the Sia platform's own coin, what is it where exactly look what we are in detail Sia was developed open source and would like one cheap and secure storage space platform become and just secure and want to provide cheap storage space to prevent your Data and documents got into the hands of third parties and the previous ones You just can't be sure about what to do with amazon or with google drive you just can't be sure what with his data the whole thing actually wants to start with a cryptic encryption secured and the decentralized storage of his data on the blog chain at various nasa nodes at many different ones points, your data will be saved and cryptically encrypted guarantees the highest possible protection against hackers and disclosure his data to please comes to an important point the redundancy what is the redundancy and that is the uploaded user data fragmented and distributed in the network this idea is something in brussels only the big whole, then a lot of small ones Pieces of the puzzle are made and they are then distributed in the network at the same time now copies made here and these again in the entire network distributed this is called redundancy the whole thing is then just before different hosts of course distributed that protects in parow so if you now the file is up and suddenly there are a few posters where file fragments are are saved by you offline then it is about the redundancy assured that exactly the required file fragment at other points online is yes that is just intended so that it then guarantees that you can always access your files to add the files here dividing the rhizome on technology is used this divides all the data individual pieces of up to a maximum of four megabytes per piece are uploaded and this is then sent to individual houses once the encryption is done using the two fish algorithm of the symmetrical family encryption belongs to all fragments are one with on one key with the 15 has its own key to crack a whole file the hacker must now be able to use the key for each 4, i.e.

A maximum of 4 mb find out large data snippets or data sets So that of course makes the hacking extremely difficult since the entire data exchange now finds city here via paper-based car that means server those who communicate with each other do this using the p2p protocol simply direct the data does not go through a central one server data phishing or the like can mostly be done for me first to be avoided there is no central server where all the data is available over running, everyone can participate in this system – a prerequisite for this is a free stored on his hard drive if you of course would like to provide free storage space then to do so sia rent so you have free space on the hard drive do you miss them then so to speak to other users available and you will receive a reward in the form of siag 1 the award can be made by everyone set in the ranking, the offer increases with the highest online reliability and of course with the best price in fact, the acquisition of memory is done through smart contracts in the near future, cia will use the bern test procedure for the to generate consensus now we come to the point of what is actually byrne checks the test software my will has to destroy coins and is assigned a type of point value depending on the amount burned which one can compare this to a hash worth of a pile determines the chances of finding a blog and its related report the reward you get for it the method is around one I would say many times more energy-saving than book work around the cross to pears these are simply sent to the wrong address no one has an access key and so the coins are simply no longer there is a use case in circulation so it has cologne an actual application yes as I have just explained when I now decide I have a free space and rent it out it is just quick that they are available and the users of approx then i get my remuneration if somebody makes use of it in the cia On the other hand, of course, I decide that I am if I want to buy storage space, cloud storage, then I also pay for it ins that means the cia cologne has a specific application for me it is also so that the market in the cloud storage area is of course growing many people would also like more privacy and more security for your data and i think it could well be the solution here, you can have that too, i have now not pressed any further, let's look at that team briefly and yes, there we have david morri that the ceo the lynx have no shame co-founder because otherwise i have the résumés so far looked they all make a good impression, nobody stands out now really out of the crowd from the grip thomann but it looks like it like when they bring their skills in the respective area with them yes the competition never sleeps and there are some who are on the market romp around like story maid safe or happy so she has to give gas so that they can get through with or against the competitors will enforce the us peace and weaken so I have now no news besides direct comparison with the others found cloud storage providers such as story or something if you have a us-pvc then recognize from it under the video as a comment I am happy if you Find something if you have something then I can do it someday too we come to the weaknesses name me have read many times and I've also seen the user interface as user is not designed so friendly or so easy and yes the other weakness if you can call it that or the other danger what i see is simply that there are many competitors in the market for one half a degree 3 already seen in the short overview and out Investors' point of view makes little sense or see less than in other crypto to be and to invest why do I say this is not an investment now grad but yes it is so that it is not designed for large course jumps To do but to grow slowly as a project means that the project is in the foreground and that shouldn't be a payment for anything else, but rather it should simply be traded within the marketplace, i.e.

That cloud storage confess the actual project he is in the foreground but we forgot to continue here I hope you forgive for me, how about the price for me it is very difficult to say how siag develops yes what do you think 2018 and 2019 would be me Burning interest in me is pretty much this time pretty hard to appreciate anything or to get the crystal ball out yes i would just be interested in your opinion the journey of you was yes Nobody just leaves a comment, I'm really happy I hope as always he liked a video if so subscribe to main channel if you haven't done that yet, give a thumb up or also a thumb down if you didn't like the video I can also like to tell why you didn't like the video yes we are through with ca you can now find another one here video that you can watch i wish you a nice day, take care soon an andreas meyer

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