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Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today we're going to be talking about crypto
real estate or rather tokenized crypto real estate
so what this one project or company rather
realt is doing is they're essentially acquiring properties
and then they are representing them in the form of cryptocurrency using tokens
erc 20 tokens so they are buying a property you know say they're
breaking it up into 5 000 tokens and then each token costs 50 now because
these are rental properties you can actually earn profits from these
so essentially what happens is you buy the token you hold it in your
wallet like say metamask which is where i'm holding mine
and then for every token of each property
you will be receiving a portion you know relative to how much you own
of the property you will receive a portion of that in
rent and it will be paid out to your wallet
um every few days it used to be every day and then the three days
and then now it's i think it's like every week or something like that
uh it varies because it's it's it's dependent on gas fees right
and i would rather wait longer to get more money
than lose most of my earnings in gas fees so that makes sense
um and i'm sure that will probably be solved
with uh the new ethereum upgrades on the way and maybe they'll end up using a
different wallet or something i'm not entirely sure but it has been
very reliable and um you know i have like about a
thousand dollar of that one thousand one hundred dollars worth
invested i go through these every week with my dividend updates
um my dividend investing portfolio updates which also looks at crypto and
other stuff i always give you guys updates on that
and keep you up to date so you can look at those if you're curious to see
um you know how well it's been performing and you know if they've been
actually keeping up with payments and everything you can see all that good
stuff in one of those videos but for now let's actually
take a look at this platform so these actually this platform is actually very
very popular and a lot of these sell out very quickly um i've got a bunch of
different ones most of these are in detroit there's one
in florida they're um they're branching out they've
got 13 properties so far and it's it's pretty great you can sell
your tokens directly back to them if you do it within six months they
won't charge you any fees but if you wait longer than six months i
think they charge you like a small realty fee which generally makes
sense because it would probably be however much you ended up making so sort
of deter you from selling right away and then also giving
you that little grace period in case you change your mind
you can also sell these on uniswap pretty easily i haven't actually like
um tested actually selling one but i went on uniswap i saw you know i
could just put in the um the etherscan you know contract
address for my realty tokens and then
uh and then it and then it pops up it gives me the original value that i paid
and then they would be able to buy that back so
you know it is very easy it's very liquid
the only like bad thing about this platform is that for people within the
us you have to be an accredited investor
currently to invest but anyone outside the u.s can invest in
these no problem which is kind of weird since these properties are you
are actually in the u.s but uh either way
i would love to hear from you guys if there's any other platforms out there
that offer really good real estate tokenization or you can
invest uh encrypt with crypto in real estate in some form or some way
this has been the best from what i've seen but i would absolutely love to see
other projects and diversify uh the way that i invest in real estate
and just you know check out more platforms
and review them for you guys but um yeah so in terms of like you know
if you want to like sell a token it's very very very easy um
yeah they're currently buying back properties
that are sold out or closed so again very very easy the limit is 2 000 per
week but um you can definitely just as easily
trade these on uniswap as i mentioned so to show you what i mean um so you can name these whatever you want
i just named them according to uh the actual like addresses but these are
four of them and then the last one is right here
so i have five different properties and i hold multiple tokens of these
properties and these allow me to get paid in usdc
pretty regularly so all the usdc i have right now which is seven dollars worth
has just come from these properties and then every now and then i
take this and i usually invest it into something uh just to keep
this money working so i'll actually open up my uh my
etherscan account so that you guys can actually see the
incoming funds that i get they pay it through the disperse app so
you can see eight days ago i got all these payments
see it's a pretty good amount like it's not huge
but they're paying anywhere between like seven to eleven percent
uh apr which is really good and the good thing about real estate is you're
actually owning part of something physical
something real um obviously there could be issues with
that too but this is a great way to sort of
diversify your portfolio in how you invest i think it is very very
beneficial to actually invest in in real estate and
like real physical assets that are useful that people always need
that generate income makes a lot of sense to me
the last time i was paid was 15 days uh well
the last time before the last time so like i said it's about
every week or so give or take so i should probably see something very soon
but again ethereum fees are extremely high right now so
you know you do got to keep that in mind um it'll eventually it'll go back to normal
or it'll probably settle down a little bit again
they'll make sure to pay you no matter what you'll get your money
that's a given they get the money at the beginning of the month and then they pay
it out um well they wanted to originally do it
daily to sort of give you a daily income but now it's probably gonna eventually
be more like you just get the rent at the beginning of the month uh when
they pay it or maybe at the end of the month whatever they end up doing
um it makes sense to me and and the i think that they're also kind of
spreading it out because they also have to pay for the like
landlord fees and the property management and stuff like that so
they take that off the top and then you get what's left over so usually that's
like that's why they spread it out at least
that's my my assumption or my interpretation of that
but yeah real realty has been a fantastic platform i'm on their telegram
um they're on like a bunch of different socials as well
you know anything that you really need to know like any questions that i had
were answered um by the staff on telegram pretty
quickly you can find everything in their faq and
all that good stuff um for a lot of the questions that you
might have like the basics or whatever it happens to be you can learn
about it here you can read their white paper and all this good stuff
all is all of that is on their website um you can also check out their blog and
stuff like that this isn't sponsored uh i just i've been
using this for a while now and it's just been really really great
i know that a lot of people in the us are kind of like upset
since it doesn't really offer anything for them unless they're an accredited
investor which is not most people um which is why i would also like to
hear from you guys what else is out there i'd be happy to
do reviews of any other platforms that do something
similar hopefully realty will be able to get around that
legal red tape so that everyone can invest in uh and get these gains
but um yeah this is definitely the best platform i found so far
but i am very keen on exploring other real estate platforms uh and being able
to invest in real estate with cryptocurrency because i think it's so
impactful to you know earn cryptocurrency online and
then invest it into earning more cryptocurrency
elsewhere and just diversifying and really building up your your passive
income and uh and your portfolio and your
investments and everything like that so let me know what you guys are using um
are you investing in any other you know interesting ways to earn
money with crypto i'd love to hear from you guys how are
you earning passive income with cryptocurrency
are you doing anything in terms of real estate are you doing anything in terms
of crypto tokenized real estate let me know in the
comments below and uh let me know what you guys think are you
going to check out realty have you used it already what are you
guys using right now so i i would really love to hear um what
you guys are doing and all that good stuff so let me know
in the comments below and as always thank you for watching
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I'm Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off cheers

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