▶️ Discussing Daps Coin With Andrew Huntley | EP#229

Hey everyone I'm Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness and today we're here with Andrew Huntley from DAPs coin and
he is the CTO there and I'd like to just start off by introducing yourself that'd
be awesome well you did a great introduction
already Scott Andrews CTO of taps coin been an IT for about twenty years now
started with deaf scorn last year August when development kicked off you know
obviously my Adele she said to me she said look you know you've got an
opportunity now I just left previous company that I was working for and yeah
I've been doing deafs coin ever since awesome
yeah I'm actually originally from itea that's what I went to school for for
four years about six years ago yeah so that's pretty cool
yeah I didn't do a degree or anything like that I went straight until a yeah I
did the Microsoft qualifications and just sort of work my way up from there
in the deity you know industry in South Africa is very much more about
experience than qualifications so that's how I got my foot in the door okay
awesome yeah so how busy is your day with
everything you've got going on with apps well in this morning I'm pretty tired
from a lack of sleep it the day is very um most of the time it's it's fairly
stock standard you know anything from from sort of twelve to fourteen hours
mainly dealing with the technical aspects of the coin itself dealing with
the wallets jenny was developers the DA then you know every now and again I do
get a lot of dams from community members asking for help and to export all of
that sort of thing we always talking always job a tech support channels when
there's highly technical questions that need answering that the the admins of
current team feel that they that they aren't necessarily answer then there's
partnership discussions there's discussions with with third parties
there's dealing with dealing multiple things in on a daily basis
sometimes things pop up and you you know it's it sort of distracts you from what
you were currently busy with and you know it's like two three four hours
worth of checking up on things but it happens a little bit less these days and
then it used to in the beginning just after mine it launched but there are
still quite a large number of things that do tend to pop up and distract me
throughout the day that are many types related but yeah pretty pretty busy yeah
I can imagine so for people who don't know what daps is can you give them a
brief in introduction to that sure adapts is decentralized anonymous
payment system it is a full-blown privacy coin so what we did was we we
took multiple technologies that we felt were worth cutting edge in the space in
terms of proof of stake and proof of stake mechanisms specifically POS v3 and
we then merged there with what we felt at the time where the were the best the
privacy aspects from from other coins like Manero which is ring CTE and ring
cigs and bullet rips a lot of people would say oh but you know there's all
this new technology that's coming out you know remember one ball and ZK Starks
and zico smarts and everything else like they're cool that's fine but we took
what we thought were the best and we've never we've merged those together to
form a proof of state privacy coin and one of the only pro sequins in the world
that is on a proof of State chain that also has three separate methods of
income generation which is staking master noting and proof of audit mining
a proof ordered what that is is that is our own proprietary consensus mechanism
which audits the emissions of the network so what happens a lot what used
to happen in a lot of proof of stake chains is that the emissions themselves
could actually be forged so you would get fake stake you would get
long-distance attacks all of that sort of thing that would take place and
basically what this what the system does is it audits a 60 or in war at any point
in time – usually kicks off every hour the proof of ordered miners kick in and
they actually ordered the emissions of the chain to ensure that nobody has been
trying to inject blocks or or attack the chain and and thereby generate fake
coins not by generating fake transactions because double spins aren't
possible anymore but by generating their through the emissions yeah okay cool and
I guess I guess you're definitely more secure than Mineiro since they recently
had a hack or I can't remember exactly what it was it was very recently though
yeah yes I did I did hear about that I don't know the details of it just yet
we were probably one of the first on at one of the first but one of the very few
coins that has ever done a security audit preeminent release so instead of
just basically going hey here's the here's the coin or here's the here's the
code go use it and then afterwards going through like oh well that's a bug we
gotta fix that that's an error we gotta fix that we did it beforehand we had the
code checked we had the security audit done we had the consensus algorithms
checked we had everything basically run through by read for SEC and got the bill
health which was which was fantastic so our code as of now is as far as we know
based on current attack vectors is unattackable yeah absolutely yeah and
it's just it's just ironic that like it happened so recently and then we're
doing the interview now and and as I understand it your coat or your like
DAPs coin is very similar to Manero but Manero isn't really as private as people
actually think it is and that's kind of the thing that you guys saw do you want
to sort of lay that out for everyone I think I think I think we need to
quantify the statement Manero has manera is private right in terms of the
technology that they use in terms of ring CT and everything else that is
private in terms of the DNA snowed that were run and I'm not sure if they're
still run by fluffy pony or not but the DNA seed is essentially for the network
which is what allow wallets – it doesn't allow wallets but
it basically hands-off connections for for-4 wallets to different to other
nodes that have broadcast themselves on the network those are all centralized
essentially and it allowed they would do some IP capturing and all of that sort
of thing that took place and there's some weird issues with that DAPs is
essentially private from the word go now again there are going to be people and I
think I think in this world in the world of crypto we need to be realistic with
with with with our expectations and with our what's the word I'm looking for with
our thought processes and that is that anytime you are sending coins to an
exchange with kyc your that is not a private transaction but the exchange
knows who you are and any time you send coins from the exchange back to your
back to your wallet again again the exchanges know who you are so I think
that I think the full privacy aspect is is is obviously entirely applicable when
you're talking on a peer-to-peer basis so if I'm sending you coins or you're
sending me coins nobody knows about that and that is that is where the full
privacy comes in where it also comes in is the fact that there is no way in any
shape or form on our network that anybody can query your wallet anywhere
anyhow and actually acquire your balance or see your transactions because of the
stealth addressing mechanism the network the network knows who it was sent to but
because of the way that the sloth addresses and everything else all the
privacy technology is on top obfuscated that data right now there is no way to
determine who has what in any wallet and we actually do get queries we get people
coming to us and going hey guys listen can you please check my wallet and make
sure that my transaction arrived I'm like no we can't do that there is no
literally no way to do it so I think you know that privacy is is most definitely
front of mind we're always thinking about whenever we do things we're always
thinking about about two things and that's number one privacy and number two
potential attack vectors it's why we removed well poisoning you cannot send
messages and you cannot descriptions on transactions because we
don't want the well being poisoned we you know there are all these things that
we take into account piece by piece by piece every single time we're actually
developing something moving forward for example there is I'm not gonna say the
name of the coin because I just I just don't do that but there is a coin which
is one of the parents of the code base we forked from which is products who has
an attack better through HTTP requests so you can actually if you can tell the
wallet to go to an HTTP return address you can actually force that wallet to do
it it will make that HTTP request and at that point you can almost run any
JavaScript you want on that what and essentially glean information off of it
yeah we remember those things we made sure those things yeah okay yeah and and
then as I understand it the way that the stealth stealth works on apps is you
create a different address every time that you send so that it's impossible to
okay yeah okay that's really cool and yeah it's sending addresses that so the
way that it works is you're receiving address remains constant so you're when
you generate a wallet and and you get your you know for one XYZ at 1900 you're
99 character wallet address that address is what you're always going to give to
people unless you create another thing which is called an integrated address
but int again which is a completely different story but integrated addresses
are basically what people will use in order to have payment IDs so if I give
you an integrated address where the payment idea like one two three four
five I know ok this is Scott sending me these coins like you can you can't do
that with in with with in depth so you can do it within venero as well it's one
of the it's it's the technology basically that exchanges and other
organizations use in order to to determine like okay these coins for
because in a privacy Network where every send is
is a stealth address you how would you know like okay this is if you just had
one master privacy account like where is it where is it coming and with taps at
the present moment in time you can only create one master privacy account and
everything else underneath it is then I invited that private key okay yeah that
makes sense yeah and then I remember another thing
that they pointed out when I was at future is talking with your team they
said that by default Manero will not necessarily always be private and you
have to enable that and some people might not know that whereas you guys
already have that on by default I don't know if that's different now but at the
time I think that's what it was there's a lot of purposive coins that have that
you know the the the sort of optional privacy and it was kind of a weird thing
you know I've been talking with a few people in the industry and they
recommend on average probably only about five to eight percent of transactions
made on optional privacy networks are actually private the rest are all or all
open public facing people people don't seem to think about it event I don't
know if they don't care about it or if they don't worry about it or if it's
just not a factor for them but you know it's kind of strange but yes with taps
it's always you cannot turn it off you cannot turn our privacy privacy
technology off we completely remove that ability mm-hmm and I guess because
there's a smaller pool of people actually sending privately it might be
easier to try to figure out who those people are considering only 5% or or 8%
or whatever are actually using that it is that correct it's correct certain
extent I think you know like one of the things that we we decided upon quite
early was the ring sizes right so ring sizes within within your ring CT is very
important because that's and the number of decoys that are added into a
transaction in order to obfuscate the the real transaction and if you've got a
ring size of three for example you know it's not really gonna take very long for
somebody to figure out you know what the real transaction was which is why I'm an
arrows kind at 11:00 I they were going to increase
it to I believe it was 12 with this last release of their their their proof of
work algorithms but I don't think they did we decided to make it a variable
between 12 and 15 now the reason for it is initially what we had was we had a
manual system so you as the user could go to add 11 decoys or you know 13
because we thought well people need to be able to choose is obviously better
that the number of decoys determines the data packet size and their data packet
size determines the fees that you pay so we thought okay well maybe we'll we'll
just do this you know I have manual slider and then thought can well hang on
what if somebody really likes the number 13 and so every single time they make a
transaction there's 13 decoys everybody else always uses 11 you'd be able to do
naanum eyes that transaction based on the fact that that single transaction
always has 13 decoys so we completely stripped out the ability for that to be
done manually and we now do it automatically within the system where it
picks a random number between 12 and 15 ways and that what that means is that
there are far less you can look at one transaction it's it can have 12 decoys
you can look in another transaction we sent by the same person to the same
person it'll have 14 decoys for example so what that does is that obfuscates the
data even further because there is no predetermined pattern yeah yeah it
really seems like you guys have thought of everything that everyone else didn't
think of and you kind of covered that so that's that's really awesome I mean so
what are some of the next big updates coming forward apps coin so at the
present moment well what we're really working on is we're working on the
stability of the wallet the current wallets are very very stable we have had
many many good reports coming back from that but there's still some fine
tweaking that we need to do there's a lot of there's a lot of
different areas of the wallet because it's such a complex chain and has so
much complexity within the code there are a lot of things that that people
some people struggle with in terms of like understanding like how full nodes
work why do I have to bootstrap why does this thing take such a long time to to
you know process transactions they give somebody bootstraps they open up the
wallet well it's got a run-through you know – I think we're at 222 thousand
blocks already at yeah and it's got to go through every transaction it's got to
apply the private key it's gotta apply to the decoys as well so there's a lot
of fine-tuning that we're doing right now before releasing any any any massive
massive new stuff however one of the things that we are trying to work on is
a a unique way of the wallet actually being able to self determine whether
it's on a fork or not and actually being able to provide the user with enough
data that they can go okay called yes I would like you to either automatically
unfor cure self you know or or or at least provide them with enough
information that they don't that that they know what to do so it's all in for
us it's all about now that the technology is out there it's it's proven
itself we know that the wallets are stable we know that from 99.9 percent of
the time everything is good what we need to start doing now is we need to start
really ramping up the the user experience and making sure that the user
experience is is not what we feel it should be but what we perceive people's
desires to be based on the feedback we've got yeah okay yeah that makes
sense and in terms of I guess we already talked a lot about this but where do you
feel that daps is unique or similar or how does it fit in with all the other
privacy coins out there I think we def spits in is pretty much in the middle of
of you know the you've got an acai left or right because somebody might pick
that up politically and they're like oh you're a very conservative whatever um I
think you have different schools of thought you have the proof-of-work
schools of thought and you have the proof of stake school of thought and you
have within the proof-of-work school of thought you have more of the ring
signature side of things you know them in errors etc equines all that and in
the proof of stake side of things there are there's pivots and a few others you
know not overly many but where depths it's is pretty much for me in the middle
it is a very easy wallet to get up and running you turn on staking you leave
your wallet and off you go and I think I think we're daps fits in is is just
nicely seated in that middle section where we don't have problems with having
to be a sakra systems because we're not a proof-of-work
algorithm we're also in the and there's a lot of people that will argue that
ring CT and ring SIG's and all the proofs are you know that's 2019 tech
that that Tech is it's horrible it doesn't work or it's old
another thing that people don't realize is you have the internal combustion
engines old we still use it because it works so I understand a lot of people
are trying to push you know the boundaries of what it of what is
possible with with privacy technologies but a lot of times when that happens you
know it doesn't work quite well for the first for the first few years because
it's still a new technology so we have tried and tested things that we know
work and we've integrated those into into the chain and into the wallets and
that is why I believe we sit firmly smack in the middle of pure privacy
usability and you know good practices in terms of how we built the chain maintain
the chain and in terms of you know the the the the the income stream model or
the emissions more as well is is quite a lucrative mm-hmm
okay yeah and so where where do you see you guys are like where would you
ideally end up in like five years from now like what's the ideal vision for
DAPs coin in in long term I think I think it's a very difficult thing to to
to articulate in the current market I think there's a lot of coins out there
that I just don't know what the future what the future is but the bear market I
mean some people are talking about crypto winter other people are talking
about cryptic Ice Age you know the the the bear market everything is continuing
for us as an organization we we want to see forward movement we want to take
taps into the next levels by actively growing the ecosystem a lot of people
will talk about use cases and mass adoption and you know all of these all
of these different things and I think what what needs to happen is a bit of a
sort of a reality check in order to say what looking at mass adoption is not
going to happen until I can buy my groceries with crypto if I can't do that
mass adoptions it's it's it's it's a packed ring I think use cases and the
ability for things to be used for coins overall to be used in in in the real
world is excruciating the important and will bring that mass adoption to it and
that's what we're trying to do is we're actively going out and looking for
partners there is one I can't say who because we're we're still in you know
sort of talking negotiating looking at integration etc etc but there is a
really fantastic group who have developed our hardware wallet and a
point-of-sale system that actually works with their Hardware wallet
yeah and they that they're really pushing is like these are some of the
brightest guys I've ever seen in my life they are absolutely phenomenal they've
got a great idea a great vision for their product and those are the sorts of
things that what one of the u.s.

Taps is attach ourselves
to those individual promise I'm not gonna go and build a hardware wallet
yeah what I you know there's a I'm a fan of the uber model where you take a whole
bunch of little things and you plug them all together and you integrate them and
then you know you you you eventually have this ecosystem running but you
didn't have to build a GPS or a phone or anything of that nature
so that's really what what what our vision is where we are five years from
now hopefully with with forward momentum is a top ten top 20 coin
I think privacy coins are gonna do quite well you know over the next two years or
so and but again that's up to the market it's up to people and I don't think
crypto is very predictable market at this particular moment in time but for
yeah it's it's always challenging looking five years ahead but it's always
just kind of like what's the ideal if everything worked out perfectly kind of
let's let's say if everything goes absolutely peachy right the harvan
happens and it's 2017 or all over again for like the next five years yeah we
want that to be competitive within within the privacy market we want to be
seen as a top-level coin that has the privacy aspects that the people who who
want that aren't looking for in a trustworthy system in a trustworthy
manner and we want to be we want to be recognized as a genuine competitor
within that specific space and I think we think we'll get there I definitely do
we we're not stopping is rihanna's always crypto winter I think everyone
everybody sort of hunkers down and goes goes to sleep in that we're not doing
that we're constantly pushing through we're constantly trying to push new
ideas and trying to get things moving so I think it's a possibility like if every
if the stars align yeah definitely that's within the next five years you
know top 20 coin one of the top five privacy coins in the world if not the
top in my personal opinion but I'm biased yeah fair enough
what you say to someone who says you know why
do you need a privacy coin what are you trying to hide like you shouldn't have
to hide what you're doing with your transactions well what would you say to
someone like that yeah the old AML question my my thoughts
on either of this and and it sort of hawks back to I don't know if you saw
the interviews and in fact I don't if they published it yet but there's a
thing called publicized blockchain that happened around consensus and we were we
were invited to pitch at a publicized blockchain and I did and it's a very
simple process in your private life today
how much do you think is private and how much of what you do do you think is
actually private all right so I would say probably very very very little well
you got to think about it in terms of like do you have a phone and have you
allowed Facebook Instagram Google Chrome whoever it is access to your microphone
or your camera all right probably yeah at various points yeah per
for Facebook Messenger and different things and you know exactly yeah yeah
how many times have you been talking about a topic and and this has actually
happened to myself of people I know you're talking about a topic ever no
just having a casual conversation at home a next minute you open up Pinterest
or Instagram and all of a sudden there's an ad for the thing that you were
talking about half an hour ago yeah all the time and people are always bringing
that up in terms of Lego like this is scary but it's like but you're also you
know enabling that to be possible so well you are enabling it to be possible
and and if you have Alexa or what the Google Nest as I think they're calling
it now any of these products are listening to you they are potentially
filming you they're your private like you think your role private at home
and you you know what you do in the privacy of your own home is your own
business it isn't it's it's not that anymore and I think part of the problem
that that the crypto has and part of the perception that it has been forced upon
us is that of if you're making private transactions or you're using crypto
you're doing it for negative purposes anti-mine it's it's money laundering
you're trying to subvert the government you're trying to do these things that
need no it's not it's not that it's that I believe I have a right to privacy that
you know guess I made bonus salary and I pay my taxes and you know I give all my
bits and pieces to the government and everything else would I do with that
money afterwards is none of your damn business
yeah and people have become I think complacent in that nigga oh well you
know they know what I'm doing anyway so I might as well just do it and just you
know please leave me alone in my house and don't come and don't you know junk
I'm knocking on my door raiding or whatever the scenario is hey why do you
have to be that way you don't have to you can you can take a coin like taps
and you can so you can send a transaction I let's say it was me to you
and you're just like hey dude you know look you know times are a bit tough for
you know or maybe you purchase something for me online like this there's like a
game on Steam or something I'm like dude I'll send you the money real quick and
instead of sending cash instead of returning through the banks taking ages
you know what does it I'm going to – put in your address boom done Dave that's
got there's there's a money page happy with it yeah cool sweet yep
privacy is it needs to be a thing you need to take it back but people don't
they and I understand you know governments and everybody else when
you're making this big malarkey out of things and going oh you know anti-money
laundering laws that we need to know everything why why do you need to know
what I'm doing oh good where does it stop
yeah yeah cuz you know it's funny like I I made a video a while back on mixing
transactions for like aetherium or Bitcoin and and some people said it's
like well why would you ever want to do that like you shouldn't care if people
were to figure out who's sending what and I said I mean would you let would
you give the government your email password you know it's like it's kind of
like the same thing and it's and it's not like they're gonna come send emails
on your behalf and that's why you have a password it's more like would you be
would you care if they read them and it's like well I have nothing to hide
but I don't need them seeing you know what I'm saying to people and it's the
same thing for transactions or whatever else it might be and I think people like
you said people just become really complacent with that and it's just it's
concerning well oddly enough there was a gentleman as part of our community who
he he's involved in various levels with government in the United States and he's
a massive crypto fan and he's basically his thought processes I will try and
change the perception from the inside out and one of the interesting things
that he said is I forget the state now but there is a state in in in the US
where the the purchase of alcohol is considered it's frowned upon right it's
not like it's considered a bad thing but it's frowned upon it's something that
people that can go she's you know why are you buying that yeah
it's nothing more than a cultural perception but within that cultural
perception obviously there's you know these people like hey I don't I don't
want anybody knowing what I what I bought so you know so what they do is
they cross state borders and they go and purchase it in a different state and
then they bring it back over yeah why do you have to feel that way about about
you know buying a beer or a boy on the walk or something like that and that's
where the purpose he aspect comes in is because you know integrate
taps into the bottle store the guy walks in you know hardware wallet tap pie
purchases made and he has alcohol people go oh you know like he's got alcohol
route but anybody looking at those transaction wouldn't have the faintest
idea about what he has been purchasing and I
think that's it's key in this world is I feel there's a sense of complacency that
that takes place around people their transactions their their their their
lives you know we've all become very we want extreme ease of use and we're
willing to sacrifice anything for it yeah yeah I mean yes the most private
transaction anybody can ever make in the world today right now is still cash as
if I give you ten dollars there is no transactional unless I get a
receipt there's no transactional reference for that for that money
changing hands there's there's no record of it and that's why 85% of Money
Laundering still takes place in cash because yeah and they still want to
point the finger at crypto right exactly the CEO of Westpac Bank hearing here in
Australia was forced to step down after the Royal Commission discovered hundreds
of millions of dollars were laundered knowingly through the bank I'm sorry I
don't know of any coin that has had hundreds of millions of dollars
laundered through it yeah yeah it's the people complain can we be though you
know like privacy get it done yeah use it why why not use it why but why do
people want people happy with it to be public what's the argument for that
that's my my my thing is like yeah I guess I guess it's like they're not
worried until they're worried right like maybe eventually you know or maybe
it's already happening now that an insurance company will look at your
transactions and they'll make a decision you know based on how much your health
insurance is gonna cost or whatever might be like you're eating too much
bacon or you know what I mean like I don't know if that's happening now could
be but it could happen for sure – and and the only way to protect yourself is
to just value your privacy and and and take them more seriously so so yeah it's
it's I I like the idea of you know an interconnected world and I like the idea
of where technology can can can move us too but I think like I said the the
thought what what people need to realize is you're not you're not private in in
anything that you do everything is everything's out there for somebody to
find and at least keeping your finances private which is a big deal at least
just doing that should allow you a feeling of safety that you know that
least is something that people that that no one can track nobody knows
yeah absolutely that's a start yeah absolutely so so we don't take up all
your time got a bit of time today a sort of a booked out a block of time as IQ
we're never chat with Scott so okay Karen I booked out of work um so what is
the the current user base size like how how many people are using taps right now
if if you get if you can share that I don't know if that's a part of the
privacy aspect or if you're able to to let us know well based on based on the
current telegram numbers and we call it the as a doll likes to call it the
vanity metrics there's between six and ten thousand people that are you know
making use of the of the system we do at last count I think we had just over
three thousand master now if my memory serves correctly pretty
much everybody that we know in the in our in our channels is staking as well
so I would say you were probably you know the numbers are probably are quite
accurate we're probably between six and eight thousand people currently on the
network itself okay awesome and are you are we gonna see you guys at
any events coming up soon like should we be on the lookout for you at any
specific events I would love it if that was the case but we we have to be very
careful we have to be very strategic with where and why we spend money going
yeah I mean it is yeah it is bear market so that's fair not only that but the
consensus was great I think the event gave us a lot of what a publicity I
think it was I think it was quite fantastic but there is events these days
seem to have changed from what they used to be events or you know used to be a
way for people to connect for you to to people to learn about about you and your
product but these days it seems more of a of an advertising method like hey look
at me this is the cool stuff here and I get that you know that that has always
been an aspect of it but for events there are none planned we we are we're
trying to figure out how we're gonna strategically move things in in in
certain directions so the budget spending is something that we you know
we take very seriously and so for the event side of things if we can fit one
in that would be really really great but right now we don't have any plans for
any for any events up and coming soon although we may we like one of the areas
that we are targeting is Southeast Asian market yeah we I just I think that there
is a an emerging market within within Southeast Asia
potentially also South America specifically for for privacy coins and
Africa as well I think the way that the way that
just later and that's their is moving within the Western countries I think
they're gonna try and push pro sequins on the ground which i think is a good
thing it's like yeah yeah I know that statement sounds a little contradictory
but whenever governments try and push things underground people ask why yeah I
know once that happens and once people realize like hey wait a minute the
governments are actually super tracking these things and they know it's trust me
they've got the tools man they've got the tools and them know how not to
necessarily rip apart you know privacy protocols and you know consensus
algorithms and all that sort of thing but I mean I'm percent sure that they
can track what apps people are using what ports they're using it on what
transactions they're sending on on you know public box chains so I think it's
gonna be an interesting time but yeah we the for the event side of things we will
look into it if it's if it's possible if it's something that we that we in the
community feel is of strategic use then we'll do it otherwise probably not so
people should at least stay on the lookout and keep up with your telegram
and your social just just to be safe oh yeah telegram 100% we are the it is our
most active platform and we are always on there there's a Desmond's and
moderators on 24/7 myself amid all or on there as much as possible in order to
you know help people get them information all that sort of thing
yep okay cool and where can everyone go to learn more about gaps in and what is
the telegram so that they know where to go in and what's your like Twitter or
any of your socials that you want to throw it there all of that information
is available on Deb's coin comm the website and the it does actually the
better one with the marketing go she's the better one with all of these things
literally I asked me and I've just drawn a blank on the
like what all the different little links are and all that sort of thing yeah no
that's fair so every winking motive gaps coin calm and absent you go to death
coin calm you'll find all of the information there and about all of our
channels all of the you know information about gaps are white paper though the
stuff that we did a consensus last year everything the new roadmap is out as
well showed new newsletter coming out soon
yeah there's a there's there's a lot of cool stuff on there awesome awesome and
that's that's pretty much everything for from me is there anything else that
you'd like to share with the audience before we end this off look have a look
at the apps I have a look at your privacy understand I think if there's
one message I want to get across to people it's understand that you know as
our motto says privacy is a right not a privilege but extend that it didn't
really take a look at your life and take a look at where you are and go am what
am I willing to share and what am i unwillingly sharing hmm and consider it
from that perspective considered from the perspective of how far are you
willing to go with that and if you feel at any point in time like you know what
maybe I do actually want to sort of start moving my my feared assets into
into digital assets and I want to do that on a private basis jump onto our
telegram ask us questions we're what we're always there were more than happy
to answer answer questions about you know the technology about the wallets
about how it all works and you know come and engage with us awesome awesome and I
know you're in Australia so I don't know if you're anywhere near and UV like the
bush fires that are going on just stay safe or yeah I know fortunately we're
not we did have some fires around
around the area sort of late December or actually early December but when nowhere
near the the fires in southeastern New South Wales which you know the mega fire
that's burning at the moment it's sad it really is yeah it's you know half a
billion animals that they estimated gonna be dead because of it it's it's
it's it's tragic if I mean it's almost the size of the UK the the size of the
fires that burning right now so but not we're safe it's good so you know thank
you very much for that yeah yeah and and thank you again for for coming on and
setting aside some time to do this I really appreciate it and I think
everyone has a lot to learn about privacy and I think gaps is probably the
best solution out there so I highly recommend it I've got some yeah yeah
absolutely I've got some gaps coin myself and and yeah and I and I highly
recommend people go and check it out and again thank you thank you for doing this
thank you very much Scott it's been an absolute pleasure talking to you

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