Hi, you know cryptocurrency You can get the most benefit in different ways Popular mining and trade decrease The popular masternode is ticking Today we will talk, I'm pretty sure Every one of you want to receive Cryptocurrency doesn’t have much time and money But it's the same Need a lot of participation Continuously monitor the trend to follow Market conditions that serve national defense Signature is required Alternative way Passively will gain Cryptocurrency We will discuss masternodes and loans Future release and today i think Talk about setting stick to this one Get the most alternatives Cryptocurrency is only used to store coins Wallet can be compared with receiving Dividends on stocks or bank deposits Different profitability tracking methods Depends on each one The coin now exists Enough coins and their Can be divided into the following categories The first category is need Freeze rewards Must freeze A certain amount of funds or Indefinitely Plus sometimes extra Temporary input and output communication Authorization is required in this case When you want to send coins Other people’s project addresses, such as all Cyber ​​Lion etc.

The following is the minimum quantity Get paid for third place Sometimes you need to reach the minimum Dash type items Loggia or universal joint type 4 These are coins with no additional requirements Put them on your wallet exchange There is no minimum number of type items Which way energy Or the fifth category is the difference Profit stability Some projects only provide some Percentage per year, while others give Years x years, now let us Compare the two most popular methods Cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency steak Let's say you just discovered this market You don't have much Them and skills and the whole you don't want Spent a lot of time doing this But you have a small Amount from a small farm Five cards let's say geforce 1080 ti in The average price of this card is 65,000 rubles As i said, you don't have much When you just want to start digging And get the first cryptocurrency Naturally you start to be the easiest This is the current Ethereum mining 5 Card 1080 and allows you to receive Zero point zero 185 ether days or 0.55 Ethereum The current air freight price for one month is 230 USD is about 8000 to Keep 69 rubles separately Complexity and other costs This gives us about 2.6% Monthly return on investment In other words, about 40 months later Or you can be a little more than three years Take them back 1080 finally made money This does not consider the cost Service purchase additional Materials increase complexity and Wait, let's see now How can you invest three hundred Two hundred and fifty thousand rubles is the total 5 Video cost is 1080 See you a conservative choice But the profitability is poor and more Active choice, but naturally More profitable, open a website Be frightened and see the next List of coins we need Pay attention to complexity and risk In fact, I recommend composing Set of five coins Passive income instead of Require funds to be locked in or It’s better to send them to someone else’s wallet Choose the largest Infrastructure projects are unlikely Will close or work tomorrow Over the years, for example, operating Space exchange coin long-term space or paper a All guarantors and beer are all Five projects will bring you 3,200 rubles per month Okay, or less than one percent Now let's see more Active portfolio I only selected three items here This is the energy through the way of review You can look at the links in life Pure Name's Famous Synthetic Lack Rock This combination will bring you all 250,000 rubles per month 0 and 7 64 The percentage is already three times higher Instead of the rewards of mining, what would happen if We will divide our portfolio as follows Method 50% correct relatives Positive part and leave 50% We see that the result is conservative Obviously we are almost the same The most money in a month at the same time Our assets are separate, we don't have Depends on the device May crack or become obsolete Any investment can be withdrawn When you don't need it I forgot to mention the most important thing Start making money at the junction No need of 325,000 Sometimes you only need to buy a coin And have already started to get from her Rewards are usually clear The direction of the main risk level is Sign a drop in the value of a coin When choosing, I suggest relying on her Total capitalization in principle Long-term work on this project Also diversify you Portfolio, for example, if you Split the portfolio that stands out on the stage In three parts you will have avoided greater Some risks are also important When you are my thread, you first Pay for your own device In other words, all your returns Received monthly Just return the original Investment, if we track Equivalent to net profit So you can keep You invest in one or more Coins for a few months and then come back Percentage of total investment Unfortunately, in terms of mining, this is not done yet Will come out like you did at first Need to sell at least Very difficult equipment in principle Do the market when the market is down Chaos and total panic But of course you can argue who Therefore, everyone must mine there Some kind of coin of hope for a day Some announcements of new listings It turned out to be crazy profits and reinvested Basically, all cards have two or three in a month Four, wait for my agreement However, at first we talked about the fact You don't have much time The principle of wish to do so You can also rate at the same time Receive 30% of 50% every month Various coins but don't know what they are I will use these coins tomorrow Where they can slip and fall The abyss and the market so don't forget Always analyze yourself Every project is your result Investment depends on you I will talk about the future version The most profitable and stable coin If you already know which one is stamped Then write it in the comments Subscribe and don’t miss all the useful links in the description of the new video now.

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