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I welcome the review analysis forecast cryptocurrency
bitcoin got close to its historical high, he did not immediately want to fall, and on this
positive event, many altcoins and also show a small increase, let
's see interesting statistics today the main event cryptocurrency news at the end, traditionally,
several charts on the trading volume for 24 hours into the relative top, of course, after bitcoins
ethereum and steppe coins, the gimbals of hell of the past leaders of shiba inu and dogecoin break out, but not even in the
top on the screen, their daily trading volume just fell to the plinth.
that it is noteworthy that the second
third place is also occupied by tokens of exchanges 2 places are ouabis the third place is q coin this is the dominance of
exchange tokens today in the leaders of the fall minus nine and nine percent in 24 hours the coin shows the
symbol of bitcoin after it came close to its IC toric high
there is an increase in varietal positions plus 13 2 percent lang is in no hurry only
plus 1 and 3 percent on the Ethereum coin and have not decided what to do lan geisha mouths with virtually
no gimbal changes which today broke into the top in terms of trading volume increase their long
positions plus 18 8 percent of the shorts are also increased and plus six percent on the history it is clear that
lange was also recruited earlier within 30 days, but recently there has been just a
rapid increase in mango positions, but to lure the language there was a reduction in varietal positions
by a rather large value -26 and one percent of the landies also decreased minus 7 percent
and again, like yesterday, the flank mooring positions for different altcoins radically diverge if the
slot of the devil's position was reduced either by a coin or by a ball, let's gain positions by almost
48 percent in 24 hours + lange added slightly + 1 4 percent on ripple until everything is
stable again adding a small canvas to your positions plus 1 1 percent in history, we see
that this trend lasted a long time and there was a slight reduction in varietal positions
minus six and a half percent by the way, if you do not trade for your wife, but plan to just buy
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difference between them can reach 15-20 percent, which is naturally not at all profitable, especially
when exchanging large amounts of money, and this monitoring of exchangers will help to avoid additional spending
here, in principle, everything is quite simple if you have a Sberbank and you want to buy bitcoin,
just select two sides of the transaction and let's say you want to buy for 10 thousand rubles, it will automatically
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from different countries, even from a convenient one, there are alerts here, let's say if you don't want to buy at the
current rate and want to wait at more favorable prices for yourself, you can connect an alert
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parameters and then it is no longer necessary to follow you will receive an alert by mail or in a cart, and by the
way, the rate is updated here quite often, about every 30 seconds, the service is as honest as possible and
therefore if the exchanges present there have a bad reputation then this service does not
hide it and rarely publish negative reviews and show a low rating, if of course
there is, in fact, you can write to the technical support yourself by the way and complain about a specific exchanger
if you have proofs of deception, the admin will respond promptly, I advise you to add the site to your favorites
and then use it when there is another drawdown and exhalation, these are crammed in links to the
sites cart below in the description of this video only yesterday we left extreme greed as again
today on the growth of bitcoin we show again extreme greed figure 82
lately this is a record we have not seen such great greed even in April when there were market peaks for 24
hours more than 28 thousand traders were liquidated for the second day in a row, this number is quite small, usually
about 60 thousand traders, and they liquidate and take away even less than yesterday $ 135 million
if you watch the whole market, then more than 65 percent suffered artists if you watch bitcoin, then here the
percentage is even higher than 75 percent of those who lost money floor artists in spite of all indicators
and the need to unload their values, the market continues to go up in this diagram, we see
that they take away enough money, which means that there is a high probability that the historical hyde will be broken
there will be a large number of tables and then I will take liquidation their centimeter of bitcoin the
mood of twitter users regarding 1 cryptocurrency does not radically differ from yesterday,
also our long-term moving is directed simply to the right twitter users
still cannot decide where the market will go in their opinion half for the top half for it and a half
for the negative half for the positive, which is not surprising because we are at a fairly serious
fork that can determine the future fate of the debt, the term of the entire crypto market, if we
talk about twitter, then what coins are still being discussed besides bitcoin and what is surprisingly even more than
bitcoin is discussing bruised coins bitcoin is users in second place in the discussion for the
third film and 4 dogecoin bruises, by the way, it is worth noting the advantage is quite impressive, but
bitcoin ethereum have a rather insignificant advantage with each other if the price and we have not yet
overcome the high in terms of capitalization was overcome in April, the capitalization of bitcoin was 1 and 2
trillion dollars now we have overcome this high and the capitalization is 120 1 trillion is a
positive sign because the capitalization chart is one-to-one similar to the price chart, by the way,
if we talk about overcoming the hayato bitcocks, the paris euro yesterday just hit the high and broke through it his
dos with a strong enough bullish green candle almost to the very ceiling twitter users under the name plan
b creator a model from then flow which very well predicts the further movement of bitcoin
in the long-term public worldwide with a reminder that his next prophecy
came true on June 20 of this year, he published a tweet where wrote that in August bitcoin will cost
47,000 September 43 in October 63 in November 98 and in December 135,000 dollars for 1 bitcoin and so his
forecast still comes true and the other day bitcoin showed the most 63,000 if everything goes
according to his forecast then in November we should see 98,000 at least one more good bullish signal
we have updated the bitcoin reserve on all exchanges and it shows a minimum again and it is worth noting that we had
these indicators only in 2018, then bitcoin was worth around six thousand so
low reserves are now on the exchanges they announced an important event on the coin of candles for October without
conc On the date of the main network update, we will consider our coins today 4 news articles
but on 2 topics and the first of them is naturally launched bitcoins of those bitcoins turnover of those for the
first day of trading reached $ 1 billion trading turnover of an exchange-traded fund and tf based on
bitcoin futures from the company go through karambit then on the first trading day it was 24 and forty-two
million shares, or almost $ 1 billion, this is the second result in history
, only the launched black rock tool based on the green energy company stock showed a higher value, they
had a result of $ 1 and 16 billion, few people expected that the launched bitcoins of those will achieve
such results, and of course they expected good results, but on the second in history,
few people even dared to think this is undoubtedly good news, because both the following and those in the form of
such gorgeous results are more likely to be approved and this is how Harry Chapter 7 said
hans world on startup the first and thief on bitcoin futures, he said that s deliberately adhere to a
neutral position in relation to their logical innovation but no regulation, the commission gave the
green light to the launch of a new product since it had the opportunity to protect investors
from the risks of losing funds that's what he said why they launched exactly futures are exchange-traded fund
futures are regulated by our sister agency , the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission where
I had the privilege of working for four years, so Seg approved the launch of those in bitcoin futures that
new investment product we now have can be controlled by sief yew and is
subject to investment law companies of the fortieth year and the second news that
attracted attention is news on facebook they continue to work with their digital wallet
here facebook has chosen q and bass as a partner for its digital wallet new company
coinbase global will be the custodian of securities and financial assets for the pilot project
facebook wallet, but this one will allow people to send and receive money abroad instantly
safely and without commission and coinbase will ensure the safety of users' funds, in
fact, not dollars will be sent through the wallet as they pax will be used to the balcony the dollar and the SDP
and this is what the American senators think about the launch and testing of the facebook wallet they
demanded to stop this testing a group of five American senators sent
an open letter to the founder of facebook, mark Zuckerberg, in which they demand an immediate termination of
testing the cryptocurrency wallet legs in the letter they write given the scale of the scandals around
your company, we express strong resentment about facebook's renewed efforts to launch a
cryptocurrency and digital wallet now known under the dm brands yanove previously facebook stopped
developing cryptos ocurrencies libra however our concerns remain in force from a new initiative, in addition to the
risks that products like Diane provide for financial stability, you did not explain
how to combat illegal use and other criminal activity, we urge
you to immediately stop the pilot program and promise that you do not plan to launch a
digital currency Dayen, these officials are so afraid that instead of the dollar some other currencies will be used,
therefore, they immediately write letters even on some test work, I
think if Zuckerberg ignores them, they will go on again, they will turn to the same set
and will achieve to cover this entire desk because there
are a lot of facebook users around the world if they have their own digital currency why is it something else and
if this project also turns out to be successful, then I think such followers as the same Pavel Durov will
naturally resume work on your tone in the telegram and this is naturally not very good
if they use less than a dollar, let's see what happens on the charts of
bitcoin paired with the euro, we have already looked here Mihai has broken through, let's see what happens in tandem with the
dollar which we constantly monitor with the dollar hyip has not yet been broken we came close to a
strong resistance level visited the marked zone that the next predicted
height was taken very well and that the price of 70 thousand dollars
awaits us in the
near future.

less for cryptocurrency, this is just scanty growth, therefore, the forecast for
bitcoin remains unchanged, the next goal for him is 70 thousand dollars, of course, for this
you need to break through the high of the supposed wave 3 of a higher order, I think this is quite achievable in the
near future, not right away through a small pullback with a greater likelihood it will happen,
let's take a look on the air, but the films did not get close to the historical high, which is not surprising all
capitalization all domination is now in bitcoin when bitcoin goes to correction or to the fleet then
the olts will have a good chance on ethereum I also do not change the forecast here the structure is not broken
here is ruled by an ascending one and the next targets then 4,200 for ethereum, the plu pair is also a priority for
us, growth here also the structure is not broken here the next target is 135 as for a more
local movement, then we have a good upward growth, but I don’t consider this as h1 yet impulse some
factors here are not fulfilled this can be said in a few hours, or in the next
video we will also see globally here at 135 but locally there is still a
downtrend if you expect to enter the flank here you need to wait a bit for the flank setup
if you came from lower more levels of the coupon and it is better to hold naturally the choice is yours to how
to trade where to register, I just voice my opinion, well, let's see a few more coins from the
comments from the donations of the bitcoin cash coin that we have it here, we watched it for a long time,
judging by where we have a settlement zone we were here who bought here reached all the calculated
zones if there were purchases here, then you could earn as much as almost 70 percent, all this
we have already won back can be deleted because we did not look at the chart at that time and
did not update it further, which is now shown by the chart we found support here is this level of support
turned out to be strong enough to stop the fall, this impulse has a structure of
five waves, therefore, we can conclude here that we have such a good output impulse above the
nyvki, and if there was one impulse, then there must be at least 2 target 2 impulses minimum this is the
previous high in the region of 780 bitcoin porridge if viewed locally and tested
this level for the second time resistances also bounced off of it, went to a level above the moving average 200,
consolidated here, it also speaks of further growth, smaller timeframes
will not be considered here, therefore, the first zone is marked 782 zone is the calculated zone for wave 3 if we do not
go to break through here the correction level in the supposed wave 2 then the next zone is
in the region of $ 1000 per bitcoin cache, such a forecast can be made for this coin based
on what the graph is showing us now, let's look at the next coin in order to have time to see
more in this video and this coin we also considered it, apparently in August we noted
here in the correction zone, we came here but so far this correction has not completed the structure
has not been canceled here since we have not carried out impulses on all here the correction in wave 2 is still continuing,
let's look at the bottom of the vk ah what we have here in terms of completion of this correction, but there
are factors that indicate that the correction is close but to the end, but I would not come here yet there is
no normal confirmation that the coins have turned around, that here from trading decisions, as
it were, I would have been waiting for the exit impulse on its rollback, I would buy with the expectation of upward with a
stop at the bottom of a more conservative stock of course here after this we bark where our goal and the
first goal is, of course, this is the previous fig, the second goal, the calculated zone for wave 3 is still
impossible to calculate because there is not even a stop in the correction, we can only assume if we
still do not go below and the lower level of the correction will remain in the region of 280 then the calculated zone for wave
3 will be at 726 while such a structure can be found here based on what the chart shows,
but again, if not yet in the coin, then it is better to find, of course, something else and
there is no confirmation of the reversal here you need to wait for it wait for the setup on the forehead the next
coin is about tix here we looked at apparently in the middle Unified September, the structure here is not broken, the bottom of the
supposed wave 4 is not updated, we went up, fixed on the moving kai of 200 kai, the prospect of
growth here also remains the level but where can we reach this 015 here the resistance level is strong
here the previous high of the supposed wave 3 if we consider some
intermediate levels then at a price of 01 it is also worth being careful here it can also
stop if we go upstairs and so the structure is not globally broken according to my aunt cs the forecast
is still relevant it will be broken if we break through the whole layer until long is the priority here
coin m box they also asked in the comments that we have not much history here since August
21, what we drew here, as they say, were looking for something to catch on to how and how to
predict, but here again we made sure that coins with a small history to predict
practically nothing there is very little history to predict well let's see what here
a good sign happened here a false breakthrough of vodka quickly and it is likely that below this day we will
not go from here there was a cube further decline, but to say that here the lange somehow prevails
while it's too early we are still under a sliding 200 kai and it would be good to look here
lange, only after we go above this level, we bargain, we will test it from above and only
then it is better to buy at a higher price than to buy now at random, but there are factors, again, these
are out of boredom, but now they are nailed down with such large shadows if you look at all
like this everywhere shadows from above press everywhere on the chart at the slightest attempt to go up immediately from the
bath and press down it is likely that one day it will stop and the price will rise if you just
want to go to long to stop, of course, here is ash if more locally it is still not at random
waiting for the breakout of the moving average here, then again you can buy on the pullback
from This impulse and stop should be put on your heels here more conservatively, of course, here are
stupas at about the level of 3-4, but if we talk about goals, then naturally the first goal is the previous
peak of the supposed wave 1 if we do not go to update this battle in the region of four dollars
then the calculated zone for the third wave is in the area of $ 7 and the same level exactly
coincides with the level to which we finished off on September 16 on September 18 and received ransom shadows, it is quite
likely that we will finish here and get the same ransom shadows for the correction of the fourth
wave but again, it’s too early to talk about it yet we haven’t received confirmation here.

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