the press of everyone on the channel Michael investments today we will analyze the Crita currency thesis we will analyze both the local picture and the global one, and in addition to this, we will analyze where the bottom can potentially be and where a further peak can be expected in the next cycle, what we can count on, perhaps with a monthly chart on On the monthly chart, we can see that it is possible to distinguish a support line and a resistance line for us, this is how the price moves in the form of such a rising wedge, but we must also take into account the fact that we have not gone very far from the previous maximum at the moment we seem to have fixed higher that it may seem that this is a good sign for further growth , you can also distinguish for yourself a complete elliot of the following picture that we allegedly feasted on the correction of the second wave of correction and the supposedly final third wave, however if, according to this logic, we have this correctional bc should not was to conquer this peak, respectively, this whole model is sexual and fiercely inactive yes, you can tell the method in this case to do it like this, you know, I will tell you that you pay attention to all these corrections and you want to say that these are Elliott wave models, we ignored such a peak and set just such a peak, I think there is something here in this the theses of the wave or you do not work, they are completely incorrect here, or it simply did not go in the same way as paul or stupidly the theory of elliot waves, please note that this month is at increased volumes, however, we do not see any rapid growth, which can be said this can speak of the fact that now this moment is to take profit, or some may get the impression that supposedly here before it is gaining positions before a dash up, supposedly we have now fixed above this line, the resistance is now gaining ground and there will be a further breakthrough, this is one of the theories, in fact, I add up more impressions of what is going on and sales and let's go down, but for this it is still early mountains, let's now pay attention on other facts and other indicators that can tell us what will actually happen, let's pay attention here is an example of our site at the moment we see a pretty good growth and in the subsequent current ones, which are now the peak, in all likelihood, will now return and we will have such a double top about what can this say, I think that this model will judge that this upward trend has come to an end, despite the fact that on the one hand, some kind of divergence is not traced, but when the conquest of new highs on the mouths is not present on the chart, it still speaks of the fact that this is some kind of divergence, well, not that divergence, but for a moment nato that it has come to an end, all this growth has come to an end and therefore we should expect a fall on one side, so on the other side you can pay attention that at the moment we are above the moving averages and supposedly everything is good, especially since we have fixed above the resistance line and supposedly, according to technical analysis, we should move above m We grow more on higher volumes, that is, it seems that there will be such an opinion that there will actually be growth, and therefore it is important to understand technical analysis how to evaluate it, what to pay attention to what not to pay attention to, they stupidly blindly believe a certain model because that if it's just purely some kind of patorne or something else to follow, then in this case it will not lead to anything good, and here, as it were, two opinions are formed that on the one hand it seems that you should grow and on the other hand we also have confirmation that what will be the downward example of the Bollinger channel model, we have currently broken through it and, accordingly, in this case, expect a further fall and, in all likelihood, a fall again to this support line, if we fall to the support line, then it is already questioned and further growth will continue with us in this case, a double top is formed and if the breakthrough, respectively, the flight will be quite strong, most likely somewhere approximately oh, in this zone, and this is in the region of a dollar and a half, this is just guesswork, let's now pay attention to how much the candles are growing or falling in general at the moment this month we have the form of a top that [__] and this is what the market doubts and it is quite possible that just now there will be a correction, we will fall to the support line, despite the fact that we had a seemingly good growth, and in the future, I still estimate the volumes that otherwise there is no continuation of growth and children here in technical analysis are sometimes very hour, you can evaluate any situations in two ways, and you can find certain patterns of certain technical indicators of some kind that supposedly there should be a fall or growth there, and with the same certainty you can find a contradiction in some other technical points that indicate that no, there will be a fall, or well, in general, another situation is that here, in principle, we are observing yes, with one side, look, as it were, in terms of volumes, because we have broken the line resistance, it seems that the growth should continue, the more divergence they show we you 620 moving, there are various reasons to say that they should be growth and you can also find a variety of arguments that there will be a fall and therefore it is very important to understand where the truth is, where the lie in general, you need to think out with your head, they are stupid to follow some kind of technical analysis, let's now move on to the weekly chart on the weekly chart what kind of situation we see right away, it catches your eye, I think this also catches your eye, pay attention to what colossal volumes are very large volumes we have 1 volume we have this candle but this candle, in principle, it would justify itself, it is quite long and therefore the fact that supposedly here somehow fixes profits or some kind of sale is going on, we should not pay attention to the subsequent subsequent we already see the form of small candles, especially the last one, and this already suggests that that at this moment, here we have just the same distribution, the question arises what kind of distribution is this and a set in order to grow, or is it all the same sales, if you learn how to correctly analyze such situations when such a situation arises like on the one hand, increased volume and growth, and it is believed that growth should continue, as we know, if growth is accompanied by volumes, then this is a good sign for further growth, however, there is another scenario of events when volumes are increased, but at the same time we see that there is a sale and here it is twofold it turns out again, depending on who how to evaluate the market, therefore it is very important to back up your arguments with something else to look at the whole situation look at the monthly chart of weeks on the chart a marvelous chart, preferably these I think that smaller timeframes well, a maximum of 12 hours, that is, in other words, a minimum of aceasta, but I I think this in general will confuse you the most important thing is these wonderful weekly and monthly n and they looked at the situation, analyzed the whole situation, all indicators built their own hypothesis and thus draw a conclusion, but the only thing that is very important to look at all this is a very cool head, because if you somehow emotionally entered the market there shorts in long or just in anticipation of something, you will subconsciously look for arguments for your theory, that is, as I said earlier that you can easily support your theory with something, some indicators, some patterns and you will be stupidly blind believe this, I ignore everything else, while if the other person, so to speak, who does not care about all this at all, he sees a completely different situation to see that in favor of the growth of so many arguments in favor of the fall of so many arguments there are patterns in how there are patterns like and in the fall, in general, it's easy to find all this, so always come up with a cool head, never analyze emotionally understandable things the more you do d you invest, the more difficult it is not to analyze emotionally , but it is necessary to draw conclusions correctly, and so let's first go out for you the distribution zone and so we get this zone then we have this zone so we still have this zone here something is this zone and, accordingly, we draw conclusions for ourselves if we fell after this distribution , respectively, this is our zone for sale if we have grown after this zone, respectively, this zone of purchase if after this zone fell accordingly, this zone is for sale and now the question arises what Well, by the way, this zone, I have not yet indicated that this is the same zone for sale, we pay attention that there is a constant sale in this zone , which is not a good sign for further growth, however, you can say, but in the end we still have to somehow a turning point to occur and grow, especially since we are now fixed above this level, however, you must take into account the fact that we still have like this oh peak and we are still far from it, all the more if we take into account the local along these trend lines, then we are already close to the support line, respectively, we can soon like now or a little of that race and ultimately fall again now, and most importantly, to understand that there is a sale of illidan amort positions in order for my to fly up, let's pay attention to magnesium and where they show for growth, however, paying attention that at the moment they could distort information on such a strong volatile market, we should not rely on him, we should not pay attention to the dick site at the moment he showed and divergence divergences himself worked at the moment, we are growing and growing, in principle, at about the same level as our previous peak, however, we see that the belts and we are still lower, respectively, we can assume that at the moment this peak will stop and a fall should be expected our site at least smokes us about it so we look at dima and dima we get it shows age guide bearish strength bullish fading trend fades then increases but we are seeing an increasing strength of the trend potential to fall very much so say growth potential for growth too is not so strong as to fall if we pay attention in Germany separate chart we can assume that the potential for growth, we have just the same level in the rion from here, that is, in the area of ​​about $ 10 from 10 11, and the potential for a fall is much lower, and so, purely in terms of risk management, I think that it is pointless to enter a long position because that the potential for a fall is much tougher and more and to expect some small profit here for this profit for the sake of this profit to risk it by the sense that it is better to wait for the correction and then buy it if we pay attention to this indicator, we now pay attention to the Stakhanov Stakhanov show rounding supposedly now there will be an intersection and will say that the alleged growth, however, in general, I suppose that it can promise such a picture that perhaps a false growth will occur now, we will have time to grow a little more Stakhanov's indicator will just show because supposedly growth and then we will fall and it will show that this growth was false, that is, to rely completely indicators on a glass of whiskey are also not worth it, these arguments must also be supported by something, but I see in general the situation that at the moment, if we take into account, in addition to parsing this thesis and parsing bitcoin, I see that, in general, I expect this scenario of events about the fact that this uptrend will be broken and we will either go to the side or we will fall, pay attention to the candles, so at the moment the same is very strong and even pay attention to those not previous previous weeks in the form of a wiggle what this all says about the potential for further growth is in great doubt despite the fact that it seems like a good takeover, I still expect a drop in the local picture to a greater extent, which can be, as I said in Perhaps an attempt will be made to grow, but in the future, nevertheless, we will descend again to this support line, further it will be necessary to observe, that is, the situation that will occur if we look into the future like this, I have the assumption that we will still be able to break through, respectively, there will be a double top we break through, or so much down, if we break through and fall further and further, most likely let you sim for yourself the potential for falling and for growth in order to find out the potential for just now we will try on fibonacci and find out from we have such indicators, which indicators appear to be equal, it seems, there is such an opinion that up to 27 there up to 30, in principle, it is possible, however, I want to take into account the fact that these pay attention to the previous one there we will see that we have not even grown, we are less than the previous peak, pay attention if for this to do something supposedly 1 618 okay, let's assume that 1 618 although in fact it is necessary here take into account two facts here we get a drop to 0 618 and so we get two scenarios of events there is and to judge purely from the past it is clear that the past does not have to be repeated, but suppose so if we judge that we will grow day 608, it turns out in the region of ten dollars these will fall to but 618, then it turns out so poorly visible in the area almost 5 dollars so we have such a weak potential for a further cycle, of course, this is not a guarantee that this is exactly what will happen, perhaps another scenario of events, we will now just build on the past now let's let's determine the potential for a fall, several points are allocated for ourselves, as a rule, these are three points 70 with something 80 with something and 97 and for these three key indicators we will now equalize, of course, that these 50 are, but I still think this is rather weak and the correction is therefore for it shall not be so, and 70-something where we can drop in all likelihood here we see that there is a fairly strong in this area the level is and therefore most likely we will fall approximately in this zone it is in the area of ​​about $ 1 70 cents to $ 2 from about this zone so let's designate it it turns out the first zone where we can fall this is in this this is our first zone further further we are in the area of ​​80 and we look at 80 and something we see that here he is aura strong enough, it is in the area of ​​one dollar 17 cents, that is, we make the second hypothesis that we are falling into this hive more than 90 percent if we assume this is up to how much mine turns out, we have 90 percent with something, we are looking for a resistance level and a support level, well, in general, key such trend zones, here it is, this is in the area of ​​about 0 about which 52 cents will be rounded off to about 50 cents this we get 3 zones where we can get potentially we know where we can potentially fall and we know where it can potentially grow based on this information we can then make some predictions of our own to count on how much It will be necessary to earn money in the future, that is, if you, for example , buy for this amount and in the future it can grow to this amount, respectively, you can calculate your profit in the future, this is the simplest technique, unfortunately, something like that is direct some clear information what to understand to how many there is still able to grow in the future this or that cryptocurrency, unfortunately, I do not know such information on which it is possible to clearly define it, you can only guess to guess and I think when you make some predictions it is better to make a bias not on an optimistic scenario of events, but on a pessimistic one, so if you are satisfied with a pessimistic scenario of events, then you enter and expect the price that you expect there is suddenly an optimistic scenario of events, then you consider it as a bonus as a gift, you will earn even more for an example, we counted for an example that in the future it will grow to 10 dollars and it has grown there to 50, consider it as a but as a bonus, but it is best to count on a bad scenario of events, and then you can already look and draw conclusions whether you need such a cryptocurrency or not, of course, it's clear that whatever you take only purely by technical analysis, you need to analyze directly what kind of cryptocurrency it is, what kind of such a technology, maybe it is some kind of prospect at the moment, people just do not understand the whole essence of this technology, and later when they do see the light, this cryptocurrency will skyrocket the price in spite of all technical analysis, or there will be some kind of update, but in general, pay внимание надо не только но это технический анализ а надо еще смотреть на фундаментальную основу если фундаментальная основа достаточно сильная то у роз может вообще быть запустим мой предрекли о том что якобы 10 долларов а если фундаментально основу достаточно сильно она может вырасти там вообще до 200 долларов поэтому необходимо обязательно технический анализ подкреплять из фундаментальной основой и быть может такое случиться что вы сделаете намного больше иксов желаю всем профита всем до скорой встречи

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