ТОП 5 мертвых криптовалют. Bitcoin Diamond , NEM , Emercoin , Universa и другие

TOP-5 "dead" cryptocurrencies The last ten years was observed a powerful leap in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. It all started since the birth of Bitcoin, which became the first in the world digital currency. Since then, Bitcoin has beaten every possible records, reaching $ 20,000 per coin. But at the same time, the "main cryptocurrency" of our time was going through hard times when the rate dropped to several one thousand dollars. In the cryptoindustry, everyone as in life, the fittest survives. And among a thousand only a few currencies are able to stay afloat. However, history knows many projects that had good prospects to stand alongside the leaders. But on for whatever reason, these startups quickly died. And today we decided to talk about dead cryptocurrencies, who have never been able to gain a foothold on Olympus. But before we start, let's deal with ourselves definition. What does “dead” cryptocurrency mean to us? "Dead" cryptocurrencies are digital assets, appeared independently, or as a result of ICO {ah si o}, and failed to gain a foothold in the market. Among those include not only coins, which today day do not function at all, but currencies that exist to this day, however, having an extremely low rate, simply funny capitalization and a small percentage of users.

There may be several reasons for the decline: fraud, dubious reputation of creators, incompetence developers and just a market mechanism. We offer to your attention TOP-5 "dead" cryptocurrencies that are not met expectations and could not impose a worthwhile competition with trendsetters. Some of the listed projects ultimately turned out to be a scam, and the volume the rest of the bidding was too small for three months or they have not been able to recover from a sharp fall in their value. Graduation lines up in order the prospects of a particular cryptocurrency in comparison with competitors.

And as you understand, the larger the wardrobe, and in our case the project itself, the louder it falls. But do not think, we have not forgotten about token quotes and their market capitalization. So these parameters we will keep in mind. The Exmo channel is online. let's let's look at the top five "dead" cryptocurrencies. We believe it will be interesting! Fifth place. Bitcoin Diamond {bitcoin diamond} The most disastrous in history the Bitcoin fork gave us the Bitcoin Diamond.

This uncomplicated the token offered a number of features different from its progenitor. First, due to the increased block size, the the number of transactions allowed. Second, networks tokens used an advanced encryption system at that time, providing a new level of anonymity. Thirdly, the speed of transactions has been significantly increased as a result of an increase in the speed of block generation. The project seriously hoped to catch up and overtake Bitcoin by 2020. But as we can see today, Bitcoin Diamond never fired. In addition, at the moment the coin is traded in the area 50 Russian rubles and the market capitalization is almost 9 billion Russian rubles or 115 million dollars. Currently there are 188 in circulation million coins, with 210 million declared. As you can see that the rate, that the liquidity of the cryptocurrency does not attract investors. And here it will come in handy a quote from the famous story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol “Taras Bulba”: “I gave birth to you! I'll kill you.

" Fourth place. NEM token {nam} The project was launched under the leadership of the New Economy Movement in March 2015, and the next year, the rapid growth of the eponymous token. NEM offered original open source code, thanks to which the cryptocurrency was able to initiate many useful innovations. The peak of the popularity of cryptocurrency fell in 2017: by the end of December, the token was worth 97 cents, and on January 8, a historical record was set – one and a half dollar per coin. The project had a margin of safety to survive the correction. But the Japanese intervened in history. In January 2018, one of the largest cryptocurrencies exchanges in Japan, Coincheck, has confirmed that the platform has large-scale theft of funds. Number of stolen NEM tokens were mined in 123.5 million dollars. Of course that the proceedings had begun, as a result of which the management the exchange suspended all operations with the token.

This the attack hit hard on the prospects of the project, and in a short time he practically went to "No." To date, the NEM token is traded in the region of 10 rubles with a market capitalization of 83 billion rubles. And even after the release of the Catapult blockchain engine, the coin could not receive "second wind. Third place. Emercoin {emer coin} Coin still holds on the stock exchanges, however, its rate tends to zero. At the time of writing this video, Emercoin is assessed at 0.04 cents for 1 coin. At the same time, market capitalization equals 155 million Russian rubles, which is ridiculous for 2020. Currently in circulation only 46 million coins, with a declared billion. Cryptocurrency was born in 2013, at dawn popularity of digital assets. A year later, in 2014 year, Emercoin has already been listed on the largest exchanges of the network. Remarkably, in those years the market was not yet overcrowded. crypt, and the project itself had just an excellent chance of to become a giant in the boundless future industry.

However, the token was unable to offer to investors nothing worthwhile, absolutely nothing, as well as not offers no attractive options for buyers. Currently, Emercoin cryptocurrency is used only to pay for goods, and also simplifies settlements thanks to technological solutions based on our own blockchain. Second place. Universa {universes} We are glad to introduce you to the Russian a project that was launched at the end of 2017. Project proposed the creation of his own blockchain platform for business applications based on high-speed blockchain protocol Universa with a throughput of up to 22,000 transactions per second. Of course, with similar features, a startup received high publicity. And what's most interesting, Universa developers have enlisted support from Alfa-Bank. Also became a member of the project advisory board founder of MGT Capital Investments and creator of antivirus McAfee Security Software John McAfee. But to become a pioneer of the domestic blockchain industry for a long time the startup failed. And the reason for this was internal disagreements. But as soon as the excitement around Universa died down, it turned out that there are serious disagreements between the project leaders regarding its future prospects.

With time this resulted in counter-accusations and even led to initiate criminal cases concerning the fact that certain persons have damaged the reputation of the company. At the time of preparation of the video, one Universa token can be purchased for 12 kopecks with a total supply of 3 billion coins. Market capitalization is 4 and a half million dollars. The project is drifting to this day, but further prospects there is no development at all. First place. Bitconnect bitConnect The project is rightfully considered the most comprehensive fraud in the history of the cryptoindustry. The startup was released in January 2017 year. And after a lightning-fast hit in the TOP-10 rating CoinMarketCap with a capitalization of $ 2 billion token is also rapidly fading.

Very fast to the community leaked rumors about the creation of a large-scale financial pyramids. The developers promised investors “gold mountains ", but in the end they offered only a fraudulent scheme, which was called the "Ponzi scheme". The reason for this dissatisfaction was the lending program BitConnect. The project promised significant bonuses for making deposits in Bitcoins. But according to disgruntled users, the mechanism for paying bonuses remained unclear, so the same as the sources of such generous payments. In July 2018, the project was officially dubbed a scam.

Investigation continues to this day, but it is unlikely to get the right will it ever work out. However, the token rate today it is traded in the region of 50 Russian rubles. But few people would think to invest in a dubious a project with a badly damaged reputation. And despite to a relatively high rate, we simply could not do not put the scam project first in our rating. Before the infusion of large money in tokens we strongly recommend to get acquainted with the history of the project. After all, as practice shows, some startups can be very dangerous. Sometimes you can stumble upon the most real scammers, offering fabulous money out of nothing. Well, we we say goodbye to you. Subscribe to our channel, click like and don't forget the bell.

This is how you get to know the fastest about a new "dead" cryptocurrency and you will not lose your money. Until next time!.

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