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I welcome everyone, let's write down a small update
on the crypto market review analysis cryptocurrency forecast let's look at the statistics news several charts and
interesting events that is noteworthy for bitcoin in 24 hours the varietal positions have increased by
almost 45 percent, although there was an increase in a day, but on the history for two weeks
we see how there was a sharp decrease in this indicator in two days if you look that
someone covered the shorts well, but this does not negate the fact that for a day it is still -45 in a ball than a
lange at the same values \ u200b \ u200bthe Ethereum that has updated our local high also a little added
graded positions per day, but not as much as for bitcoin in the film plus 3 6 percent, then in
our history for two weeks we see how in recent days the indicator of starting positions of paper went up the lange,
which, in principle, is logical since there are indirect factors on the chart who could make the
ball fly you will see ripa here, too, the growth of varietal positions by almost 15 percent per day
, our salon continues to grow 112 bucks, it now costs and in 7 days it showed an increase of 58 percent,
which allowed her to enter the top in fourth place in terms of trading turnover in 24 hours Solana got up from years
after the teaser of bitcoin and ethereum Here is the IS-3 coin, I think the near future will never be overtaken,
therefore, Solana can be considered such a local top-1 alto gray said in 24 hours they did not buy anything,
only one sale, which is noteworthy for 7 days, only link remained with a positive
balance, the rest everything goes negative before that, by the way, for 30 days
, the bitcoin cache also had a positive balance in the upper part of the table, but now it also went into minus the first four coins
are bitcoins films a classic film litecoin and now bitcoin cash has a negative balance of
purchases for the last month, which is our mood twitter, judging by the indicators, positive
sentiment prevails, but if you watch movie nge, then after the recent sharp p the
positive mood turns the graph up again, after all, twitter users, after a slight
shake-up, are still counting on an increase in the price of top coins on the service to young naked, of course
, solana in it is surprising that it’s not in the first place in second place, it’s also a good start for us,
September is so peculiar check point in the year just such interesting statistics were rolled out here
the percentage of price change and bitcoin this year are published in the twenty-first line
and the first line is the average over history for previous years and what is noteworthy this year is
bitcoin we have no real opposition at the rally he Of course, it does not walk, but almost every
month it shows completely different percentages than the average for previous years, January was a
minus here, plus, and here there was almost anyone 0 percent here is a good plus minus 14 percent.
this year, here's a minus in May,
growth this year there was a big drop in June, but again, June average was a plus now in
minus July, there are also discrepancies;

September of this year should be a plus here is such an interesting statistics and opposition of
bitcoin this year, if we are considering history, let's look at this interesting regularity, the
graph of 2011 to the present time, even up to 2023, presented a little bit of how events could unfold.
this is when the leaders entered when the founders,
so to speak, in the second stage, the first henchmen, the first followers in the third stage, friends and smart
money, it's all about bitcoin and in the fourth stage in which we are now, countries of
institutional and billionaires have always been painted here a little differently,
but if you look at addiction it was four waves 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and now we are observing
again 1 2 we are waiting for us 34 more how likely it will be in 2022 in the
twenty-third year we know but at least everything speaks about the fact that this hoi was not the last in the
previous vidos and now I, in principle, about this so boldly boldly hinting that
we are still in the middle of the movement in front of us, and by the way, if we compare 2013 to 2021, it seems to me that the cycle is
more suitable for us exactly 13 years than 17 and so in the thirteenth year, the movement was in two such
large waves from 1 x I of the first wave to the transition of this wave, it took one hundred and ninety-seven days, we have
passed from heico in the region of 60 thousand until 140 days, so if you look even the time indicators
are still we have enough time to reach 60,000 and update these
indicators by drawing as in the previous chart one hundred or two hundred there 500 thousand bitcoin reserves we
still have in such a small lower, but in general, our tendency is to grow, growth
is not very good with an increase in bitcoin reserves, the price is more likely to go down; a correction is
needed, so it would be nice on the air, for example, dependence it works well for
reserves and films on the exchange almost every day goes lower below and at the same time the price made a
local perry high what is not on bitcoin for now let's look at the coins that were
announced through the stairs on the exchange white bit September 2 tomorrow the throne announced an
interesting event in September together with a bit torrent and these are very close so to speak
coins to each other, so they should be watched, I think they can give good growth in September
that they do not write on twitter new product new product experience developed by bittorrent and our
main team tron you want to see will appear soon so take a closer look at these 2
bit torrent coins and tron new event on nir coin it will be added to bi rzhu today's cupcake
coin and ax also smart ones are added to this exchange about a significant event for today transition to it n 3 the
final stage of deployment mel and remained begins on September 1 start of mass migration
on September 22 events are scheduled on the helium coin gateway 5g freedom fay will again appear as a
2 decentralized network stimulated by a helium coin ttn network announced the launch of
cedars this introduces a new token and 20 drops originally built on the theta blockchain
that rewards liquidity mining nfc date of the event is February 1, 22 years long enough
news until the end of the month or earlier as they write in this event, the creation of a bridge between the finance marchin
ethereum and the polygon, the fever coin will exist in 3 networks, I think that the news, at best, can
win back, of course, not on the ethereum and beringia landfill mother and ki, namely on the filler coin
interesting news that attracted attention the court supported ripple on the issue of
disclosing the document of everyone in the past or the year before last, I just mentioned that ripple
ask for documents mustache, you can look there in details today I will not tell you so that the
video does not drag out, but this news tells us that the magistrate is no bird ruled that the
Securities Commission and the network must provide the exchanges with the documents requested by the apple for
consideration behind closed doors, the judge said that Ripa made strong arguments in favor of her request, and therefore
it is necessary to familiarize himself with the documents to determine whether it is necessary to protect them from disclosure
, the Securities Commission of course is trying to challenge it does not want to provide anything Interestingly, of
course, it turns out that everyone ran into ripple, and as a result, ripol now asks for something acer acer does not
want to provide because apparently he thinks that he is in a knowingly losing position, if in
short, ripple asked for documents on whether the employees bought xrp if p paid back then
they indirectly admit that ripol is not a security we do not see they bought although who knows
positive new finance resume accepting deposits through the swift withdrawal system until
they opened through this system later promise to do this but this is undoubtedly positive news
because ben closed us like this the possibility of replenishment through swift the fact that the American bank silver gate
serving cryptocurrency companies refused to provide financial services, but now we see
everything is settled and the service is resumed, of course, it does not say whether it was possible to agree on a
name whether it was red or started work through another bank, but in any case, the work is gradual
restore and now they opened their eyes in the water not declares that the data suggests that we have a
new bull cycle of cryptocurrencies, the situation on the market is very similar to the middle and end of the twentieth year,
when the cryptocurrency market was preparing for the next bullish cycle, as proof of them Here is
such a graph and notes that on average , 275 thousand wallets are active in the bitcoin network per day, this
is 35 percent less than the peak indicators of January of this year, the situation is similar and in the Ethereum network the
number of active addresses is 450 thousand per day, which is 33 percent less than the peak values of
these the data is extremely similar to the accumulation phase at the end of the twentieth year, but it reports that now
in the bitcoin network, only 15 percent of the coins are young, that is, moved no more than three months ago
in the ethereum network, their number is even less, only 12 half percent is again another
sign of accumulation by investors cryptocurrencies positive positive but this is great that from the eyes not we are
again positive, they say that whatever the cycle can be prevented only by a sharp aggressive sale of
coins, that is, if there is some unexpected news that will force a large number of
coins to be drained in the market and now Donald Trump woke up and decided to speak out named investments in crypto
currencies in the expected catastrophe, it is not the first time that he has voiced such a negative assessment of the crypt, I
think it is even good that he still lost the Biden election, no matter how criticized Biden, but
he does not seek to cover up the cryptocurrency sphere, but from Trump this could easily be
expected from such as twisted all the crypt on his twitter on the cartilage and vanomas who said
I like the currency of the United States is that he was not a big fan of cryptocurrencies according
to Trump invests money in digital assets investors harm the dollar we should invest
in our currency he stressed in general he does not trust the crypt at all and I ask that after all he left a
well-deserved vacation, let's see what is happening on the charts and we will start this time with
ethereum because he made the transition and showed us the volumes slightly exceeded the indicator here we
have new data enough from we will remove the level we have reached here everything worked out and what can be
said according to this schedule now now it looks very much like we are still not very inclined
to go down wave c, as with other alts, Ethereum began to draw a more bullish variant, having received
new data, having received this by moving on volumes and an increase in the indicator here, for me, the
impulse nature of the movement is more likely for me, let's see that we have, according to the structure of this growth, the
whole thing is already 260 days for us , the volume we had in the middle of the cycle in the last video is not for nothing that we
noticed that here it is very similar to the triangle x and the chloe went down
and the triangle went up where it can maybe we have a triangle in the fourth wave, therefore, as I
see this situation, the structure, I think it may be just like this, now we will recheck the level of this
movement with a transition, they are very similar to the final fifth wave, but we broke through on the volumes of the house and
draw higher indicators of the indicator, but all the same, these are not the volumes and not the data that
exceed, for example, the indicator of the third waves s that, in principle, it is logical if they do not exceed, it means
more likely it may be wave 5, the calculated zone 5 of the wave is at these levels, which
means that it is likely that Ethereum, even in this movement, can reach $ 4,000 and by the way
we have a resistance level in the region of 4 304 400 this is the previous high of wave 3 of a more global
order and it coincides with the calculated zone from the market, we received new data and therefore the more probable
scenario now looks like this is what we have for a trade decision, I have a ferry mind bought, I
keep it so much not knocked out so if you still have it, I think you should continue to
tighten the stops and increase your potential profit, which will be closed when
the stop is triggered if you do not have ethereum, then I would not buy it here because 5 are
very often shortened very often they are may not finish off to the calculated zones and, in principle, any
waves are not required to finish off to the calculated zones at oh , only the optimal zone, but not 100%
necessarily, and therefore on the air yummy, for me now the priority option is stretching and
further movements of the fifth wave within this impulse, let's now look at bitcoin
also there were two scenarios on it, we have not broken this scenario so far here we are in the trade
there are generally such indicators yet new market did not give us new data here there are no volumes, the
indicator also shows a higher priority option, this is for a decrease, so I
will leave it here and we will consider all cases in the second option here we have long assumed a reversal
in current levels and since there is no new data here it is still relevant here is this correctional
zone for bitcoin that we have for a trading decision cue ball I hold stops have not yet made it out whether to enter
now of course not there is a very big risk of going down so in bitcoin here this
second option is in priority than 1 on it is also in Most likely, a downward movement, again,
if, as on Ethereum, new data are obtained here, of course, it will be possible to revise the forecast,
but so far there is no new data forecast for bitcoin, the same look at ripple by ripley, we have long ago
highlighted the priority option in bold light and we have it naked.

I think let's remove abcs for
now so as not to embarrass anyone, the more ethereum we also tend to lean in this direction, well,
let's that our whole world in terms of heat is also similar to such triangular information, and here, for the
time being, the priority is growth first target previous peak calculated target also at the previous levels for the
mushroom, this is a higher priority option here, and if we also speak here from a trading
decision, then here, in principle, you can even take a blank, but naturally with obligatory stops you can take
even from the current levels of the mushroom during correction and it is better to put a stop here for this layer it
will be more conservative mine, but you can here it is more risky 100 let's
ask him a few more coins in donatti dent to look thanks for donate, especially since everything on the coin is such an interesting
situation here we also previously looked at this coin and assumed that we are going in wave b until
all this is still possible because we have not even reached the calculated zone, but I also think let's
consider this particular local movement, because here is just gorgeous while the
structure looms for further growth here the assumed la one two three four and it is quite
possible that wave 5 is coming to an end whether wave 4 has ended so the calculated zones and natural ones have already been
reached Is it possible to buy from these levels until there is no reversal trying to throw on
constantly from the bathing, going down volumes until there are no large ones, I think there will be something with the translation, I think we’ll
go even lower, but since our coins are already starting to shoot many, or you just
fly up sharply while bitcoin is doing nonsense and dangling in flat here for more risks oh,
you can buy, even though the current levels, here, put a stop at this level in the area of 00 5554
and wait for new highs, but for those who want a more conservative move, you need to wait for a normal
day off on a pullback, the brothers are already for a reason to put until this is not here, it is still close here
moving averages are 200k and it is likely that we are just hanging out here until we
reach this slide, and from it a more solid and sharp rebound upward is possible
that we have here on divergence, in principle , these two barks are already outlined here and with dealer here
these if you look at closed candles with a dealer here close-close reversal but not yet from the exit
confirmation the first target of the patent is, as usual, the previous peak of wave 3 of a higher order
right here after we turn around it will be possible to calculate the calculated zone for the end of wave 5
so that we looked further dash dash recently but asked to update because by the way, yes, and here
we have dealer we came to the calculated area we have a divergence we draw there is something similar to the zag
1 and looks good enough to buy here on a rollback whether you are from the current levels
but it is better of course a rollback to the flying tops of the rocket is generally a thankless job to buy because you
can here it's better to run into such a shadow on a pullback, the buyer stops, as always, for the base
behind the beginning of the impulse to the volume, you are more here, but they are not here also in bold color, we highlighted the higher
priority options here, the priority for this movement is higher and higher, the calculated zone has
been reached from here it is already outlined U-turn, so I 'll breathe a good situation to fly further upward,
very similar by the way, we didn't reach the slide, but already here we got a patent
turn, there is no turn yet, but I think it's also quite possible that everything can be done in the near future, so the
Internet computer has also noted for itself here we also have a structure save us past prediction 123
we are in corrections in the four and almost to the first level reached the previous peak but
did not reach until here also x and the barking rises here we go up the uptrend from the
slip we fight off 2 hundred square meters there is basically no change until the goals are achieved while here
on the intern computer long priority the forecast for the growth is the same one more coin seo coin and,
in my opinion, we never looked at all that we had a couple of levels here, for a week
, the volumes began to grow quite well that we have here in terms of structure, the volume is certainly not so much, but here
can be viewed locally at four o'clock already, by the way, as if the end of the impulse was the
only one that was not finished off to the calculated zone of the fifth wave, therefore it is quite possible another overshoot
along this structure while the graph shows exactly this, then we are now drawing the fifth wave and in this
fifth wave it is not one more such cast is missing because the structure looks like either 12345 you are drawn like this here
or this is 12 here, here is the internal three built into the internal three and after the fourth wave we
can go to the five of the five, so here it is already dangerous how to trade if the
wang is
w stop here on a pullback, you can try to take and catch this movement, we can
draw a stretch and fly higher, so if you need straight, this coin can be caught from here, if
not really, then you can consider other options and just leave this one aside, but here it is already
dangerous to trade because that here 5 lna could have already ended, but here we will draw a
correction if we have completed an impulse here, then in the correction for the supposed wave 2 it
would be necessary to go lower in any case, if we say what I would do here, I would just close the
chart, chose another planet here you can interpret this situation in two ways, I don’t like to climb into
smaller timeframes, but let's let's see what we have, for example, on the wiki watch how many
movements we have already lasted no always I would not have entered at all and there are too many contradictions and a lot of such
dangerous things, for example, on the river clock on the same one, we went under the sliding LCD for an hour testing it from below, you
can probably go just below by testing it from the bottom of the oval, it could end 12345 a day
and that's the end of it all subscribe to the channel, put your likes, write your opinions in the comments to
all successful trading and happily

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