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analysis review cryptocurrency forecast today we have Friday and it plunges the crypto market into red such negative Fridays are also called Friday to drain a penny only coin x10 pleases us with an increase of 11 percent and proudly flaunts in green, but as usual not all coins fall or grow in our country if you look at the list of currencies that showed the greatest growth in the last 24 hours, then such a coin as a kick flaunts in the first place and it showed an increase of more than 12 thousand percent in just a day, that is, if you invested only 1000 rubles yesterday in this coin today you have it would have been more than one hundred and twenty thousand, but investing in such projects is always a risk, besides, her schedule looks like this, that is, she never showed such growth and just shot at a single time, but as for the top coins in terms of daily trading volume, it is natural in the first place bitcoin teaser Ethereum is out of competition and unexpectedly sick in recent days on air in classic climbed to the fourth line on the eve of the update, it has a very chic trading volume killed by the root cache there is also good news, but about them a little later, the fear and greed indicator shows the number 21 and plunges into extreme fear again, the five-day growth is over and we are heading down again the fear of the trader increases as for the liquidation of the ton today it is only forty-four thousand traders have been liquidated this is lower than the average than usual about 50 60 thousand will liquidate some calm before the storm perhaps soon we will see a sharp big liquidation besides it has not been there for a long time now such peak liquidations rat already everything sells, in addition to the coin to the central and monad, and they bought a little top coins in terms of social activity looks given to the image in the daytime, of course, there are their coins here and this is the same coin that proudly balan green at the very beginning of the video, and so basically the top here is filled with some kind of joke mines our hash rate is showing growth after a sharp and large decline heh shrate yesterday we got a rebound, but it seemed like the days were short-term and for the third day we are seeing a positive trend, the hashrate movement, its growth is always positive for the value of bitcoin until the price of ours grows, but I think if the hashrate continues to move upward, the cost of 1 cryptocurrency will not keep you waiting and also heading upward Elon Musk in his twitter reminded about dogecoin again and he did it in response to a message from Christian Davenport and here they write that CEO bob smith spoke out nuts and richard branson if anyone is not in the know, they are going to launch tourist routes into space and they have already given permission for this, he writes we wish him a successful and safe flight, but they do not fly over the pocket line and this is a completely different experience to which they wrote to him uhta cosmic twitter turned into a full-scale military war in the last 24 hours Michael sheets wrote at the moment I almost expect elon musk to announce its launch this weekend expect elon musk to announce its launch this weekend mask will not lag behind tourist flights into space and will also launch his rocket at something mask just wrote and can I pay the debts, that is, he trolled them did not get into the fight did not declare any intentions to conquer space just a can I be a passenger on your flights while paying for it all with dog coins from interesting news British bank on the west has temporarily restricted transfers to the bitcoin exchange, of course, this is due to the fact that they allegedly fear investment fraud in order to protect our clients and cybercriminals using these cryptocurrency platforms, we temporarily limited the maximum daily amount that users can send on the bitcoin exchange, we also plan payments to a small number of companies involved in the sale of digital assets where the damage is especially significant for our clients, I believe that this is a rational decision, they did not limit everything to close everything and to stop they entered not a big limitation so that even in the event of some kind of fraud, it was not possible to steal all the money at once sky bridge capital launched private air upon the crypto funds, this is always good, besides, they plan to apply for the launch of the next ethereum and those and this is a new infusion from institutional investors with big money, the developers of bitcoin cash bbc announced rebranding and the transition to a proof strand, most likely this is the news that of course did not allow the bitcoin roof to show good growth, but allowed to climb into the top in terms of trading volume in the last 24 hours after the rebranding bitcoin cash will be to be called not bc hi ah ah and cache sticker sex after the update by the bc holder and whose sects the ratio of one to a million and the cache opens the door to extreme unattainable possibilities combining the basic technologies underlying the success of bitcoin fixed supply holding and genesis block with the latest consensus proof of-stake and protocol management said a leading developer of project Amory Sasha and cache will reduce the number of decimal places from 8 am to 2 according to the developers, this will bring digital currency cafes of y which will increase its popularity simplify use and reduce network speed to support the rebranding said most of the major stock exchanges such as the bin from troubles fine expeed ha moss bitcoin polonik beaten off cupcake and other smaller exchanges the share of green energy in the bitcoin mining industry was 56 percent, the gmc organization came to this conclusion in its first report, this organization includes 23 companies that account for 32 percent of the hashrate of the bitcoin network and they conducted a survey among the participants and the results showed that in the aggregate structure of energy consumption the indicator was 56 percent in the study there were three questions how much electricity your fleet of devices consumes what is the cumulative percentage of clean energy in the consumption structure of your fleet what aggregate hashrate your fleet generates I don’t know how much we can consider this poll to be relevant to reality, because it was based only on the answers of people and not for the sake of increasing the supposedly environmental friendliness of bitcoins, they could lie a little, but the result turned out to be quite good; the founder of the network of pictures, the author of the stock invested in bitcoin when business people understand how to build an infrastructure based on blockchain, then it will become really interesting added john arranger, founder and CEO of shutter stock, his platform deals with photographs and pictures, and of course he was interested in nfc technology, the billionaire said that the stock miner is also introducing oil and is studying how blockchain can affect the development of the market for the sale of photographs and other images by to me this is an excellent combination of a good platform and modern technology, but a new country that decided to run into both of us, this time thailand accused the crypto exchange of operating without a license, the Thai Securities Commission filed a complaint with the Department for Combating Economic Crimes by the national police and the reason is still the same and I liked that the citizens of Thailand use the bin once site on which they naturally replenish and withdraw their funds, but you see, for this you need to have a license only a provider who has received the appropriate licenses can provide services related to the trade of digital assets, exchange, storage, transfer With the withdrawal or any transactions related to digital assets, violators can be prosecuted in accordance with the law, it will be interesting to see how this trial will end because in recent days more and more such raids in Britain have managed to get rid of the ban on the use of a specific payment system, but in Canada, in the province of Ontario, it was necessary to simply stop supporting users; a new law in germany will allow institutional investments in crypto currencies; now, a special fund is allowed to invest up to 20 percent of its funds in bitcoin and ether, and such There are more than 4 thousand funds in the country, of course, cryptocurrencies will not be invested immediately, however, we are talking about the most popular investment instrument in Germany, literally all the money is stored in such funds Germany became the first large jurisdiction to remove restrictions on the investment of funds in cryptocurrencies, however, it is worth noting that we are talking about it is about special funds that are closed for retail investors, therefore, the German Federal Association for Alternative Investments hope for similar changes for public funds so that ordinary people can also bring their money there over the last 24 hours, our bitcoin lange has practically not changed, we are also in flat for this indicator, but the shorts from local minimums have grown by 8 percent, although half even more than half of them have already been closed and the total growth was only 4 percent 4 percent growth of shorts for bitcoin and for ethereum over the past day, we just show the lange American mountains At first, we received a decrease by but 69 percent and now we have an increase of about 0 3 percent as a percentage, this is practically not that only visually it can be determined that our lange is slowly decreasing, but within 24 hours there are practically no changes, plus or minus 1 percent as for varieties then they on the air yummy have grown by 38 percent and continue to increase, but let's take a quick look at the chart once again what happens with bitcoin to other crypto currencies and globally almost nothing has changed, we still have an uptrend, as before, the price is within uplink and forecast here I will not change locally, we are expected to grow as long as we have not changed the trend over the air, it is the same situation we are in an uptrend and forecast it left the same in my opinion is more likely to increase to locally, our upward movement fell slightly different from 1 2 cryptocurrencies, where we at least reached the upper border of the kan ala here we have not even done this from the middle practically and have headed down now we have broken through the border of the channel, but at the same time the uptrend is preserved , it will be preserved with us until we have broken through this is yours at the level 058, so I continue to observe the script, I don’t just kidding, but I don't see the opportunity to enter the long, most likely we will still go higher, but I'm not going to put my money on it, beaten by kaido my nation we get a small rebound from the marked zones we came here I think we will continue moving not down because this increase in domination so far looks just like a correction to a fall, let's take a few more coins look at the dot shelf asked in the comments under the previous videos and we have here the markup that we left here earlier it looks like we were just here expecting the fourth wave and a decline in the fifth wave, but in principle we got it 123, it is likely that we were here in the four and now we are developing the five in the marked we nevertheless came to the first zones visited louis updated updated which means that we have fulfilled the minimum requirement for the fifth wave and we have a structure similar to other crypto currencies, we just have to mark the settlement zones and first of all, let's update the zone for the fifth wave if we are all- and we didn’t finish if we didn’t complete the zone of the fifth wave is right here, that is, we can go down even further, I’m talking about this decline, that is, if we didn’t complete the top five, then we could be reduced to level 615 fell approximately down to dota, but again, let's take conditionally the fact that we completed the decline in the fifth wave, because here we can mark the fourth wave in different ways here and complete it, but it was an impulse this time, here he could it may end and now it will be one two three four five in general, let's take the most bullish scenario in my opinion, besides, it is also confirmed locally by an uptrend, so the zone where we are we can still reach in the fifth wave noted and where can we come about wave b this is the level data the lower bound of the nearest in the region of 30 and 31 dollars for 1 polka dot if you enlarge the chart and switch to the hourly timeframe, you can observe an uptrend in this channel x and our laris are increasing, we are increasing we are at the lower edge of an ascending channel, this is the most likely forecast , in my opinion, not at the moment you can leave it to dota let's go further one more coin I wanted to see it here and just the same which we grew and which was popular on social networks, let's see what we have on it, we never watched it, we have it quite a lot and at least for both your nickname of Saturn here the level is another level, so above the threads on the nyvoks you can observe the discrepancy between volume and movement here our volume went down and the price went up in the structure it looks something like this we were also in the fourth wave, it is likely that now we are heading to the fifth wave, we are like once we entered the zone in the calculated zone of wave b, if here we form the same structure as we marked on the previous coins, but in terms of the dynamics of the movement, this is very similar to an impulse and it is quite possible that we could complete the correction and now we will develop into the fifth wave, therefore, the coin was also given now we are in a dangerous zone from which we can turn around and go down to the previous one if it is still abc, but if we still show the volume even higher, the indicator will trample us up, then there is a high probability that we will finish the fifth wave here.

And we will reach the previous high at least, but if we build a calculated zone, then here it will allow us to get even to the values ​​of 018, we can go higher than the calculated zone is here, the minimum zone is at the level of the previous peaks, and so, as an observation, I will simply add this moment, see practically without volumes, two or three times here we left all the same we made a railing and a little bit all the same we made a translation showed how so that we are heading down and then sharply turned around and everything flew off showing a good percentage of what I am if you look at bitcoin this movement reminds me of exactly that just now I just threw my eyes two or three times and by analogy we have to do here all the same a fracture and then shoot and fly up that is, without breaking through this bottom, breaking through and changing the trend , showing that supposedly here a downtrend is formed, it just flies up sharply in a few days, I think it is quite likely that, in principle, our coin confirmed them here and 1 2 the railing and everything and flew away on this all subscribe to the channel leave more comments you may not even be in the subject write something copy some text paste you like it when they write comments subscribe to the channel of successful trade and happily

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