Стоит ли покупать Shiba?

The SHIB token has doubled since the
beginning of October, and only 5 days have passed. The growth started with rumors
(https://stockhead.com.au/cryptocurrency/bitcoin-breaks-49k-while-shiba-inu-eats-a-zero-on-robinhood-rumours/ ) about SHIB listing on Robinhood. The idea was supported by an army (like
the Macedonian) of fans with the slogan SHIB to $ 0.01 🚀 Will Shiba Inu be a cent? No. But the price can only rise
if another media personality starts pumping this dog
to the moon. The shiba has 394 trillion coins in circulation
, and only 1 quadrillion tokens. Even with a price of 1 cent, the capitalization of the
shiba will be $ 3.94 trillion. Charles! The capitalization of the entire crypt
is 1.9 times less than this figure. Therefore, do not build hopes. If you have a cache and really
believe in a token, then why didn't you take it for 0.000006? And as soon as it was 3 times more expensive
, everyone ran to buy.

Interesting behavior of people. Always do a market research,
see who is behind the project, what problem it solves
, etc. Your decisions = your money. Make the right

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