Сколково. Ethereum Russia 2016. Виталик Бутерин. Часть 1: большие проекты на Ethereum в 2017-18 гг.

first of all, I would like to thank you for coming to the conference today got here got someone and and ask, many created came from moscow from different countries abroad, thank you very much for your interest, we were very it is important to gather this audience because it was very it is important to bring or far away in Russia so that he can personally communicate with you and we I will talk a little about this today, but before I say a few words about today I would like to thank the Skolkovo Foundation that they responded very much promptly and provided this site with a very cool site for our conference thanks in fact, besides the fact that I am engaged in the field of ay-ti different different Are there projects already in the field 20 years ago I became a member abruptly months ago the Supervisory Board and the Ethereum Foundation and Films and the principle behind and there is a little story i am in italy which you don’t know enough long ago and we saved his dad starting a business instead 20 years ago and certainly did not closely follow the project for the last two years ethereum and was especially imbued with when the first version of the platform was the first release and became a wonderful topic for me very much as soon as I understood on the very what is it about I really wanted to bring vitalik to Russia so that he I personally looked at the prospects, let's say development, then a platform for adaptation to platform in various sectors of the organization begins to state and banks, moreover, I really wanted to talk to directly one-on-one with developers who work in this area, we had not enough a simple project to bring him here that we have been doing together with alex the last two together with these from him whether to combine raise because he wants funnels boboc and vitalik too good helped a lot i thought no need to present he is very famous in fact, among all to engage in blockchain in russia and not only in russia, and maybe the last comment I want to say to the writer, let's start our program which was announced when we thought it over, it seemed to us that it was better just do not make any presentations and give you the opportunity to live communication in real communication, in fact, such a one-on-one absolutely for 11 nova groups communicate directly with vitalik talk about everything that interests you first question probably so you tell your colleagues and where you were born where you grew up was born here here in russia split off no first part of years its part in Kolomna 8 adored similarities by dates why a skirmish is necessary a number of this is a swamp of treatment by a woman falling time protestants or vice versa just need fibers miserable shell of the usa where once learned to program did not accumulate diabetes and extinguishes to learn the barrel it started on all sorts of macrophages sat down to write a stream of bits 10 years there dad gave several books about that while the company is unsuccessful for itself there is no pack in this absolutely time to play sonny i'm just a glycocalyx too me at that time, I also lived in Canada, I am the son of Russian parts and in fact the computer flew here at the same time but my son was playing sport games different then fifa manager but when I asked Dima how to lay metallica what games krath vitalik he said he plays you chest he programs the macro in Excel, it was a departure at 6, what is right, but maybe you really became write code, tell me in more detail as an absolute that is we do not have a floor, that is, adab started the way I used raising squares began interrogation light beams hang we see write off then there their places even play for a very long time there began to make the game much more difficult, in the end they did which is such a case that the floods.

I'm another person a spectrum of appetite worked against countries couple turned in logic about 4 1 7 years education I finished something I am studying I finished school in to go to the I went to 202 then through a then for 8 months we ask that the whole fight does not actually fulfill all the time of consent yes this is a very interesting story because I want to link it as a link my kid's tilly leader in this program up to actually usually it comes as you find real students and offer to quit university and then gives his [ __ ] it understands 1 hour for a couple of usa threw birke then I found you very interesting story we can become more detailed then they are on them talk tell who spoke to you in Russian last there 15-17 years old that you are so cheerfully enough runaway you speak well.

ok, but actually I want to tell you, maybe great it has outgrown a tune see 2011 is actually the first time your [ __ ] talked about leaving At first I didn’t think it’s just numbers in what kind of rubbish of some someone relax and but the history of students can somehow exist as a coin in one in two weeks of my silage that I will be twice I heard you there is worth me see someone and what is especially interesting will run away into the depths of the study at first I remember you when there was no battle when the course went through this whole process there first I went to bitcoin forms there why earn there 100 small 517 ball where is there from the tibbers already to the novel 25 of them, let's say and a half to a T-shirt spent I remember this weight yes the whole experience as a neighbor to feel as if he is such a very interesting experiment that works rebuilds our economy first this way somehow it's all done only across the bridge are ordinary people who are up to using computers such programs their computers it was there and so they opened it, the freedom of systems always reached tele povala you know that you had your own bitcoin magazine does it exist now dacha drive off romania michael semeni there but he will look and all of you in the Odessa year said here I am starting your fall quality does not want to go out there be george satin said hunger and then well yes why write this article on its feet, that is, a website and has been printing for two years I was first writing about the height of objects now I love this other command shoot now how did you come to 2 esters of eggs they are small in 13 when it is university wore I started there everything with my time there traveled eventually reached Israel where there were a lot of people who focused this concept that there is a common application of bitcoin pricked shooter cents technology can us this a lot of things blood the moment then i ladies watched if there were projects giving this video then such weakness reads all these projects, they were pictures as if swiss 20 countries people said that's where we found a use for general give out a shovel claws will prove people have one specialty on a special filtering approach arbolit figured it out so quickly comic ultimate came to me for children from what you can make forgings, then it is much more general universal so that the local language then there is also this one so that it can be it was either poison idea came up there first wrote take about not the operator first sent there went there were those who said that it was not it will turn out for what theoretical reasons not at first such an idea then theoretically it's so interesting so you thought that there should be something that graphs there will not come an answer will be given.

Your bills are not at all it will work like that in general, then let it never happen, I will be the whole project just tell me in more detail once sent your device but besides the fact that opponents did not appear who you will talk from is impossible as in general surrounded by people who were around you reacted to this idea documents yes that is, I have documents on sweets to friends, they are all friends of theirs look there in two or three weeks it was so stupid 10 20 people who I there was not there they answered then they said here I am something very sharp on top I want this will help this makes the cabinet want to clarify this is the usual interpretation of this flood and that is, very quickly, some kind of circle of people came who I dacha all together this is to help the old one with us a large number of those who wanted to help realize the result cool but with money how did you decide to make a non-profit foundation further people who wanted, of course, we decided not to use books glasses approach from that that at first and the mass believed that it should also be such is the general system that offers none that there is no one the company that he gets to bypass the papas and from this everything is black, that is, I thought that this is an open experience with suitable even no profit is the most correct and in such models like my money get this idiot what you called lcl period six weeks exactly once a year people could send this bitcoins to the abbot for each drink something got 2000 hypocrites and type 1 30.

This is what got this money used to pay for girth etc. yes, under the link, can I go back to I want to divide petra because there are a lot of startups and I just want transportation told the whole concept to the end understand what it means start to give money team as work what telltale what is what pets lead give children of this type to the itil foundation fountain there every year it takes place at 220 25 a person to and to them where he says yes which is there to do any interesting unusual things are not said about labor for you the opportunity we pay it 20 there costs 60 dollars together with 24 months and you are there for him the opportunity of some kind of your friendly that is everyone could use it for your project to draw a trail, we will set a money account from only two communities will go crazy with this help, because it can also make up to a liter Someone themselves meter to deal with such an ideology that university and about this, well, that is, at first, of course, there was an attack very much a great thing for many people, this is even very much, but to God, the floor is so useful it is a liquid formation through which it is a magnet for very information so that she will understand very much and science is not engaged in books in the wrong approach for of all mind that if the people who are given which is better for the masters to deal with project projects with me or taboo and which seeing here is quite normal very worn out by this who is actually just a very even better education get facades then what schools drop them off find it not some help i dump a little that there cd2 a little however help another such the important thing is that when people are there you give in the morning 19 years old I wonder if they want they leave the university then banana sometimes they are afraid that you are ripping this is not three colors there, so I will get some kind of vytegra it it will be like this formal win back accreditation that here I am through the process passed stage 1 person but if I am there that not to open and I think one of such secondary and the water that the fish close there also cry as if to be such a formal organization that you acquire such a high status so here is the fence this year, which can either be there for investors the company is a bird what happened in the usa, tell me how it happened that epam this year can be a little over a year and she attracted such gigantic attention microsoft corporation works strong such formal looking for not doing with you and here we are, with examples, I'm not even a building for you here and then very often creates and then you slump through you it won't repent cooperating basically that's all strength will rest familiar.

As the top of the dog Foundation in the project, everything is very unusually unusually different from from backgammon and this is how the idea actually appeared, an idea that attracted a giant the attention of talented developers, programmers, socialists who are basically on a voluntary basis want to help work you basically did nonprofit let's say nonprofit fund you raised money and from investors on the crane union of france ls on the team tell the man because i understand iraq the team also works yes you are a completely new concept to shoot from distributed to the address of the company our team our first 40 people take 30 now or once a victory that is, a sufficient king is youth if 34 a person's eyes will not become his big minute protein.

57 people discussed humidity and then put it on who themselves independently works of this sign of the side of christ in canada and america struck Russia with China in Poland, that is, our our faces I almost all you snow so I have not yet met a diet like that still there, even if people work like that very much so in parallel before some level of minutes we started the place not yet caps fool such a lesser beauty structure than from an ordinary organization it is what the team is working now what the main ones will lead us a few from place to place and so here and myself novini three this is great how will i reach hid here acrobats provide some people use to work then there developer tools of all kinds other windings of the program so that there is a bug local and from the user to help neither trace all state while beliefs still have a large research side and this it is invented there as a future self, so it is on the air, but this one works in austria all sorts of tobacco go with a tobacco grower this is how to sleep scalable trying all sorts of things like that you said about the command of the cable door to have humor a large number of people who are engaged in the development of the platform in addition to your foundations have your organization and how many people work for if talking about fa fa to one family the commission is so difficult to evaluate because it is so given blogging and look there how many people, for example, speak Esperanto then there are 10 million there have heard the fire of experiments speak 5 soms I will speak when I speak Esperanto then a million experience than become 102 things 4 disco bar place for 2 1 thousand straight shoot here 300 psi rose to nisa make it incomprehensible the type that stagnates what I myself know canceled helper inscription 50,000 people himself who to complete something on the farm to do then the maximum figure 100 is a shooter to wear it in general I put inadequacy you really take at the expense of what the pro-teams need and what what funds are obtained now, cool salary …

Tell them the words so after all and there it does not work out further enough air vent so that you speak in one of the interviews what is actually in the money that is now and will be enough for you for four years that before the novel functioned up to 13 costs now 2.3 million per year there is money left there all together this is 13 million now we have short-term then there are no problems now why do you have to travel the team often already decentralized, I know that how many times have we contacted mexico in New York must go on first. super global weight when you also like something there is no such term for all oil and at first there are a lot of people who they want to start using some of their applications I want to develop, then at least to the shock porridge bugatti fight and talk about look do let how we can help and stand they want you now I came evil, I’m not only alone, then rather as a foundation with whom I met with all sorts of companies meter another whole day several times after Moscow where they lead to China there will fall for me on the 18th evening it scaffolding the release was postponed several times what is it connected with yes that is, those were such that at first we really wanted to it came to some kind of security among Vologda before release from tourists so that there are no strong crying there was no such hidden to steal or own money so that there is a common amber apple is a memory of which you needed there then from the place of the last but 23 not to the side of the road and before so that there is a guest on the descent of the summer its greta date to be repaired and synchronized we first thought there that in fact this project will come out at the end of the trample once a year like there there will be an addition that needed to be connected, then add all sorts serious problem to stand out stabilize I know that it is already on the air more than two hundred proposals have already been developed on the imperium which of the applications You were especially surprised and I can, yes, although you have a lot of glue, of course I now they go out and there are all sorts of financial applications of the old all sorts of tractor this for 2 blows insurance is still there all sorts of non-financial when you used there to keep off the property it is all sorts of others so keep the law on the same six register sellers of physical items like so the market for home energy is then trying from digging into Singapore which is rich in a new variety called even gives from you use in general to keep register of this and that.

arsi and accounting for it as yours to dig and a successful person, then even if I will told me that about a casa is big with the press not just one network discard the use of us just everything of course a couple of days ago there was a webinar on how to create smart contracts on the air and at we got a question during this webinar, which one do you know the most an expensive smart contract in terms of gas consumption, of course, the most dear ones in fact those in which the party is, I know there is one frame from the bot rental avatar and where, so that the money was poured himself, which some kind of Vesta build while the inn is renovating so found so many people the amount of gas participated so that after two hundred popotito got to 5.23 now skips about limiting to what flesh 47 what plans for a circle of jew's harp, yes, we have a payment from heretics and a treasure in the next the search range of the year, that is, we are now in the stage where we end up there all sorts details of the algorithm of the loaf bloggers through the cabis j300 mine python tools and setup tools yes this is if we can find proof that everything works well then I need to start in all cells programming do you think that intel my all some kind of killer candle which will win bitcoin nokia then said that it is not clear to win slowly approach in this form, I said that this is Leonova there are features of the ability to do such things kotova bitcoin no further to say something can win cannot conquer a person can unite determined it is worth it is very difficult can well, based on this then the answer, what points of growth do you see in holds that is the advantage first wood I think this is the fact that such a general versailles and that there is from a huge modern to do metalnova and second.

There passed time which can be done to us while the world is much for me faster, well, if we are always there in them, too, we do not hear scandium from programmers that on the grant we take it straight because we can make your lawyer there code to write with you came up the application drove to will upload, but in general, let's say he works with you interview there because of fedor parker germany so to speak no that i give them the advantage first here and from the skeleton that so the tail with the squirrel start so I will drink so sharply in a row to start doing want even 1 version of the application for that almost all combat then there is at first there is no 2016 and this is so this magic experiments and tests and and physical socks 18 photos will be yes when when will be something announces and an increase in bandwidth one of your senior questions because it's a real star this or the situation in this it is still a revolution to make top 3 transactions seconds to 15 taxis and maybe well, if we have a quantity, but it's still blowing.

let it be 100 times again this is the concept there shocking I say in our when i'm participating now i'm barely audible until i'm left there to it turns out you cook and completely your sweat and all through your own there your test should this suck so great before we get to questions and halls and what else can I ask a few questions on my own behalf yes ah how do you see the future of bitcoin it is so difficult to predict I can, too, have a personal achievement to listen to create a bitcoin around you if at all he exists created such a mystical person so closed somehow character why did you decide to go so openly to why not come up with for example, mystical fire i wan't de central, for example, develop under such pseudonym if really like sanchi when I really started a project this was already there wrote this this area is 400 sotah do not fit but my brother is given to me it was understood that it was me in a week, even you almost did not understand thanks and we also have a gift for the person who will create the best question we give a book their surprise is not my book and the digital gold book came out in Russian before passed to the questions of the hall first the shortest how to allocate money in a team how to share money in a team people we will incite, but here I try to do some rare which one decide to invest commander between developer who anesthesia seizure appoints how and yours to each other at work there is not it was enough for me as an ordinary implementation, that is, there is only space for this church in the team who are there to choose people from how madness 3 then the people inside every team is trampled under capture in this diagnosis afterwards man is an automaton combination of hierarchy democratically what the input system, in fact, this part is still working on such a working year approach and the second very important question is 2 meters, I think you are guessing what share wild democratic procedures in the future to regulate the mission reward come on it's all there our future is food what the future will give, there are also such politics ethics is my daughter some kind of her then u make a generalization of this, because the time and the good third question of the vote on the air on today enough of the roads of hell have moved we expect the taste to grow then it will become even more expensive do you theoretically exist opportunity in 10 movie and create a token purely for voting cost which will not be so high the cost of the landing site if we take the Sawyer volumes and the zinc system is acceptable yes where it is necessary to take into account their karma is violated this is not a problem this is not a question of the cost of the effect because if you rise again from this type household will fall here should also fall from this here this is a question as if this is a demand and suggestions on the market for some kind of inclusion waste is all very that is offer it so it seems almost to the rice of the translation to use than its turn want to participate hundreds of tanks higher and this is a spoon factor business forever the only thing mine can do is we can increase you read your kageu platform with you if we do it then application for the height of the hots to achieve I recently read that the bitcoin of russia will and prosecute the law what is the referrer it threatens or not now where what objects say I will comment on not really when people express an idea in Russia that they do not prohibit to restrict operations with cryptocurrencies there are no laws yet, and even those laws that initiatives are expressed it is associated with the names of cryptocurrency exchange operations, it is really you, as it were accordingly, there were many different initiatives on laws it has not appeared, therefore, while optimistic, we will consider plus there is a very we will say a lot of fans of blockchain technology and in Russian, say government agencies and very influential people who understand how to support allow or use active improvement in the efficiency of the economy with it 80 million of this, that is, we are now on them we will switch to at this stage I'm still not quite talking about stay there, theoretically, and on the phone it can somehow be it will be possible for the phone to connect to the network if you want several, that is this is how it will be done, that is, like this completely, and it seems to be removed through the lower so far it will help the kidneys more difficult good afternoon please tell me 29 in my opinion April campaign began tortured fundraising companies could tell you more, I know that she the month is narrowing correctly on May 28 it will end that you are chasing like you are pursuing the idea of ​​voting within this structure as further as I understand you now there is your problem with the definition, the question to which you need to choose will be after the voting, how will the companies develop first so that explain what it is and this one from the one that this team layer this is something that any person can at the entrance about plastic and if, although your sphere then you get total tokens later after that is now it cost 7 dollars of ether 8 total then fasted more from there corresponds and after 12 years will then love and who will be if the crowd pin and politically you can buy or dogs there there is no buzz to sell, but any person can still be to make a papazol the stage of work in marriage, while something is an example give me 200 thousand dollars there so that there are no transactions there, and here I am this is how this engine will help, that is, it may be some kind of hand from digging, maybe there you are, for example, there will be a question about which companies locket to make of maybe the accuser of the city also wanted hearts I can and firm you saved the power of the current and what about the staff there are people who did not become so dear for you will be accepted by will that is, this is like this new way.

You detailed the iphone such which is where all the participants are about the sun that is how it will actually be in 500 got really it looks like I don't know yet, that is, I think it will be interesting baits squid she already found a vote that is a nervous moment I think that is, start over there alone one moment is of course that there most people do not have time this just look at every question in the vote for every passerby i think that people there will start to build there all sorts of things like that she walks naked and I think you have right away, well, through some sort of seller in it with one such water, you are those kids 8 systems and I would say that it is such a transformation when I am here predicting in the stuffy it will be a good thing because it is the politician was an effective way, you are management, or so this one that maybe even a preview adds such an advantage.

tester 100 approaches then meter it will be 1 of 1 I'll send to experiments what to see how well such an approach can even stroke then I still use the bead and dad will use it the most along the grooves the world of ocelot will this will it will be related to her robot dog skins are not related how is your company sometime page to do it like on the Bose who are already you believe obapol comes in to build here it will be interesting if there are already examples protection of intellectual property rights to use and how you think what are the advantages of the restriction when registering property, that is, projects that are now there are three cars are already important yet but I'll let you know a lot of people say these say and so that's the idea then if to act a lot in many projects, that is, the advantage is several, that is, one for example, this is the fact that in terms of software, for example, there is a big problem for many programs, then when they put themselves there some kind of theorem, then if the company goes bankrupt, then they no longer have estimates, but sulfur in which we clean up on the test shackled support and that is, even people love the look they bought, let's talk about I'm going to work without if instead of north in general it is to use this the problem can be solved, you can turn it to me, I need to trust to dig it out it will be like a horse to exist here do not give a moment second moment this of course you can use such a very convenient and simple selection popov riser all any situations property landing touch surround there are military weights from the floor and from here the defective cue ball of Daniel was broadcast, I think a there are a lot of opportunities from this, that is, hearts can give there are such here even think about more verticals such schemes for example, I am a person can we buy for example stocks there but behold the patient of the future profit too from one song that is, I think to the end, but I think this is copying remote implementation of the new one is also code-based, that is, there are several arms of one cause in fact it all helps to help everyone to be safe always very often it turns out something when I understand it can just about to come up then the second moment for such a more you will fly the toilet on what is in bitcoin right now, after all, water is a problem such centralization of processing is that there is one team that has been treating water with mike for years and it is clear what is there Somehow they are going from the guys to the approach, I don’t like everything.

Equally, a group that, like a brick, has a very large slide, control level I would say that from this you blow there are such wears and flaws have we always wanted to do what you fit I am a programmer of one version, the flow of mologa does not work steps will just get as if the right protocol of leaks to control relations of mechanisms what is this there is a concept 3 protocols of colors that are there the case of transportation is described in the documents and the diet is this real Sochi, that's the meaning of the protocols, then that's it advice in this meditation, that is, it gives how to analyze the development in different programming languages ​​or was it just desire 1 and groats developers then it is to fondle her yours when he has another question continuing the conversation sold I understand the teams could these wants to make it as much as possible like legal times of the company as far as you think this is a real case decentralized by an autonomous corporation as far as it is can be combined with existing hair securities this is actually the answer about how I I think if they want to really want to very often met what they said this in fact, very much that is, I can now, of course, so look a year and sometime let's see what it is while you think that the match is on the side developers and the state will somehow try to combine the existing laws by technology, well, yes, that is, they also think that this is what I write sound vadim sue the best academy right three little first question on when are we guessing hare question word scalability and on bitcoin o peony second question as u you are committed to your investment portfolio and the third question is what do you think about the possible encryption of the block, there is such an idea to encrypt the blocks bitcoin so that you don't know the way transactions are processed avoid is it possible on the air you see the skill to see it without our tm about this that now there is a skill you take until you stop the stage after all, after a while, these here stay those then you and you are like you the savior of the heart is working then already began to cut all the clients it will take a little more put 10 can it on tv she right such a time then the head of my investment and I will be very responsible third turn concept to encrypt flesh that is of course an interesting idea in more detail this is said by the whole idea such that if something manners they send such boris encrypted and then special caching is used here this is very important the thought of using ordinary encryption must be when then when then every key submit and then you can put there if you just want to block or release of this key, that is, if usually there are alone to do in this decision it interfere with the bed delays but is used out is special kind of encryption 20 one mushroom bus idea so good encryption is that local head of gareth or that you can any person and decipher a lot of harry this so the interface is implemented beyond the river there are horses about there one step 2 then three types all this then there are several trillions of steps and why this is done because it means that I do not care how much you have computers anyway and all this needs to be done in one process anyway you should be there maybe at least 35 sput resentment is it the same this 2 to favorites in itself is such that even if you put it to block completely but people can open there in 30 minutes to see what distance the real content of the blog, that is, the lads could no longer not also will not be able to and a way to snow system even you even stronger because so even if everyone wants a grave, they are already at that time in offices analyzed and that is, here, to go back and this is all this tarks settle all their money because it may be some kind of algorithm system your dog among this is not for making the following question bankir.ru the most active is not only the selection by filter of the properties as the film is complete and that even everyone knew only nonsense, this is what can be done in the language to punch everything that 10-chki can, that is, this is the idea that people had kusadasi after that if the language that reaches a certain level the nose of the power is I sat down, then it automatically reaches everyone all languages ​​that come to lead and to whom that means what and what is there any application that can theoretically show you can show one more third inside when you go to blank rivet divide the notes that completely store received and in a specific which only confirm transactions they are some part of the development I do not want this exactly and correctly can always follow the repeated strip that is, the conclusions actually have a lot such cases together before her without a year a lump of very easy looking such clients which is clearly a date mixture of glue that is effective and real historical versions, for example, what is now then from this can be found to give a slightly suitable client who is there iron is for example, that old part of this here is yours to call tripoda, that is, this is bread for 1, you already need protein easily, then you will only be a version of half of things that goes blind app store contact 2 months later forget the bags here on the news portal the whole horde and there all transactions are processed then even after that if already there absolutely so you order online that is, our dress is such that it was possible as if using the same move have any cream then and in this discount then still in the future when to wash scalability then still but actually not in the top there will be some here in general it will be kept so you will have a choice there either to infect us a light color about one show tit 2 row 5 levski or if it's a big garden this is the density of the dispute, then you are more and more in 2000 one question about the risk of the project and what do you think about this project the team is not the most important thing yes here teams i sally sally knows from the project drink but an interesting approach if you are worried about eating what, for example, you can use there not you spent either languages ​​while I stink what can be there theoretically the scale fit more I myself wrote there are still disadvantages that, for example, if each application I have my content consists of gas harder to understand why this every gig tell me to trust for interaction pawn application that it is easy to make minced meat and cold it believes in such a floor of photography is more difficult then yes and I will accept this and the advantages and disadvantages if from this page it will be some kind of time where attacks are good but this is how it will be necessary that it is clear why people are on his saber our use and the last delayed actual literally on a minute about these, now bring your mind and because the assumptions and than the external network with the Internet does not interact and any ideas how it is possible for connect I would say that the floor itself we will not because it is not worth talking about but there is this here with which the direct matte contract is to send a message here I am want to do there now labels height paladins and you then that means you the answer will be there that will be the father of the goal and now there are already many difficult places from capitals due to a couple of questions we will go to the discussion panel here are the girls attacked the simple side the last one is already here and your time is in what time as we are get a smart contract can become a massive phenomenon like the internet and in such industries this will happen first of all, and from what depends on the diffusion of technology in different industries according to economy c I think they are there in what industries the most, the earliest of this year, but also the financial ones that it is already starting there fantasy places to do sensibly during the experiment, I think everything is like this so it is possible and about already a huge change will begin then in response there are still not all sorts applications to support the information itself if it is still a door there everyone is different for pleasantly all other species there is a property and this just something that will continue what may take but I really feel that there are all these directions and not some even go in parallel, almost in parallel, that is, how do you have there, how long does it take each not faster, to reach you this general went into this actively freeze and about where she now wants to fight about how a quick response to it can not move and this is of course that is, I actually haven’t yet however, it’s not like intuition, in what places happens after this victory, and although I think faster, be afraid of these places where that is closer to and some purely courses of your 3 can be on the western website of the program immediately use it has this experience where I should add think very strongly how to warm up with real sweat in terms of but where is it all going i think it's all over there actually is a lot there cordosa in a world where it's all very promoted in new york and san francisco and this is not the year in china there is a place in front of a lot of opportunities, that is, I think this is safe technology is expected to be very hi my name is matthew game here is not true yet not not a platform to receive but crowdinvesting was a summits platform but I am also a representative of the Russian-speaking magic community general community which vanya informal sector film so my colleagues fully authorized me to ask a question to the court which concerns the transition to the joint and what is connected with the emulator could not you tell in more detail the first means how the functionality will work any powers and another cat question question is he related to whether it will be possible by analogy with sea pools, it means he will meet the same bull and who will thank you yes yes you first you yes you met them but subject similar bugs calculations but not so easy make a subscription in general yes yes yes i am not who they look like one difference is that one specific mechanism that we we use to solve this problem so instek this is the concept what if it is you do some kind of block here on such a block it is like a block of your own any one story in this story you yourself have awards because at work it was all and sandyk stories and I'm fine for you, that is, if you have girls there some little there 40 for which there goes this way then became real at all will not go to this ward in fashion from this part, you can some kind of bin by types can rise just the assets of the cloud in the footsteps some small what is from the search that is, this here is what it is how to try and quest with no initiative then just vote on each board of each form for does not exist then it is not a reason that is, we really want it to be as much as possible there they themselves, but to answer that is, we are with you now 11 simple fit is how to do it at a time between air tight without [ __ ] fast because if the spirit of the common ground quickly hovers you can say that I don’t like it at all.

My own pool thread. I don’t sleep yet. I must wait at this time for how your money will be anyway it is such for this it will turn out so that is that there is no such factor that there is to get coins there in the wasteland must feed but because the whole chapter wait for him to look at it and still it will be like that the author will be like this and the doctor is very long with a magnet that is, it will announce and there is no difference, we think that because of these factors, that is, there is still a third fact yes this is because if you want hadith such big fines to do if you are so super don't misunderstand spoiled so participate in the east before it forces much more a high level of trust than such a surprise to get in fact, how is there tifosi to make the largest of these three larvae fell the meeting itself will eat less richly, that is, maybe even ceremonial hall underfloor heating will work better, I don’t know yet, but in basically the principle of focusing more on not writing from whom loves rock

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