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I welcome the analysis review the forecast of cryptocurrencies only recently all the coins showed growth today the market turned mainly red and that's why because there was an official confirmation of what I said in the last video amazon does not plan to accept payments in bitcoins why they did not immediately do it completely maybe they had some profit in the last 24 hours bitcoin lost 19 percent of varietal positions lange remained at zero shorts on bitcoin are closed even when the price goes up and even when the price goes down the ball you still close it is possible that many expect that in the end As a result, the price will somehow go higher on Ethereum; a slight increase in sharp new positions plus six percent of longines is two times higher, plus 12 percent over the last 24 hours, they also continue to grow stepwise in terms of trading volume over the past 24 hours, the exe coin burst into the top ahead of Ethereum classic and bitcoin cash and dogecoin which yesterday were right after the flock of the deceased and bitcoin With the ether, the fear and greed index continues to increase in our country, which means that traders feel more confident and calm today, this figure is 32 since May 13, we are in flat for this indicator and during this period we only once showed a higher value on June 15 and 16 38 and 33, let's see if we can exceed this value this time while we have been trying to get out of the fear zone for almost a whole week, the bitcoin rainbow price chart yesterday briefly looked into the area called the move, but today after the fall in the price of bitcoin, it again considers the first cryptocurrency to be cheap steel chip and indicator alpha season, and finally the indicator has confidently entered the bitcoin season zone for today it is equal to 18 over the past day 90 thousand traders have been liquidated for a total of $ 500 10 million and, unlike last days, most of them are landis you are not as many as shorts have been shaved recently but also enough and almost 58 percent grayscale is mostly again everything sells out in the last day, they bought only a link and a file to and the rest is all for the sale of the coin of the day for social activity today bitcoin and if you look at the value of the thread or, as follows from this chart, the bearish mood has grown more than twenty-five and six percent of the bullish mood in we have grown by 22 percent, it turns out that the majority is still waiting for a deeper decline if you look at these indicators for the last 24 hours, then there is an even greater preponderance of bearish sentiment 20 24 percent bullish sentiment 11 and 1 percent growth, and as you know in the market, the minority earns that from this indicator more chances to go up, the principle is the same and confirms the sentiment of twitter users throughout the fall, bullish sentiment on Twitter grew, but recently they rushed down expecting a deeper decline in the price of bitcoin, even now on the rise in price sentiment is still directed strictly down while there is no reversal here prevails m fresh sentiment top 10 coins in the search on the service to ngk, and here, too, without any special changes, the only thing that can be noted is that there is no shiba coin here today, it usually always happens, but alice farah and gost coins appeared, most of these coins are playable and some of them show very good growth, the ownership of bitcoin in the us increased by more than 4 times from 3 to 13 percent if we talk about young investors, a comparison was taken between 18 and 21 years if 18 was 2 percent of investors then in June 21 there was already 6 an increase as a relatively young generation investors from 18 years old and older, even those investors who are more than 50 years old are still investing in crypto and this , regardless of gender, there was an increase in both men and women, and in terms of capital volume, there was also an increase in everyone who invests more than one hundred thousand dollars and that who is less and here are some more interesting statistics, an analytical company from Vietnam gives statistics after the survey based on the 1st half of 21 years and forecasts for the 2nd half of 21 years and it follows from this that the majority of respondents positively assess the price of bitcoin in the long term 38 of them expect that the price of bitcoin will rise from 60 to 100 thousand dollars which can be done and z conclusion is naturally the majority it can't be right this happens very rarely it turns out that either we will go down or we will hang out around 60 to 60 and will not reach the previous hays well, or we will greatly exceed these assumed x and 100,000 and fly further, of course I would like to see the second option, which implies a new one blizzard with excess of 100 and more thousand dollars per bitcoin , statistics are also provided in which it is said that the longest series in 2021 that showed daily growth was 7 days and this was only once the last time it happened 137 days ago now we still have 6 days daily growth, it is said that for 6 days in a row we have a green candle e If our candle closes in green today, that is, it shows a plus for one, then it will be a record for the year, the last time this was observed here in March, there were seven candles in a row painted green and every day during these seven days it was possible to make a profit when Whatever you invest, people were also asked what in their opinion affects the price of bitcoin and most of them 35 percent answered that this is a regulator slightly less than 30 percent institutional investors five percent refused to comment well, and some even thought that 5 7 percent of what affects the price of bitcoin Elon Musk and billionaires like him, again, the minority is probably right here, but here the trends of altcoins of the first and second half of the year are compared, and most people expect that in the second half of the year there will be a more attractive block of whose platform will be broadcast on nfc and the rest is all on trifles, but in fact in the first half of the year of course, blockchain platforms were attractive, but in second place were meme coins on why do people think that in the second half of the year this will not be incomprehensible, but it is quite possible that memes will shoot at ethereum again, everything is clear here and oil is also about the same; the only one confuses why people stopped believing in dogecoin and and shiba inu, I think they may be surprised again here are the altcoin and which oleg most of all traders' profit in the first half of the year ethereum bambi ada solana motik and also according to polls more than 80 percent of respondents believe that the altcoin season of will begin in the second half of 21 years, many think that at the end of the year altera will again ride the mountain and show a real season of altos something- then I suspect it's just that many people have settled down here bad and are waiting for the viola season to reach at least zero, because based on the coins that are presented here that supposedly should shoot at they very much repeat those coins that made a profit last year again, ethereum solana and ddrb motik and others one more interesting infographics for those who want to know where and who keeps bitcoins bol The majority of bitcoins keep private companies in the second place in the country and public companies among public companies, many people know this is a micro straight edge test line and a marathon, then the holding and others to n bass are in fifth place and a whole bunch of those who hold bitcoins and publicly report it top-16 tf who has the most bitcoins in the first place, of course, the same grayscale bitcoin top-8 trust by countries in the first place bulgaria holds the most bitcoins in the second place in Ukraine and there is no reliable information for the rest of the countries, but it is known that they also own bitcoins.

Several companies that own bitcoins and have a private status one more interpretation of the price after the holding, which is once again trying to show that we have not yet reached the high off here, we have imposed the price on the holding and leveled it in height with a sugar daddy and we still don’t even reach the previous values each the subsequent holding was smaller but I think compared to the 39 x 17 x 18 x our today who fl which is not enough here the holding price is also leveled but we have leveled here by lays and we are also at the lowest level after 539 x ​​112 and now we have only 11 also hints that there is still room for us to grow and here we simply cannot trim anywhere and simply set to zero prices after the holding and we are here again lower than all 92 x 30 x and now we have 4 interesting things going on in terms of the inflow and the sense of sales and reserves of bitcoins on the exchanges based on the data of the crypto quantum over the last day on the exchange there was a very strong inflow bitcoins, but at the same time, even more, the average indicator naturally goes into the minus from the bitcoin exchange, and it turns out that, on average, you run away with bitcoin, and even the reserve of these bitcoins on the exchanges is decreasing and the volume of purchases and sales also goes down in this whole business in growth if we take the average indicator of natural conclusions was more, therefore this is a positive signal that the price should go higher and this can also to be an indirect factor confirmation that big money is trading without saying a word they also have nerves they also have emotions someone has panic and panic sat down and even an uncle with big money cannot decide and trade in one direction so-called whales in fact it also traders who are subject to emotions just their purchases and sales can dramatically move the market bitcoin wallet in this case continues to be in flat does not fall does not grow destroyed coins also maintain their positions their reserve on the exchanges remains unchanged against the background of rising prices and bitcoin from new events on coins this is listing on the exchange kicx ex coins dogikoin it will happen on July 28 on the q coin exchange it is planned to update the trading system of margin spot futures most likely they will turn off the conclusions in the water trading coin safe moon announced the launch of the beta version of the wallet on ios and android on a specific date on and ios is not exhibited but on android it is exhibited on August 7, it is quite possible both ayos and android launch It’s one day, if so, then August 7 will be correct from interesting news that the IMF warned about the consequences of legalizing bitcoin, they decided to scare those countries that plan to legalize or even introduce bitcoin into circulation in their countries of the country that accepts digital assets as national currencies or legal tender risks macroeconomic stability they admit that new digital forms of money can make money cheaper, speed up payments, expand access to financial services, facilitate cross-border transfers, but their integration is associated with difficult political decisions and significant investments of the IMF representative sang the old song and, as always, began to talk about bitcoin calling it speculative assets and naturally legalize and the coin of the country is at risk of being confronted with the use of digital assets for illegal purposes their environmental problems one might think dollar and euro pound rubles for illegal purposes no one has ever used their production for environmentalists it does not affect in any way, just as always they are afraid that they will stop using their printed pieces of paper, the number of bitcoin ATMs has grown by more than 70 percent in the world; at the moment, the number of such devices has reached more than 24 thousand units, and at the beginning of the year there were almost only 14 thousand pieces per floor year, there was an increase of 10,000 ATMs, these are indicators around the world, it turns out that at the moment such bitcoins machine are installed at a speed of fifty-two pieces per day quite well, I remember 2017 when the installation of one such bitcoin machine caused straight into the news, then the top manufacturers of these ATMs are given them market share in the first place we bitcoin you at this very same that have implemented recently in 30 states of the uS and Canada in its ATMs at the plant partnership with Sergei and bloomberg decided to throw feykovye the news that the uS Justice Department initiated a check t h a t in the answer on his website published the news that this is all fake this song is so old ara that it lasts from the same about 17 years when they wrote that China will block bitcoin will block the mining teaser we have a scan and stuff like that, the topic about ecology was only added to this wound, so everyone wrote according to the old scheme that the US Department of Justice initiated a check on the fact of a possible banking fraud, the leaders behind the largest stay was a warrior and from the dt company teaser they state that the authorities are interested in the early stages of the firm's activities in particular, federal prosecutors are studying the teaser hiding from banks for years cryptocurrency-related transactions clarified some three unnamed interlocutors apparently the same threw off fakes about amazon later, the teaser published a response to this reset and wrote that the ongoing efforts to discredit the teaser, it is not our determination to remain leaders in the community, they also wrote to their website that all this is some old news that is falling under the sauce of fresh actual events from tesla in the second quarter wrote off $ 23 million from and the negative dynamics of bitcoin by the end of April, June, the company received a net profit of $ 1 14 billion on income of $ 1196 billion and their write-off of $ 23 million due to the negative dynamics of the 42 thousand nine hundred 2 bitcoins on the balance sheet did not have a significant impact on the financial results in general as it follows from the report that bitcoin did not have any particular impact, not positively, not negatively, and in the end they did not buy bitcoin and did not sell it, I think this topic can win back the haunting reports quite interesting news came from India where they will use the kefire blockchain to verify diplomas, the government announced a partnership with Indian blockchain startups ridgid dock to implement an over-the-air credential system to provide tamper-proof diploma certificates they decided to take this step due to the increase in the number of forgeries they will continue to verify certificates using traditional manual methods but now I think that if this experience shows itself on the good side and will reduce the number of forged documents, this will naturally have a good effect not only on the umi ether but in general on the entire blockchain sphere I almost forgot to show you that mysterious graph again with the phases of the moon, this time we had a false start, the moon phase was updated only on July 24 and the growth began on July 21, but so, in principle, even taking into account such an error on the growing moon, we saw again a decrease in the price of bitcoin, but sometimes the moon also now we see an increase in the last 2 phases we watched a flat, so whoever believes in it can sleep well and not be afraid that we will fall in the coming days, if not growth at least flat for this indicator is a priority option for price movement, but let's look at classic charts without using after amazon announced that all this news was fake we got a big red candle but didn’t fall so much we didn’t reach those same x levels from where the growth began if you look at the wicked clock, and here you can see a further option with the movement reaching the resistance level from the correction to lower prices, subsequently which is possible 2 impulse while the priority of the movement on bitcoin is also upward and the settlement zone is still an urgent goal for bitcoin on ethereum, a similar situation, we also sagged to refute the Amazons sky news, but this is normal, we cannot grow without pullbacks and this is quite organic within the framework of the correction, and the movement here is also the priority of the upward movement and the forecast remains relevant for the rip moon four hours macro you tested moving average from top to bottom, I think if everything goes well here, then further movement along the rhythm is also a priority for us, ascending for this decline, we just tested the moving 2 hundred square meters, well, let's see a few coins from the comments, one of them is a coin comp and we last looked its probably somewhere right here at the beginning In July, here we have supposedly completed wave 3 correction zone reached high wave 1 is not interrupted and it would be logical to see further growth to the previous one in highs, at least if we have already turned around here that it is likely that we have falsely broken the moving average now fixing above it looks like all this in a bullish way, it is quite possible that we completed the correction here in the fourth wave, it can also last naturally while this cannot be said with 100% probability, but from what the chart shows here, I think we have a priority here also the upward movement of the minimum zone is left the same as the previous x and and the calculated zones are located here, and there is also an intersection with the minimum zone, so it is quite possible that we will reach here and we will reach for this coin so far, for this coin, this is a forecast, so there is also an exe coin that is growing well with us, we have it home and also recently looked here , we had supposed волна два здесь у нас получился рост объемов на момент записи прогноза мы наход ились вот здесь и ожидала снижение в отмеченную зону принципе все так и произошло мы снизились и дальше мы не обновляли график а у нас произошло обновление условий у нас здесь вышел у нас здесь вырос индикатор у нас здесь вышли повышенный объем и а это значит что третья волна у нас получила растяжение давайте посмотрим что у нас актуален на графике на данный момент здесь у нас очень большое растяжение в третьей волне у нас даже уже и фибоначчи закончился весь невозможно угадать где мы остановим цену нет ни исторических каких-то данных не технических данных все у нас здесь уже все что можно пробита единственное что нам снова подсказывает о том что здесь может случиться разворот эта дивергенция на объемах и на индикаторе цена идёт наверх индикаторы объема у нас идут вниз вполне вероятно что скоро мы здесь увидим разворот и получим более существенную коррекцию в четвертой волне но нельзя исключать и такого же сценарий как произошел у нас здесь тоже сперва индикатор был ниже объемом были н иже но случился резкий неожиданный pump который никто не мог ожидать и мы получили слом всех индикаторов и показателей сейчас может произойти аналогичная ситуация но естественно это невозможно предугадать мы торгуем то что показывает график и в данный момент график показывать слабость и возможно завершение движение цены к тому же мы находимся возле психологической цены круглый в 50 баксов за монету и видим на данном уровне откупные тени вниз если дальше мы не пойдем то расчетную зона коррекцию нас будет находиться вот на данных уровнях вполне возможно мы ударим синев верхнюю грань опустимся пониже и вернемся вот в эту про торговку это вполне вероятно вполне может быть но уже при нахождении вблизи верхней границы нужно будет искать сигналы на разворот и возможность передайте в лонг если все таки выше мы в третье волне не пойдем пока вот такое вижу на графике монеты exe еще одну монету попросили посмотреть с 98 но здесь я добавил список но весь смотреть пока ничего она только была зале с тена объемы падают цена падает здесь ловить пока ничего возможно на конечной отрастет вот она уже свече наверх пускает возможно сейчас улетит в небеса куда-нибудь на этом чисто казино но давайте локально на 4-ке по ней можно здесь посмотреть лая понижаются х и понижаются давайте кинем канал вполне вероятно что здесь сейчас остановится он посмотрим но история настолько мала что здесь даже и скользяшки не отрисовываются ничего здесь невозможно предугадать из бычьего дивергенция на индикаторе поэтому здесь я бы сюда не заходил в лонге полно других монет которые можно посмотреть которую была большая история in которых можно сделать хотя бы какой-то анализ а так здесь пока не выйдет из нисходящего канала не пока не закрепиться здесь говорить о каких-то long- ах преждевременно пока мы в нисходящем канале здесь приоритет на дальнейшее снижение на этом сегодня все подписывайтесь на канал ставьте лайки пишите в комментариях свое мнение всем удачной торговли и счастливо

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