Подключение нескольких блоков питания, характеристики видеокарт

hello again, few ask how I get power supplies on a farm two power supplies of 750 watts they are the same but for an airplane no matter the same they are not the same here is the lower farm and this sands 720 works and points were used until recently very no matter what denomination you have power the leading god, here I have adra from him power goes yes, the motherboard is better to show motherboard here and on one video each suburb on answered the map then in the case of the second block the slave here is the upper block from him, it means he spends on the cable motherboard closed green black it is like emulation of power button the rest go to video, two video cards and a ventilation system accordingly, the switch-on process the next time should be started first the top slave of the year passed then turn on the previous year who are already trying to reach out to contacts instead it's just a bus from the student's life he called download well you have a button fine what they say is that the blocks and different what burns all these roudyk he is short there will be no closure here well, 0 and then once there is no constant voltage, no imbalances are connected to the bottom there by voltage the whole process is the driver and more food earthy, in fact, on a chord, are they exactly the same who is the border on stress will not have been the same way, and then God gives your 12 volts to the card without a difference, that is there is no need to film the blocks enough of them connect here on the relationship see nothing burn everything works great no shift nothing i am myths which eliminates the theme for two months already everything is fine, but two video cards and systems are powered by the ice block ventilation more and more nothing new connection if you still have questions, of course ask, but I will help so much obvious just there should be no problems of such blocks, you can connect a dozen each of this video every card your desires no more secrets put contact abdullah 7 here 70.

hot cards enough cooling now I have a room of 26 degrees Celsius this farm heats up just like these at 60 degrees vat up to 80 gets very hot 730 very hot stick lore cards separate rendered run his calves additional is equally heated up to you by what is next to you babe zafira taxi the most powerful card 608 I believe all these faces are also wonderful learning 57 degrees boxing room temperature park 627 temple gigabytes are the weakest here only you are expected but assignments by cold sites and doctors have ever spent 60 degrees somewhere, still powerful enough this middle is just a card also great driving cold card 70 degrees the maximum at 740 and 756 the color fell on and all the time I say very hot card somewhere 745 dasha gives on hot ecco boots are the same too very hot how I do not advise that is, for the smallest, the most usually the best gigabytes are 280 asus 283 you are a sapphire herb consumer too if you have any questions, please, we will be happy to answer

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