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so we are starting to let it rule you endo right were in October and water quite recently the stick
dot team announced plans to launch the so-called decentralized bridges to other blockchain
networks with the help of this technology the eco-system of the dot shelf will be able to connect to others blockchain
such as bitcoin and ethereum, while investors fell godot clearly believe the prospects of the project
since August 2020, the internal cryptocurrency of the network has grown by one thousand two hundred percent, and
since the beginning of this year, by three hundred and ten percent, we decided to figure out how the dot shelf is arranged
what role the project can play in development of Internet technologies 30 and what are the prospects for e
development so let's see how the dot beam was launched one of the main problems of the blockchain
sector is the incompatibility of different vl systems with each other the dot shelf should solve this
problem allowed different ecosystems to work in a single environment dot shelf is a decentralized
blockchain protocol that connects several networks and allows they exchange data in this
way, the main task of the project is to provide the crypto market with an environment in which different blockchains
will be able to carry out transactions with each other;

2016 by Kevin Vance, co-founder of Ethereum and author of the
Salt Go programming language for Ethereum and the launch of the project was also attended by another
former Ethereum developer Utah Steiner, together they opened a company, Parite Technologies, which
is engaged in the development of stick dot in 2017 also launched the web 3 foundation, a non-profit organization
that manages the project, providing funding and promotion was originally
to dot was launched on the basis of film software, however, over time, the team switched
to an independent blockchain in the fall of 2017, the dot regiment team carried out an initial
coin offering that is, asio collected more than 145 million in three days, and in less than two years, in July 2019
, the project developers launched an experimental Osama network in which they test all technologies
and capabilities.

KSM token ranks 30th in terms of capitalization in the coin
market rating to the main network stick dot was launched in May 2020 and the dot project coin has been in
free sale since August last year, further we will talk about the ecosystem stick don stick dot
is not just a blockchain, but a platform for creation of other blockchains that allows them to unite their
single network, a native token that performs the following functions; the first is management, the token holders
confirm transactions and vote on the proposal to update the protocol,
while they are divided into simple holders who can propose changes and vote for them
members of the management board responsible for making changes to the dot stick members of the technical committee
who are elected by the council members and can make urgent changes to the dot shelf the next function
is staking, that is, rewarding network tokens for confirming transactions today
dota yield about 12 percent per annum while 10 million tokens have been issued but they can be printed my
dad is traded on all major exchanges, consider the main elements of the don shelf ecosystem and the first
element is a chain pair and the so-called blockchain and in the dot shelf ecosystem everyone works independently
of the others and can interact to communicate with other bloggers through a special protocol, each
bar of the chain can have its own consensus algorithms and unique management structures;
moreover, in pairs, you can launch your own tokens and smart contracts that
connect to the main network stick a year the more pairs of chains are launched into the stick dot
, the more reliable and safer the whole ecosystem will become.

Further 3d pair is a kind of pair of chains that
do not have a permanent connection to the main network.

chains and general network security, the main network
works as a bridge between all the pairs of us, allowing them to interact with each other and
provide them with their computing resources to confirm transactions in other words,
it is in this network that all transactions are completed now the dot stick processes more one thousand
transactions per second, but potentially the speed can reach a million operations per second, then let's
talk about bridges bridges are connecting links that allow doctors to connect with another
blockchain, for example, to a movie or bitcoin, both networks can operate on different protocols and according to different
control models, but the bridge is stick dot allows them to securely interact with each other
while bridges where blockchain interaction is centralized occurs due to blockchain technology
and not some central government just at the beginning of the development of such bridges and it was
announced in mid-March that the team was codon now it is developing a universal bridge
which will allow any pair of whose we to connect and interact with other blockchains me
this bridge will also allow the dot and kusama networks to interact with each other third-party
teams develop bridges for such blockchain networks bridge with bitcoin develop interns and
chen x bridge with Ethereum provides a draft of snow forms of the incorporated chine systems and centrifuges a
bridge and it prepares beef frost works are supported by grants from the 3 foundation how is
consensus reached shelf dot network stick dot uses hybrid consensus algorithm mainnet consensus
is nominated proof of stake versions proof of stay up or a chain of the network uses a version of the pouf
algorithm from called blind and segment fa blockchain extinction the key difference and pass
from poses is that validators are randomly selected from specially selected candidates
and change several times a day hybrid consensus stick dot includes four groups of
participants which support the work of the blockchain, let's quickly go over them, the first are
validators that check transactions in the chain pair and add them to the main blockchain, they
can also vote on the proposed changes in the network to become a validator, you need to place a stake
and freeze a token.

on the network, the following participants are nominees, they place the stake and
ensure the operation and protection of the main network by choosing reliable validators delegating their votes to them the
next participants are collectors that run nodes that store the complete transaction history
for each pair of the chain and the last group of participants is fishermen fishermen monitor the
network and report about unscrupulous validators, then I want to tell a little about the substrate development environment,
and so the basis of decentralized wolfhound bridges is substrate substrate technology,
this development environment for blockchains or a floor codon framework, it allows you to develop projects
based on ready-made substrate components is considered one of the easiest to use, but in at the
same time, technically perfect frameworks for creating a blockchain, ideally a dot shelf, creating
and setting up your own pair should be as simple as setting
up some program on a computer with an up straight has a huge set p tools that allow you to
develop a decentralized application of any size and type, also substrate allows you to
run a blockchain and which are not part of the don shelf network and work independently of it, this
development environment only ensures the consensus compatibility and security of such projects, while
substrate allows you to create a pair of chains and to solve a variety of tasks for price oracles of
storing financial protocol files and so on, among the most popular is this chain link is a
decentralized price oracle that provides blockchain access to data outside of its
network next to this div and a protocol that aims to become the financial center of the dot shelf next
this floor network this network of confidential smart contracts enterprise oriented
next this hydra dx liquidity internet protocol for dot regiment next moonbin
protocol which allows using ethereum application in dot regiment next ith laminar platform
for creating synthetic assets further layer network platform of smart contracts compatible
with ethereum what projects does the dot shelf compete with? initially stick dot was created as a
competitor for ethereum to launch its own project in the dot shelf it should have become easier faster and
cheaper than vesting ether and the characteristics of such projects should have been higher, it is obvious
that the dot stick team managed to achieve technical advantages in addition, transactions on
this network are much cheaper than on the air, for example, the commission for one transaction on the stick dock network
on average from 0, 0 16 to 0, 0 36 dota which equals from about $ 0 5 to $ 1 against $ 15
30 for ether, although if the capitalization of dot grows significantly, the commissions will no longer
be such an output, but it will be more difficult to compete with the Ethereum 20 of the project in the updated version of
Ether 20 there will be functions comparable to those that are now the dot stick, since Ethereum 20 will appear
shardin that is, once dividing a single network into separate segments performing different purposes in both networks, the
main blockchain will confirm transactions and provide its resources for additional
networks both blockchains also use stakes instead of mining as a means of keeping
the Ethereum network in sync Developers are also working to make transactions
between Ethereum 20 and others bloggers compatible with similar solutions to the problems of scaling and
fragmentation of blockchains offers space and there a decentralized eco-system of independent
blockchains also claiming to become the basis of the web 30 project allows the exchange of
tokens and data between different my blockchains on the dot shelf there are more than 250 projects, including a
decentralized exchange defy applications nfc crypto wallets game building you and game
applications oracles infrastructure projects and others so our video is coming to an end and let's
summarize and find out how good the investment is so far station palka dot is an innovative and
promising project that is able to compete with ethereum, it plays a noticeable role in the def
sector and is in demand among developers, therefore the project has already become an important part of the blockchain ecosystem,
and as it develops further, its role will only increase taking into account the above investors
in the dot shelf can It's a good idea to increase your capital, since
there are more than enough ways to use the dot shelf
as well
as usefulness here.

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