Первые минуты после листинга криптовалюты rif

Hello everyone, you are on the channel about trading and investments, and in this video I will tell you about the first minutes of listing the rif cryptocurrency, I wonder what will be there, only two trading pairs, the jump should be small as far as I understand, but the last two videos showed the opposite and so that enter big jumps and so you had it, of course, that at the most important minute the phone freezes , so while it slowed down for 2 minutes of trading, the reef cryptocurrency trading started , as you can see, the jump is not very large, by 70 percent from 0 9005 , this is 2 times two and a half times, the difference between buying and selling is about one percent, and now the cost of 033 is approximately, in the middle, while it grows a little, let's see 34 almost 35 already in the fourth minute, the volume is 2 million dollars, it drops a little, I as always , I'll shoot a few minutes, and then I'll look after about half an hour the difference, when the graph is already visible, it also falls a little bit more 32 33 , but see for yourself, you understand better without comments even to me by the way, it was always interesting, if cryptocurrencies often repeat the bitcoin chart, then after listing in the first minutes they also immediately repeat the bitcoin chart or still somehow act separately, it will be necessary to somehow compare, so 5 minutes and already two and a half million, the trading volume is written by a jump of 62 percent, but in fact, no one has time to buy at the minimum from the start, so within ten percent of the original price in the second minute, that's all, let's see a little, now it is falling, who has not yet seen my video you can see the listing of different cryptocurrencies, they all start the same, the first minutes of listing on the channel are called, at the same time subscribe to it, maybe it will be useful for you for trading, so it falls a little bit so soon I will switch already, after a while I will come back, because all are interesting in principle, it has passed, I wonder how he will go for the next half hour, it seems, we see a small attempt to grow, it was just a fall, let's see, so half an hour has already passed , as we look it falls a little bit by it, they are a little corrected, but it still falls, now the price is 026, other cryptocurrencies are not arriving so much, but it still goes down, perhaps after a while, let me write this down so that I can see the whole chart up close, let's see then I will literally wait a little more and more than an hour has already passed, as we see the graph in more detail, the price dropped to 0 20 and has grown a little now, well, such a graph of a constant fall with a slight adjustment for 15 minutes, it is also clear, thank you all for watching, bye Bye

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