Обзор проекта Kusama Network. Эксперимент PolkaDOT. Видео №1

On my channel, I often talk about various
promising coins and tokens that can bring potentially high returns when investing. And today's video will not be an exception,
because today I want to tell you about the crypto currency, which is very advanced in
technical terms, the blockchain of which allows you to create revolutionary decentralized
applications. I will also tell you how you can passively
earn on this coin with the help of staking. So, today we will talk about the crypto currency
Kusama. It is a test environment for another crypto
currency that you all probably know-polkadot.

But at the same time, Kusama is an independent
coin, which has its own validators and its own economy. The essence of the Kusama blockchain is that
any changes made to it are accepted very quickly, literally in 15 days, and therefore the blockchain
of this crypto currency has many different interesting features for third-party developers
that allow you to create breakthrough and ambitious decentralized applications.

And if these functions in the Kusama blockchain
perform well, they will be added in the polkadot blockchain. the same goes for third-party apps. many developers,
before releasing their project on the polkadot blockchain in the final release, first create
it on the kusama blockchain, test it in every possible way, and therefore already transfer
it to polkadot. Moreover, the transfer process is carried
out as simply as possible, because the code base of these two blockchains is almost identical,
and the same development teams are engaged in the development of both Kusama and polkadot. Although some projects may work exclusively
on the Kusama blockchain, I do not migrate to PolkaDOT. This is because another difference between
the Kusama network and the PolkaDOT network is lower transaction fees. After all, as you probably know, creating
any smart contract and making any changes to it is a posuti transaction.

And for each transaction, you need to pay
a Commission to the network's validators. Therefore, sometimes creating your own decentralized
application can be quite expensive, so young developers use the Kusama blockchain to save
on commissions. Moreover, Kusama, as I said earlier, has more
functions than PolkaDOT, so on the basis of this blockchain, you can conduct various experiments
that cannot be carried out in other blockchains. And why am I telling you all this? As you can see, the Kusama blockchain is in
high demand among developers due to its low maintenance cost and high technological advancement. And demand always leads to an increase in
the price of the Kusama coin, and we can use this. if you look at the coinmarketcap, the kusama
coins have extremely good economic indicators – a high capitalization of several hundred
million dollars, and a daily trading volume of almost one hundred million. in addition, kusama is traded on a large number
of crypto currency exchanges, including binance.

So you can use this coin for trading or investing,
and raise a very good profit on this. moreover, you can even get ksm coins for free
– this opportunity is provided to all participants of the dot coin crowdsale from the polkadot
project. since kusama and polkadot have the same development
team, that is, you bought dot coins at the very start, then on the official website you
can request ksm coins for yourself absolutely for free. Well, as I said at the beginning, the Kusama
coin also gives you the opportunity to earn passive money using staking and other coins. This is because Kusama uses the Nominated
Proof of Stake algorithm. It is similar in many ways to Delegated Proof
of Stake, so here you can create your own master nodes, as well as transfer and delegate
your coins to other network participants, getting a profit for it.

You can delegate coins in the official PolkaDOT
wallet, or in various third-party staking pools that support Kusama staking. Profitability with this type of passive earnings
can reach up to 20 percent per annum, as with the PolkaDOT program, which is one of the
best indicators of profit when staking, compared to other coins that give only a couple of
percent per year. This is the end of my review. you can find all the necessary links related
to the Kusama project in the description below the video..

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