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I welcome the review of the analysis of the forecast of cryptocurrencies today the market is still green altcoin and showing excellent growth and even bitcoin whose dominance falls by four and a half percent has grown over the last 24 hours bitcoin has lost 12 and a half percent of Lander varieties unchanged on litecoin also our shorts are reduced a little and the lange grows a little within the error of plus or minus two and a half three percent, bitcoin reduced us by 12 percent shorts and ethereum, on the contrary, raised them by these percent plus 12 percent, then the flank at about the same levels an interesting situation cardan over the past 24 hours on this coin in minus 94 percent of the scarves of this position for a long time kept almost for about a month and then suddenly liquidation was almost completely closed, it was either on its own and the closure is unknown, but now these shards are covered and the mustache also reduces the ball you minus almost 11 percent fear we also have no change on zither 25 we stop Or if it is still an extreme fear, let's see what indicators will be tomorrow because the market is growing well so surprisingly, but the alt season index has returned again to the zone where this season is again relevant this has already happened in history, even with the last visit to this area, we first fell down and then for a short time went back but for a very short time and poured down again, I hope this time it will not be so and we will stay here longer and I would even like to update x and over the last 24 hours 53,000 traders lost their money, liquidated them and again that day more than 70 percent of the floor was taken away by the artists almost 160 million dollars, paradise already on this growth throws off all of its assets little by little, he did not buy anything over the last 24 hours, he just parted with all the assets he had, this is how it looks on the chart, investments are very slightly reduced along such a straight line, regardless of the fall or rise in prices and lately before that it was so good the second parallel set now they just wait when the price of the visible becomes and this is a list of coins that popular social networks have been writing about them lately most of all noteworthy here is the GNB and the film class again returned to the discussion of shiba, but in principle, almost never leave here and Lloyd kai in the first place was placed of the farm bitcoin reserves on all exchanges in us continue to flat, they do not decrease and do not reach approximately the same positions in the film, the same situation, the price goes up, but our reserves remain at the same levels, which cannot be said about stay in the balcony after we recently updated the maximum and stay gold coin of reserves on all exchanges for a couple of days of puffle body and now our chart has gone down a bit new coins were standing until the inflows of bitcoins on the exchanges also remain relatively low and nothing notable in the tributaries so far, they are very small volumes, also at the level of the average value for the last For already 1 2 3 days we are declining the volumes of sales and purchases easily and on all exchanges they are also near average values, as for miners, they also do not sell with us, but this is happening against the background of yesterday's sharp decline in hash rate today we are rebounding 1 I hope the trend will change and go up but so far it all looks like just such a rebound in a further continuation of the decline from new events for coins we have added an update to the main network file coin this update will take place on June 30 tomorrow at 19:00 also from the upcoming events it is worth noting that we are ending in June this means there is only two days for all the planned coin events on June 29, today in our killers Egorov we planned the release of the test network 015 2a 30 this will release the main networks and a hard fork of interesting news just write about ethereum and the classics that burst into the top of the popularity of social networks write that you are ethereum classic implants the mother network solution in the upcoming magneto update in the blockchain ein branch classic implement 4 proposals to improve the implemented adderley 2 hard fork in terms of capitalization cryptocurrency means regular air and the classic movie must innovate movie 10 15 april 21 years on air mind carried out a hard fork with which they implanted 4 proposals to improve the network they changed the cost calculation gas and introduced new types of transactions On June 10, 21 Ethereum classic developers announced the magneto update, which includes the above-described offer, and the decision of the company barium forces bertha digital card groups has recently influenced the growth of popularity of the classic film, they decided to allocate $ 50 million for the purchase of grayscale shares Ethereum classic trust mexico warned banks about sanctions for the use of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and are not legal tender in mexico and for their use a financial institution is threatened with sanctions so the banks are afraid of the ministry of finance the local central bank and the national commission on banks and valuables they also recalled to the papers that the financial institutions located in the country and financial institutions are not authorized to offer transactions with virtual assets including bitcoin ether die regiment also the Minister of Finance confirmed once again that the position of the authorities will not change in the near future, that is, we have Mexico against cryptocurrencies and is not just not going to they will even be legalized from the one who sold bitcoin and jim kramer invested in the air, there was recently news that this person is jim kramer, a former hedge fund manager kramer and whom he allegedly sold almost all his bitcoins, but it turns out he didn’t just sell them, he just decided exchange for ether i came back on air because bitcoin stayed 5000 embroidered he said i like the film because people really use it much more when they buy tons of oil or something like that i will continue the buyer the film and across bitcoin exchanges and south korea get new details no longer south korea runs into b Orzhe and the bitcoin exchange are already accusing the South Korean authorities of evading obligations in accordance with amendments to legislation that fully include cryptocurrency trading in the legal field by September 21, the local bitcoin exchange must register with the South Korean Financial Services Commission, but so far, only the largest platform, bit hump, is repulsed by carbide and the rest of the exchange fears that they simply will not be able to pass this registration banks refuse to initiate the verification process of cryptocurrency exchanges without a clear explanation of the reasons, most platforms have no chance to go through the procedure, the financial services commission should immediately intervene, that is, the government South Korea obliged everyone to register, but at the same time refuses to carry out this registration itself, constantly evades and finds various reasons not to do this and, in connection with this, a number of exchanges consider filing a lawsuit against the government of financial regulators as the only one and The last way out of this situation, in their opinion, it is the authorities who are responsible for checking the cryptocurrency-related business, they simply do not do this, they do not check and do not register the exchange, the group for the development of financial measures to combat money laundering fat called to accelerate the implementation of requirements for the crypto industry, they believe that most countries have not implemented the requirements for cryptocurrency companies today, atf standards support only 58 out of 128 jurisdictions, they urge countries to implement revised as soon as possible, and after this reminder, a certain number of countries will wake up and start moving towards either all this business is to legalize and ensure security or simply prohibit the second option, I thought it was preferable and because they can do it faster, since before that they did not deal with the cryptocurrency sphere, I think this is just not interesting yet and it is easier to just prohibit great news to and bass will start provide services ugi for storing cryptocurrencies in germany they received permission to provide these services in germany germany division of knb with germany the first license holder of this kind new news from paraguay where not so long ago they said that they want to follow the example of El Salvador this time to please clarified legislative initiative regarding bitcoin and this is what clarification is that they do not plan to give bitcoin the status of legal tender, but just like everyone else wants to develop effective regulation of cryptocurrencies, this is a bill on digital assets and it differs from the initiative of El Salvador because they accept bitcoin as of the legal currency of paraguay it will be impossible to do something like that, well, it's a pity of course that Prague will not become the second party where bitcoin will be the official means of payment, but at first it seemed that this would be the case yesterday, the UK banned active finance on its territory and now it has been an disabled popular payment system in this country because of the regulator's claim, this payment system has become a faster payments system; now, shaved users will not just be able to withdraw money in pounds sterling through this system, I don’t know why this complication was needed and users will be able to continue to trade on this exchange and also withdraw money simply through other channels, bank cards or an ordinary bank account, it's just now all this will be more difficult, we are planning a new application for everyone to launch the next one and a ticket for bitcoin, this time the ark investor and your nuance sharz filed an application I think and this application will again stand in the queue for approval because at present the mustache is already for consideration a whole queue of these applications will not be listed, I will just say that there are at least eight of them, but this interesting news Randall Quartz USA should build a stay of the deceased financial system and this not an ordinary man with such a loud statement, this is a deputy before the US Federal Reserve Chairman and he is not going to just sweep aside style coins, but wants to study and integrate them into the system when our fears are eliminated, we must say yes with this product and not try to find a way to eliminate their combination of inevitable improvements in the existing payment system, for example, various initiatives for you instant payments with cross-border efficiency of properly structured standing coins may well make any efforts to develop a state cryptocurrency superfluous , of course, he also has concerns, and one of them is the likelihood that partial security and the god of war can create a risk for consumers British court recognized Craig Wright's right to the whitepaper bitcoin Australian Craig Wright won a court case against the co-owner of the bitcoin core site known by the pseudonym Cobra, the case concerned copyright infringement when the white paper of bitcoins was published in January, the self-proclaimed creator of bitcoin creek wright sent warnings to anoni the administrator of the bitcoin arc site, accusing him of illegal publication of a white paper and the use of a domain name with the word bitcoin, however, the admin of this site refused to delete this information because it was published under the open and free software license and Craig Wright won the court only because the administrator of this site refused to disclose his identity and simply refused to defend himself in court, deciding to maintain his anonymity, thus this court created a precedent that virtually unproven recognized Krieg Wright to the creators of bitcoin because he did not prove that he was the creator of bitcoins, just the admin of the bitcoin website orc did not come to court refused to defend himself and it turns out like this the face of satoshi nakamoto according to the London court, as a result, the court ordered the operator of bitcoin org to post the court decision on its website and pay Craig Wright his legal expenses, which amounted to 35 thousand pounds sterling, or about 48 thousand 600 dollars the usa, in addition to the site, is obliged to delete the bitcoin white paper itself so that British citizens could not download it or access them in other ways on the site, but the site administrator decided to troll and said I would be glad to pay craig his legal costs in the case, I to the bitcoin white paper, what if I list he is paid in bitcoins to the address associated with block number 9, hinting that Wright is not the owner of early bitcoin addresses and of course he will not receive this money, let's see what happens on the charts, I think we should delete this whole thing in order to do not litter it with history, we have already played everything, let's see what is happening with us now in fact that I am now observing on the chart this completion of the 4th wave is assumed and the decline in the fifth wave is the minimum target that has already been completed, the decline to 20 thousand dollars is just a calculated target which, in principle, can still be achieved, but what if the fifth wave ended already here and we are now I am at the very beginning of the upward movement, what could it be if wave 5 ended here, here it occurs within the wave, which means there is wave b and there will be wave c where wave b can come if the bottom is not updated, then the approximate reach wave b we have here at these levels, that is, in the region of forty-seven thousand dollars per bitcoin, this will be the closest border where wave b can be expected .

Also, do not forget that on this path we have another resistance level 42000 about 41 800 where we had already been repelled earlier, I firmly the wave here also could not overcome this matter, and while the main scenario looks like this in this way, if we completed the downward 5 wave impulse at these levels, then the upward movement we have a calculated zone in the region of 50 46 dollars thousand dollars for bitcoin then we have it happening locally bitcoin loves to unfold from various incomprehensible formations and here it is worth watching how the price will behave further, but what about It is worth noting at four o'clock we just rested at the moment a sliding 2 hundred square meters, I think a breakthrough which will be a good factor in order to still go up to draw in the Alga b I am not a special fan of poking around on small timeframes, but if at least watch the Vic hours too then here you can glean for yourself at those levels where we are now, this is just the same is also a kind of resistance level not as powerful as these founders are even thinner, but still we fought back in history many times and a false breakdown here were and at the moment we see divergence at this level, so here we should be more careful and from here we can still go lower, but still it should be borne in mind that this divergence was on the ocean hours of an older time frame, we have a divergence just in long, besides, we have broken the previous high, which means that we now have x and barking increases, we also increase and locally this is an uptrend yes but if we just throw the channel there and we are approximately in the area of ​​the upper border and what can be said about the trade decision on the specifics, the combination of all these factors shows me that most likely we can still go all the way higher, it is naturally necessary at each important level to observe how the price will behave now, we also have an important level, this is exactly the intersection of this moving average from it, we can fight back down and go to a break, but after breaking it, it seems to me that we can test it and go up all the same, there are always many options in the market I the cue ball here until I buy I will not wait for a more correct scenario, but if, as a forecast, evaluating all the factors that I see, I think there will still be a move up, but these are not aces of the moon, but for now, this is within the framework of what I suppose wave b that we have on ethereum, let's also here we will remove any unnecessary markup here as well as for bitcoin, we can trace the structure of the buy wave impulse and ka By the way, we also met the minimum target of sperry loin within wave 5, let's assume for now that we have 10 this case and ended by mentioning that our settlement zone is at the level starting from $ 1000 for ethereum, this drink Ivanovka is also within the wave and then there will be b and c the calculated zones or wave b is at the level of 3 thousand for ethereum, let's look more locally what is happening here too, I last time climbed on a small timeframe and did not try to do so, but again, how is it to bitcoin here at our line goes up x it goes up, so the uptrend here at least locally has already begun, nevertheless, let's look at the final copy here, we also have a small dior formed on the upper edge of the channel, a new channel can even be thrown like this here first, too, near the upper heroine of the channel along и фильму образовали небольшую дивергенцию на часовики я думаю в скором времени пойдем хотя мы скорректируем ся но в тренд у нас локально восходящий поэтому есть все основания полагать что у нас произошел разворот хотя бы на волну b и уровне обозначил в районе 3000 пока данный сценарий по фильму я беру за основной но не стоит отметать и данную расчетную зону на снижение дальнейшее в пятой волне потому что существует вот такая история на биткойне она тоже присутствует что здесь было например не вот такая пятерка а она идет только вот сюда а мы как раз таки в четверке можно будет сказать что шансы на дальнейший рост будут выше если мы преодолеем вот этот пик волны 1 то есть пробьем уровень где-то в два в три ст 2 300 и это будет отличным фактором для отмены движение в четвертой волне но опять-таки ещё раз повторяю пока основной сценарий я беру как рост волне b так здесь у нас предположительно завершился импульс сейчас мы находимся в его коррекции также есть волна 12345 и у нас также был перелом минимальная целью нас по волне 5 также выполнена расчетная зона находится на уровне 038 здесь у нас я рисовал на более мелких таймфреймах новой земли они будут рисовал куда мы также идем наверх все по плану есть прогноз у нас на 07 как а эфириум отработал на пришли на предыдущий пик все у нас замечательно расчетную зона кстати вот на 08 в принципе уровень есть туда мы спокойно можем дойти давайте на мелкие таймфреймы переходить я не буду посмотрим более глобальную картину опять таки если мы здесь завершили 5 волновой импульс он у нас был в рамках волны а будет b будут c него тонн уровень куда расчетный уровень куда мы можем ожидать волну п в рамках данного движения это 113 примерно за ripple также на этом пути мы встретим уровень в 08 об который мы бились и долго не могли пробить думаю здесь тоже притормозим к тому же здесь еще и скользяшки подкрадывается такой двойное будет сопротивление но и думаю если мы это все дело преодолеем то уровень волны b думаю спокойно достигнем показано сценарий по ритму я оставляю вот таким для меня это пока приоритете что у нас по bitcoin доминации по bitcoin доминации у нас все-таки доминация снижается как мы и предпо лагали думаю она до идёт в эту зону это как раз таки способствует большему росту альтов чем битка данное снижение мы давно ждали и поэтому ничего удивительного посмотрим эфириум classic по которому у нас хорошая новость вышла давайте глянем что у нас здесь происходит так по предыдущему прогнозу у нас это предположительно была волна 3 сейчас мы находимся в волне 4 что у нас здесь происходит более локально здесь может быть похожие структуры как она биткойне фильме и рипли со снижением всего лишь в волне а это будет у нас первая зона куда мы можем достичь вот она расчетная зона для волны b я думаю вот этот вот уровень от которого мы отскакивали множество раз отсюда отскочили здесь не могли пробить потом снизу протестировали этот уровень тоже стоит обратить внимание и если что то же иметь ввиду здесь будет сопротивление на рост а так первая цель по завершении всей этой коррекции это естественно пик волны 3 но пока немощи говорить рано пока мы еще не отрисовали даже вот эту коррекцию даже е сли будет рост по моему мнению он пока у нас будет в рамках коррекции волны b но это тоже не плохо если мы достигнем данных уровней то со дна это мы будем делать плюс 200 процентов а с текущих уровней сто процентов так у нас еще попросили меня рубль посмотреть но по рублю без каких-либо серьезных изменений у нас здесь продолжается проторговка возле грани давайте побольше масштаб возьму треугольника вот они две зоны два уровня от которых может произойти от скобкой отскочили мы от первого же ближайшего серьезного уровня 72 доллара это совпало с краем треугольника и с отмечены зоны и ближайшие цели для рубля это следующая грань треугольника который находится наверху не знаю когда она будет достигнута но она у нас находится на уровнях 75-76 постоянно снижается если дольше будем идти естественные край будет ниже по уровню пока прогноз так же актуален мы находимся в рамках треугольника еще что-то хотел глянуть да как же собак хотел глянуть по собакам я недавно по шиба ину словил стоп где то вот здесь я рассказывал на канале но как видите мы выросли обратно и у меня примерно вот с этих позиций я их держу сейчас меня уже плюс 35 процентов ну ладно неважно стоп у меня уже в безубытке даже в небольшом плюсе что у нас глобально по этим собакам что видим на графике рост объемов это хорошо индикатор у нас нарисовал дивергенцию вот здесь алое ниже индикатор выше к тому же здесь у нас появились объема это все здорово пробились казашку 200 кв и даже ее немного тут что-то попытались протестировать это неплохо единственное смущает что у нас здесь пока индикатор не дотягивает мы уже дошли до предыдущих роев индикатор у нас пока ниже это может означать что мы можем сходить то пониже но пока пока собаки выглядят неплохо им бы еще пару твитов от илона маска и вообще все шикарно будут первой цели пятой волны это у нас предыдущих хай волны 3 но также не стоит отметать уровень как мы разметили на предыдущих монетах а в частности на биткоине что если это будет всего лишь отскок волне b то ур овень ровный b находится вот здесь кроме этого пониже есть у нас еще одно сопротивление вот так же стоит отметить это вот этот данный уровень мы в самом начале пик тени здесь имеем здесь от него сбивались сверху тестировали достаточно сильный уровень поэтому думаю он нас тоже здесь может притормозить также стоит иметь ввиду данные ценовые значения могут стать потолком для шипы и ног но до него пока даже с текущих уровней больше 20 процентов это не призыв для того чтобы залетать прямо сейчас каждый решает сам что ему делать со своими собаками у меня они немного есть стоп уже в безубытке пока по собакам прогноз такой все что-то хотел смотреть да еще мне на на тип вскинули но монетку очень забавную и она не посмотрел и думаю чем же она могла заинтересовать человека а потом взглянул на название и прочитал финика думаю это не та ли финика которая форме такого треугольничка пирамидки так сказать и это она они оказывается создали свою монетку и видимые решили и уронить в пол так у нас пирамид ка то и закроется финика что здесь можно вообще по ней сказать если тупо вот на график абстрагироваться от этих всяких фиников просто график на месяц и есть просто всех поимели простоте интеко бабах пока все это грустно выглядит я не знаю как это будет выруливать а если будет вообще но вот залетать то в эту монетку точно не стоит я думаю участвуют в таких проектах точно не стоит но всяких финиках монетку они себе конечно для компов создали ну что даже если абстрагироваться от всей этой истории с пирамидками то движение тупо нисходящие никаких отскоков вот здесь были какие-то отскоки сразу те них прибили вниз и летим дальше протестировали этот уровень но я думаю как минимум мы летим дальше вот следующего уровня отмеченного на гном так сказать здесь то люди тоже все понимали когда ели эту монетку цену за помпилии все начали закрываться понимаю что скоро это все развалится я думаю если у вас хотя бы сейчас вы в нуле то стоит бежать оттуда если вы в минусе то даже не знаю сами решайте что делать своими деньгами если плюсик эту точно уже с валюта туда надо а так тут никакого прогноза кроме как вниз пока быть не может на этом сегодня все подписывайтесь на канал ставьте лайки пишите в комментариях свое мнение удачной торговли и счастливо

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