Монеты за 1$ на долгосрок

good time of the day viewer my channel dear
subscribers of today's video we buy risky coins within the rubric of kleptomaniacs what kind of
coins we will be you will find out in this video I hope the video will be useful and interesting and translate
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a lot of useful information and so we will go to the exchange by us here and on this cryptocurrency on the
exchange I save and buy cryptocurrency the first coin that I will buy is a coin vulture
so let's see its price today 0 1 cent reef coin here at the maximum price
was 05 center what is this coin reef is defy platform built on sis the theme of the dot shelf and
designed for the world of online trading among the features of the project is a profitability mechanism and a smart
liquidity aggregator and what is special about reef reef is aimed at both beginners and current
def users who find it difficult to keep up with the best strategies of companies in the seasons and
also wants to solve the problem of high fees for the gas that the vestments are observed on the air, it means
this coin is new deliberately in the twentieth year, as they say, a startup is a new project and today's
price is just the minimum 0 0 1 cent, I think that in the next bull market this coin will still show
itself and give a good x, but notice this is mine subjective opinion is not financial advice not a
call for action this coin I will buy on the stock exchange by us switching to running 12 switching to
classic trading killing here the number we will buy thousands of reef coins do not return to fiat,
that is, we check to the spot wallet if we have reef coins everything is like see thousands of coins and the
vulture has come the next coin that I looked at and I think to buy this coin is all
something on top and the seo queen is its own currents to us all the main relief of the distributed
cloud storage platform initially the axis was announced in May 2014 and in 2015 there was an
official launch of what is special about the coin according to official documents, sierra's long-term goal is to
compete with existing storage solutions with competitors they have like
amazon google and microsoft everything is ok, it acts as a payment method on the network, well, the price
today and prices for its price 0 1 cent 01 15 center and maximum price which was 06 center I think that
this project will still show this project I buy this coin for the debt of lines that she will give us show
your xxi will give us money and also go to the financial exchange classic trade buy a thousand
coins go to the decline his wallet bought so many 767 porridge we will wait for the rest to be fulfilled
rub th coin that will buy this coin Acropolis from the pillars today
its price is 0 0 26 cents the maximum price was 08 centers and what is the Acropolis from the cover of rice
this company manages a decentralized financial protocol based on and a film that
provides an autonomous financial ecosystem for accumulation and multiplication funds, including
through borrowing and critical, in general, this is a defy coin, I think that this coin will show even
more x, and but this coin, like the previous ones for debt lines, I buy with the prospect of large
weights of large salaries go to the exchange ben once buy apr check go back to
confuse the wallet and we see that the coin aha bought well, let's come up in the end, so all these three coins I
chose to stand by my own analysis, which I did again, I tell you this is not prizes in childhood
non-financial advice all coins are bought for debt lines, I think that now from them big nexave is
not worth waiting for, but over time these coins can give more good earnings good x and I
advise you to buy for the amount that you do not mind losing or freeze money for a long period
because when it starts russia no one knows I hope this video was useful for you
subscribe to my channel like all links in description on the telegram channel on the ben once exchange to
all successful earnings and see you soon

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