so what is it about these maldives a hefty TV set on which no channel works at least we have a really obvious picture for you Did you see that? He came in on the move here I am stupid and even here they drill but I don't really like this climate we even cleaned our room Yana with a fluff. Yana and Fluff in the Maldives hello fluff one-two flight normal now passed passport control came I have no baggage to the baggage claim area now another task is to find a place where organize a transfer to my hotel we will look for one more moment together now I want I didn’t have time to write it down or when I got out of the plane the first thing that was thrown by a wild attack hellish stuffiness it feels like I just returned to Khabarovsk the toughest stuffiness in June in the course of this all will have to endure or is it just the magic of such an airport this is the greenhouse effect from asphalt, in general, we will look further for now, it's not very pleasant my adorable and my chairmates showed me the road where you need to go there they told me to be met by signs in general, we will now look for we are going now just to the exit and see what will happen next I was named Lana, okay, what I wish for a person from our hotel and I'm happy.

Here is our hotel to terminal C. Can just way all fill something. This is travel hygiene Kit for you Hellish just had to braid my hair because it was very hot I was met by a representative of the hotel he took me to the domestic airlines, which are literally next door checked my luggage took me a plane ticket I designed everything and gave me such a travel kit, now I will see what is there, uh all passengers gather on the bus that arrived, we are all waiting for them and go to the plane terminal C is just mine took the ticket from me said something and I don't understand that is, it wasn’t exactly remember play let them take us a ticket we look there something people go somewhere oyster 100 plane folder the zone here is to give you a walk on the visible good I don't hear well here, I understand the beatniks, but he's a wedding library in short, they say that the plane will only be at 5 o'clock five o'clock now it is already 5 so I understand what a flight by some planes so I have to wait so they gave me a ticket in which drink and milf one by one from the voucher I can go eat it all good planes arrive and depart I finally got to the sea I saw all this with my own eyes that I want to say the heat of the sun while digging some completely absurd incomprehensible the rain is such drops on him, I don't understand what is happening at all, but the most important thing is that I I still can't believe at all in the reality of what is happening and the fact that I'm real on mondeo 3 but as it turned out, the most difficult thing is now his quest, this image is not up to domestic airlines but to get to the hotel itself, I really want to eat and drink to come to our room see what we have there for the number and in general, in principle, fly because I don't understand what they say to me in English, I understand that we will only be at 5 o'clock in the evening now part for but I hope that everything will end well it's just my music to write from like that, but for now, in any case, I'm waiting for a medal a voucher for a prince in petty i Now I'll go somewhere and try to treat him.

White flags they are like yeah yes come on profitable exchange it was one of myself here photo 43 manolo electro me neckline for that for 2 terenty gold for content content I am very otra vez de calle de conti fish fish okay here I [__] guys why have I pinned my own, in general, this incomprehensible English this is a different country of honor of myself absolutely [__] in general, I will be without, no, this all did not live in general, I hardly found our guy from the hotel, I found out from him finally what is the ban of the whole this story over time, the fact is that I did not take into account that he and Moscow, the difference in Mali 22 hours means that I need to wait only one hour in an hour I have already written down I am treating my you because I'm all different this one here is not really crushing fries and what fish I will tell you about 5 just so much correct pate there is nothing at night I already want to eat and drink nothing, but why should he himself, but am I was called to be ayan like system then every apple didn’t say a damn thing something the plane would arrive in an hour there is a slight delay, it is very necessary to wait, are free to just start her sandwich with fish to drink water, my hotel comrade approached me because today I already said that I need to go now here married further now I'm sitting for waiting for me a sandwich potatoes words myself although we are still waiting for export, our email is flying you are so beautiful still sitting from far away look damn beautiful and so soon my legs can't be I really hope that I will arrive at the answer I need Yes this spare knife as rich 80 hryvnia as a shop type casting this is yes ah before we land at our first destination, we will get acquainted with the geographic data the Maldives and the official name of which the Republic of Maldives is a state in south asia which is south of india is located on a group of atolls in the arabian sea from o lama called the island group the capital city of malia is the world's largest coral of the state the total population of all the Maldives is slightly more than 400 thousand people, which is almost 200 thousand less than in my hometown Khabarovsk on the weather in the Maldives I will tell you a little later showing the portholes flashed by a fantastic of the absolute beauty of the landscapes at this time, and I gave my fries with a sandwich which the hand did not rise to leave the waiting room and here it was not without surprises people began to take out the phone carefully and because the decline began but our stewart jumped out the fence again and, like an astronaut in outer space, began to prepare the plane when mooring in the middle of the sea, it actually turned out that domestic airlines fly like a minibus, that is, they drop off passengers we need stops this passengers at this time disembark on such islands they are met there a boat and already he delivers a gram to the land itself where the hotel is located hotels in the Maldives usually have the name of a health resort which they themselves are located this by the way, too, is not an exception for a very, the composition is from about lara, the distance from the capital is small equals 150 to one kilometer you can get here in two ways, the first one is here on such a seaplane fly for about 45 minutes, well, and it costs one adult almost 500 dollars one of the other side well, as a rule, this cost is already included in the price tour in another way is a complex transfer flight by domestic regular flight and then to speed boat, such a route is almost 2 times longer, but at the same time its cost is almost lower for a hundred bucks on the territory of the resort itself there are tourist villas in a circle some of them are on land, some are on the water and a small number in the center of the island.

pandemics did not go into the reserve fund in case any sick people are found on the island view, then they are immediately isolated in this place so that they do not infect other vacationers we'll talk there always piston all the time in the room you sideways cottage cheese halt to me they gave me a towel so I missed it after all this road it took almost 12 hours but guys it's just wow there is no way out and there is no such way as at the airport zara's ears are laid, but the main thing is there is no spirit you and the sea some legendary crazy turquoise color, clear water and even seen as fish swim says little someone ordered shorter for our arrival fish performance about writes let's do this without leaving the checkout, I will immediately say my super first impression that as I understand it we are now we are going to the collection center of all arrivals there will be distributed by cars and send who where in which cabin of the bungalow the room to be accommodated and the first thing that amazes this is of course a local living creature this is a fisherman a huge multi-colored they swim with you underfoot to arrange seamless swim deep below there is a stork sitting on the pier in general, this is the first thing that I see the sound of the surf the smell of the sea awesome just water transparent nature just a freaky thrill and he even hangs huge to the body, just these things are just a bed roads sand find who now flew over me a flying mouse is real what about politicians petri no here I survive the light of children we go to the volcano drenched I will take trees such arcs I have never tried such things this is what is missing after such a long long noisy not the easiest road oranges synopsis there is some kind of movement with a heavy that the reception walls continue to talk people go somewhere already shaggy Xia the main on the island on the island of his hotel is also absolutely certain therefore, it remains only to wait for further valuable instructions and soon I will be our number I'll sit a little rest we were taken away passports very happy that around I hear a lot close there are Russians, it is diluted after all, because only Russians flew around the plane domestic airlines flew almost only Russians, so the guys are not against me now for they are sitting at the table talking in English of different nationalities guys in general here and it's good which one I took to June, well, too, then I went shorter life I finally have I finally met in the car, everything I am here a day will already be weaving a dish in the room I tried then it killed me it's fault on the water it's 0 backpack and guys we are going to watch but the law and between the date, the main thing for us will be good when I told my friends what happened in the Maldives and tried to share that that I didn’t like it there, but it was also something on the rich I heard in response from them and of course, in relation to many other resorts in the Maldives, this is one of the most expensive places in principle on earth is explained by two factors, remoteness from the mainland almost everything here is groovy free land is worth its weight in gold, well, this is the sandiest gold here some hotels are forced to add at their own expense so as not to go under water and increase the area sushi all I know Maldives that many stars like to relax here now it is a very popular resort among celebrity personalities precisely because of their activity in social networks, I learned that the Maldives is just a perfect picture in general, friends to the devil is glossiness, this is all you lick the picture, we very often see on instagram that the Maldives is just some kind of mica beauty of luxury, but I will try to do everything as much as possible to honestly reliably tell whether this is all in fact or all of this really embellished instagram on life or maybe not in general we will understand it's just more gorgeous like fresh milk come on very warm the way I am salt water can be neat there corals do not come and it rains verter better demonstration performance of the group slept rainfall grade 10 night where you can do every damn thing charge until tomorrow Zhenya takes pictures came out of the sea immediately went to the shower, opened the shower smooth himself, all the salt from the water and went on a real shower to wash off everything else but it reminds me very much when you were in between sochi and osse in the rest house there was a shower, too, near the sea, you go out immediately go wash it off yourself all the salt and then you go to your house here is such a story is also very strong this reminds but here of course a little different formats all this you have right at once in the villa and you can do a gram of something privately, they are together with all the neighbors having a rest everything in an adult way has all the necessary security measures we went to breakfast here we are having breakfast delicious food almost missed it because of the photo shoot by you I can't work for an empty stomach wants to be expressed, so you need to feed the operator first and only then everything else is the main rule of success for success.

By the way, glasses in the Maldives are not even so much as an accessory that will complement your image here as a vital necessity because I can look at all these beauties constantly without glasses it seems to burn the retina just that the sun is super so bright and the beauty is super bright you can give children's center such a pen with dolphins come in kids swing on the boat come in us turned from the main path to the left in the daytime only bushes all sorts of here in the evening flashlights shine the paths illuminate it very beautifully and now it is very hot and water is pouring down, I really to be completely frank, he will pull it in, but it’s not his friend upon reaching, but I don’t really like that's how I like it when you don't do a little something for the sake of content scat all this is for you my dears subscribers so I think I deserve your like and so on, listen to this mudra woman these flowers that grow on trees are white, they exude such a crazy scent when you pass past this tree, he probably looks like some koalas, but at the same time this smell does not hurt head and he when here it is, namely a tree, you go as concentrated and pleasant as possible adds atmosphere to all this the place will go away as for the flora and fauna on this particular island she is just amazing luxurious spread out this all over the coast was originally here a lot of vegetation was immediately planted, but then they sharply got up to equip and and some plantings were still added, but at the same time they ennobled what was already there, therefore it is very there are many age-old palms that bear fruit very strongly and there are really a lot of coconuts in addition to this, coconuts sprout literally right there on the spot and in general, in principle, there are a lot of in fact, all sorts of interesting plants that impress and create thanks to their here this dense saturation create the feeling that the atmosphere here is absolutely private close the general territory of the island and, due to this, create such a definite living fence in addition to guests, there are almost 300 people on the island who are busy serving work hotels live in the central part of the island for a day, although this is not strongly felt on the territory the wagon is quite large, so if it is difficult to move on foot, then you can pre-order working cars that will deliver tourists to the destination they need it seems to me if you look at my plate you can see some kind of set of a schoolboy thoughtful and free sausages and arbat for pancakes and that's the only thing that because we don't want to want to eat a lot of fruits vegetables tried to eat your transcripts ice it days has found yes neat outlet on foot before no eat it props push it now they call it always so called when a blogger takes a super high-calorie terrible [ __ ] is a props this is he not a devourer would it be for us still the perception of swords Benedict so like the props for the entourage will be bucks and ate it completely in the end it was too tasty props could not help themselves this is the face she is very forbo it is benedict they prepared for this red salty very tasty mine and separately took the killers she and on some thinly light buns you will not learn to talk to the camera constantly in general this is a face but very tasty, you guys know, I certainly understand that many who watching all kinds of tourist reports waiting when the person who leads this tourist the blog will start children all kinds of game so remember breakfast this is the time when you do not want to eat not some kind of game when you want a guaranteed tasty expected food and this pizza she it's not even just guaranteed to be expectedly tasty, it also surprises with a pleasant sense but but I went to the beach to shoot a little sea sandy beach white sand you know what the sun is shining so brightly, but the sand is reflected from the sand and is now without glasses here it's just impossible because the truth is possible, well, right now, your eyes start to hurt very much so literally I'm finishing the frame and I'm not looking at the screen, I'm looking at this little kitty this is in order to see what I shoot me for and water flows without glasses here it is true to be generally impossible, but the water is purest turquoise, this is such a beautiful white sand, beauty for beach lovers of this sanatorium resort type, this is just an ideal story this is a truly fabulous heavenly place where you can enjoy all this all the more that we are on an island, the island is not so small, although at first glance it seems that it is not very big, but in fact, there are just a lot of parts of which from below are well here on the ground they are simply not visible, while here we are in our villa when we go there we practically do not see people at all, we do not meet most of the people whom we meet this only at breakfast lunch and it turns out that there is a decent amount of them, but you don't see them during rest it is also great for autistic people like me it is generally wonderful one of the magical curiosity is this kind of thing there, look at the pool restaurant and right there we go to the beach here here is the sea and here it is constantly to run and to the living creatures of the crabs which are generally almost impossible to catch, but you can see their minks right in the sand on the beach, it's great so here in my opinion no, then a leaf and then a mink further we realized it is impossible to remove crabs, but you can remove their minks I saw fish I am afraid of fish fish all the time so swims up to the shore I you enter the water they such first swim up to you as if they expect some piece from you I received food, but I understand that you will not give anything or immediately unfold I am swimming further next to the suck there is a man a little further from changes and this jamb also stretches to him stretched out saw that he would not give him anything again turned around and swam away very funny master time here I will tell you about the first most popular entertainment of those who do not even have no absolute relation to the blogger 100 this of course photo shoots are photographed on Maldives everywhere always especially by the way of an Indian if you have been to the Maldives and did not force your friends take a picture of you all in vain you flew to the Maldives absolutely surely you can collect suitcases and repeat your trip again, of course, we sawed content exclusively in professional purposes, but literally after half an hour of such activity, I returned the number already with a slight heat stroke from which it took about an hour, therefore advice if unexpectedly hot conditions give yourself at least a little time to get used to everything that happens and only then draw in the shadows as much as you like on the wrong side behind me is the reception rita I go forward there just our waters knew how here I go through the villas that are on land before I arrived and Zhenya lived in one such view I will show you now how it looks inside there is a patio, an indoor pool the courtyard with a shower is all pretty nice and cozy, the only drawback of the fact that you live on land this living creature that can run there then do not like living creatures like me, the better not to take wine on land and coconuts are literally underfoot lying like 8 hello as I am standing under a palm tree how I didn't say the main thing is that this coconut fell on my head, I hope that while we here this will not happen here you can see right on the palm tree promotion let it be shareholders have never seen coconut palm trees live this is my first time but we do not have umbrellas over there, the neighbors have an umbrella, but we do not have, I just at first completely I didn't quite understand why the sand king was needed here, but she said not, and besides what happens here rain yesterday yesterday the day before yesterday for example passed quickly in five minutes and all that is rain is here after all, it happens so, in addition to this, now when I walked, I changed what umbrellas can still hide people like me killed a snowball of the scorching sun in the afternoon because the sun is beating here, of course, right at everything 350 adds this snow-white sand who is in snowballs hold on to stock up on creams as much as possible all different protection creams after refreshing cooling and from be sure to take with you clothes that cover not only hands, I took with me my favorite white shirt that covers hands are still completely and legs also need to be taken care of, because after all, here I usually just legs are not super tanning, but here he’s khan’s hike now, by the way, I’m sitting in the room trying to work but when I was glancing at what was happening on the street did not become a little bit bad, so even in the room I will sit with glasses not for you today the sun is beating so purely so colors such that the head is spinning in fact such a pure white color from super bright even in the room if you want to look out the window to sit sometimes it is worth putting on glasses you go to my personal the question if in the Maldives bad weather is always on Instagram of all sorts of beautiful black in fact see you on the way I want it to rain here, even now I stand very feline because the sun beats down incredibly moment 3 31 degrees of heat 31 but it is actually very hot here it is very stuffy not the fact that after the rain it will get better, most likely, on the contrary, there will be a shower not at least we have a really obvious picture for you that it is not always so sunny here it rains here let's see how long it will be if you clouds come here now we need our inner photo session here the pillows are blanket and we will now drag back so that all this does not got wet safely since the Maldives is located at the equator and the weather is here all year round almost the same about 28 to 31 degrees of heat, except that the season is divided by two like it is dry and wet, that is, wet is the rainy season, they start from about May to be somewhere pound while in our cities the summer sun is shining on the Maldives at this time you are approaching it is better with the winds of the storm, but the vouchers at this time are much cheaper in the Maldives than the dry season you sit in your armchair and listen to the sounds of rain this is a calming roof the wind has risen rain and, accordingly, the sea began to worry, and the sound of waves, the sound of rain, and after this the heat that was in the morning it's just now some kind of life buoy thrown by the ocean wild tired state in fact I have just now happened all over visibility heatstroke because no, at some point it became terribly bad, I was dizzy and its full she was running cover could not get up washed herself with cold water so that I a little bit It became easier and then it started to rain in me even somehow strength appeared this weather I like I don't know about the Maldives about you, but I like to shoot, I like the rain and I like to look at the rain in general he is unlikely to go all the same today all day not for a while he will still go and that's good in our villa, the room is in order, plus we still lived in this room for a day and now you can honestly tell everything about him in the first place, well, the room itself is big there is even a spacious bed on which we slept, in principle, it is very comfortable and there is two options for pillows soft and hard wide hefty widest bed us even king the size was smaller Peter in the pillows pillows many pillows blanket two chairs are here with you are sitting with a view of the sea, eating tea, I was sitting today looking at the rain from these chairs it was wonderful a hefty TV set on which not a single channel works here, too, you can only watch youtube and if you have a netflix subscription you can start your channel here on netflix but then do not forget to go out and there is a table for all sorts of things I don’t know clerical workers but we work and place the phone in the womb to call someone here and the cat opening moments to spy someone is a trash heap and who walks but here oh no not here dressing rooms here is the entrance you come to here the area of ​​our bag is stored here at this table we work under here stands laptop is just the same bed sea view here kettle coffee machine there is even a course machine in pair from the press is excellent how to cook a cat in it at all it is completely incomprehensible we tried they gave water there, but in the end I just boiled the kettle and gave water to the express kettle.

the coffee machine takes, honestly, special attention if you suddenly watched my issue according to the hint here above, you also know that with the preparation of a fragrant drink I have certain problems, but if you honestly and sincerely always believed that coffee machines never cause no questions, I thought, yes, it’s this moment that you load it, you fill it in, you close it like everything is as always, but I still don't have a direct connection between the readiness of the coffee machine for work and my actions found out and by the way the taste of coffee in the Maldives is just awful, without exception, therefore if you are a coffee lover, it is better to take some of your favorite aromatic coffee drink with you here are such things for tea tea different yogis here is such here in these as it is called what are the names of these things, write in the comments and I don't remember that there are still four glasses two glasses thin bluboo cola thick you open how to become and an important story because not in all hotels and at least met the bottle opener here it is right away if no, you can always ask her at the reception, the fridge stuffs fish and here is our cook a mustache a coconut and chocolates for a gift, a partner can bring water here we have a dressing room that is orientated, I think the beds are here, our work area is here for tea and coffee, and here you can take me dressing room we walk dressing room it is, in principle, quite spacious and does not need to be opened everything is visible at once he is that here vests are very important standing dressing gown and shoe hangers safe down there stands there there is an ironing board downstairs here here is a place for drawers and stand drawers a net for everyone hello pistols here we had an iron now it is standing over there in that side there is urine to remove the hairdryer friends hair dryer could be expected far from the best that there is, therefore hogs are already for me start your road little i am very super powerful because it dry your head at all I will note the work of the iron, and here here is just a window that fits the ear and 0 is just open now so that we just have more light here, brighter, we all saw well then we leave the dressing room, Zhenya has already left the bathroom, so we can go in with throws you to see what is in the bathroom such a door that opens to a slide is very beautiful who's my mouth like this here we have a toilet with a sea view here we have a shower with a sea view here we have a sink with a view of ourselves in the mirror and the sea here we have another sink with a view also on yourself in the mirror and at the sea, well, you understand everything here with a view of the sea and it's great so you open the torque, open it, think su and put on the nd filter so that there is at least something you can see here we open the door the filter in place open open everything and see what we have here the bathroom is still there please, then the doctors overlooking the sea have not yet taken this bath, therefore I can't tell you what it really is, so the door teaches them to be covered with heavy is it really all so romantic bring me back the frame as a whole all this is very cool only me I did not understand one moment with the mixers here because you give it a shower, for example, it flows on you at first, beautiful cool water literally in a couple of minutes everything changes unexpectedly sharply the police are quite dense, such hot water and it is very difficult to build this story here it is connected by whom well, with this thermoregulation that moment is so strange so basically why the card is super usually troubles well, like it doesn't matter, it turns out the toilet bowl that 31 hang this thing which you can wash away while remaining in the toilet and I think that many people appreciated the beauty of this thing we still have since you realized that it's awesome here and eat us with fat from put huge just here is such a big powerful super cool conductor and the best thing is that it is not super noisy it has a bright light that shines and shows the value of the degrees that you set but there is a button on the remote control you know the local you will suddenly be here and will be published with the same questions then on the remote control from the conductor there is a button that turns off the light in the office, but there is it press the light button and the light disappears and the conder works as before magic here here's another is the first thing that alerted me when I came here and saw this little thing because here there are some super invisible mosquitoes that can bite you and flies also fly which they can also bite you, in general, this thing is worth it drives away all this bad peel so that we are not bitten, otherwise, in principle, there are no such special complaints, plus there is practically everywhere there are euro sockets there are a couple of adapters for our domestic ones, just such things are just take, insert them into the socket, insert into it here from this side, from this side from this is the hole you insert there is also a button that is responsible for turning on or the outlet is turned off here red, it is on, insert it like this, clap it first up then down because I again tried to insert it into my hands like this nothing turned out so valberg then they did not put staples put their socket on top else they inserted something stuck in general everything voila everything works everything is fine actually here are friends boasts nothing more, because we don't have, as it turned out, there are neighboring villas here.

these beads but, as it were, and so the dacha will be enough for the husband, so the living view of the sea is already fine therefore, for the rest, in principle, there are no such super complaints there, it looks delicious enough to eat European, which cannot but please a lot of fruits in a common spacious classroom working air conditioner not super loud shower two pieces bathroom, in principle, everything you need is there and we even cleaned the room, I watched some issues of some other hotels, well, me and in general not this one is not even taken next to this, perhaps 4 stars, but maybe again I don’t know at night guys complained that for a very long time they could not take out there for three days they could not take out a tray of food who they ordered in general here with us at least so we stopped yesterday today while we went to lunch we have already returned everything in order, that's why that's why we changed our clothes now to return to the beach so that there is money on the beach of the hotel there is a place called sports and here everything for water sports, as the name implies, you can walk and see what is there in stock or just chat with local guys, they are, in principle, all very accessible friendly explains we took here for me a snorkeling set which is for visitors this hotel includes the cost, that is, free of charge and we will now go to have fun which is called with the dead to me for this they gave flippers a mask a tube now to put on there sunset girls shooting tongue I'll write you a short review of snorkeling at a beautiful sunset to be honest, I thought it was just some kind of granny rabble, I'm nothing there, do what it is generally cover boringly those its full in fact it turned out that it is awesome interesting when you see how you swim among the fish and they generally completely ignore you, they do not care at all that is, it is surprising then I saw how these shells open and close with mussels or whoever they are there, they are so straight curly, I was scared shortly before my departure my friend came from the Maldives and talked about the fact that when they eat fish, they publish very interesting sound, I remembered about it, I hid and I sinned real like a fish eat and this that this is amazing in general, to hear this sound in accordance with the fact that but the blade is absolutely accessible history, even if there is in some hotels, for example, it is paid I think that mask snorkel fins is not that much worth even not at all without power floating there in slippers that is, but in general, this is a very accessible story, the main thing is to have a beautiful picturesque reef because that as she told in an unfamiliar ok with whom we met here at the hotel, which is not in all hotels have just such a living creature, that is, we are also lucky that we are in this hotel, I'm here this is my first time plunged swam over corals looked at this sea animal the world and it's just amazing and I'll also tell you that I really am even after I left I was a little frozen ashore, that is, during these two days I was very much exhausted from the heat from the spirit and now you have somehow become fresh here and hear this flying foxes while unspoken then do it now they have come and one more beach is on the other side it is still paradise the place that there are wonderful villas that stand on the water is here somehow called them years old palm trees here there is a restaurant here there is zhenya still she has not gone anywhere you came here and take a lot of pictures, of course, where without photo sessions in general to see what else is there fell him from our zone and the place where we go to there are restaurants here there is another restaurant there are only three restaurants on the island, this one is the main one and this one is another 11 Mexican 2 bribes in them if you buy an all-inclusive voucher once every five days you can eat in one of them, that is, if you dial for 10 days in five days to offend or find dinner in Asian in another 5 days to offend or dinner and these in the Mexican still have a hammock right in the sea tonic from entertainment we also managed to visit two amazing water walks on 1 we went to the sunset and watched the dolphins frolic in the open sea and but and the second is fishing, there is fishing like this where a lot of people gather and what is caught is caught and there is fishing, so to speak an adult where they go to fish of a completely different size, much larger than these before leaving the room we called the administrators ordered a delivery service luggage our order was accepted after that the hotel employees drove in our suitcases we left at the entrance to the villa and didn't think about them anymore to the airport we had about three hours before the plane, so we decided to spend it's time ashore to return the snorkeling kit and have lunch before the trip brought back power and with masks would you now there is no one everything left for lunch later from 12 to 2 they have experience and we also have to first go to lunch with fins and a mask and then have to go back to return on the second try we returned this mask you are here a cool mask and what else is there a tube because today we are leaving for another hotel, not today we already almost have this thing no need for a new hotel, we can take a new one by the way, there are many different boutiques near the reception here you can buy some essential goods for different goods absolutely for water sports as some kind of memorabilia, of course, a souvenir, where can we go without them yes chat word for souvenirs, I brought a couple one of them here is this branded diary from the island of Fura veery near it is very super soft cover in general, in principle, for tactility, it is impossibly pleasant very I wanted to keep it as a souvenir, but I thought it would be honest to give it to one of you I will play it among those who leave a comment on this video and more and more no conditions.

let me summarize in the last Maldivian issue 3 yes you understood everything correctly there will be several target while we are diving set to fly to the next island about which I will definitely tell you the next issue, I suggest you now spend certain activity to maintain my channel like this video write something in the comments to, among other things, take part in the drawing President, be sure to subscribe to my channel and put a bell so as not to miss my the following Maldivian video with you was me alekseeva come in large numbers in the forehead while.

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